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  1. Hi! I was installing the Tweak Packs for BG2 EE and I've got a bug with the level cap remover. It says that: ERROR Installing [Remove Experience Cap], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 57 files for [bG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2] component 2090. Uninstalled 57 files for [bG2_TWEAKS/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.TP2] component 2090. ERROR: Failure("No rule to identify BG2EE") PLEASE email the file SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.DEBUG to pcamagna@yahoo.com Using Language [English] Here my debug file: http://www.emhunter.com/BG2/SETUP-BG2_TWEAKS.DEBUG Also I'm on a mac. All help would be very welcome since my web researches have been in vain. If there is any way to fix this or any other ways to remove the experience point cap that would be awesome! Thanks a lot guys!
  2. Hello I actually have a small doubt regarding BG2 Fixpacks (windows) (currently at v10) Recently, completed my BG2:EE session and thought about asking whether all the fixes from BG2 Fixpack (till date) are implemented in BG2:EE as well? If you check out the discussions on BG2:EE Forums many players are reporting bugs which were clearly fixed by the BG2 Fixpack in the past. Since the team was part of BG2:EE development, I am confused whether all the fixpack changes made into final release of BG2:EE and if not, to what extent they are introduced in the BG2:EE by the Developers? Please let me know about this and what should I expect in future for BG2:EE from the Team of BG2 Fixpack and the Gibberlings3 Modding Community!
  3. "Intensity" is misleading at best, if not outright wrong. While it can display a moderately accurate representation of *.PLT content, if you assign colors to a palette and let 'intensity' modify the palette color (this is what Near Infinity does), they end up displaying too dark and off balance. Instead, color map is a row index into 'MPAL256.BMP', where the row numbers match the gradients stored in creatures. 'Intensity' is actually an index to a column of that row for the color to display. As a point of interest, the 255th value for this gradient is always { R:0 G: 255 B: 0 }, or transparent. Another point is that the shadow (palette channel # 7) is alpha-blended with the background, whereas the rest of the paper-doll is not. Comments on the palettes bitmaps: 'MPAL256.BMP' and 'MPALETTE.BMP' have their columns opposite; MPAL256 ranges dark to bright, whereas MPALETTE ranges bright to dark. Also, while BMPs store the rows bottom-up, their palettes are indexed top-down; index 0 is the first row on top when the image is viewed. This is all probably common knowledge, but I still wasted two days rediscovering this through original research.
  4. After randomly crashing my BG2 game while testing a mod character I have found out that the script action InActiveArea(O:Object*) is the cause for the crashes if the specified object isn't an NPC or otherwise globally registered creature and the object is not in the same area. Can anyone confirm that behavior?
  5. I don't know if this is already known, but the contingency creation (opcode #234) doesn't seem to work for non-party members. I've tried casting it from a familiar-type creature and had to force-quit the game, because I was stuck in the spell selection screen.
  6. For some time now I'm running into this problem and I haven't found a solution for so far. Describing my problem is somewhat complicated, but I'll try it anyway: In the mod I'm currently working on I am using helper creatures to run "global" scripts as a way to avoid polluting the baldur.bcs. So each time the party enters a new area, a helper creature is created (if it doesn't yet exist). However, the game doesn't limit the execution of scripts to the current area only. Oftentimes scripts from related areas are executed too. That has probably something to do with master areas and how they control script execution (I don't understand this mechanism fully yet). I can detect this case too, by using Exists() as one of the triggers to decide whether to create a new helper creature. However, if I save and reload a game, the scripts from the related areas aren't executed anymore and as a result a new helper creature is created in the current area. But if I visit the former areas again, then two or more helper creatures are active which could lead to multiple executions of the same script block in special situations. I'm trying to prevent it as best I can, but it doesn't always work. This leads to my question: Is it possible to detect whether two or more helper creatures are active at the same time, so that I can disable the other one(s)?
  7. It just happened in a test play for my mod. After my character had been level drained by a Vampiric Mist, the XPGT() trigger in one of my scripts triggered several times, indicating that my character is now supposed to have over 2.5M XP. The character was a fighter at lvl. 13 (1.25M XP) dual-classed to a thief at currently 100k XP. I'm not sure if the trigger malfunctioned because the character was dual-classed or if it always happens. EDIT: It seems to happen only for dual-classed characters. The higher the XP of the first class, the more off the mark are the XP*() triggers when level drained. This is just a wild guess, but it appears as if the trigger simply multiplies the XP amount of the first class by 2 and compares the result with the specified argument.
  8. I have created a cutscene which transports the protagonist to another area as part of a quest. The remaining party members are made unselectable and "stored" in a different map during the quest part. It works flawlessly in singleplayer mode. However, when I tested it in a multiplayer game the remote users lose control over their characters after the cutscene. I've tried different placements of the MakeUnselectable() actions to no avail. Also any other way to immobilize the party members temporarily doesn't work. I even tried to maze the characters temporarily, so I could transport everyone to the same map without interfering the quest, but this action caused some problems too. This is the code of the cutscene (reduced to the important parts): IF True() THEN RESPONSE #100 CutSceneId(Player1) StorePartyLocations() CreateVisualEffectObject("SPFLSRIN",Myself) PlaySound("EFF_M40") FadeToColor([30.0],0) Wait(2) ActionOverride(Player2,MakeUnselectable(999999)) ActionOverride(Player3,MakeUnselectable(999999)) ActionOverride(Player4,MakeUnselectable(999999)) ActionOverride(Player5,MakeUnselectable(999999)) ActionOverride(Player6,MakeUnselectable(999999)) ActionOverride(Player2,ReallyForceSpell(Player2,HOLD_PARTY)) ActionOverride(Player3,ReallyForceSpell(Player3,HOLD_PARTY)) ActionOverride(Player4,ReallyForceSpell(Player4,HOLD_PARTY)) ActionOverride(Player5,ReallyForceSpell(Player5,HOLD_PARTY)) ActionOverride(Player6,ReallyForceSpell(Player6,HOLD_PARTY)) LeaveAreaLUAPanic("A7AR06","",[434.368],13) ActionOverride(Player2,LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR07","",[372.256],2)) ActionOverride(Player3,LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR07","",[288.248],2)) ActionOverride(Player4,LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR07","",[402.316],2)) ActionOverride(Player5,LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR07","",[222.282],2)) ActionOverride(Player6,LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR07","",[364.384],2)) LeaveAreaLUA("A7AR06","",[434.368],13) MultiPlayerSync() FadeFromColor([30.0],0) Wait(2) EndCutSceneMode() END The maps are flagged as "Can't save/No rest" to avoid even more trouble. I don't have much experience with multiplayer games. Is it even possible to divide the party over different maps or otherwise remove party members from the play temporarily without causing trouble? NB: The cutscene can be triggered everywhere in ToB except in the Pocket Plane or the Throne of Bhaal.
  9. I've found a very strange behaviour of the game engine recently while writing a bunch of dialogs. Whenever I kick out a party member, it messes up a bunch of internal states. The string tokens <PLAYER1-6> and possibly the object identifiers Player1-6 aren't updated correctly, leading to very strange behaviours when used in conversations. For example, if you kick out your party member of slot 3, the token <PLAYER3> contains the character name of slot 2 (or sometimes empty space) afterwards and <PLAYER4-6> still contain the names of the former slots 4-6, even though there is no Player6 anymore. The only way to fix it was by saving and reloading. Do you know about this problem and are there ways to prevent it?
  10. While browsing through a couple of creature files, I have found several monsters which have been assigned wrong or ambiguous class/race types. The Elemental Prince of Air, Yan-C-Bin (elemyanc.cre and finsol02.cre), and the Elemental Prince of Ice, Cryonax (finsol03.cre), are both specified as class type ELEMENTAL_EARTH. That may cause problems, for example, for spells or magical items which target certain types of elementals. At any rate, a more fitting class for Yan-C-Bin would be ELEMENTAL_AIR. There is no water elemental class, so I don't know which type would work best for Cryonax (maybe NO_CLASS?). There is also the Fallen Solar (fangel01.cre and finsol04.cre) which is specified as race type DEMONIC. I think ANTISOLAR would be more fitting, although DEMONIC isn't completely wrong either.
  11. Hi! I have BiG World Setup and I am in Hell battling Jon. He's insanely difficult and on a whole different difficulty level than anything else I've experienced. You can see what I'm talking about here: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55762-spoilers-impossible-final-battle-in-bg2-with-big-world-setup/ It seems that I have tactics + SCSII module of Improved Irenicus installed, but I don't know how to uninstall it. I run SETUP-SCSII.exe and get prompted by this (This is from SETUP-SCSII.DEBUG file): Install Component [Improved Irenicus in Hell (Tactics remix)]? [N]o, [Q]uit or choose one: 1] Tactics-SCSII hybrid 2] Faithful adaptation of the Tactics version Already Asked About [Improved Irenicus in Hell (Tactics remix)] [./override/dw#AIsetup.mrk] loaded, 114 bytes There is no Uninstall option. If I press "N", it just skips it and Improved Irenicus stays. How do I uninstall this module so I can finally end BG2? Thanks!
  12. A quick list of the BG2 inventory slot numbers used by commands like Create Item or Remove Item. This is fairly esoteric, not normally needed. These numbers are found in the left column. The middle column contains the numbers given by Slots.ids: 1, 6, SLOT_HELMET, 2, 1, SLOT_ARMOR, 3, 9, SLOT_SHIELD, 4, 5, SLOT_GAUNTLETS, 5, 7, SLOT_RING_LEFT, 6, 8, SLOT_RING_RIGHT 7, 0, SLOT_AMULET, 8, 2, SLOT_BELT, 9, 3, SLOT_BOOTS, 10, 35, SLOT_WEAPON0, 11, 36, SLOT_WEAPON1, 12, 37, SLOT_WEAPON2, 13, 38, (SLOT_WEAPON3??) 14, 11, SLOT_AMMO0, 15, 12, SLOT_AMMO1, 16, 13, SLOT_AMMO2, 17, 14, (SLOT_AMMO3??) 18, 4, SLOT_CLOAK, Quick Items: 19, 20, 21 Inventory Items: 22, 24, 26, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 23, 25, 27, 29, 31, 33, 35, 37
  13. Hi everyone, My name's Enrique, I'm writing from Madrid in Spain, and this is my first post here. Yesterday I bought the D&D bundle from GOG.com and decided to mod BGI&II, following the tips in a Destructoid article. I haven't been able to do it yet, due to what seem to be inter-mod compatibility issues. I've given up on some of the most elaborate stuff (I don't really need the fan-made content, although it'd be nice to have the Unfinished Business patches for both games, and the widescreen mod seems I can live without), but even at a very basic stage I have that kind of trouble. After installing both games (to a folder outside "C:\Program files"), patching BGI with its fixpack and text update, patching BGII with this fixpack and then installing BGT-WeiDU, I tried to install the tweak pack and the Windows console only popped up for like a second, seeming to do nothing (which seems to mean that there's a conflict with something I've already installed, if I'm not mistaken). So I uninstalled the fixpack, then tried to install the tweak pack again, and sure enough, this time did it. Only now I try to install the fixpack, and the same happens, which seems to mean that they are mutually exclusive. Are they, and I am supposed to know this? In this case, just excuse my faulty research. If it isn't supposed to happen, I would like to know how to solve it and get both installed, since the fixpack's fixes seem to be rather important but I also want the tweak pack, mostly because of the ability to stack items, among others. Thank you for reading
  14. Hi, I have got baldurs gate 1 and 2 from GOG and have applied various mods as per the below link: http://www.destructoid.com/the-weekend-modder-s-guide-baldur-s-gate-1-2-222096.phtml Baldurs Gate and Throne of Baahl work fine but when I start a new game in Shadows of Amn, when it first starts after Irenicus has left, Imoen never comes through the door. My character is just standing in the cage and nothing happens, no menus come up or anything. Has anyone seen this before or have any idea what to do? It of course works fine with none of these installed and just using the basic version off GOG.
  15. Ive been trying various mods and even the tweak pack alone and no matter what i do i cant get the ammo to work in unlimited stacking- (all else works fine so far (early game) anyone else seen this ?
  16. IESDP describes a trailing length of 218 padding bytes. All such shipped files are it is actually 240 (22 more bytes than reported).
  17. lynx

    bg saga runthrough

    In preparations for the next release (less brown-baggy), I did an almost straight runthrough of bg1 to check if it still works. It does. Bugs were killed in the process and I don't mean ankhegs or carrion crawlers. Now it's time to do the same in bg2 with a sorcerer/monk/cleric. The fighter/sorcerer/thief combination from bg1 was just too boring to take over.
  18. The Gibberlings Three A Mod for the Orderly Author: Cliffette cliffette has produced a number of mods for Baldur's Gate II. G3 is pleased to keep these mods available, with her permission, though they are offered 'as is', with no support for them. A Mod for the Orderly adds a keyring to help manage the avalanche of keys you acquire in your journey across Faerun. This version added French translation by Sanctifer (of the d'Oghmatiques), and updates to WeiDU v231. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum Download the mod
  19. Aeryn has released the SoA portion of her Haer'Dalis Romance! "Love is passion. Passion is fleeting. And such ephemeral things are those we hold the closest and cherish the most. Each moment is precious, for it may very well be the last. 'Tis not to be feared, my raven, for such fading beauty is the fate of all life, of all things, of all hopes. Neither fret for tomorrow, nor regret yesterday, but live for today." The Haer'Dalis Romance for Baldur's Gate II allows female PCs to explore a deeper relationship with our dear sparrow. Though the tielfing bard has roamed the Planes and basked in the dark beauty of Sigil's street for decades, his experience with the Prime is limited, and his curiosity about both this new world and his new leader is great indeed. PCs are given the freedom to choose just how close they wish to get to this mysterious Planeswalker, though Haer'Dalis may find hesitant PCs all the more alluring for their reluctance. Regardless of what exactly the PC is looking for, there is a fair chance this skilled actor can fill whatever role she desires. The mod is open to females of any race, alignment and class, and features a large number of talks on a wide range of topics. Though he is neither foolish nor cruel, Haer'Dalis loves mischief, dramatic public displays and arguments, and the mod reflects this by often providing more content to PCs who do not always agree with the bard. Content will span both SoA and ToB, and have a variety of paths and epilogues. Relevant links: Download location Readme Discussion forum
  20. The Gibberlings Three Level 1 NPCs Authors: Multiple This mod allows the player to select classes and kits for all joinable NPCs, and then start them from level one (with enough experience to level up to the player immediately) so that the player can select skills, spells, proficiencies, etc. Updated by Miloch, Nythrun's Level1NPCs is now at version 1.9, and available in packages for Windows, OSX, and Linux. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum Download
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