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  1. This is a hands-on trouble shooting guide to playing Baldurs Gate 2 with Gem RB Creating custom NPCs Multiplayer mode is not necessary if you only want to choose the class(es) held by each PC. You simply create the PC using a Cre file. Then you use CreateCreature(1,"StrRef") in the console to make them appear in the game itself. To add him/her to the party, put the cursor over him/her then use Ctrl+Q. To remove the person from the party, select them and then use Ctrl+K. StrRef is the name of the Cre file that contains your custom NPC. Making people appear when they should. Usually when you need to talk to people they appear when they should. But this is not always the case. One example is Gaelan Boyle when you have 15,000GP accumulated. You use CreateCreature(1,"StrRef") in the console once again. Altering Hotkeys Edit the file Keymap.ini, this can be done in a text editor. This file should be in the main directory for your BG2 install. Modifying the toolbar buttons is something I know nothing about. Hostile Neutrals Some people turn hostile when they should not, for whatever reason. Insert something like this into the town script concerned. IF OR(3) Allegiance("OBSSOL01",ENEMY) Allegiance("OBSSOL02",ENEMY) Allegiance("OBSSOL03",ENEMY) THEN RESPONSE #100 ChangeEnemyAlly("OBSSOL01",NEUTRAL) ChangeEnemyAlly("OBSSOL02",NEUTRAL) ChangeEnemyAlly("OBSSOL03",NEUTRAL) END The three OBSSOL## creatures are the Solamnic Knights in the Sphere. For other hostile neutrals, replace with OBSSOL## with the name of the relevant creature file.This quick fix enables things to work regardless of what the problem actually is. It works in practice. Problem goes away when the nearby fighting ends. (This is a flaw in the original game.) If inserting it into a creature's personal script you would replace OBSSOL## with MYSELF. Locating NPCs For whatever reason, at the Keep Nalia was found at: X=1080, Y=2046, which is well away from her normal position, roughly [X=751,y=3229]. Finding the position, in Near Infinity expand the Save heading. (Click on the + sign to the left of it.) Choose a save game where Nalia is not in the party, expand the save game. Click on Baldur.gam, you will see a page listing various information. In the lower right you will a box titled Non-player characters. The NPCs are not named, unlike in Infinity Explorer. So you need to click on each "null (None.cre)" entry and then click on View/Edit to bring up the record concerned. The View tab shows the name of the NPC involved and their location in X,Y coordinates. The Edit tab tells you the location and the relevant hex offsets in the Baldur.gam file. Near Infinity showed me her exact position in the save file. After which I was able to track down and edit the offsets in the save file. (Using a hex editor, I did not wholly trust NI.) Location hex values were little-endian. Infinity Explorer names the NPCs unlike Near Infinity. Expand the Savegames heading and choose a savegame. Expand it and choose the NPC heading. Click on Nalia to bring up her file. Click on the Party tab. In the location area you will fin the X and Y listed.
  2. Hello. I just want to research thoroughly before I start. I have "Saga Baldur's Gate" which is CDProjekt special edition 1 DVD containing all Baldur's Gate games, already patched up to year 2007, and additionally mods and extras (thankfully as add-ons, not already merged). Of course it has it's own unified installer in place, so there is no standard extraction model. What I'm currently planning to do, is to have a full BG TotSC install done on Windows, then patching that install with Widescreen Mod (of course selecting GemRB), and finally copying all files to FreBSD to have them running under GemRB-git. Am I going to run into some unforeseen problems? It's hard to tell which mods directly modify *EXE (so would be inherently non compatible with GemRB), as then I maybe would be more willing to have done some mega-install on Windows (BGT maybe?), then transplanting data. But maybe I'm getting ahead of myself, as I didn't test how well GemRB would run vanilla TotSC. Are there any 1440x900 GUIs available for TotSC? Additionally, how does it looks at this resolution, is it playable?
  3. Hi all, i grabbed the latest versions of BG and BG2 from gog.com a while back but have been waiting to play them on the Pandora. They are the complete versions with expansions. will these work ok? Also is there a widescreen patch for GemRB that will enable me to run BG @ the native screen res of 800x600 on the pandora? I have just installed GemRB v0.7 for the pandora. Any adivice/links warmly recieved. Thank you for your time reading this. PZ
  4. I recently downloaded a baldurs gate trinity img from rutraker and it works great on my pc. Is there a way to play it on my galaxy S2 because so far i've had no luck with gemrb running it. Please help.
  5. Hi everyone Got extremely excited when I found out you could play BG on the iPad. I've previously Jailbroken my iPad (iOS 5.0.1) using Absinthe. I've managed to get Cydia installed so I can run various emulators (specifically Gameboy emulators) When trying to sync iTunes to install GemRB I keep getting 'GemRB failed to Install'. I've downloaded and installed the iPhone COnfig Utility and the log shows the following: Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 verify_signer_identity: Could not copy validate signature: -402620388 Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 preflight_application_install: Could not verify executable at /var/tmp/install_staging.cL93Nu/foo_extracted/Payload/GemRB.app Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 install_application: Could not preflight application install Mar 21 10:33:25 ICT-Supports-iPad com.apple.itunesstored[383] <Notice>: MobileInstallationInstall: failed with -1 Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 handle_install: API failed Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 send_message: failed to send mach message of 71 bytes: 10000003 Mar 21 10:33:27 ICT-Supports-iPad installd[364] <Error>: 001f9000 send_error: Could not send error response to client Hopefully that is the correct part of the log. Any help you can give would be appreciated! Cheers Jim
  6. Hi! Im new to the forums and to BG in general! I apologize for making a new thread, i just wanted something new and shiny and not confusing. I looked on the android thread and couldnt find most of my answers. So I have a galaxy Tab 10.1, and want to get Baldur's gate with big world mod, or icewind dale 1. Does TUTU or Big world work on the android? Id rather play big world, but if tutu works thats cool, if neither work, i'll just laptop it ad stick to icewind dale 2. Regarding changing paths in gemrb.cfg Okay I understand if you place the game files into sdcard/app-data/net.sourceforge.gemrb the ./ path is suffice, but i want to know a couple of things, if i decide to make a folder for the game, example (IWD) and i have to set the paths for such a file, the android's stock folder is sdcard/etc etc however, you can go one path up to /mnt/sdcard.... you can also go one more path which is just /, so i want to know where would i start my path, a. / ? b./mnt/sdcard c./sdcard/ also, should there be / at the beginning?
  7. Is it supposed to be possible to highlight all containers like in the original BG2 (by pressing tab)? Am I just not using the right key (tried alt and tab), or is it a bug or missing feature?
  8. lynx

    bg saga runthrough

    In preparations for the next release (less brown-baggy), I did an almost straight runthrough of bg1 to check if it still works. It does. Bugs were killed in the process and I don't mean ankhegs or carrion crawlers. Now it's time to do the same in bg2 with a sorcerer/monk/cleric. The fighter/sorcerer/thief combination from bg1 was just too boring to take over.
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