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  1. I've noticed some spells aren't working - Sunscorch and Cloudburst are the two I've caught. Not sure if this is just an issue with SoD or if they're just bugged in general. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling on clean saves and it's the same result. The toon casts the spells but there is no effect at all on Cloudburst. With Sunscorch, I get a notification if they pass their save, but if the spell lands then it just gives me a random string of dialogue.
  2. lol that makes sense, thank you. To avoid any misunderstanding here BG1NPC is fully compatible with EET - you just have to follow the overall EET install instructions carefully if you do not use BWS. Make a clean BGEE/SoD install (with modmerge if required). Make sure you do not install to something like program files or other protected parts of your computer. Install your selection of the mods listed for BGEE in the EET list you referenced (this includes BG1NPC) Make a clean install of BG2EE. Run EET core component Install your selection of the mods listed for BG2EE in the reference list (make sure you patched those which need it with the required patches from BWF) Run EET_end PS - the EET compatibility list requires some updating but nobody but the original poster can edit it and it is not a good idea to create a second (more up-to-date) list, it would just be confusing. Thank you, I will just do that then. I did use BWS but obviously something went awry during the install. I appreciate everyone's help.
  3. Oh, I assumed it did as listed here. So there's no way to install it afterwards. I'll have to redo my install and try BG1NPC before installing EET. I didn't play that long without it but the Gorion burial doesn't trigger with either Imoen or the Keeper, and I can't start player initiated dialogue so I assumed that means the mod is not working. EDIT to your edit: I have all of my games from BeamDog. Yeah, I probably won't use BWS again in its current state. I don't use that many mods so it was a little more trouble than just installing manually.
  4. Having a bit of trouble getting these two to play together. I installed with BWS (the only error was due to portraits which I followed the automatic solution), but the mod doesn't start. So I uninstalled and reinstalled with the more updated version of the mod (22.8) than BWS wanted and it's still not working. I've tried installing to the BGEE and SoD directories and it installs fine but doesn't work still. When I try to install it into the BG2EE directory I receive the following error So I remembered that with BGT you'd install it into the BGT folder, so I tried to install it into the EET directory and got the following error: I'm obviously doing something wrong but I can't figure out what it is. Any help would be appreciated.
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