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  1. Hello everyone! I would like to introduce:


    The Beaurin Legacy Mod for BGII


    This modification is currently in English and is only available for SoA at the moment. The mod introduces an elven Neutral Evil Enchanter/Thief - Minyae Beaurin and a hidden NPC (sorry, I can't spoil it!). The mod also includes a friendship track, PIDs, numerous banters and interjections, original portraits, items, a quest, voicing, and a NPC romance with a specific Bioware NPC - a certain Red Wizard. She can be found in front of the Crooked Crane in the City Gates district.



    Portrait Artist - TamikaProud at DeviantArt


    Her statistics are as follows:

    Strength - 11

    Dexterity - 19

    Constitution - 12

    Intelligence - 17

    Wisdom - 12

    Charisma - 16


    As of now, the mod has only been tested for BGII:EE but should be able to work for the original Baldur's Gate.


    Please use this thread for any questions, thoughts, or bugs regarding the mod. Any feedback is welcome and greatly appreciated!


    Thank you so much for your time and I hope you enjoy the mod. :)


    EDIT: Due to copyright purposes, the music has been removed and the README.txt has been changed - there have been no other changes otherwise.


    The Beaurin Legacy has a forum of its own here at G3! Please direct all future comments, questions/concerns, bugs there. Thank you all for your understanding!

  2. I recall reading somewhere that changing or adding a new race into Baldur's Gate would be very difficult, and that if someone were to do it, they should only edit the name of an existing race. I attempted to change the race of an NPC using DLTCEP to a non-standard race (not human, elf, half-elf, etc.), but when I start up the game, the listed race is blank. I want to reuse the template for the Half-Elf race and rename it, but I am unsure how I am able to do that.


    If anyone knows how to create a "new" race, please let me know!

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