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  1. I'd like to do that some time in the future, I would just need to find my old BG disc to test it... Additionally, apologies to all that have reported their bugs here... I am glad they are fixed - you didn't need me.
  2. I feel the need to write a script that continuously outputs, "Thank you!" to you Austin. I'm slowly getting back into modding, and this is now on my to-do list!
  3. I will implement and test this for her next update - thank you!
  4. jmaeq


    Apologies for my delayed response, but thank you so much, Greenhorn!
  5. I haven't personally delved into EET, so I didn't know that the canon NPCs have a continuous cre file there. I think that might be something I could look into when I add the EET component for him.
  6. Thank you! I definitely plan on adding crossmod content with other NPC mods after I complete and release content for SoA and ToB.
  7. It seems like no matter how much I proofread, I always miss so much - thank you so much for taking the time to bring attention to these. I know that some of the words/phrases could have been phrased better, but as this is how the character speaks - I don't want to take away from that. Although, I often wonder if it is more important to sound better or for the character to speak incorrectly, if you will. I also understand that there are some words that can be spelled differently, such as traveler or traveller, and this may be due to where we are in the world. However, even with my comments, I can see I still have quite a few typos. Once again, thank you for this - it is truly appreciated.
  8. jmaeq


    Thank you to both of you - it's much appreciated!
  9. Hello! Heh, yes, at the time, I intentionally left out Wilson because I wasn't quite sure where to begin writing a banter for the two of them. After being lucky enough to work with Lava and diving into banters with the Beamdog NPCs for Yoshimo's Remorse, I used Lava's Wilson Chronicles for inspiration. At some point, I will have to revisit Minyae and Wilson now knowing a little bit more.
  10. He's currently not EET compatible.
  11. Please post any bugs or typos that you may come across for the Zakrion NPC mod here.
  12. (Default Portrait by ErisForan, edited by LavaDelVortel) (Alt 1 Portrait by Nyaka-N) *To view the original portraits of Zakrion, please visit the artist's page. Zakrion Dessani - "Life is a series of obstacles. Try not to fall over them." Biography: When asked about his past, ZAKRION smiles calmly at you and says that he was a son of a ship captain. He fondly relays a time where he would stand atop the ship and smell the salty sea breeze. He falls silent for a moment but neither his eyes nor his voice betrays him as he blatantly speaks of his father's ship being taken by pirates. Ever since then, he was named the next captain for the survivors of the invasion until his own ship wreckage where he lost his entire crew and left him as the sole survivor. Statistics: Race - Human Class - Duelist Alignment - True Neutral Strength - 16 Dexterity - 17 Constitution - 15 Intelligence - 10 Wisdom - 12 Charisma - 14 Proficiencies - Two-Weapon Style, Short Sword, Long Sword
  13. Overview At the moment, the Zakrion NPC mod introduces a True Neutral Duelist (kit can be found in Sword and Fist mod) to BG:EE. The mod includes custom portraits, a friendship track, numerous banters and interjections, custom voicing, and a "semi-romance" option. Lastly, Zakrion can be found near the ship wreckage on the Sword Coast. FAQ Q1: Is there a particular NPC I should bring along? A1: No one in particular. He banters with everyone. Q2: How do I start the semi-romance? A2: You'll need to complete his Friendship Track and he will only romance a Human, Elf, Half-Elf, Halfling, or Gnome Female PC. Q3: Will he have content in Siege of Dragonspear? A3: No, he won't, and he'll tell you what he will be doing in the interim. Q4: Will he join the PC in Baldur's Gate II: SoA and ToB? A4: He most definitely will.
  14. jmaeq


    Version 1.0


    The Zakrion NPC Mod introduces a human Duelist to BG:EE. Zakrion can be found near the ship wreckage on the Sword Coast. The mod includes custom portraits and voicing, a friendship track, numerous banters and interjections, and a "semi-romance" with the PC. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit Zakrion's Forum
  15. jmaeq


    This NPC modification adds Zakrion, a True Neutral Human Duelist, to the game. The Zakrion NPC Mod introduces a human Duelist to BG:EE. Zakrion can be found near the ship wreckage on the Sword Coast. The mod includes: Custom Portraits Custom Soundset Friendship Track Numerous Banters with all BioWare NPCS (including Beamdog's four NPCs) and Interjections "Semi-Romance" with the PC Additionally, he has a proficiency in two weapon style, short swords, and long swords. *The mod is currently only available for Baldur's Gate 1: Enhanced Edition. Future content for Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal is in-progress.
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