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  1. December 25, 2018 Update

    (I know I said I would update you guys on the progress every couple weeks or so, but it's the holidays over here and I've been buckling down on the mod. So this is a rather large update, and I'm more than excited to share what's going on.)



    - Minyae's Epilogue has been coded

    - Minyae's Armor Upgrade has been coded and tested

    - Hidden NPC's PIDs have been coded

    - Watcher's Keep interjections have been written and coded for Minyae and the Hidden NPC

    - Quest(s) have been coded

    - Hidden NPC's Epilogue has been written and coded


    So what's left to do?

    - Testing!!! (More specifically, fixing major bugs with the quest/encounter)


    Final Note: It is my hopes that I will be able to release the ToB version before the end of the year or the first week of the new year. Thanks everyone for being patient and have a wonderful holiday!

  2. November 7, 2018 Update



    - Written and Coded Beamdog NPC banters for Minyae

    - Written and Coded 3/6 Friendship Talks for Hidden NPC



    - Added a Romance Conflict with Edwin and the PC (Laufey's Edwin Romance Mod)

    - Added Crossmod Content with an additional 7 NPCs

  3. For all those who may be wondering about the progress for the Throne of Bhaal portion and any other changes/fixes/updates for the SoA version I might have up my sleeves, here's the place to check back on every so often!


    EDIT: I hope to provide a biweekly report. If I am unable to post an update on the second week, I will be sure to post as soon as I am able to.


    As of today (October 24, 2018), I have completed for ToB:

    - Minyae's Friendship Talks have all been written and coded

    - Minyae's Banters with all Bioware NPCs have been written and coded

    - Minyae's Interjections have been written and coded excluding Watcher's Keep content

    - Minyae's Epilogues have been written

    - Minyae's PIDs have been written and coded

    - Quest(s) have been written

    - Hidden NPC's Friendship Talks have been outlined

    - Hidden NPC's Epilogue has been outlined

    - Voiced Lines for Minyae



    What needs to be done:

    - all Beamdog NPC banters for Minyae and Hidden NPC

    - Minyae's Epilogues need to be coded

    - Quest(s) need to be coded

    - Watcher's Keep interjections need to be written and coded for Minyae and Hidden NPC

    - Hidden NPC's Friendship Talks needs to be written and coded

    - Hidden NPC's Banters with all Bioware NPC need to be outlined, written, and coded

    - Hidden NPC's Epilogue needs to be written and coded

    - Hidden NPC's PIDs need to be written and coded

    - Minyae's Armor Upgrade needs to be coded

    - Testing Content!



    Updates for SoA:

    - Fixed several grammatical errors

    - Added "Enchanter" as an alternative class for Minyae

    - Working on Crossmod Content (currently completed banters with 3 other NPCs)

  4. Well, is the Beaurin Legacy ToB part going well now ? And will it be released before the end of the year, I hope ?

    Yes, ToB is currently in-progress. :) Whether it will be released before the end of this year has yet to be seen...


    Although, I am thinking about creating a progress thread to track what has been completed/what needs to be worked on if that is something you or others may be interested in.

  5. Interjecting into dialogues of another mod is not ok, as it will always be seen as content of the other mod. But having own dialogues from your mod NPC referring to other mod's content is a grey area I think is ok as long as your mod does not try to outwit/ridicule the other mod, or as I said above pretends to be content of it. If we are talking of another NPC mod then it would be not ok to introduce dialogues with this NPC that are not authorised (either directly or by a general author consent as it exists e.g. for Kelsey). In case of the Edwin Romance mod, this is not possible as Edwin is a BioWare NPC and the PC is representative of the players' decisions.


    It's clear that you have an own interest in your mod's NPC romance to play out so if you are not able to reach the author of the Edwin romance mod I'd say it's justified to have a point of "player needs to decide" which romance continues.


    For the player's interest (and your own), I would definitely let the PC, i.e. the player decide which romance he/she wants to be continued. That would mean a dialogue with PC replies in your mod but this way, noone can imply that you are putting your mod before another.

    Ah, this makes much more sense. Thank you for the clarifications, it is much appreciated! :)

  6. It's a good question, actually. I knew only one modder who would have forbitten another mod to even refer to his/her mods' content without consent. Normally, I would say you are allowed to refer to happenings of other mods as long as you do not add content to it. In this case, I'd say having Edwin and Minyae talking about Edwin's feelings towards the PC and Minyae would be alright, as long as you do not add a dialogue with PC reply options that sounds as if it's content of the Edwin romance, if it makes sense.

    I think it makes sense, but just to clarify, I would be allowed to have my own dialogues between Minyae and Edwin about Edwin's romance with the PC. I could even have interjections in their dialogue, so long as it doesn't sound like it belongs to Edwin's romance mod or more specifically, as long as it does not sound like the authors' writing? So, if the PC (or Edwin for that matter) was forced to come to an ultimatum, I would not be able to bring up past conversations between the PC and Edwin. I hope I understood that correctly.



    Really liking this mod so far. Especially now, that there is another Thief character I can pick from, besides Jan.


    Any chance for some crossbanter with other NPC mods btw?

    Most definitely. I am currently working on some crossmod content with a few modders already :)


    Does this also include a romance conflict with the Edwin Romance Mod?






    I would like to be able to include conflicts with the Edwin Romance Mod, but I don't think I will be able to get in contact with its authors seeing as how their last active date was in 2016 and 2015. Perhaps I would be allowed to add additional dialogue on my accord but I am unsure if I have the permission to do so.

  8. Wow, pay no attention to BG for two months and a new high quality mod pops out of nowhere? Maybe I should stay away more often! :)


    I haven't gotten around to actually playing it yet (and probably won't until Christmas vacation) but what I've seen and heard so far makes me really excited to take Minyae on my next adventure.

    The writing seems great, her bio alone already shows quite a bit of character, 3 (or 4) high quality portraits seems almost decadent when most mods can't even get one decent portrait and the voice acting/ recording is also excellent.

    (Also, NPC-NPC romance and not throwing herself at charname but is a real upside at this point.)


    The one question I have is, does the current version work as a stand-alone? What I mean by this is, does it have a decent "ending" within SoA?

    There have just been too many good mods over the years with "ToB parts in the works" that never actually went there and I'd rather not have another NPC I'm fond of suddenly become all silent as soon as I enter ToB.


    In any case, this looks great and I can't wait to play it.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    My timing was a little off, it should've came out today ;) Welcome back!


    Thanks so much for your kind words, and I look forward to any feedback/suggestions whenever you get around to playing her.


    In terms of an "ending" within SoA, there will be some questions left unanswered and I believe that the final encounter is not a pleasant one, so I am unsure if I can call it pleasant for an ending. Can it be considered a standalone? Er, yes and no (that's probably not what you wanted to hear). Yes, because there is something similar to an ending for it but at the same time, no because her quest isn't finished in SoA and continues in ToB. So the satisfaction of a quest completion will only be true in ToB.


    Although, I do hope that I will be able to complete ToB by the end of this year or the beginning of the next.


    Thanks again for your interest and your words!

  9. But before to do these changes, of course it would be a good thing that the ToB part will be released, soon I hope. Jmaeq well the ball is in your court now…

    Yes, of course. An alternate class (pure Enchanter) has been made for her already, but I wanted to release it when I have another version/more updates for her ready.


    And don't worry, the ToB part is already in the works. ;)

  10. If you do add crossmod content , will you add to Tsujatha as well? As he to is Neutral Evil. I always play a good aligned party, Tsujatha is the exception, since he was my romance choice for my

    female Skald. I have played a few other npc evilish mods, and the bio-ware ones. I just don't really play evil style.

    I'd love to be able to add as much crossmod content as possible. So if I am able to contact and receive a response from the mod's author, I would gladly add content with Tsujatha.

  11. Dear Jmaeq,

    I’ve downloaded recently your new character for BG2, and I have to notice that Minyae is an interesting one, well conceived and written. Well done ! And it’s not impossible I’ll enlist this malicious elfette in my next BG2 game. But there is a problem: Minyae is a multiclassed thief/mage and I think her thief class is useless in BG2, because you have for the thief proficiencies at the beginning of BG2 Yoshimo - and at Spellhold Imoen -, and Minyae is redundant with Jan, multiclassed thief/mage too.

    So I give you here my suggestions about the possible class choices for Minyae, and well I don’t think it will be a difficult work for you to implement them:

    - single classed mage (standard Mage or Enchanter);

    - single classed Thief (or Assassin);

    Thank you by advance!

    PS: Sorry for my poor English, it’s not my native language…


    I don't think I will be implementing a pure Thief or the Assassination kit for her, as this does not make entire sense with her current "character goals" but a pure mage, enchanter, or even an assassin/enchanter is something I will most certainly look into.


    Thank you for your kind words and suggestions! :)

  12. qi_mil_by_jmaeq-dcljuy7.pngqi_mil_by_jmaeq_dc4xh59_by_jmaeq-dciuqakimage.png.461eeb842d34c795e36233d6321f9eab.pngqi_alt3l_by_jmaeq-dcwpk1z.bmp

       (Default Portrait by Cher-Ro)        (Alt 1 Portrait by TamikaProud)       (Alt 2 Portrait by ErisForan)            (Alt 3 Portrait by Aerwindale)


    Minyae Beaurin - "Knowledge is Power."



    When asked about her past, MINYAE scoffs at you. She tells you that she cannot remember her parents or any type of family for that matter, only that her "family" was most likely dead. In fact, the only thing she can remember is that her full name is Minyae Beaurin, and that she has always had a talent for thievery and magic. "Stealing is what kept me alive when I was alone, and magic is what I used when I figured out there was an easier way to get what I wanted." She looks as if she is about to tell you more but abruptly stops in her tracks, looks at you square in the eyes, and then turns away.



    Race - Elf

    Class - Enchanter/Thief

    Alignment - Neutral Evil

    Strength - 12

    Dexterity - 19

    Constitution - 11

    Intelligence - 17

    Wisdom - 12

    Charisma - 16

    Proficiencies - Dagger, Dart, Two-Weapon Style


    EDIT: Added an additional alternative portrait in v2

    EDIT: Added an additional alternative portrait in v3.4 but replaced Alt2 by DominiqueWesson for more "BG-Likeness" options. However, the original Alt 2 portrait will still be available in previous verisons.

  13. Overview

    The Beaurin Legacy introduces a Neutral Evil Elven Enchanter/Thief and a hidden NPC to BGII:SoA and BGII:EE.

    The mod includes custom portraits, a friendship track, numerous banters and interjections, encounters and quest(s), voicing for both NPCs (Minyae is fully voiced), a romance with a Bioware NPC - our favorite Red Wizard, player-initiated dialogues, and a custom friendship track theme.

    Lastly, Minyae Beaurin can be found outside of the Crooked Crane in the City Gates.



    Q1: Where can I find Minyae?
    A1: She can be found in front of the Crooked Crane.

    Q2: Is there a romance with Minyae?
    A2: No, but she does romance a Bioware NPC.

    Q3: Is there any special places/requirements for Minyae's friendship talks?
    A3: There is a player-initiated friendship talk, and there are talks after certain encounters and quests.

    Q4: Is there any NPCs that I should take with me or avoid?
    A4: No need to avoid any NPCs, but I would highly recommend taking Edwin with Minyae.

    Q5: Minyae's name is a string of text and she is sputtering random lines, what do I do?
    A5: Select her in the game and press the "K" key. This should fix the problem.

    Q6: I'm level x, will she scale to my level?
    A6: Depending on the PC's level, Minyae's experience may be 161000, 400000, 800000 or 1200000 experience points. So in other words, yes she will.

    Q7: Minyae hasn't said anything to initiate her friendship track, why?
    A7: You must finish her initial quest before she decides you are worth conversing with. ;)

    Q8: Why is Minyae taking so long to begin or talk to her love interest?
    A8: Minyae's talks with him does not go by a real-time timer, but the in-game timer. Meaning that she will speak to him in x amount of days in terms of the game's time. If you wish to speed it up "CTRL-T" is your best friend.

    Q9: Where is this hidden NPC?
    A9: Well, she is hidden...until Chapter 6. You'll know where to go when the time is right.

  14. Hello,

    thanks for this mod.


    please can you work with Kulyok to add some juicy crosscontent?


    And if you can also with Ajantis by Jastey

    Oh! I almost forgot about crossmod content - I would certainly love to do that. I will contact them in the some time in the future and other active modders for the possibility of crossmod banter/content. Thank you for the reminder. :)

  15. Nice! I love evil NPC's. I'd like to give this mod a try. I have a couple of questions first:


    I already have an existing BWS install for BG2EE. Is it relatively safe to install an NPC mod on top of a relatively extensive BWS?


    Also, do I need to start a new game for the Beaurin Legacy or will a save early in Chapter 2 work fine?

    I have personally never used BWS, but just by taking a quick glance at it, I believe it should be relatively safe to install an NPC mod on top of it. Since it seems to me that BWS is essentially a tool that installs other mods for you, I don't see the harm in it. (But if anyone knows the definitive answer to this, please correct me.)


    In regards to your second question - No, you do not need to start a fresh game for the mod, loading an early save in Chapter 2 should work fine.


    Hope this helps, and thank you for taking the time to play it! :)

  16. Audios QI#Mi105 - QI#Mi115 have too much echo, for some reason? The rest sound fine.


    Lovely portraits btw. But the "friendship track" part broke my heart.

    Oh, thank you for pointing that out! And oops, those audio files might have been for ToB...


    Thanks again and maybe I can try mending your heart in the expansion.


    I just started a new BG2EE game & picked her up right away. I've certainly enjoyed what I've seen so far & really like her / your voice. I'm looking forward to continuing on & will comment more once I get near the end. Thanks for the mod.


    Thank *you* for taking the time to play it. I definitely look forward to hearing more thoughts from the Red Wizard himself! ;)

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