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  1. I haven't searched for POE mods because I want to keep control of my life.
  2. No progress at all. I'm obsessed with Pillars of Eternity.
  3. I've noticed but they all installed fine here so probably it is something in your end. I haven't touched neither DoF and IHU in a while so there is no reason for new bugs popping up. Probably something else is altering that spell but I won't be able to investigate it today - today is the Libertadores final match and I'll be too drunk to do anything - there's also a chance that I'll get to jail tonight for public nudity. Stay tuned.
  4. Thanks! Much appreciated! May I add it to the sphere system instead?
  5. @Zaghoul I was able to successfully install using DoF's latest beta release (found here). Would you kindly give it a shot? Remember to fully uninstall any previous versions and to delete DoF's older folder before downloading this one. Thanks in advance and let me know the results.
  6. Ok, I'll need some time to debug this one - not an obvious error (not to me anyway). I wouldn't be able to do so today due to the Libertadores final match (I couldn't even sleep this night thinking about it). I'm downloading from Github and I'll see if this problem happens locally. If it doesn't, I'll ask you to retry.
  7. Thanks, @jastey! I've tried it before but the list never popped up. That's why me mom tells me to never be a quitter.
  8. My hypothesis was right For a noob and play-by-tune modder it is a big deal haha. And I love this forum already, thanks @Mike1072 and @Gwendolyne I'll tackle @Zaghoul's problem now.
  9. Just took a look and the SUPPORT line is fine. IIRC it is a new function and maybe the Mac-Weidu doesn't properly handles it yet. I'll ask around to see if that is the case - and probably your problem is not the same that Zaghoul is having
  10. That's a very weird line to have problems with. Maybe Aurora punched the keyboard when I wasn't looking and I uploaded a typo in that line (seems unlikely but happened before). Should be quite easy to fix.
  11. Probably the same thing is happening with both you and Baquan. Maybe I'll be able to hit two birds with one stone. I'll check it out tomorrow during Aurora's nap.
  12. Hello, I never even touched a Mac - probably not even was in the same room with one, to be honest - but I'll do my best to help. To do so, I need some intel. Can you please provide the following files, from your game's root folder: Setup-DeitiesofFaerun.debug and Weidu.log Those files will allow me to pinpoint exactly the problem and start to work on a solution. Thanks and sorry for this inconvenience.
  13. FailGeek is MIA too as far as I know. But feel free to send him a MP on my behalf asking him for getting in touch with me here - I would do it, but I'm banned from BD's forums (not something up to discussion, except through MP). With a long beard and kind of shorty. Just kidding, I didn't touch anything mod-related in the past weeks. My baby is having tough nights and my graduate studies are being harsh - whatever time I have left (and is not devoted to sleeping) was expended in Fallout New Vegas. Not even ClearAir.2da was modded yet - I lost the instructions Kjeron gave me as I don't have access to my inbox at BD's forum anymore.
  14. The Lords of the Golden Hills are the pantheon with the most deities so far, so they'll probably lay back in line for a while. As for the Lords' spheres, they will definitely get major in their respective element, but I'm not sure if it will be the only elemental sphere. I'll think about it. Hey, Gnoll. Good to see you around here. If I may give you a suggestion, create an account to follow this thread. Will be easier to keep track of the mod's news. Every kit not embraced by the sphere system gets the default selection (the same of the non-kitted class). If you point to me what kit it is I can try to get in touch with the author as I did with many others. If it is the Lost Druid, you're out of luck as the author went MIA for a while now. I can send you a MP teaching how to add a personal selection locally but there is nothing I can do in termos of release as it would be kind of disrespectful with the author.
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