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  1. The "post joined", or "You kicked me out already" dialog, run from c-aranp.dlg, is a nice quick file to code and write. It is the easiest of all, mostly because you can pick up anyone's mod and rewrite it as you see fit. The structure is likely to be the same. [state 0] first evaluated, takes precedence over other states. If this one is always true, the rest of the file is meaningless - nothing below this point will get evaluated. Let's copy everyone else and put the most general "on- off" switch for Aran possible, the Alignment Test. We want to put a state in that allows Aran to take off forever if he has been kicked out of the party, and the HAPPY.2da alignment table says his alignment would be disgusted and leave. Aran will stick with the job and remain loyal to PC even in the face of heavy evil, but if PC is not loyal in return he has time to think about things and revise. He can't keep up the internal rationalizations and "I'm just doin' my job" that has allowed normal people to do horrible things; he will have been given a choice to get out of the situation. So the standard "HappinessLT" block at the top of the file, that will kick in if the .2da file says "yuck". For neutral good, from the iesdp, a reputation of 1 gives [(good) -300 | (neutral) -300 | (evil) 80], so basically, this state will fire if Aran is kicked out of the party and the party rep is 1. Perhaps I'll go back later and up that number, but right now let's play with this in place. Of course, there are mods that realign this, including BG2 Tweak Pack, but we don't mind - installing one of the "stay forevar" tweaks will work fine because those modify the HAPPTY.2da table of reactions, so the condition isn't met. IF ~HappinessLT(Myself,-290)~ c-aranrepmismatch SAY ~No contracts with you. Sune's Sweet Buttocks, you are a pain in my arse.~ [C-ARAN01] IF ~~ THEN DO ~EscapeAreaDestroy()~ EXIT END OK, it this triggers, he wanders off to the nearest exit and vanishes in a puff of incandescent logic. Speaking of logic, logic says that if an NPC is in your party, the game thinks he or she is in your party. Funny thing, though - logic also states that teachers have great influence over the future and should therefore be paid well, and that ain't true, so go figure. In the BG2 engine, you "reform" [restructure? downsize?] your party, which kicks the NPC out of your party with no dialog and *then* the NPC comes up to you and has the whole "hey, are we still hangin', or do I need to update my resume?". So the next two states deal with those possibilities - Player just reformed the party and NPC wants directions (either to be let back in, hang out somewhere, or leave FOREVAR to go post on another forum), or 2. The NPC has been hanging out somewhere and the player has wandered back to pick him/her up. Now, there is a more "logical" in-game way of doing the kicking-out, via dialog, but it will have to wait for awhile. You can add states like this to the Player-Initiated-Dialog state, a big long single state with a zillion replies that becomes true when everything else has been ruled out and it is the only thing that can be triggered. That works from the Joined dialog file, so the player clicks on the NPC to talk, and one of the options can be "get lost, you hoser". But PIDs are way cool and crazy and need their own topic, or they start turning the party into the kind where jello shots are de rigeur and folks are swinging from the chandeliers. Besides, these things have to be added to this dialog anyways, for when folks reform their party (it still sounds so ominous, like Bolsheviks 'reforming' the Czar and his family into little teeny fragments... darn. Off-topic again. Let's move on to state 1.)
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