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  1. As you level up more spells will be available. I've just noticed (based on Jarno's comment actually) that you said IWD instead of IWDEE. This mod is for Enhanced Edition only, sorry.
  2. We are all learning something. I'm glad everything is working fine. Cheers.
  3. @CharlestonianKnightTemplar Cleric's HLA don't appear in the special ability tab - they are under the level 7 spell book and are cast through the spell icon. This is vanilla behavior.
  4. Stupefier + Staff Mace +2. In BG2 I always give him the Mace of Disruption - works well with his racial enemy. To respect this thread's subject, please, get in touch using a PM if you want more details (I don't think I can give any though).
  5. Maybe now people will start giving him two-handed swords and letting Minsc use two-weapon (best way to use him, IMHO). Will be in my next playthrough.
  6. Charlestonian Templar, I just checked and HLA's work fine in my end. You can see in the screen shots below that all spells are being properly added. Tested both leveling the character to Level 40 at once and leveling one level at a time. PS: If you don't mind, try creating an account here. This way I can tag you - this can make our communication much easier. Thanks! ScrnShot.zip
  7. Those are all currently at beta-stage (but I'll release the official build ASAP as there's no point in waiting for Moradin anymore). Use the beta-build download link to get access to those (version ). https://github.com/Raduziel/Deities-Of-Faerun/archive/master.zip
  8. Finally ToSC can be played without breaking immersion. Congratulations, Jastey.
  9. Thanks, I'll take a look. Probably will need your mod list (Weidu.log), though. My life is being crazy (like REALLY crazy) since November-19 so I'll probably not be around here until February. Sorry about that. This week I'll look into the issue reported above and help a fellow modder but that's it. Cheers.
  10. I haven't searched for POE mods because I want to keep control of my life.
  11. I've noticed but they all installed fine here so probably it is something in your end. I haven't touched neither DoF and IHU in a while so there is no reason for new bugs popping up. Probably something else is altering that spell but I won't be able to investigate it today - today is the Libertadores final match and I'll be too drunk to do anything - there's also a chance that I'll get to jail tonight for public nudity. Stay tuned.
  12. Thanks! Much appreciated! May I add it to the sphere system instead?
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