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Found 91 results

  1. Version 1.1


    This mod adds crossmod content - including banters, interjections and romance conflicts - to several NPC mods for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, as well as serving as a hub for crossmod of future mods for IWD:EE. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. jastey

    Grey the Dog

    Version 4


    Grey the Dog NPC by jastey (writer, coder) and Rabain (mod idea, first kit, first portrait) Grey is a full-fledged joinable NPC, but still a real dog. The only magic on him is his enchanted collar that gives 1 AC bonus. He has sensible interjections (Woof!), NPC banters (mostly NPC dialogues about him with the PC), a click dialogue (PID) if the PC feels like playing fetch or just needs someone to talk to. There are dialogue options that reflect the game story and I'll promise: Grey will always listen to your PC's woes. Grey initiates no dialogues so there is no friendship track and - I am really sorry, but no romance. Grey comes with some items and more can be found throughout the game. He has his own kit: Wolfhound. In BG1 there are two small quests, both available in BG city. The quests are also available and solvable without Grey in party. Where appropriate, Grey can be told to "search" for missing persons, in BG1 Brage and farmer Brun's son, in SoD the five missing refugees. This is realized in a way it doesn't spoil the quests too much, though, so do not expect too much help. The mod is compatible with BGT, BG:EE, BG2, BGII:EE, and EET. Project Page Forum at G3 Readme: English
  3. jmaeq

    Yoshimo's Remorse

    Version 2.0


    Was that truly the ending to Yoshimo's adventures with the Bhaalspawn? Is there simply no way to redeem himself or explain his actions to the PC? Yoshimo's Remorse is a mod for BG2:ToB that makes Yoshimo a playable character in Throne of Bhaal. However, he is not what you expect him to be... So prepare yourself for some more adventures and talks with the infamous bounty hunter, a tormented soul that was left with nothing but regrets. Listen to him as this may be his last chance to find peace.
  4. Rhaella


    Version 2.2


    This Baldur's Gate 2 mod introduces Evandra, a True Neutral elven illusionist, and for those familiar with the Dragonlance setting, a Red Robed Wizard of High Sorcery. She comes with an extensive friendship track, and perhaps a little more. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit Evandra's Forum
  5. jmaeq

    Beaurin Legacy

    Version v3.6


    The Beaurin Legacy introduces an elven Enchanter/Thief and a hidden NPC to BGII:SoA & ToB and BGII:EE. Minyae Beaurin can be found outside of the Crooked Crane in the City Gates. The mod includes custom portraits, a friendship track for both Minyae and the Hidden NPC, numerous banters and interjections, encounters and quest(s), voicing for both NPCs (However, Minyae is fully voiced), a romance with a Bioware NPC, player-initiated dialogues, and custom friendship track themes. Project Page Forum Readme
  6. Greetings, everyone! I've got interested in IE modding some time ago and right now I'm looking for aid. Recently I have finished my first project - NPC mod for Icewind Dale: Enhanced Edition, and right now I need help with proofreading. Here is the short info about the mod: Preview This mod adds a new recruitable companion to Icewind Dale: EE - dwarven wandering priest of Marthammor Duin Turald Ironfist. It was created as an addition to Kulyok's NPCs, though it can be played as a separate mod as well. The idea behind this project was to create a person who would look at the events of the game from the dwarven point of view and who will also be significanlty older than characters from IWD NPC Project. Turald MOD contains dialogs with main character, interjections, player-initiated talks and crossmod content with Kulyok's NPCs and LavaDelVortel's Dusky. Character info Name: Turald Gender: Male Race: Dwarf Class: Fighter/cleric Alignment: Neutral Good Location: Temple of Tempus in Easthaven Romance: No ==HELP NEEDED== The content for vanilla game (I'll add HoW/ToL content a bit later) is ready and needs to be proofreaded (especially since I'm not Native English speaker). So, if anyone can help me with it, I'll be very grateful. If more information is needed, I'll gladly provide it. Have a nice day and thank you for your attention!
  7. Version v15


    The Ajantis BG Expansion Modification is a mod for original ("vanilla") BG(+TotSC), Tutu, Baldur’s Gate Trilogy (BGT), Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition (BG:EE), and Enhanced Edition Trilogy (EET). For original BG:TotSC, the mod adds a friendship track and the BG1NPC Project romance for Ajantis. The original BG1NPC Project romance was adjusted slightly with regard to the restrictions of the BG1 engine, although overall the content stayed the same. For Tutu, BGT, BG:EE, and EET, the mod adds a friendship track and more romance content for the BG1NPC Project romance for Ajantis. Content-wise, the mod is meant as an addition to the BG1NPC Project, but technically it can be installed and played without the BG1NPC Project. If the player started and interrupted Ajantis's BG1NPC Project romance, the friendship sequence should initiate after that depending on how far the romance went. If you do not have the BG1NPC Project installed, the friendship talks become available immediately. For BG:EE and EET there is a second, independent component with the option to use the existent BG:EE BAM for Ajantis' shield (green dragon on golden ground), if BG1NPC is installed. Project Page Forum at G3 Readme: English, German German Discussion Thread at Kerzenburgforum
  8. Version v20


    This modification introduces Ajantis, the known BG1 NPC, paladin of the Order of the Radiant Heart into the SoA and ToB part of the game. It is compatible with BGII, BGT, BGII:EE, and EET. With this modification Ajantis can be acquired as a member of the PC's group after the fight in the Windspear Hills (which was not changed by the mod principally). The player must first solve a quest to free Ajantis from Firkraag's ransom. The modification contains a fully developed engaged romance path, which continues the Ajantis Romance from the BG1 NPC Project, a new beginnings romance, and a friendship path. Contentwise, the mod assumes that Ajantis travelled with the PC in BG1 for some time. It was there that Ajantis gained enough honor to be knighted. For the EE games (BGII:EE and EET) the second optional component will install the BeamDog inventory BAM for Ajantis' family shield (green dragon on golden ground). If not installed, the BG1NPC Project shield graphic will be used. A third optional component will install crossmod content included into this mod. Project Page Forum Readme: English, German
  9. Ashar When asked about her past, ASHAR snaps, "What does it matter now?" and flicks her hand dismissively. Nevertheless, she starts to incoherently relate her tale. She was raised in the Sword Mountains, north of Waterdeep. In this place, a powerful warrior called Dagon Iron Shield created a country which gathered local half-orc tribes. Ashar served in Dagon's personal guard. She talks with a great respect for him, praising his skills, honor, and fair deeds. However, two years ago, Iron Shield was killed by his power-hungry son. Most of Dagon's supporters were forced to flee or be killed or, as Ashar was, be sold into a slavery. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD 2 Ashar on Spellhold Studios Ashar on Beamdog This modification adds a new, joinable NPC to Baldur's Gate II: a half-orc barbarian named Ashar. Ashar can be found near the Copper Cornet's entrance, right after the death of the tavern's owner, Lehtinan. The modification offers about 20 dialogues with the PC, a modest romance, as well as many interactions, comments, and banters with all BGII NPCs. Ashar is aggressive, plainspoken, but also a bit confused woman. Fell free to say what you will, during talks with her, there aren't any "correct" or "incorrect" answers. However, be aware, because your words and deeds may have a great impact on Ashar's character. Great thanks to: Damianus_NT, Lava Del'Vortel and Vinci for their help in testing and creating the modification! Special thanks to Geddoe, who have taught Ashar how to speak English correctly. Thank you for your great proofreading job! Have a good game and any comments are welcome! Additional information: - The modification is compatible with both the "old" game version (Throne of Bhaal expansion pack is required) and Enhanced Edition. - Her "friendship path" talks activate approximately once per hour, check Readme file for full list of dialogs. - Romance can be started after "friendship path" dialogs, in the Underdark. Check Readme file for more information. - Ashar should be joined to your party in II or III game chapter. You will miss much of the modification content, if you join her later. - For now, the modification doesn't have any content for the Throne of Bhaal expansion. -To install the modification you need to extract Setup-AsharNPC.exe and AsharNPC folder into your game folder, double-click Setup-AsharNPC.exe and follow the instructions. - English and Polish language versions included.
  10. Couple of bugs that have popped up in the last day or two: 1. Druid will not change form. I have the ability and it was working before I ran the savegame under GemRB. The GUI changes to reflect that I have shapeshifted (once I have pressed the Verbeeg icon). No transformation on screen. The stats do change, but the character appears ineffective in combat. Possibly because I was inside in a confined space, and a Verbeeg is large and at a disadvantage? 2. The staff at the arms merchant in Targos are now hostile. Everyone else at Targos are fine initially. When I visit the merchant the staff immediately attack, and then all other inhabitants of Targos go hostile too. Cannot remember doing anything to provoke this. 3. Clerics and druids intermittently get "spell failure" returned when trying to buff before combat. Happens out of doors for druid too. Looking forward to new releases in the new year Happy festive season to all!
  11. Version v7


    The NPC Tweak mod changes certain aspects of Baldur's Gate II NPCs. It hopes to bring them more in line with the character presented, and/or to make them more useful without deviating from their character. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  12. This is kind of driving me crazy. So I've been reclassing Safana as an assassin. I've made copies of Safana.cre, Safana4.cre and Safana6.cre in the override folder and edited them accordingly. So far so good. I start a quick character, use the CLUA console to get to level 2, spawn her and ask her to join. everything looks good. So far so good. I start a quick character, use the CLUA console to get to level 4, spawn her and ask her join and...she's level 2 with 'level up' and I manually level her to 4 in one shot. This is where I get confused. I check her script and it looks like it checks the players level then just throws XP at her to catch up eg: IF Global("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",0) InParty(Myself) XPGT(Player1,15999) XPLT(Myself,16000) THEN RESPONSE #100 SetInterrupt(FALSE) SetGlobal("BD_JOINXP","LOCALS",1) ChangeStat(Myself,XP,16000,SET) SetInterrupt(TRUE) So this makes sense why I would get a 'level up' prompt when she joins. However if that's the case, why even have a level 4 and 6 cre file with stats I bothered to fill in if the player can just level them up however they want when she joins the party at those key levels? What am I missing here because from the look of it the safana4.cre and safana6.cre aren't even required.
  13. Hello! I tried searching the forums but I couldn't exactly find the information I was looking for. I know it was just released today, but is there any plans to update the BG1 NPC project for Siege of Dragonspear? I had romanced Xan and he is still in my party, and it's just a little funny that my Bhaalspawn and he no longer speak to each other. I love the mod, and I hope to see more!
  14. G3's Tyris Flare NPC, by Grim Squeaker, has been updated by Argent77, and is now available for your BG2:SoA, BG2:ToB, BGT, and BG2:EE games. Meet Tyris Flare, a red-haired amazon who can kick ass and hurl fire! Sound familiar? That's because she used be in Golden Axe! But now she's lost in the Umar Hills and looking for the love of a good (or bad) Bhaalspawn. This latest version of Tyris has a couple of miscellaneous fixes, updates WeiDU, and is now available for Linux and for install on BG2:EE thanks to Argent77. Enjoy.Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  15. G3's Crossmod Banter Pack for Baldur's Gate II has updated to v15 and is now available for download. Packages for Windows, OS X, and Linux are ready and installable on BG2:SoA, BG2:ToB, BGT, BG2:EE, and EET. The Crossmod Banter Pack is a collaborative effort to add banters between NPCs from mods that add content to Shadows of Amn and Throne of Bhaal. The current release covers Adrian, by Rhaella; Ajantis (BG2, ToB), by Jastey; Alassa, by SimDing0; Amber, by Meira & Darios; Angelo, by Sister Vigilante; Aran Whitehand, by cmorgan; Arath, by K'aeloree; Auren, by Theacefes; Branwen, by Kulyok; Coran, by Kulyok; Dace, by Tess & K'aeloree; Darian, by Tempest; Fade, by Mistress Elysia; Faren, by Feuille & Miss Sakaki; Gavin (BG2, ToB), by Berelinde; Goo, by Ghreyfain; HaerDalis Romance, by Aeryn; Haldamir, by Berelinde; Homeward Bound, by Berelinde; Hubelpot, by Bookwyrme; Ilyos, by K'aeloree; Isra, by Rhaella; Iylos, by K'aeloree; Kari the Kobold, by Moongaze; Kelsey, by JCompton; Keto, by JCompton & Blue the Immortal Bard; Kido, by Deathsangel/Moongaze; Kindrek, by Nethrin; Kitanya, by Rastor; Kivan of Shilmista, by Domi; Laufey's Edwin Romance, by Laufey; Nathaniel, by Feuille & Miss Sakaki; Neh'taniel, by Skye & kitanna; Nephele, by K'aeloree; Ninde, by Deva & Rhaella; Petsy Chattertone, by Lava Del'Vortel; Saerileth, by Nethrin & Sillara; Sarah, by Theacefes; Solaufein, by Weimer; Tales of the Deep Gardens, by Lava Del'Vortel; Tashia, by Bri & Lord Ernie; The Longer Road (Irenicus), by Dorotea; The Luxleys, by Feuille & Miss Sakaki; Tiax, by Kulyok; Tsujatha, by Nethrin & Sillara; Wikaede, by Moongaze; Willie Bruce; Xan, by Kulyok; Xulaye, by K'aeloree, Riviera, & Bookwyrme; Yasraena, by Nethrin & Sillara; Yoshimo Romance, by Lava Del'Vortel; and Yvette, by Lava Del'Vortel. Version 15's changelog can be found in the readme, with notable inclusions of traification for foreign language support, utf8 string encoding for BG2:EE installs, and a large amount of new content. Learn more about the mod ReadMe Visit the Forum Download
  16. szkut


    hello All threads i found are old in this case - NPC project still is not available for bg: ee android?
  17. Hi, I'm new on the forum so i hope I posted this new topic in the right section ^^. Is there a way to replace NPC's voice's sounds for Baldur's Gate? I have Baldur's Gate Original Saga installed(with your NPC project of course:)) converted to BGtutu in my native language but some of the NPC voices sound WAY better in English. Coran in particular. I would like to check his romance but i just hate his voice and would like to replace it for English version. I downloaded extracted .wav files from Kevin Murfy's site but i don't even know if i can use those. p.s. Thank You guys for spending your time and effort to make all those mods. Best Wishes for all!!
  18. Hey I was wondering if there is a version of the NPC mod that I can use for BG I WITHOUT needing Baldur's Gate II
  19. Glam Vrock

    Glam's NPC Pack

    Version v3.1


    A drow, a dwarf, a halfling, a dragon(?) and a priest of Talos walk into a tavern. What's the punchline? Find out with Glam's NPC Pack, featuring the original "Vynd, Drow Assassin" and four brand-new party members for BGEE, Tutu, BGT, and EET. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  20. Let me introduce myself first. Hi. You can call me Kestral. Good, I really hate doing introductions. Anyway now onto why anyone would possibly read this ever. I would like to make a pure thief npc for Baldur's Gate 2! Don't get me wrong, I love all the various npc mods I've played with over the last few months, but really wished there was an option for a regular old thief. In vanilla BG2 you get Yoshimo, Nalia, CHARNAME (if you do a thief), or Imoen. EE adds Hexxant. For mods you have a few more choices. So I found myself thinking, "Hey! I could probably do one. I got a lot of time on my hand being a stay at home mom and crap. And it'd be nice to have a party member that is well adjusted and actually happy. Or at least rocks at faking it." Now I've never written/coded an npc for an Infinity Engine game before. My experiences are limited to visual/graphic mods for DAO/DA2 and Skyrim as well as private npc mods for Skyrim. But hell I got time to spare. Plus I've always enjoyed roleplaying as a comedic/snarky character. Here's what I would like to have in this: Romance Track for both Men and Women (maybe with differences between a m/f and a f/f romance?), a Friendship track (bromances are cool), PID Flirts and other goodies to keep the character and game interesting, quests, comedy, maybe gifts given to the PC and from the PC, and whatever else I think of. I'd kind of like maybe an npc romance that the CHARNAME can help or hinder. Honestly I loved the quests to help Aveline hook up with Donnic in DA2. Her quests would be more of the light hearted sort unless people really want drama. Then I guess they could be dramady quests. One idea I had for a romance related quest would be a meet the parents/big brother sort. Anyone who is a parent/older sibiling would know how it feels when their little girl gets her boy/girlfriend. Now here's a little bio blurb about her. Name: Elicia Location: Not Decided Gender: Female Alignment: True Neutral or Chaotic Neutral Class: Thief Race: Natural Born Wererat/Uses Human Avatar Stats: 14 21 14 10 7 12 Note: Custom Thief Kit will be included to give her the wererat abilities. Elicia at her core is a selfish, happy thief. What issues she does have stems from being the youngest of her rather large family. She wants to stand out from her older brothers and sisters. The wererat tails along with CHARNAME because she likes gold, dungeons have gold it's win-win. Plus everyone needs help with traps and locks no matter how good aligned they are. More coming later. She also calls herself a lovable berk. For tvtrope lovers see: Lovable Rogue, Little Miss Con Artist, Feelings about other characters: Bioware: Aerie: Elicia thinks she's a wee bit too mopey for her personal tastes but gets a real kick out of her being from a circus. Aerie finds the wererat odd but does appreciate her good humor, or she does when she isn't at the butt of her jokes. Nicknames her Birdie. Anomen: Despite his "unique" personality Elicia likes him quite a bit. She knows a sucker when she sees one and doesn't hesitate to play up a damsel in distress or what have you to get Anomen to do something for her. Also flirts with him to get him to buy her sweets. If CHARNAME is romancing him she will offer "helpful" hints to deal with his boasting/whining. Personally Elicia recommends replacing his dialog with your own in your head. It makes life so much more hilarious. Anomen doesn't approve of her choice of career but otherwise likes the wererat, mostly because she puts up with him. He tries to convince her to get her lycanthropy curse cured until learning she was born that way. He still tries to convince her to give up her lawless stealing ways though. Anomen does enjoy buying her sweets, if only to see happy look on her face. Nicknames him Sir Helmet. If Anomen fails his test his dialog will be different than if he succeeds. Hopefully a romance might be available depending on if CHARNAME decides to play matchmaker with the two. Cernd: She's not too fond of the nature preaching/loving guy. She's also a bit weary of the fact he turns into something that's close enough to a werewolf. Hey she's a wererat and wolves eat rats! Plus she believes his hair looks silly. Also after learning he abandoned his child/leaving him at the druid grove bothers her. Elicia grew up with a close (large) family and why he would let someone else raise his child is beyond her. However she does like pranking him via "borrowing without intent to ask or return" his stuff. Cernd tries to bond with his fellow shapeshifter and is rather disheartened that the whole predator/prey dynamic bothers her. He still tries to get her to be more welcoming of nature despite that fact that wererats are notoriously city-based folk. He's not sure what to make of her rather questionable parenting advice. Nicknames him puppy. Edwin: The two get along about as well you expect a thief and a red wizard to. Elicia finds him even too pompous for her to handle (and she tolerates Anomen.) and doesn't appreciate his attempts to get sample of her blood and/or fur. Blood is supposed to stay inside you after all! She does however mess with his stuff to annoy him and sometimes hits on him just to screw with him. Noone ever said she was smart and/or wise. The Edwina situation is absolutely hilarious to her and she enjoys teasing the heck out of her. Edwin doesn't like the wererat very well, after all she is rather dumb. He is however interested in getting a sample of her blood for research purposes. Nicknames him Ed/Eddie. Haer'Dalis: The bard and the thief get along wonderfully though she's not sure what to make of the nickname titmouse. The jury's still out on whether she ought to be offended by being referred to as a mouse in any context. She's a rat dangit. There is (hopefully) a possibility of a for fun fling between the two, that the CHARNAME can help or hinder depending on if it gets written. Nicknames him blue. Imoen:These two might have been separated at birth if one wasn't a wererat at least. Pranksters in arms forever. Nicknames her sis. Jaheira: She reminds Elicia of her mother for the most part. She doesn't appreciate Jaheira's nature shtick for being a druid but otherwise gets along with her. When she learns of Khalid's death from the party she feels sorry for her. After all Elicia would be devastated to lose a member of her family. The druid doesn't quite tolerate the thief's playful antics as they seem like a waste of time though she does grow fond of her eventually. Nicknames her mom/mommy. Jan: Jan's inventions are a thing of interest to her. More than once she'll try to get Jan to let her borrow things from him. She will not allow him to ride her into battle as his "honorable" dire rat steed. Even if the idea is comedic gold. Jan doesn't mind her, provided she asks to borrow something. Nicknames him Mister Turnip. Keldorn: Despite him being a paladin (of which she doesn't have very good opinions of seeing as most of them like to hunt "monsters" like her.) she likes the old man. Even if she doesn't agree with him putting the Radiant Heart before his family. Still she tries to get along with him after figuring out he mostly hunts out of control mages, not werebeasts. He reminds Elicia of a team dad of sorts, and actually responds to his "Dad" voice rather well. After all, he has daughters that are around her age. In trade he warms up to the wererat, even though she's a thief she's not evil and a whole bunch of misguided. Keldorn doesn't like Anomen's interest in her if it comes up. She might not be one of his actual daughter, but what kind of dad-like figure would tolerate someone like Anomen being in ANYONE'S life? Nicknames him Old Man and Dad. Mazzy: The two get along as well as you'd think. Mazzy handles her short jokes with the grace of a saint. Nicknames her buttercup for some strange reason. Minsc: Even without the hamster the two would get along pretty well. The ranger being a rodent lover just further puts him on her good list. She likes to tell him she's rusty on her hamster speak. She also spins silly stories about meeting the rare and revered were-hamster. Nicknames him ?. Nalia: They don't get along. She thinks the spoiled rich girl is a wannabe and doesn't understand how life actually works. Nalia finds her uneducated, uncouth, and possibly dirty due to superstition about rats carrying diseases. In short Elicia is the exact type of person she wants to help. Nicknames her git. Valygar: He gets along with the wererat about as well as he gets along with anyone else. She thinks he's too broody and needs to develop a sense of humor. Nicknames him ?/ Viconia: The two don't get along for a number reasons. One's a drow, rude, a jerk with a heart of jerk filled with extra jerk (in Elicia's opinion.) Vic thinks the wererat is at best a somewhat talented thief, but at the end of the day she's still a rat. After all, giant spiders love a tasty dinner of giant rats. Nicknames her ??. Yoshimo: They get along pretty well though she's better at cheating. Or at least she thinks she is. Nicknames him Yoshi. Sarevok: He scares her. A lot. Nicknames him ??. Baldur's Gate 2: EE Characters Dorn: As with Sarevok he's scares the poor wererat. She might not be the brightest but even she knows consulting with demons is a super bad idea. She might steal a lot, but she doesn't just kill for shits and giggles. Besides bodies are hard to hide. Dorn thinks she ought to be seen and not heard. After all CHARNAME didn't bring her a long for her brilliant wit but to pick locks and disable traps. She doesn't nickname him per say but often refers to him as tall dark and scary. Hexxat: While the two have common occupations Elicia doesn't trust the vampire. After all vampires make her nervous, what with the whole blood drinking thing. Blood stays on the inside! Hexxat thinks the wererat is foolish and wonders how she's survived this long. Nicknames her Bitey/Fangs/ect. Neera: The two get along pretty well even if Elicia is weary of wild mages. Plus at least she's pretty. Nicknames her Sparky. Rasaad: She thinks he's easy on the eyes but doesn't agree with the being a good guy shtick. After all heroes tend to have a short life expectancy. He tries to push onto the path of doing good much to her amusement. Nicknames him Sunny. Mod Characters: Coming Eventually. I'd love any suggestions/tips/cheese and/or rodent puns. Maybe suggestions for a romance bgm though I have an idea on one or two. I'm planning on making a mock up portrait of her using Skyrim so I can pay someone to do a BG2-style portrait for her. I'd love suggestions on her stats since all I did was grab one of the DnD books and asked my ex-DM husband what stats would be good for a wererat thief.
  21. Rhaella and cmorgan http://www.shsforums...rum/627-adrian/ /* SoA Banters: Aran<>Adrian: Rhaella and cmorgan : Theory vs Practice */ CHAIN IF ~Global("c-aran1adrian","GLOBAL",0) InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("rh#Adrian") InMyArea("rh#Adrian") !StateCheck("rh#Adrian",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN C-ARANB c-aran1adriantalk ~[ARAN] Adrian... look, can you be tellin' me if this rune be silent or sounded? I be havin' naught in th' way o' luck trickin' it into gatherin' power. Mayhap I missed somethin'.~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aran1adrian","GLOBAL",1)~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] What? You-- dammit, Aran, give that to me before you kill yourself. Whatever hedge magician tried to teach you theory did a spectacularly poor job of it.~ == C-ARANB IF ~!Class("C-ARAN",MAGE_ALL)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Now, that be a harsh thing to say. But to tell th' truth, you be right. I never did understand most o' th' messin' about wi' th' Weave you spellslingers do. It be hard enough to coax even a bit o' th' magic into th' template.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Class("C-ARAN",MAGE_ALL)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Now, that be a harsh thing to say. But to tell th' truth, you be right. I don't rightly have much in th' way o' formal study, so it be more in th' way o' copyin' th' form, an' seein' if it be close enough to do th' job.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Nine Hells. In other words, my previous assessment was, if anything, all too generous. You know, usually I'd be happy to give you enough rope to hang yourself, but you're liable to string the rest of us up alongside you.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Well, then, give a lad a hand, eh? I do right fine on th' construction end. It just be a mite harder when you don't rightly know what the end product be, other than in a general way.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] You'd best be a quick study, Whitehand. I've never exactly been known for my patience.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Just so long as we be studyin', an' have none o' that "fetch me a pail o' water an' then wash th' dishes" apprenticeship. But I'll do right by you, I will... you teach, I study, an' I prepare any scrolls you want me to as payment in kind.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Mmm, that certainly should be acceptable. If I had thought all I could get out of you was a servant's chores, I wouldn't have offered at all.~ EXIT /* SoA Banters: Adrian<>Aran: Rhaella and cmorgan : Curiosity */ CHAIN IF ~Global("c-adrian2aran","GLOBAL",0) InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("c-aran") InMyArea("c-aran") !StateCheck("c-aran",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN BRH#ADR c-adrian2arantalk ~[ADRIAN] Hmm, that should just about do it--~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-adrian1aran","GLOBAL",1)~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Hells! Ask a lad next time! You blighted well know that set o' inks be worth more than a little. An' it took two weeks to get th' right proportion o' dragon bone dust an' squid ichor. Now it be a complete loss.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Oh, enough with the histrionics, Whitehand. We don't exactly lack for money. In any case, it's not as if I used up all of it. Not quite.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Not quite? Blighted well close enough. You spent enough time on th' road wi' those Zhentarim bastards what to know a bit o' private space means. Even they have some measure o' respect, eh?~ == BRH#ADR IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] Oh, yes... respect of power, respect of fear, and you're a naive fool to believe otherwise.~ == C-ARANB IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Not quite? Blighted well close enough. An' here I thought you had time on th' road, an' understood I only have one little space what to call my own. I'd have given you half, you know.~ == BRH#ADR IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] My own time on the road, is it? Frankly, you're fortunate that my own delightful caravan experience hasn't affected me more.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Now, if you're quite finished trying to manipulate me into giving a damn... I shouldn't need more of your blasted ink anyway. I think I've figured out the technique now.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Hells, man. Where I come from, th' folks what travel wi' you watch your back. An' share an' share alike, on account o' there be less than enough to go around. Who died an' made you Cyric, anyways?~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Aran. You've about ten seconds before this gets very ugly, very quickly.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] What in th' nine hells did I say? I were th' one bein' wronged!~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Your string of mindless blasphemies are going to get you in trouble someday, you fool. How they haven't already, I'll never know.~ EXIT /* SoA Banters: Adrian<>Aran: Rhaella and cmorgan : Curiosity */ CHAIN IF ~Global("c-adrian2aran","GLOBAL",0) InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("c-aran") InMyArea("c-aran") !StateCheck("c-aran",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN BRH#ADR c-adrian2arantalk ~[ADRIAN] Hmm, that should just about do it--~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-adrian1aran","GLOBAL",1)~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Hells! Ask a lad next time! You blighted well know that set o' inks be worth more than a little. An' it took two weeks to get th' right proportion o' dragon bone dust an' squid ichor. Now it be a complete loss.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Oh, enough with the histrionics, Whitehand. We don't exactly lack for money. In any case, it's not as if I used up all of it. Not quite.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Not quite? Blighted well close enough. You spent enough time on th' road wi' those Zhentarim bastards what to know a bit o' private space means. Even they have some measure o' respect, eh?~ == BRH#ADR IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] Oh, yes... respect of power, respect of fear, and you're a naive fool to believe otherwise.~ == C-ARANB IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Not quite? Blighted well close enough. An' here I thought you had time on th' road, an' understood I only have one little space what to call my own. I'd have given you half, you know.~ == BRH#ADR IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] My own time on the road, is it? Frankly, you're fortunate that my own delightful caravan experience hasn't affected me more.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Now, if you're quite finished trying to manipulate me into giving a damn... I shouldn't need more of your blasted ink anyway. I think I've figured out the technique now.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Hells, man. Where I come from, th' folks what travel wi' you watch your back. An' share an' share alike, on account o' there be less than enough to go around. Who died an' made you Cyric, anyways?~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Aran. You've about ten seconds before this gets very ugly, very quickly.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] What in th' nine hells did I say? I were th' one bein' wronged!~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Your string of mindless blasphemies are going to get you in trouble someday, you fool. How they haven't already, I'll never know.~ EXIT /* SoA Banters: Adrian<>Aran: Rhaella and cmorgan : half a loaf is better than none */ CHAIN IF ~Global("c-adrian1aran","GLOBAL",0) InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("c-aran") InMyArea("c-aran") !StateCheck("c-aran",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN BRH#ADR c-adrian1arantalk ~[ADRIAN] You seem enthusiastic to<DAYNIGHT>, Whitehand. I take it even this nonsense is more interesting than the line of work you're used to?~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-adrian1aran","GLOBAL",1)~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Blighted hells, an' that be th' truth. An excitin' day on caravan work be th' day th' lead wagon gets stuck in some mud. An' mercenary work be worse.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Heh. Either you have a rather singular definition of excitement, or the recent banditry in the area hasn't been nearly as bad as I'd been lead to believe.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Now, I spent most o' th' time on caravan work near Calimport, I did. That were actually right quiet, assumin' th' correct people were bribed an' th' route were short. Coin rules just about everythin' down that way. Th' Sword Coast, well... when a platoon o' 'Fist in full plate drops by, bandits tend to run. Or die. Or scream. Mayhap all three at once. But you must know what guard duty be like, an' most o' th' time it were standin' around in plate tryin' not to itch.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Mmm, well. Fortunately, I can't comment one way or the other on the armor. Even my people aren't quite stupid enough to try to put a mage in mail, though they come dangerously close at times.~ == C-ARANB IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Put a mage in chainmail? What kind o' insane folk were you workin' with?~ == BRH#ADR IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] The type that will try the same damn thing a dozen times before realizing that it doesn't work... though perhaps that's the rule, rather than the exception. Well, no matter. We've better things to do than stand here and chat anyway.~ == C-ARANB IF ~!Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Aye. Though sometime soon I will have to stand you a round o' drink an' here more about those what you were workin' with. They sound like th' same people what run th' 'Fist.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Never did understand why you worked for them Banites, nohow. Th' mercenary view o' them be spend your coin today, on account o' there most probably won't be naught in th' way o' a tomorrow. Or if there be, it might just be your skeleton what be servin', eh?~ == BRH#ADR IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] Yes, because capriciously murdering your followers is the perfect way to drum up support. Though given current trends, perhaps I shouldn't expect any better.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Well, hells... truth be told, there were plenty o' 'Fist what actually believed th' same, Not murderin', exactly, but not liftin' no finger to help when someone went down. It brings on somethin' they called "ghost payroll", where th' Regimental muster would stay th' same even when we were down by ten, an' a few pockets got a bit richer. Never served in one o' them companies, but I heard it were done.~ == BRH#ADR IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ADRIAN] That wouldn't surprise me at all. As far as I've been able to tell, the largest difference between Heartlands folk and those back home is capacity for self-delusion. We're usually more honest about what we want.~ == C-ARANB IF ~Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1)~ THEN ~[ARAN] Mayhap you be right. But some o' us are a fair bit more comfortable in our self-delusion. Helps a lad sleep at night, eh?~ EXIT /* SoA Banters: Aran<>Adrian: Rhaella and cmorgan : Cyric */ CHAIN IF ~Global("c-aran3adrian","GLOBAL",0) InParty(Myself) !StateCheck(Myself,CD_STATE_NOTVALID) InParty("rh#Adrian") InMyArea("rh#Adrian") !StateCheck("rh#Adrian",CD_STATE_NOTVALID) Global("rh#AdrianZhent","GLOBAL",1) CombatCounter(0) !See([ENEMY])~ THEN C-ARANB c-aran3adriantalk ~[ARAN] Mayhap I owe you an apology.~ DO ~SetGlobal("c-aran3adrian","GLOBAL",1)~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] More than one, I should think, though I hope you don't expect me to guess.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] I spoke that wrong, I did. I don't owe you anythin' at all, but I want to tell you I be sorry I put both feet in my mouth on th' whole... well... th' Mad God reference. It were my mouth runnin' when my brain be a bit behind.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] Ahh. I don't normally fly into a rage at the mere mention of his name, you know. Though I suppose I can't blame you for not wanting to take that chance again.~ == C-ARANB ~[ARAN] Well, I don't rightly know all th' details, but I should have known that would have sounded like I were challengin' you. If I were to be doin' that, it would be over a friendly game o' who can drink th' most in an hour an' still walk to th' bar.~ == BRH#ADR ~[ADRIAN] As far as drinking contests go, that's remarkably dull of you. Not that I care much for the genre at all; a game where nobody really loses doesn't have quite the same flare.~ EXIT
  22. Rein NPC Project Introduction When looking at the cast of NPCs available in Baldur's Gate 2: Shadows of Amn, I have always found two issues that even during years of Modding Community's progress never got actually fixed in a proper way. - Only one single-classed Thief (Yoshimo) - Only three Evil characters available While there are many great mods that introduce new NPCs to the game - most of them really do not touch both of those issues. You can mostly find good-aligned Mages, Fighters, Paladins and Rangers. That could probably be justified by fact that in theory people are generally good. Additional reason for that could be that evil characters are usually just boring with their "kill everything blargh" philosophy. And Korgan is already available, so why copy-pasting him into another character. Still, I always found myself actually hooked into evil characters. While BG2 doesn't really support playing evil protagonist well, I found it to be a pleasure even while most of the time I was ending up frauded by having lesser rewards for finishing quests in the 'wrong' way. While I cannot really touch that part of the game, I believe I could help in terms of the earlier problem by introducing Rein into the world of BG2. Who is Rein? Rein is an half-elvish Assassin who cares far more about being paid well than for eternal glory of being a hero. Raised on the streets as an bastardlish outcome of one-night romance antics of Waterdeep's noble and elvish wanderer, he grew strong as the rough place he had to live in shaped him that way. Without home and family he also grew bitter which took a huge impact on his personality. That is probably the shortest description I could provide you with. Now let's get into a bit more detailed one. From mechanical standpoint, that's who he is: Name: Rein Class: Assassin (thief) Race: Half-Elf Alignment: Neutral Evil Stats: 16 STR | 17 DEX | 11 CON | 13 INT | 9 WIS | 12 CHA Proficiencies: 1+ Dagger | 1+ Short Sword | 1+ Crossbow | 1+ Club Skills: major: Hide in Shadows, Move Silently | minor: Pickpocket Portrait: I would love to have a personalized, BG2-like portrait that is actually designed for the character - but at the moment I'd love to use this beautiful piece of work done by Tieflingz and Nix. Biography: When asked about his past Rein sighs and reminds you that you paid him to kill people, not to be a storyteller. After a while though, he says he was an outcome of one-night romantics between one of the minor noblemens of Waterdeep and unknown elvish wanderer. As the romance was not in pair with his father's marriage and mother soon disappeared from the city, during the early years of his life he was thrown onto streets of Waterdeep where he managed to raise and survive. The whole story could be just another made-up story he tells, but it actually explains his cruel and cold-blooded personality too well to scold it off that easily. Soundset: Meeting: You've got a problem, I've got a price. Attack 1: You are no challenge for me. Attack 2: Don't get between me and my gold. Attack 3: Pathetic! Attack 4: Long knives, deep wounds. Attack 5: Kill or get killed! Chosen 1: Everyone has a price. Chosen 2: New orders? Chosen 3: My blade is yours. Chosen 4: Better make it quick. Chosen 5: Loyality isn't earned. It's bought. Movement 1: Better pay me for that. Movement 2: Keep up. Movement 3: Silent steps. Movement 4: Always look behind. Movement 5: Clean and cut. Happy: I love the way how we are feared and respected. While gaining that much "popularity" does not serve us well, it never ceases to amuse me. Unhappy: Our actions gave us a lot of spotlight. Enough of it to make my job much harder. Quitting: I think we got a big misunderstanding when we signed the contract. Take your goddamn gold, you will most probably give it away to beggars and churches. I'm leaving. Better wish we will never meet again. City: Those back alleys remind me of few fat purses and some shockingly naive nobles. Dungeon: I like to fight in dark, clustered places. Night: Let's turn it into night of long knives. Leader: Me leading? I guess you are insane... which makes it still better than you, leading us. Close to death: Save me, you fool! I don't want to die! Hide in shadows: Patience pays off, they say. (I admit that I was inspired by League of Legends champions Sivir and Talon. LoL writers do have talent for quirky catch-phrases.) Dialogue Samples: What actually makes or breaks a joinable NPC are the interactions between him and other NPCs of course. When I started writing content for Rein I've started with breaking down his opinion on other characters and then doing the same in reverse. I will show those thoughts later. What was the most important thing for me while writing Rein was creating something refreshing and keeping him away from Mary Sue syndrome. He is not going to make fun of Anomen or make Cernd like a fool. I try to do my best to actually keep the dialogues appropriate to the already-done by BG2:SoA frames. Rein, Minsc Minsc: Come on, little elfling! Stop being so scared of battle. There is no more need to hide in shadows when you have Minsc and Boo at your side! Rein: I am not an el-- WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Minsc: Showing you the world that only hamsters and rangers had access to before! Look straight into sky instead of hiding under your hood! Look at the sun! Rein: -it hurts! Minsc: Oh, it hurts me as well. I... I feel a bit dizzy. Rein: Then let me- Minsc: Boo! Boo where are you?! Respond to me with the force of Miniature of Giant Galactic Hamster! Minsc: Ooh, here you are. And where is our elfling friend? Rein: -- get *gasp* off me you fool! Minsc: Oh, I stepped on you. I am glad that Boo was not with me when I did that as the weight of the true Hamster could harm you much more. Rein: *coughs* I still don't feel my lungs you lunatic! Rein, Korgan Korgan: I want to clarify something. I dislike you Rein. Rein: Glad to know that my feeling is mutual. Korgan: I dislike rogues like you. Longlegs with those sleazy eyes always reacting to a drop of coin. Thieves who make me wear chainmail when I sleep and have one hand on my purse while second on the axe. Rein: Remember dwarf, that you are stepping on the risky topic here. I am no mere thief. If I'd ever had to take your purse - I wouldn't bother with stealing it. Rein: I'd just took it from your still-warm corpse. Korgan: Brave words for fancy long-leg like you. Still, that's the exact reason I respect you. Rein: Mutual feelings, mutual values and mutual interests, isn't it? Korgan: You seem to understand things we- Rein: If you think that will help you at sneaking that ace from your sleeve, you are so, so wrong Korgan. Korgan: Damn it! Rein: Leave the subtetly for us, long-legs, dwarf. Korgan: You better don't make me leave my axe in your skull! Keldorn, Rein Keldorn: Rein, we need to talk. Rein: ... huh. Yes? Keldorn: Listen... have you ever heard about grey paladins? Rein: Doesn't ring a bell. Keldorn: Then listen... cautiously. Grey Paladins are the legend, maybe even a myth in the Order of Radiant Hearts. With their strong wills and zealous devotion to their mission of turning this world into better place... they throw away the code. They get the special dispense. Keldorn: They do everything they can to accomplish their missions. Hiding in shades and infamy to strike the evil from most unexpected place. They disguise themselves as what many would consider evil. And they fight the true 'evil' with any tools they can get. Keldorn: They cheat, they lie, they stab in the back, they kill. Rein: Why are you telling me abou- Keldorn: Silence! ... I... I am no grey paladin. I am just a humble inquisitor, the fist of Torm and Order that hunts the evildoers. But I am also a reasonable man. I just lived far too long to neglect the opportunities. Keldorn: Rein, while I despise basically every single part of you and pray for your soul and mind to be cleansed from the evil it got captured by - I accept <CHARNAME>'s decision to hire you. Our mission is not usual, so by any means, the methods have to also be unusual. Rein: ... t-that's all? Keldorn: That's all. Still, I would reccomend being silent in my presence. And get rid out of my sight. Now. And for maximum tease, Rein's opinions on other party members and protagonist. Team Members he likes: Sarevok: "I've heard about a story you had with this glowy-eyes fellow. I don't really care about what happened in the past, all I see is the perfect, emotion-less killing machine at your service." Protagonist: "I would lie if I'd say that I have no interest in your heritage of Bhaal. But remember that the only thing that keeps me from cutting you wide open and looking at this Bhaal's Essence of yours with my very own eyes is the contract you signed." Team Members he accepts: Edwin: "As long as he can do mess big enough for me to do my work, I can stand his constant blabbering under nose as long as he keeps it quiet enough to not loose it. I mean his nose." Viconia: "I know too much about poisons and their origins to ever trust a drow woman. She is a real eye-tease, but the closest I can keep her is at the tip of my blade." Korgan: "We both agree in terms of values we have in life. Gold, women, power and the thrill of kill. Without his raging and messy attitude, I would consider him to be a good companion." Anomen: "His arrogance is his shield, that suppresses all the emotions he keeps hidden. While he still fools himself with his trust in Helm, one day he will find his true 'himself' I believe." Haer'Dalis: "He might be a lousy fighter with a big mouth that never close. Still, he is too experienced especially in terms of other planes to disregard him. And don't blame me for liking a fancy rhyme or two." Jan Jansen: "I am still not sure which one should be trusted less - magic that fizzles so easily or technology that keeps blowing up in his hands? That's a longer thought." Minsc: "I feel that this mentally ill giant tries to taunt me or disrespect me. But as long as he serves well as huge meatshield and I can hide in his shadow, I find him acceptable. Just for Bhaal's sake, keep him quiet." Imoen: "Soulless doll, fascinating. Was she a real sister of yours or you were connected just by Bhaal's blood? Those hazy, empty eyes just piqued my interest." Valygar: "I appreciate a man who understands the value of staying in shadow. Still, the whole 'revenge' just reminds me about all my buffonade clients. At least he values it in the proper way by doing it by his own hand." Team Members he disregards: Aerie: "I understand that you would like to keep all the long-legged elvish maidens in your companionship. I actually appreciate that. But what's with the idea of putting this lousy magician in the danger of getting hurt? Keep your concubines in the house... that you obviously don't have." Yoshimo: "Bounty Hunter? Do you intend to catch Irenicus in one of his pathetic traps and then ask him for directions in your life? I don't think so. I wouldn't really count on that Kara-Turian. Owner of these eyes cannot be trusted. He wouldn't be able to grab his pantalones - not to mention a real prey." Team Members he can't stand: Jaheira: "All her righteouness just ticks me off. And I can't sleep as she keeps crying and screaming during nights mentioning some fool who could be stupid enough to dedicate his happily-over life to her." Mazzy: "I would be scared of her if she would actually be a fighter. It's not like I can say 'I want to be an orc' and work hard to achieve that. While looking at her pathetic effort might be delightfull at first, I feel confused everytime she says anything. And I'm not mentioning fact that earth beneath our foots starts to talk again." Nalia: "This spoiled brat has it all! Money, connections, family... and she keeps throwing it at people. Did she cam from some badly written fairy tale? The only thing I can throw at a beggar is my knife." Team Members he is truly afraid of: Keldorn: "I could stand a chance against him if I'd have the advantage of catching him off-guard. All I can do is to hope that he will be busy enough with hunting witches and mages to never settle on 'puryfiying' me with the flames of justice." Cernd: "I was once paid to kill a druid that was protecting small forest from ending up in the fireplaces of commoners. Killing him was an easy part. Getting rid off all the bugs and insects biting me every night was much, much harder." Planned Features: - 2-3 banters for each NPC in Shadows of Amn (at least 1 Rein-focused, 1 NPC-focused) - 2-3 talks with protagonist that uncover the story of his life - personal quest/challenge - tons of interactions and comments - [optional] small tweaks for evil-aligned players (increased rewards for evil ending of quests, changing very low reputation's effects) - [optional] small tweaks to Assassin kit Okay, so what do we (me and Rein) need to exist? 1) Coder: I have to admit that I was never good at coding dialogues, and years of being away from Infinity Engine scene didn't improved that. Also, I have to admit that I cannot really spend too much time on the whole thing as job and education make my clock very tight. A help from someone capable of coding things would be awesome. 2) Sub-Forum: I have always dreamed to have a project here on G3. When working on BG2 mods translations I've always focused on mods coming from here. Still, any place where I can have my toys and a lil' bit of community would be appreciated. In later stages, proofread would also be very, very helpfull as it's easy to spot that english is not my native language. That is all from me at the moment. Thanks for your attention - hope you liked what you've read here.
  23. Hi everyone! I' am new to this forum, and, as you can possible guess from my noob question, to IE modding too! What I 'am trying to achieve (without apparent success) - is to add an NPC to existing location. I've decided to return Anishai to Maevar's guild, after I've took over his guild (she disappears from the second floor when the player completes the thieves guild quest) I used DLTCEP for the task. Did everything according to DLTCEP tutorial (opened AR0303, added an actor (THIEF7.CRE), set animation, dialogue, position, visibility to -1. I've double checked everything and even ran NearInfinity to edit AR0303 (the editor shows that Anishai is present). But when I run the game she's not in the guild. What I'am doing wrong? p.s. Should I tweak something in the saved game? p.p.s. Sorry if similiar topic has been resolved - searched the forums couldn't find it!
  24. Heya, UPDATE 26 OCTOBER 2018: v0.8 added to git Download links v0.4.1 : fixed a setup issue with unused area macro from my host, v0.4.1 v0.7 : a lot of scripting changes, also Lena got stronger (raised to 16 from 13) from my host, v7.0 v0.8 : now in git, supposed to support EE/EET, https://github.com/gungorenu/bg2-npcmod-lena MY FINAL RELEASE Anyone wants to take over the mod? Be my guess, it is all yours! Finally I can release my first NPC mod as its SoA part is %99 complete (in beta stage still, looking for better lines and fixing typos). Anyone wanna try and play with some evil warrior? check this out, you might like this. As it is my first mod expect some mistakes or typos, will try to fix them if you can point out where they are. I am not natural english speaker so some of the "lines" might look weird, blame google translate, not me Here is some basic info before installing this crap into your game, detailed info is in the zip file including spoilers: Lena is an evil aligned warrior tiefling who can join protagonist's cause and help for his/her problems (romancable). Lena approaches protagonist with an offer, actually a service s/he is about to do. Is she trustable? Does she plot something? Is protagonist sane enough to accept an offer from a tiefling in hell? Can her heart be the one protagonist looking for, "literally"? Stats: 13 19 9 14 11 16 (total 82), Tiefling, pure Fighter with "Tempest" kit, focuses on Bastard Sword, Crossbow, Flail and Single Weapon Fighting Style. Racial Traits: %50 Cold & Cold Damage resistance If you think I or you can improve this mod, let me know how. thanks
  25. Meleryn and the PC occasionally spend time stargazing at night. I know there are some coding errors, but I'm not sure what corrections are needed, so I'd appreciate some help, please. Conditions for those blocks that need them are in EP#MelD.baf. Thanks in advance for looking and guidance! ////////// // Stargazing ////////// // Legendary constellations - Corellon's Tears CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelCorTears","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelCorTears ~Do you see that string of five stars?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelCorTears",2)~ END ++ ~What of it? ++ ~I've read that it's named Belnimbra's Belt, for the legend of the first human female to have been turned into a swanmay, and how Lathander chased after her.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelBelnBelt + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Yes, Corellon's Tears, one of the oldest named constellations. CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelBelnBelt ~Hehe, it's funny to imagine Lathander doing that!~ = IF ~!Race(PLAYER1,ELF)~ ~We elves believe the Tears are the tears of grief Corellon cried when Lloth corrupted the drow, and elf first fought elf. Our legends also say the Tears glowed blood-red during the Fall of Myth Drannor.~ = IF ~!Race(PLAYER1,HALFLING)~ ~Halflings call it The Pipe.~ END + ~!Race(PLAYER1,HALFLING)~ + ~Why doesn't that surprise me? They do love their pipes, don't they?~ EXIT ++ ~I prefer the Lathander story. It's more upbeat.~ EXIT // Sacred Stars - Karpri CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelKarpri","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelKarpri ~There... that blue-green star...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelKarpri",2)~ END + ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Yes, that's Karpri, associated with Ishtishia, goddess of elemental water.~ + EP#MelKarpriOchael + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~It's Ochael, sacred to Rillifane Rallathil, The Leaflord.~ + EP#MelOchael IF ~~ EP#MelKarpriOchael SAY ~We elves call Karpri Ochael, and hold it sacred to Rillifane Rallathil.~ IF ~~ EXIT END IF ~~ EP#MelOchael ~Our special patron watches over us day and night alike.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - Adarivael; Sacred Stars - Anadia CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia ~Adarivael is another elven constellation. See how it's formed by three lines of stars that come together, each with a star cluster at its outer end? Where those lines come together is due east.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia",2)~ END + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~My people call those stars the Arrows of the Gods, or the Sun's Signpost.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarAnadSacredSol CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarAnadSacredSol ~To elves, Adarivael is sacred to Solonor Thelandira, along with another, separate star. Let's see... where is it?~ = ~Yes, look up there. See that reddish star?~ END + ~!Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~That's Anadia. It's associated with the element of fire, and is sacred to Kossuth. My people often associate it with Garagos the Reaver.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~That's Anadia. It's associated with the element of fire, and is sacred to Kossuth. My people often associate it with Garagos the Reaver.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu ~That's right! Orcs call the star Gruumsh's Eye. Their legends claim that, at the end of the world, the Eye will purify Faerun in a rain of fire, leaving only orcs to rule. I find that idea highly unlikely!~ END ++ ~Heh, yes, orcs come out on top in their legends... but not so much in real life, eh?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGoodOrc IF ~~ EP#MelGoodOrc SAY ~Not if *we* have anything to do with it. The only good orc is a dead orc!~ IF ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ ~My people call it Uluemyn. We hold it sacred to Solonor Thelandira, god of archery.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - Cassima CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelCassima","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelCassima ~&--#60;CHARNAME&--#62;, do you know that constellation up there? See the group of stars?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelCassima",2)~ END + ~!Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~I know this one. Cassima... the Bird of Paradise, or the Phoenix. Humans adopted the elven legend of a young maiden named Cassima, who was accused of being an evil witch, and burned at the stake.~ + EP#MelCasPhoenix + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~I know this one. Cassima... the Bird of Paradise, or the Phoenix. My people adopted the elven legend of a young maiden named Cassima, who was accused of being an evil witch, and burned at the stake.~ + EP#MelCasPhoenix IF ~~ EP#MelCasPhoenix SAY ~Yes. Before she died, Hanali Celanil transformed her into a Phoenix, and Cassima rose up to join the goddess.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - The Swordsman CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelSwordsman","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsman ~There's another legendary constellation, The Swordsman. There it is!~ DO ~("EP#MelSwordsman",2)~ END + ~Race(Player1,ELF) + ~I've learned many myths about the Swordsman. The most popular one is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Auranamn died in the battle, so Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the stars, to keep eternal watch over our people.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanStory + ~!Race(Player1,ELF) + ~Your people have many myths about the Swordsman, don't you?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanElfMyth CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MelSwordsmanElfMyth SAY ~We sure do. The most popular one is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Auranamn died in the battle, so Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the stars, to keep eternal watch over our people.~ IF ~~ EXIT END CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanStory ~I remember hearing about the Swordsman while I was growing up.~ END ++ ~An interesting story. I know of some others, too, but they can wait for another time. Let's move.~ EXIT // Color Spray Nebula CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelColSprNeb",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelColSprNeb ~Over there... what looks like a vast color spray spell in the sky...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelColSprNeb",2)~ END ++ ~That's the Color Spray Nebula, slowly streaking across the sky as it follows the Galleon Nebula. Mystra's followers take it as a sign that their use of the Art pleases her.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelBane IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelBane ~That's one way of looking at it. The cult of Bane believed that the nebula was their god's wrath, spreading across the heavens. They believed that everything in its destructive path is utterly annihilated.~ END ++ ~Let's hope not, Meleryn! It would be a shame to lose any of the night sky's wonders.~ EXIT // Galleon Nebula CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelGalNeb",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelGalNeb ~I see a great, colorful ship, sailing across the night sky...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelGalNeb",2)~ END ++ ~Ah, yes... the Galleon Nebula, her sails billowing on celestial wind. A mighty vessel indeed!~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage ++ ~That's the Galleon Nebula, the greatest ship never to sail the Realms' seas.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage ~Beautiful colors, even in this dim starlight. Always on the trail of the Color Spray Nebula, but never catching up to it. A very long, very slow chase.~ END ++ ~Either that, or the Color Spray is trying to reach the Galleon. Only the gods know for sure, if anyone does.~ EXIT // The Lion/The Wolf/The Dog/The Leopard CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelConstOfManyNames","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstOfManyNames ~Take a look at that group of stars, &--#60;CHARNAME&--#62;. Can you see the animal shape?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelConstOfManyNames",1)~ END ++ ~Yes, I learned about it at Candlekeep. It's known by a different name to almost every culture in Faerun. Some people named it for great feline creatures, others for legendary canines.~ In the Gulthmere, it's known as Nobanion, the Great Lion; in the Shaar, they call it the Leopard.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstFelineNames CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstCanineNames ~Right. In the North, it's usually called Asglyn the Wolf, the loyal companion of Gwaeron Windstrom. To the Rashemi and Aglarondans, it's the vigilant Narnos the Dog. Further south, in the Old Empires, they call it Ghastis, the savage Jackal.~ = ~Most demi-humans don't really acknowledge the constellation, so they have no names for it.~ END + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Ah, but we're the exception, aren't we?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael + ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~What about your people, Meleryn?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael ~Elves are an exception in many things, hehe! To us, part of the Lion is used for Elael, the Songsmith. Do you know the ancient fable about it?~ END ++ ~A bard who crafts a song so pure and sweet that even the gods are humbled.~ EXIT ++ ~If I've heard it before, I don't recall. What's the story?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelElaelLegend IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelElaelLegend ~There once lived a bard who crafted a song so pure and sweet that even the gods were humbled.~ END ++ ~Elael was truly a legendary bard, then!~ EXIT ++ ~Hard to imagine the gods being so moved by one of us. I find that an encouraging thought!~ EXIT // Ieriyn (The Sailor's Star); Y'landrothiel (The Traveler's Star) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelSailorStar","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSailorStar ~Up over there, far above Faerun's northern pole... the brightest star in the heavens. Elves call it Y'landrothiel, The Traveler's Star, while others call it Ieriyn, the Sailor's Star. It outshines even its sister, Mystra's Star.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelSailorStar",1)~ END ++ ~Right, Meleryn. It's called the Sailor's Star because sailors throughout the ages have used it to help them navigate.~ = ~This star is a real oddity! As the night progresses, Ieriyn doesn't rise or set like other stars, but always hangs at a single point in the sky. At any time of night, you can find Ieriyn, as it's always in the North. If a ship gets lost, sailors can determine their direction by finding Ieriyn.~ = ~The Sailor's Star is sacred to Selunites, and praised by sailors across Faerun.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelTravelerNav IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelTravelerNav ~You know a lot more about the sea than I do. On land, travelers, prospectors, and Shaundakul's worshipers all use The Traveler's Star to navigate as they travel. Humans first learned of the star's navigational uses from the elves of the North.~ END ++ ~And what you might lack in maritime lore, you sure make up for with your knowledge of overland travel. Looks like we balance each other well, Meleryn.~ + EP#MelComp IF ~~ EP#MelComp SAY ~I like the sound of that. I'll take it as a compliment!~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Chandos (Grumbar) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelChandos","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelChandos ~There's an "earthy" star over there. If you look carefully, you can see its brownish color.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelChandos",1)~ END ++ ~It's faint, but I see it. That's Chandos, a star sacred to Grumbar, the Boss of Earth.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelIaras CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelIaras ~We elves call Chandos Iaras, and consider it sacred to Labelas Enoreth.~ END ++ ~An eye in the sky, observing the passage of time.~ EXIT // Coliar (Akadi) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelColiar","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelColiar ~That bluish-white star over there...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelColiar",1)~ END ++ ~Coliar. It's sacred to Akadi, goddess of elemental air.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelLuridel CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelLuridel ~Really? We elves call it Luridel, and hold it sacred to Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief.~ END ++ ~Ah, the patron of rogues. I can't help but wonder what he's up to.~ EXIT
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