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  1. Oh hey, I was just lurking nearby when I saw some people lurking over here. I think I'll join the group lurk.
  2. Well Jastey didn't magic missile me after I went over her files, so I'm still around to offer some assistance if needed. Let me know.
  3. Haha, no worries. I would have still written a change log even if I knew that. It's just a way for me to keep things straight, before going back to make changes.
  4. I've actually already started going through Brandock and Grey. My free time has increased a lot recently with a "stay at home" declared in my city, so thanks for giving me something to do.
  5. I have read the original forum posts on Spellhold (if I’m not mistaken), but I believe we are talking about all the area art being used by the other two. Which I believe was created by Cuv. However if you just want to stick with the Seatower, Rabain’s version is different from what I’ve seen here. Thus I would say this is an original piece of collage art. The maps being used by the other two appear to be directly taken from this version. Thus, not an original piece. The bankruptcy of Blackisle Studio has little to do with Beamdog’s ability set rules for the modding community, as you point
  6. If you still need a proof reader, I'm willing to help. I'm guessing you are looking for someone to go through the .tra files for spelling mistakes/ sentence structure errors?
  7. It’s seems the main point of contention is not wether the other two had a right to make a mod about the Seatower, but if they had a right to use the art created by Cuv and Yovaneth. The answer to that is, they don’t. Speaking as someone that actually had to study collage law in school, they could claim the work as an original collage piece of art. Since it looks like their was some photoshopping going on. To take it a step further, Beamdog states on their forum “everything created with Infinity Engine resources is more or less proprietary to the owners of that engine, mods are the pr
  8. I applaud you, it looks like you updated the Ding0's Tweak pack as well. I didn't see a release version yet of your tweak pack though.
  9. Sounds good, I might install a component or two then. I'll let you know if I spot any bugs.
  10. When downloading your item pack, I noticed you have an encounters and quest pack. Is that ready to be played?
  11. The font used in the website pic looks closer to the Dark Alliance games, not the Bhaalspawn saga games.
  12. Ok, I just tried the folder suggestion and it worked fine. Thank you as always.
  13. Oh wait, I thought that was a new tweak for BG1, did I misread and it's for BG2?
  14. I did catch this error trying to do in install with version 7 on a mac, with 2.5 installed. Install Component [send BioWare NPCs to an Inn (DavidW/Zed Nocear)]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? i Installing [send BioWare NPCs to an Inn (DavidW/Zed Nocear)] [v7] Including and running function(s) wait_at_inns Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Compiling 1 dialogue file ... ERROR: error loading [stratagems_external/workspace/depart.d] ERROR: compiling [stratagems_external/worksp
  15. I think the tisunpack still needs to be updated on the mac version. I got this error /bin/sh: g3anniversary/tiz/osx/tisunpack: Bad CPU type in executable. I swapped out the tisunpack with a more recent one and the error went away. Thank you for all the great updates by the way.
  16. Works perfect with the update, thank you.
  17. I've got the same bug as Mirandel. When Linda finishes her initial dialogue, the game freezes. I'm running this on a mac, most recent version of the mod.
  18. So going with the COPY - suggestion, I changed the line in the g3_cpmvars_master.tpa file to COPY - ~./inlined-macro/cd_extend_bg_area_script.tpa~ and it appears to have installed ok now. If something seems strange after I start playing I'll let you know. Thanks for all the help.
  19. I am using OS X 10.12.5. Also I'm using the Beamdog client version 2.1.3. Clean install on everything.
  20. I can get version 3 to install just fine. So perhaps I will go back to that.
  21. It is BGEE:Siege of Dragonspear. I'm not using Steam or GoG, I got it off the Beamdog website. So I didn't think mod merger was needed?
  22. I get this error when trying to install the Exotic Item Pack, the other components all install fine. Any thoughts? Install Component [Exotic Item Pack]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? I Installing [Exotic Item Pack] [v4] Copying 5 files ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying 6 files ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR: COPY ~./inlined-m
  23. Does anyone know how the Forest Runner's inspire ability is suppose to work? I imagined there would be a button to push, but I don't see one and never got an error message when installing. I tried it with and without the sphere system. Broken code perhaps? I'm also fairly sure the +5% stealth wasn't adding either.
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