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Found 1 result

  1. Something a very unhappy happens. After the hard battle against the mighty a'cursed Kagnaxx I started to resolve the quest to save Imoen (that was so hard to collect that dozens and a dozens thousands of gold.. without stealing and killing an innocent NPC). And in the some tomb, I realized that my avatar (protagonist) have no his Scroll Case - THE SAME THING happened with my "Ring of Regeneration" , some time before the Scroll Case lost, I tried to find the ring, but without any success (I think the ring has been buried somewhere in the lair of Unseeing Eye...). THIS IS A CURSE! My protagonist is the cursed one! The Scroll Case was filled off with a powerful protective scrolls (such as protections from undeads, acid, etc), LOT of a very useful spells (such as anti-magic, anti-invisibility, AoE , undead summoning etc) and the finally that was full of quest items such as "The Book of Kaza" (I do not know where I can put this book in but an obviously that is a quest item.). I used "The Brick +2" against that stupid Kagnaxx, but I remembered that my Diviner was too far from it... And obviously he have not used any magic there... So I have doubts that the reason is a Wild Surge, Is there any of GAMELOG or something where I can found the some notations about WHERE THE HELL IS my protagonist's Scroll Case?? P.S. "The Brick +2" was a very useful against Kagnaxx - "Kagnaxx the Demilich: Soul Trap my protagonist" "Kagnaxx the Demilich: Wild Surge - Blinded" Lol... Ahahahha.
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