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Found 9 results

  1. Does someone know when this trigger is supposed to return true? I wanted to use it to make sure a certain creature doesn't attempt to move towards another creature if it's completely surrounded by other creatures, but it doesn't seem to work...
  2. The IESDP states that "If two or more effects of this type affect a creature, only the shortest duration effect will occur." Well, this doesn't seem to be true.... Just tested via equipping 'Commander Chain Mail +3' (BDCHAN04.itm, op#272 set to fire once per round) and a modified 'long sword' (SW1H04.itm, op#272 set to fire once per 2 rounds) Summoning @kjeron as always for confirmation......
  3. All the changes made by this opcode are permanent. The only exception seems to be param2 = 3 (i.e., change CLASS) -----> this means it works with timing mode 2 (Instant/while equipped): you can change your CLASS via equipping a certain item.... and when you unequip it or get killed, your CLASS is restored to its original value. @Avenger, @Galactygon, @CamDawg Is this intended? If so, why do GENERAL, RACE, EA and the remaining ones act as permanent?
  4. "Intensity" is misleading at best, if not outright wrong. While it can display a moderately accurate representation of *.PLT content, if you assign colors to a palette and let 'intensity' modify the palette color (this is what Near Infinity does), they end up displaying too dark and off balance. Instead, color map is a row index into 'MPAL256.BMP', where the row numbers match the gradients stored in creatures. 'Intensity' is actually an index to a column of that row for the color to display. As a point of interest, the 255th value for this gradient is always { R:0 G: 255 B: 0 }, or transparent. Another point is that the shadow (palette channel # 7) is alpha-blended with the background, whereas the rest of the paper-doll is not. Comments on the palettes bitmaps: 'MPAL256.BMP' and 'MPALETTE.BMP' have their columns opposite; MPAL256 ranges dark to bright, whereas MPALETTE ranges bright to dark. Also, while BMPs store the rows bottom-up, their palettes are indexed top-down; index 0 is the first row on top when the image is viewed. This is all probably common knowledge, but I still wasted two days rediscovering this through original research.
  5. The BG2 and BGEE STATS.IDS contains these identifiers: Does anyone know what they're for? 156 SCRIPTINGSTATE1 157 SCRIPTINGSTATE2 158 SCRIPTINGSTATE3 159 SCRIPTINGSTATE4 160 SCRIPTINGSTATE5 161 SCRIPTINGSTATE6 162 SCRIPTINGSTATE7 163 SCRIPTINGSTATE8 164 SCRIPTINGSTATE9 165 SCRIPTINGSTATE10 I'm specifically looking for code that has to do with Protection from Evil, since there is nothing in STATE.IDS and only possible in STATS.IDS.
  6. The IESDP has been updated once again. You can visit the IESDP at: http://iesdp.info/ If you spot anything that's incorrect, or missing, post in the update forum at: http://forums.gibber...hp?showforum=54
  7. The Region structure is listed as being 0xB8 bytes long for ARE v. 9.1, when in shipped files their Name fields in the array are distanced 0xC4 bytes apart, just as in the ARE 1.0 structure.
  8. IESDP describes a trailing length of 218 padding bytes. All such shipped files are it is actually 240 (22 more bytes than reported).
  9. The IESDP has been updated once again. If you're interested visit http://iesdp.gibberl...nfo/history.htm for a semi-complete list. If you're not interested, just visit the main IESDP site and browse the goodness! The IESDP is located at: http://iesdp.info/ The IESDP update board is at: http://forums.gibber...hp?showforum=54
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