BG2 Fixpack Docs: Class/Kit Fixes

This documentation is complete as of Version 12 and will contain game spoilers. Fixes included in the BETA Core Fixes are listed in red.

Class/Kit Fixes

Innate Speed Bonuses Could be Negated by Free Action Effects

Barbarians and monks receive innate speed increases and these could be negated by spell effects such as free action. In the worst case scenario, a monk under the effects of free action when leveling up could miss their speed boost permanently. (spcl151.spl, spcl812.spl, spcl813.spl)

Beast Master's Find Familiar Not Displaying Warning in Tutorial

Find familiar is not allowed to be cast in the tutorial. When the mage version is attempted, a warning message was being displayed. The beast master version was not receiving a similar warning. (spcl342.spl)

Avengers Receiving Improved Invisibility One Level Early

Due to an error in their ability table, avenger druids had Improved Invisibility added to their spellbook one level early. (clabdr04.2da)

Fallen Rangers and Paladins Could Cast Spells

When rangers or paladins fall, the game disables the spellcasting button. However, they could still use spells if they were using an AI script. (clabpa05.2da, clabrn05.2da, spcl234d.spl)

Wizard Slayers Missing Miscast Magic Icons

The miscast magic effect for wizard slayers was not being accompanied by a portrait icon. (spcl133.spl, spcl132a.eff)

Kit Abilities Not Scaling to Lower Levels

Several kit abilities did not scale down to level one, e.g. even if level-drained they would always be cast as if the player was at least level 7. These abilities now scale appropriately. (spcl231.spl, spcl721.spl, spcl722.spl, spcl731.spl, spcl741.spl, spcl741d.spl, spcl742.spl)

Cavalier's Resist Fear Ability Could Fail Due to MR

A cavalier's resist fear kit ability was being subjected to magic resistance checks, causing it to fail occasionally. (spcl222.spl)

Barbarian Rage and Berserker Enrage

Barbarian rage was supposed to grant a +2 save bonus against spells, but was instead imposing a -2 penalty. Sleep and stun immunities were not documented in the description. (strref #45869, spcl152.spl)

Berserker enrage was not actually protecting against stun, despite it being in the description of the ability. Enrage provides immunities to confusion, level drain, and feeblemind but these were not documented. While in the 'cool down' period, the THAC0 penalty was being applied but not reflected in the character sheet. The cool down was also using the same name as the actual enrage, implying enrage had been cast when it was ending. (strref #25201,spcl321.spl, spcl321d.spl)

Multi-and Dual-Class Thieves Restricted from Lawful Neutral and Lawful Evil Alignments

Single-class thieves are allowed to be of lawful neutral and lawful evil alignments, but their multi- and dual-class versions are not. The Fixpack changes this to allow them to have the same alignment choices as single-class thieves. (alignmnt.2da)

Thieving Skill Corrections

Per their kit description, blades are only supposed to have one-half the pickpocket ability of normal bards but were not receiving a penalty at all. (cdblpp1.spl, cdblpp2.spl, cdblpp3.spl, cdblpp4.spl, cdblpp5.spl, clabba02.2da)

THAC0 Errors

  • Blades are supposed to receive +1 to damage and THAC0, but were only receiving the damage bonus. (clabba04.2da)
  • The innate +1 THAC0 bonuses of skalds and assassins was being applied in such a way that it worked, but was not being reflected in their character record sheets. (spcl421.spl, spcl541.spl)
  • Bards, thieves, and mage-thieves should receive their final THAC0 reduction at level 21, but were instead receiving it at level 22. (thac0.2da)

Kensais and Monks Not Receiving Their Weapon Speed Bonuses

Kensais are supposed to receive a bonus in their weapon speed every four levels, but were only receiving their first bonus due to errors in the spell which provided these bonuses. Monks have the same issue. A cosmetic irregularity in the kensai ability table is also fixed. (clabfi04.2da, spcl143.spl, spcl816.spl)

Error in Fallen Paladin/Ranger and Swashbuckler Ability Tables

In Shadows of Amn, the ability table of swashbuckers was malformed and could cause abilities to be missed. The ability tables for paladins and rangers were missing a column. (clabfi05.2da, clabth04.2da)

Inquisitors Get Charm Immunity Too Late

The charm immunity for inquisitors was being applied at level two instead of from level one. (clabpa03.2da)

Stalkers and Archers Are Not Allowed to Dual-Class

In Throne of Bhaal, BioWare altered Stalkers and Archers to not be able to dual-class. As ToB reflects the most recent developer intent, ToB changes are generally rolled back to SoA games, so Stalkers and Archers are altered to be unable to dual-class in SoA-only games as well. There is an Optional But Cool component to allow them to dual-class in both SoA and ToB games. (dualclas.2da)

Bard Spell Memorization Table Fix

Bards should receive a fourth sixth-level spell. This is omitted in the original game due to a miscalculation of a bard's maximum level under the Shadows of Amn experience cap. This bug does not affect Throne of Bhaal. (mxsplbrd.2da)

Mages and Rogues Not Receiving Final Save Bonus

Mages and rogues (thieves, bards) were not receiving their final decrease in their saves at level 21. (saverog.2da, savewiz.2da)

Fighter-Druids Have Wrong Title After Earning Great Druid Status

Fighter-druids who earned the Great Druid title during the stronghold events would lose references to their fighter class on their character sheet. They now retain it and become a fighter-Great Druid. (spin722.spl, spin722a.eff, spin722b.eff, spin722c.eff)

Ranger Stealth Error

Rangers are supposed to improve their stealth skill by 6% every level, but the level two value was incorrect. (skillrng.2da)

Weapon Proficiencies Maximum and Minimum Fixes

There are several errors with classes and kits being able to place stars in weapon proficiencies (weapprof.2da):

  • Swashbucklers were only allowed one star in katanas; should be two
  • Monks were not allowed to place any stars in katanas; should be allowed one
  • Fighter-mage-clerics and cleric-rangers were being allowed three stars in clubs; should be two
  • Swashbucklers were being allowed two stars in crossbows, slings, short bows, Two-Handed weapon style, Sword & Shield weapon style, and One-Handed weapon style; should be one
  • Kensais and cavaliers were allowed dart proficiencies; should be zero
  • Fighter-druids, fighter-mage-clerics, and cleric-rangers were being allowed one star in Two-Handed Weapon Style; should be two
  • Fighter-druids, fighter-mage-clerics, and cleric-rangers were being allowed two stars in Two Weapon Style; should be three

Monk Unarmed Attacks Incorrect

Monks had slight issue with their unarmed attack. At levels 6-8, monks were receiving a spurious +1 THAC0 bonus, and were being shorted damage and THAC0 bonuses by one at levels 15-17. The 'fist' items that give monks their unarmed attacks are also named. (mfist3.itm, mfist4.itm, mfist5.itm, mfist6.itm, mfist7.itm, mfist8.itm)

Kitted Bards Starting in Throne of Bhaal Have No Armor

Jesters, blades, and skalds starting in Throne of Bhaal were supposed to begin with The Night's Gift +5 as armor, but this was not occurring due to a typo in the starting ToB equipment table. (25stweap.2da)

Assassin Poison Weapon Ability Fixes

The poison weapon ability of assassins was allowing a save against the target's best saving throw, instead of against poison. The damage over the first 12 seconds was also incorrect. (spcl422.eff, spcl422a.eff)

Skald Bard Song Not Working at High Levels

At levels 15-19, the fear immunity of the skald bard song were only being applied to the singer and not the party. (spcl542a.spl)

Blade Spin Fixes

The blade's offensive spin ability had a few issues. The THAC0 bonus was being applied in a fashion such that it worked, but was not reflected in the character sheet. Blades using offensive spin could also be hasted, contrary to the description. The attacks per round and movement rate were being applied via a haste bonus, which caused a number of flaky issues, such as losing offhand attacks. The attacks per round and movement rate bonus are now applied explicitly. Defensive spin was not protecting against movement rate changes, allowing an exploit of a defensively spinning blade being free to move. One minor issue is that Melf's Meteors can now cause the number of attacks to 'overflow' and wrap around to only 0.5 attacks per round. As a workaround, blades can no longer cast Offensive Spin when wielding Minute Meteors. Defensive spin is supposed to deliver a +1 bonus to AC per level, but was only granting a +1 bonus every two levels. (melfmet.itm, spcl521.spl, spcl521d.spl, spcl522.spl, spcl741.spl, spcl741d.spl)

Clerics Receiving Multiple Holy Symbols

At level 25, clerics receive a Holy Symbol as a one-time bonus. Because of how the engine handled this, the mechanism for receiving Holy Symbols could be exploited by repeatedly kicking out and re-adding high-level clerics to the party. (baldur.bcs, baldur25.bcs, cdhlysym.spl, cdhlysy2.spl, cdhlysym.itm, clabpr01.2da, clabpr02.2da, clabpr03.2da, clabpr04.2da)

High-Level Ability Fixes

  • Because they were re-using an effect from the monk's quivering palm, deathblow and greater deathblow were allowing saves by their target and were not restricted to the hit dice indicated by their descriptions. (spcl902.spl, spcl902a.eff, spcl903.spl, spcl903a.eff)
  • Power attack was not displaying the 'stunned' string when used in conjunction with ranged attacks. (spcl906.spl)
  • The hardiness HLA was being capped at level 20; most HLAs don't top out their abilities to level 30. It also lacked lower level abilities. Hardiness via HLA and via Wish could stack with one another. (spcl907.spl, spwish12.spl)
  • If a bard with the Enhanced Bard Song HLA gets kicked out of the party or imprisoned, their bard song reverts back to normal. The Enhanced Bard Song now sticks around. Enhanced Bard Song should also display a magic resistance icon. (spcl920.spl, spcl920a.spl)
  • Rangers could end up with multiple castings of Tracking since it was not properly cleaning out resources. (spcl922.spl)
  • In the unmodified game, fighter-mage-thieves and fighter-mage-clerics do not have access to mage HLAs; they use the default fighter-thief and fighter-cleric tables respectively in a patched game. Both are assigned unique HLA tables that include the 'Extra Level 6 Spell', 'Extra Level 7 Spell', and 'Extra Level 8 Spell' mage HLAs. Please note that they retain full access to all of the HLAs they had previously. (luabbr.2da, lufmc.2da, lufmt.2da)
  • Unlike single-class thieves, multi-class thieves were allowed to select the Assassination HLA more than once. Per the developers, this is only supposed to be selectable once. (luba1.2da, luba2.2da, luba3.2da, luct0.2da, luft0.2da, lumt0.2da, luth2.2da, luth3.2da)
  • Evasion and Greater Evasion should not stack with each other. (spcl913.spl, spcl914.spl)
  • The Mass Raise Dead spell was not healing per its description. (sppr729.spl, sppr729b.spl)