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  1. You're correct, she cannot be romanced by anyone else but Edwin. I hope you find her to your liking.
  2. If you're worried she won't like the PC or leave the party, there's no need to worry about that. Her friendship track will still trigger regardless of your alignment (having Edwin in the party has no impact on the friendship track). Although, she might throw some insults your way if you act nice, but it won't ruin anything. If you decide to keep her all the way to ToB and your friendship with her is still active.... Hope this helps!
  3. jmaeq

    Calin NPC Mod

    Congratulations on the release!
  4. jmaeq

    Version 1 of Evandra Released

    Congratulations on the release!
  5. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Thank you!
  6. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    I didn't realize I was being that obvious (This is the only emoji we ever really need, right?)
  7. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    January 11, 2019 Update I know it's only been a couple days since the release of v2, but I finally got a chance to do a little recording. So, with that said, I've added 80+ new voiced lines, fixed a mix-up with one of Haer'Dalis' and Jan's banters in SoA, found and fixed a small bug with a banter in ToB, and (of course) fixed more grammatical errors. This version, v2.1, has already been uploaded
  8. jmaeq

    Adding Additional Content

    Aaand looks like I missed out on the majority of the conversation. Nonetheless, I don't think I have anything else to contribute other than supporting the idea of a "global" format (if I can call it that).
  9. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Thank you very much for your kind words, I am glad to hear that you think so! Unfortunately, I don't think Minyae will receive the option of being a standard Mage. I chose the Enchanter class as it falls more in-line with her background and character. For those that have Edwin in the party, I believe it would be redundant to have 2 pure mages that know, more or less, the same spells and there wouldn't be a need to have two of them. Plus, being unable to use magic missiles forces the player get a little more creative with battles.
  10. Is there currently anyone who has the permissions, or has the time, to maintain or add content to the Crossmod Banter Pack? If so, I have several written and coded banters that can be added to the pack.
  11. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    The Beaurin Legacy for Throne of Bhaal has officially been released (as well as some fixes for SoA)! Thank you all for your patience and enjoy! Note: In regards to crossmod banter content, this is currently being worked on. It will either be released in the Crossmod Banter Project or within the respective mods.
  12. My apologies, I completely forgot to update the link in my signature - thanks Jarno!
  13. I'm glad I could help and thanks for downloading/playing her!
  14. There is no way to keep both the Hidden NPC and Minyae within the same party - it's either one or the other. Although, the Hidden NPC is only available to recruit if the PC is good-aligned.
  15. jmaeq

    Progress Reports

    Thank you! I've been treating this period as a crunch time, heh.