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  1. Nope. My clients are going insane with this crisis and Aurora's kindergarten is closed until further notice. I'm making a bunch of money but time is being more scarce than ever.
  2. No harm done, don't worry. I'm glad everything is okay. I hope you enjoy this kit!
  3. @John I was unable to reproduce. Which game did you find this issue (the picture seems to be from BGEE but it is always good to check)? Can you please attach/send your Weidu.log file so I can take a look? Have you somehow skipped the first component? I've checked both in-file and in-game and couldn't see what could be causing it. Thanks.
  4. The first component is mandatory. I probably messed up and forgot to do something. I'll upload a fix ASAP - this is quite easy to solve. Thanks for the report, @John and bear in mind that only males can take this kit (females will not be able to cast spells, will not receive special abilities and will not be capable if turning undead).
  5. I have the intention but I'm not sure when I'll have the time. This isn't being easy times for someone who works with finances and other than that I'm overwhelmed by tons and tons of things to study. But I can put them as a top priority (the current one is Laduguer or Selvetarm).
  6. @John Fixed. Version is up and it contains: Bug fix: Sonlinnor of Moradin now can be installed in BGEE as well.
  7. Ok, my suspicious were correct. Beamdog gave the same spell.ids for both BGEE and BG2EE but didn't add the same spells... The code I wrote was developed to avoid this kind of situation; it reads spell.ids and only tries to install the spell if a entry is read on that list. The problem here is that there is an entry, yet that refers to a file that doesn't exist in game (SPPR730.spl) The easy coding would be just add the spell filename to be copied by Weidu but by doing so this kind of situation would be common. Apparently adding a IF_EXISTS to this code would not be a redundancy. Should be easy to fix, though. I'll do so as soon as I have the time - probably today. My solution will be add a check for BGEE and properly add the spell. Thanks and sorry for this inconvenience.
  8. Probably it is Aura of Flaming Death. I'll add a command to create this spell in BGEE and will upload a quickfix. Thanks for reporting, I'll tag you as soon as I have it solved.
  9. Wow, that's a lot of mods. And looks like you had a special problem with kits - within or without IHU's scope. I can't give a better advice than: narrow your mod list. I won't have the time to properly check it, sorry. Anyone who can identify the problem, feel free to answer here. I always give support to issues with my mods but this is a (huge) crossmodding situation. I build my codes with a little paranoia considering the interaction with other mods what makes the situation presented more challenging. A suggestion, though: try to install Faiths and Pantheons without those two components from I Hate Undead (or the other way around) as both mods are divine-caster related. Cheers.
  10. Well, you know I'm all for it. I think this idea is awesome as I always seeing new players struggling with this subject and not rarely us modders keep scratching our heads to solve a bug that is purely related to a bad install order. I would add another command, though: ForbidInstall (or something like that), as some mods are just impossible to be used at the same time; this one should be able to relate to another mod's component only if necessary. For instance, DoF can't be used with some components from Tweaks Anthology but many others (most of them) are fine. Good initiative, Alien.
  11. What an interesting thread, I can't believe I'm just seeing it now. I'm on mobile and so far I just read up to page 10 so I'll be brief. 1) If Tresset is still a moderator, Beamdog has no morale to demand anything when it comes to respect and civility. Period. 2) I give full permission to public discuss all details of my banning and warnings. I even want to see here a copy of all my posts that were moved to the so called "holding area". No need to vow for my privacy, go ahead and openly talk about everything. And give me access to my account for five minutes so I can screenshot some PMs. But please, let's discuss everything and not just a frame that is convenient for Beamdog. I'll go take my daughter to eat ice cream now as I know that those hidden posts will never see the light of the day again. Wouldn't look good for BD. Peace.
  12. In one of my playthroughs I've noticed that a bunch of spells that were supposed to be removed by ZoSA were not affected at all by that spell. This was true for Cloud of Pestilence, Writhing Fog and Incendiary Cloud. To be honest, that spell only worked for Stinking Cloud and Cloudkill - and as long as those were not created by traps or through a creature's special ability. Now I'm wondering if I experimented some random weird bug or if I'm insane. The only mod I had during this experiment was IWDification.
  13. Version is up and it contains: As you may have noticed, I've postponed the ClearAir.2da thing. It was holding this release for too long and I'm not sure when I'll have the time to finish that file. Cheers.
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