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  1. Well, but the installation progress stops by this message. The progress windows on the right side shows no options how the programm should go forward or something else.
  2. I just have joined this forum because there are some troubles with the installation of the BiG Worldproject. I like Bioware when it was like in 2009 with Dragon Age Origins and wanted to try there older products but BG1 screen was way tooo small to me. Someone told me about the BiG World project that combine BG1 and BG2 in one game and a better resolution. Now I am trying to install all the 'recommend' mods for the BiG World, all files are downloaded but it stops by the BG2 fixpack. The last log entry is The game is a German Installation, for the Mod Downloads a have allowed German and English Mods, the tool explained that it would not make problems using english Mods, this parts of the game being still English, that is no problem. In the German Kerzenburg Forum I have got no support or other help. I hope you can help me.
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