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  1. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    May 11, 2019 Update: I've released v3.3 of TBL. This release is mainly focused on some small fixes/changes here and there. As always, the specifics of this update can be seen in the download center.
  2. jmaeq

    Heya - old player, new portrait maker

    Hello there! Welcome officially to G3! I believe it is possible to submit your portrait pack here. If the total size of the portraits is less than 25MB, you should be able to create a new topic and drag your attachments/upload a file through there. On a side note, these are truly lovely portraits - fantastic work on them.
  3. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Yes, I hope to release this version within the next two weeks. Anything else (including what was mentioned above) found between now and then will be updated accordingly.
  4. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Thank you for the catch. It is most appreciated!
  5. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to recreate this problem, but my version is without EET. Some time soon, hopefully within the next month or so, I will be able to install EET, do a thorough run through and try to recreate this scenario. Thank you for your patience thus far.
  6. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    April 14, 2019 Update: I've released v3.2 of TBL - once again, huge thanks to @AL|EN for this version! The specifics of this update can be seen in the download center. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Glad to hear it!
  7. @AL|EN It's no worries at all, thank you for your hard work and diligence in this matter. It is very much appreciated!
  8. I'll be able to investigate this problem more thoroughly this weekend, but for now, this command should trigger anything after the encounter: C:SetGlobal("QI#EncounterTalk2","GLOBAL",1) Thank you for reporting this to me!
  9. If you installed v3.1 before entering Amkethran, I believe it should be okay. The mod doesn't check for her class either, so I don't think the "Improved Archer" mod has an impact. Looking through his script and dialogue, nothing really pops out at me. I believe I could make a small change to it, but I'm unsure if it would fix the problem. If you have a game saved after you kill him and if you have access to the console, could you type in: C:GetGlobal("QI#EncounterTalk2","GLOBAL") And let me know the output of this command? Also, I made a portion of your post a spoiler, just in case anyone happens to be peeping at it and they haven't played the mod yet.
  10. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Thank you!
  11. Yes, that is the stutter bug that I mentioned and yep, all that is needed is to install the newest version (v3.1).
  12. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    March 12, 2019 Update: I've released v3.1 of TBL - huge thanks to @AL|EN for improving the tp2 code and fixing the EET installation and @K4thos for assisting me with debugging! The specifics of this update can be seen in the download center.
  13. jmaeq


    I'm late, but congratulations!!
  14. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Yes, she does - thank you!