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Found 32 results

  1. Hello, for those to which it applies: Great job with gemrb! I have a small problem though, I'm running 0.8 on arch linux, BG2 and the problem is that I get no XP from killing monsters in Irenicus dungeon. Some monsters, like 15-20% give me an XP reward while most do not. Is this some fault at my side or is this a known bug? I found one bug report from 2008 regarding this, which was marked as closed-fixed. Other than that, nothing. Anyone else has this problem? /Okrantz
  2. Hi, I think I found a bug in the aforementioned component of the BG2Tweaks mod. I played a BG1+TotSC campaign with a Paladin. The character reached the XP cap (161000, level 8), a CON score of 19 (18+1 from the Manual of Bodily Health) and 100HP (95+5 from the Elm of Balduran). I decided to install BG2 and to continue the adventure with the same character, using the import feature. After installing the game, I modded it a bit. This is my weidu log: At the beginning of the BG2 game, the character had 81HP instead of the expected 95. I googled a bit to figure out if this was "as intended" (I seemed to understand that it is not), I wrote on the GOG forum to ask for help ( http://www.gog.com/f...nge_hp_behavior ) and I experimented a bit (importing again, creating new characters, uninstalling mod components). The issue has solved when I uninstalled the Higher HP on Level Up component: after doing this I was able to import my character with the correct HP score (95). I hope I was clear enough, if you need anything else just ask.
  3. Hi there! The component Sensible Entrance Points which changes the Noble Order of the Radiant Heart map causes a complete crash of BG2 for me. Happens whenever I'm trying to enter the area. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi, Not sure where to post this, so, I apologize if this is the wrong spot. Basically, I followed the instructions to enable WeiDu mods in BG:EE, and installed the subrace mod. When I load/create a new game, the mod triggers correctly, prompting for subrace choice for my PC. However, when I make the choice, it adds it to an NPC nearby: in my saved game, it adds it to Imoen or Jaheira; in a brand new game, adds it to the nearest tutor in Candlekeep. (I confirmed that the mod did add the relevant stats and abilities to Imoen). If I move away such that the tutor/NPC is not in LoS, the mod does nothing. Halp?
  5. Hi everyone, i need some help. i've just finished bg1, and thanks to BGT, i've been carried over to the beginning of bg2 automatically. unfortunately, I'm stuck! I'm in irenicus prison, in the cage. the golem comes and speaks to irenicus, who teleports away, and then... NOTHING! i'm just waiting there like a fool. Does anyone have a solution for me? thank you
  6. Ive been trying various mods and even the tweak pack alone and no matter what i do i cant get the ammo to work in unlimited stacking- (all else works fine so far (early game) anyone else seen this ?
  7. I am sorry f I am doing something wrong... Hopes not. Anyway, I have installed BG1 and TUTU, and among other mods the BG1 NPC Project (which I admit had me rather excited^^) Only, when I arrive at the Friendly Arms Inn and I am joined by Jaheira and Khalid, they immediatly start the "leave talk" and leave. Then they start the "get me back again" talk. If I try to keep them, the circle goes on ab infinitum. If I let them go, after a couple of time it stops. Imoen doesn't give me the same problem, but the "fake party" at Candlekeep (the tutorial one) did. I tried de-installing most of the mod, but nothing, the problem is still here. I would really like to play the game with this mod, so, I don't know... Maybe somebody can help me? Thank you all^^ PS: Sorry for my English, I am Italian. ^^
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