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  1. So, I'm an idiot who can't work mods very well... -_- I couldn't figure out when to run the modmerger before... I uninstalled all my mods, ran it and reinstalled RE and another pack, everything is running fine now, thank you so much for your help!
  2. I install the mods (some don't work but that's just my laptop and I'm okay with it), and I try to do one and nearly all the dialogue is complete gibberish! Example; I make a new character to test and do Hull's quest, afterward he gives me 20 gold and then says "That sounds a fair price" which is kinda weird, then he says "I'm only teasing, Neera, here you are" or something along those lines...Neera is not m/c's name. After that, the conversation has to do with a potion and beet juice or something? It made no sense whatsoever! Is there any way to fix this? I uninstalled it 'cause it's kinda f
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