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  1. Thank you all for the great input on the topic! Seems like the availability of cheap potions make HP regenerating items not too bad after all :)
  2. Hey all, I've been using the Item Revisions mod for a while and I absolutely love it, however I've noticed that a number of items (such as the Cloak of the Wolf in BG1) add an HP regenerating element to the items. Using the Cloak of the Wolf in BG1, for example, has effectively allowed me to never have to use a health potion on my main character (except for in combat, but even then it helps too, albeit slowly). Is this considered cheating? I ask since I don't believe BG1/BG2 had many or any items that allowed for HP regeneration. Also, is using the IR mod in general considered "cheating" if it's not used in conjunction with the difficulty increasing SCS mod? Let me know your thoughts, thanks so much!
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