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Found 2 results

  1. OMFG! What they have done with my party 'core member" ... Would be better enhance the game feature , like gameplay, but not mess with characters like they does with Khalid, Denaheira, and now... . If I will reload save-game file, and the I will fought so-stupid-called "JI" without the help of 'inhabitants' . THE WILL BE ALIVE AFTER THE BATTLE? Insane difficulty, tactics, SCS (hardest options), and still so-stupid-called "JI" is a wicked one. Really compare to foes that my party have the battles with, "JI" is a little bit more powerful than a casual bandit group... Especially after the *Sillya and Kagnaxx that is a frigging almost unstoppable killing machines.... Even the casual Bodhi-gang with an Ancient Vampire is a much more tougher than "JI" with the all hist spell... I though he must be an awesome opponent - on the cut-scenes he looks tough (of course an evil and stupid, but tough as well) This "JI" making the same trick that was in Durlag's Tower (Deamon Knight and his super-mirror). And I realized how my party is still weak . Diviner - My protagonist have no protective spells remembered (except "Shield" and "Mass Invisibility"), and my diviner have no protective scrolls, so there NOT my Diviner was just a meat... 1 Hit by Minsc, equipped with "Mace +3" x2 = "Badly Injured" hahahha, 35 HP - 8 Constitution, 10 AC - 8 Dexterity. this is a not for combat . Bu anyway he have an AWESOME arsenal of the very destructive AoE and deadly magic like a "Disintigration" , and what he doing?? He used almost absolutely useless "Remove Magic", and soon after falling.. - pathetic! The super SCS AI working well only if the magician have some prebuff, or at list protective spells remembered but on insane difficulty - DAMAGE > ANTI-MAGIC in most cases, the single "Skull Trap" or a "Ice/Fire Storm" can easily wipe out the half of my party... Ranger - was not so bad. Even switched to close combat weapon. Monk - was good , and really that was a fun to look how two Monks kicking each others, but 'evil' one not using his ability to "Flaming Fist" that is a not good,, Illusionist/Thief - was pathetic. Perhaps because he did not have an offensive spells, at least he can hit with "Magic Missile", but he did not.. Shapeshifter - was a REAL threat. Not bad, not bad... I even thought I need to focus him with "Disintegrate" but he died from my allies. In general SCS with Shapeshifters on Insane is not so bad. Mage/Thief - little bit better than Illusionist, but also pathetic.
  2. Hi! I have BiG World Setup and I am in Hell battling Jon. He's insanely difficult and on a whole different difficulty level than anything else I've experienced. You can see what I'm talking about here: http://www.shsforums.net/topic/55762-spoilers-impossible-final-battle-in-bg2-with-big-world-setup/ It seems that I have tactics + SCSII module of Improved Irenicus installed, but I don't know how to uninstall it. I run SETUP-SCSII.exe and get prompted by this (This is from SETUP-SCSII.DEBUG file): Install Component [Improved Irenicus in Hell (Tactics remix)]? [N]o, [Q]uit or choose one: 1] Tactics-SCSII hybrid 2] Faithful adaptation of the Tactics version Already Asked About [Improved Irenicus in Hell (Tactics remix)] [./override/dw#AIsetup.mrk] loaded, 114 bytes There is no Uninstall option. If I press "N", it just skips it and Improved Irenicus stays. How do I uninstall this module so I can finally end BG2? Thanks!
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