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  1. I'm almost up and running with a BGT install on gemrb for android (0.8). I've applied the BG2 fixpack and the widescreen mod and it's all working fine. My only problem is that I can't set gameplay options - or rather I can set them in the sense that I can toggle options on and off but the settings have no effect. Specifically, I would like to set autopause on for whenever an enemy is spotted (and some other cases) and I would like to see hit rolls in the text box as I'm still fairly new to IE and could learn from seeing some 'innards' of the engine. Going on this post the idea seems to be to insert your preferences manually into the file gem-baldur.ini (which seems to be created the first time you enter the gameplay options screen) and then make the file read-only. In order to identify the setting responsible for e.g. seeing hit rolls, I made a copy of the file baldur.ini (on the Windows install) and then fired up the game, turned hit rolls off and then compared the two versions. Turns out that the setting 'Effect Text Level' had changed from 63 to 62, so I figured that was the one I wanted. So I added the line 'Effect Text Level=63' to my gem-baldur.ini file on the android install in the proper [game options] section. No dice. There were still no hit rolls. On quitting the game, the line will be gone but only if I have entered the gameplay options screen. The game seemingly does not alter my autopause settings (at least the line 'Auto Pause State = xxxx') but it does not seem to respect the setting either. I have tried changing file permissions and ownership on the file using chmod and Root Browser but root browser (with superuser privileges) reports failure, indicating that the file system for the internal /sdcard is not one that supports file permissions. Can anybody tell me - if what I'm trying to achieve is possible with gemrb for android, and - if so what I might be doing wrong / how to achieve it.
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