BG2 Fixpack Docs: Creature Fixes

This documentation is complete as of Version 12 and will contain game spoilers. Fixes included in the BETA Core Fixes are listed in red.

Creature Fixes

Common Creature Fix Roundup

  • Soundset Fixes (individuals) - Individual creatures needed fixes to their soundsets (i.e. battle cries, death lines, etc.). Creatures affected are Adalon (strref #60724 and #60741, udsilver.cre), Am-Si (amsi.cre), Damien (gpthief1.cre), Irenicus-as-Slayer in the SoA finale (hellslay.cre), two mind flayers (melsum06.cre, mindal01.cre), Parisa (vvparis.cre), orcs in Saradush (sarculto.cre, sarorc01.cre, saroro01.cre, sarrein1.cre, sartro01.cre, sartro03.cre), duergar sapper (sewdue02.cre), monk (ammonk05.cre), Nerit (c6nerit.cre), sahuagin (chevil04.cre), Cowled Enforcer (cowenf1.cre), elven mage (daelf.cre), Roenall soldier (kproen05.cre), pirate mage (ppmag01.cre), mage (sargrd06.cre), elven warrior (suelf8.cre, suelfw6.cre), servant (ttser2.cre), war elf (udelf05.cre), shadow thief (vvshad2.cre), lieutenant mage (yaga02.cre), cleric of Talos (yssold16.cre), storekeep (bshop02.cre, shop2.cre), war elf (udelf03.cre)
  • Soundset Fixes (groups) - Many similar creatures share soundsets, and these needed some fixes as well. In some cases the soundsets are attached to specific creature animations (i.e. orcs with bows as opposed to just orcs). Creatures affected are slimes (strref #5962), chickens (achk.2da), carrion crawlers (mcwl.2da), djinn (mdjl.2da), goblin elite (axes and bows) (mgo3.2da, mgo4.2da), lizard men (casters) (mli3.2da), blue myconids (mmy2.2da), orcs (bow, ranged) (mor2.2da, mor4.2da), frost salamanders (msa2.2da), shriekers (mshr.2da), armored skeletons (no helmet) (mskt.2da), small spiders (msps.2da), small trolls (icetr01.wav, icetr02.wav, icetr03a.wav, icetr03b.wav, icetr04a.wav, icetr04b.wav, icetr07a.wav, icetr07b.wav, icetr08a.wav, icetr08b.wav, icetr09a.wav, icetr09b.wav), pseudo dragons (mwfm.2da), water weirds (mwwe.2da), and yuan-ti elites (myu2.2da).
  • Spellbook Fixes - Spells such as Holy Smite, Holy Word, Unholy Blight, and Unholy Word have alignment-based restrictions. The first two can not be learned or used by evil priests, and the latter two by good priests. In addition, divine spells can also be flagged as restricted from cleric/paladins or druid/rangers, and arcane spells from opposition schools. Several creatures and items refer to spells that do not exist, either because the spells were dropped prior to the release of the game or typos. These spells were removed from spellbooks and, if memorized, substituted for another spell. Several creatures, including some joinable NPCs, also had alread-cast spells in their spellbooks.. (aerbod01.cre, amcarras.cre, amelm01.cre, ammajira.cre, chgood09.cre, drow06.cre, heartg3.cre, heartg4.cre, heartg5.cre, jael01.cre, jatermin.cre, ppumb01.cre, pries18b.cre, quayle.cre, quaylem.cre, slmage2.cre, sppain.cre, uddrow19.cre, vakola.cre)
  • Incorrect Flags - A handful of creatures that are asleep were not flagged as in the sleeping state, and a handful of visible creatures were flagged as invisible. The former will likely have little to no impact, but the latter cases were unselectable and untargetable even though they were fully visible. The Sea Zombie Lord was flagged as everything. (arnman11.cre, arnwar03.cre, sahzomb.cre, sleepdw.cre, sleepfh.cre, sleepmh.cre)
  • Creature Racial Fixes - Various creatures had the wrong race set, which could affect how items and spells affected them. In a few cases the race was clearly wrong, but there was not an exact match to which to change so a 'best fit' was selected.
    • Changed to Human: bdturm03.cre, clcoti01.cre, cowenf1.cre, cowenf3.cre, cowenf4.cre, eyevig01.cre, firmag01.cre, fsmage01.cre, fsmage02.cre, fsmage03.cre, hllayen.cre, hspectr2.cre, riftg03.cre, sahbeh03.cre, slvic02.cre
    • Changed to Elf: alufie01.cre, arnman07.cre, bounha.cre, chevil09.cre, copamb03.cre, csiren.cre, csjon.cre, cujon.cre, cujon2.cre, cujon3.cre, cujon4.cre, d1mothel.cre, demfig02.cre, dpjon01.cre, dpjon02.cre, dream2.cre, driren.cre, drjon.cre, eyesnt01.cre, gorsta02.cre, gorsta09.cre, gorsta11.cre, harpass1.cre, helljon.cre, helljon2.cre, hlarch.cre, hspectr1.cre, hspectr3.cre, jade1.cre, jahei1.cre, jarev1.cre, jon1.cre, life01.cre, life02.cre, life03.cre, life04.cre, mgappr01.cre, ppdra2.cre, ppdradee.cre, ppireni1.cre, ppireni2.cre, ppsuna.cre, rielev.cre, senani01.cre, senani02.cre, sendro01.cre, sendro02.cre, senfod01.cre, senfod02.cre, sengua01.cre, senken01.cre, suelf10.cre, sujon.cre, sujon2.cre, suna.cre, thraxi.cre, tolmag02.cre, valran01.cre
    • Changed to Half-Elf: beast.cre, dkhalid.cre, dkhalid2.cre, kaysmg01.cre, lin.cre, shank.cre
    • Changed to Dwarf: d1mothdw.cre, druff2.cre, duemag01.cre, duemag02.cre, gorsta04.cre, sardw01.cre, sardw02.cre, sleepdw.cre, tobpar05.cre
    • Changed to Halfling: bbegg2.cre, chgood01.cre, d1mothha.cre, disrup01.cre, escort2.cre, escort2a.cre, mourner6.cre, sarbha02.cre, sarhal.cre, trevil01.cre, wellyn.cre
    • Changed to Gnome: eyesek01.cre, udsvir07.cre, udsvir08.cre
    • Changed to Basilisk: eyegor01.cre
    • Changed to Gibberling: fsgibb.cre, gibber01.cre, gibbersu.cre, ttgibb.cre
    • Changed to Gnoll: hlmafer.cre
    • Changed to Hobgoblin: hobeli01.cre, hobgob01.cre, hobgobsu.cre
    • Changed to Kobold: fsgobl.cre, icgob03.cre, icgob04.cre
    • Changed to Ogre: ceglut.cre, chtaz01.cre, gorsta12.cre, tazok.cre
    • Changed to Skeleton: sahskel.cre, skelwa02.cre, skelwa03.cre, skelwasu.cre
    • Changed to Slime: slifis01.cre, slifis02.cre
    • Changed to Fairy: hamasu.cre, kslave01.cre, rspirit1.cre
    • Changed to Lycanthrope: aewere2.cre, aewere3.cre, aewere4.cre, aewere5.cre, aewere6.cre
    • Changed to Mind Flayer: gormind.cre, mindul01.cre
    • Changed to Otyugh: otyugh01.cre
    • Changed to Rakshasa: rakruh01.cre
    • Changed to Troll: kptrol01.cre, kptrol02.cre, kptrol03.cre, kptrol04.cre, kptrol05.cre, kptrol06.cre, trolde01.cre, trolde02.cre, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolgi01.cre, trolgi02.cre, trolic01.cre, trolic02.cre, trolic03.cre, trolic04.cre, troll01.cre, troll02.cre, troll03.cre, trollens.cre, trollsm2.cre, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre, troluo01.cre
    • Changed to Sahuagin: sahangu.cre
    • Changed to Specter: bodfgt01.cre, bodfgt02.cre, drshsp01.cre, elearb01.cre, elearb02.cre, elearb03.cre, elearb04.cre, elearb05.cre, elearb06.cre, elearb07.cre, elearb08.cre, elearb09.cre, elearb10.cre, elearb11.cre, elepuz01.cre, elepuz02.cre, elepuz03.cre, elepuz04.cre, senstalk.cre, stalke.cre
    • Changed to Wraith: banshe01.cre, eyeded01.cre, firmon01.cre
    • Changed to Mist: haksu.cre, nishrusu.cre
    • Changed to Cat: coplion.cre, jaguarsu.cre, ncat.cre, slcat.cre, spirlion.cre, tranim03.cre
    • Changed to Giant: giafir01.cre, yagaspir.cre
    • Changed to Orc: ar18fig.cre, gromg02.cre, hlolaf.cre, kchild1.cre, kchild2.cre, sarbul04.cre, tobban02.cre
    • Changed to Elemental Fire: plysala.cre
    • Changed to Zombie: sahzomb.cre, zombie01.cre, zombse01.cre
    • Changed to Lich: cedelich.cre, hgsku01.cre, hlskull.cre
    • Changed to Rabbit: rabbit.cre, rabbit01.cre
    • Changed to Yuan-Ti: bounha04.cre, icliz01.cre, icliz02.cre
    • Changed to Planetar: planet01.cre
    • Changed to Ettin: pettin.cre, plshfg01.cre, plshfg02.cre, sahoty01.cre
    • Changed to Sword: statue01.cre, statue02.cre, statue03.cre, statue04.cre, statue05.cre, statue06.cre, sword01.cre, sword02.cre, sword03.cre
    • Changed to None: daabol.cre, mephsp1.cre, mephsp2.cre, mephsp3.cre, mephsp4.cre
  • Creature Class Fixes - Many creatures were assigned incorrect classes. In many cases BioWare set up classes that were more or less along racial lines--i.e. in addition to the player classes like fighter and mage, there are troll and otyugh classes.
    • Changed to Fighter: icyuan01.cre, icyuan02.cre, icyuan04.cre, kpyuan01.cre
    • Changed to Mage: icyuan03.cre, icyuan05.cre, kpsham01.cre, pbhunt03.cre, pbhunt04.cre, planet01.cre, planevil.cre, plangood.cre, planwish.cre
    • Changed to Cleric: devagood.cre, devaevil.cre, devast01.cre, devmon01.cre
    • Changed to Otyugh: otyugh01.cre
    • Changed to Troll: trolde01.cre, trolde02.cre, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolgi01.cre, trolgi02.cre, trolic01.cre, trolic02.cre, trolic03.cre, trolic04.cre, troll01.cre, troll02.cre, troll03.cre, trollens.cre, trollsm2.cre, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre, troluo01.cre
    • Changed to Elemental (Air): elemchan.cre
    • Changed to Elemental (Fire): plysala.cre
    • Changed to Mustard Jelly: gorjelf2.cre, gorjelfu.cre, pudden01.cre, pudden02.cre
    • Changed to Gray Ooze: jelgra01.cre
    • Changed to Imp: famqua25.cre
    • Changed to Green Slime: gorjelgr.cre, jelgre01.cre
    • Changed to Wyvern: fampsd25.cre, nwyvbab.cre, plywyvrn.cre, wyvbab01.cre, wyvern01.cre, wyvgre01.cre
    • Changed to Giant: pettin.cre
    • Changed to Zombie (Normal): sahzomb.cre
    • Changed to None: chickdef.cre, chicke.cre, chicker.cre, cow.cre, cowh.cre, deadcow1.cre, deadcow2.cre, gorstalk.cre, mephsp1.cre, mephsp2.cre, mephsp3.cre, mephsp4.cre, nchick.cre, ncow.cre, senstalk.cre, stalke.cre
  • General Categorization Creature Changes - Creatures are also defined by a very broad description, such as humanoid or undead. These affect how spells work as well as the Turn Undead ability.
    • Changed to Humanoid: kchild1.cre, kchild2.cre, kuoarc20.cre, kuocle20.cre, sahchf01.cre, shagrl01.cre, townc01.cre
    • Changed to Animal: eyeegl01.cre
    • Changed to Undead: bodtan.cre, cedelich.cre, d1ghost.cre, d1gori.cre, d1mothdw.cre, d1mothel.cre, d1mothha.cre, d1mothhu.cre, d1skel.cre, hlskull.cre, laune.cre, rspirit1.cre, sahbeh02.cre, sdshadfi.cre, sdshadow.cre, skelded.cre, wellyn.cre
    • Changed to Giant Humanoid: dgtrol01.cre, dgtrol02.cre, druear01.cre, elairl01.cre, elairsu1.cre, elairsu2.cre, elairsu3.cre, elairsuw.cre, elearpr.cre, elearpr2.cre, elearpr3.cre, elearsu2.cre, elearsu3.cre, elearsu4.cre, elearsuw.cre, elfirl01.cre, elfirsuw.cre, genie02.cre, giafir01.cre, gorair01.cre, gorsta12.cre,igolfle3.cre, kptrol01.cre, kptrol02.cre, kptrol03.cre, kptrol04.cre, kptrol05.cre, kptrol06.cre, mdearth.cre, mdearth2.cre, mekear01.cre, obsgol02.cre, plangood.cre, plshfg01.cre, plshfg02.cre, sahoty01.cre, sarfaki2.cre, sarfakie.cre, suelew2.cre, swaair01.cre, swaair02.cre, swaear01.cre, swaear02.cre, swafir01.cre, torgal.cre, trolde01.cre, trolde02.cre, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolgi01.cre, trolgi02.cre, trolic01.cre, trolic02.cre, trolic03.cre, trolic04.cre, troll01.cre, troll02.cre, troll03.cre, trollens.cre, trollsm2.cre, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre, troluo01.cre, uhogre03.cre, yscara03.cre, ysguar01.cre, yssold10.cre
    • Changed to Weapon: statue01.cre, statue02.cre, statue03.cre, statue04.cre, statue05.cre, statue06.cre, sword01.cre, sword02.cre, sword03.cre
    • Changed to Monster: bounha04.cre, daabol.cre, daspitro.cre, dragblac.cre, dragshad.cre, finsol04.cre, glbear.cre, gormim01.cre, gormim02.cre, gormim03.cre, gormim04.cre, haksu.cre, hdragred.cre,hdragsil.cre, icsalcol.cre, icsalfir.cre, jugmim01.cre, mephsp1.cre, mephsp2.cre, mephsp3.cre, mephsp4.cre, mimic01.cre, nishrusu.cre, obsdem04.cre, planevil.cre, planwish.cre, riftcr04.cre
  • Creature Sex Fixes - Various creatures were incorrectly identified as male, female, or neither.
    • Changed to Male: bazliz01.cre, bazliz02.cre, c6gofus.cre, c6kach.cre, cowenf1.cre, cscleric.cre, derrick.cre, dpmon01.cre, drofod03.cre, escort3.cre, kaysmg01.cre, kpsold10.cre, kuoarc20.cre, palern.cre, palkni02.cre, palkni04.cre, palkni05.cre, pcapt02.cre, sarbha01.cre, slvic02.cre, tobpar04.cre, trfued02.cre, winnkeep.cre, yarmy03.cre
    • Changed to Female: amfem01.cre, amfem02.cre, amgirl01.cre, ammonk08.cre, ar18arch.cre, c6catti.cre, c6catti2.cre, c6cler3.cre, c6del.cre, c6guen.cre, c6guen2.cre, cefald02.cre, chickdef.cre, chicke.cre, chicker.cre, cow.cre, csheck3.cre, cssupp2.cre, deadcow1.cre, deadcow2.cre, deer01.cre, devaevil.cre, devast01.cre, devmon01.cre, dpfemale.cre, dpstat05.cre, drofod02.cre, drofod04.cre, drow04.cre, dsbody01.cre, fangel01.cre, finsol01.cre, garkid01.cre, gemch01.cre, gemch02.cre, gorsta05.cre, hlshyr.cre, hspectr1.cre, jade1.cre, jahei1.cre, jarev1.cre, mgkhol01.cre, nchick.cre, ncow.cre, nymphsu.cre, pirfsh02.cre, pirsal02.cre, planet01.cre, planevil.cre, plangood.cre, planwish.cre, ppmag01.cre, sendai7.cre, sleepfh.cre, solar.cre, solar01.cre, suendel2.cre, suendel4.cre, suendel6.cre, suendel8.cre, tobpar02.cre, trftow04.cre, trskin01.cre, uddoor06.cre, uddrow35.cre, vampaer.cre, vampjah.cre, vampvic.cre, vvmadman.cre, wpwench1.cre, yarmy01.cre, ysmage02.cre
    • Changed to Neither: statue01.cre, statue02.cre, statue03.cre, statue04.cre, statue05.cre, statue06.cre, sword01.cre, sword02.cre, sword03.cre
    • Pregen Characters: Daria and Lessa, two of the pregenerated characters, should be female. mage.chr, thief.chr, tobmage.chr, tobthief.chr
  • Creature Gender Fixes - There exists a gender identifier for creatures in addition to sex. Gender has several different values beyond male and female, such as summoned or illusionary. Summoned, in particular, is what allows scripts to detect summoned creatures, the summoning cap to work, and for the death spell to work against just summons. Gender also controls the casting soundset of creatures.
    • Changed to Male: bazliz01.cre, bazliz02.cre, bdock1.cre, c6gofus.cre, c6kach.cre, cowenf1.cre, dadrow2.cre, dadrow8.cre, dadrow9.cre, dadrow15.cre, dagnoll.cre, daumber.cre, derrick.cre, dgtrol01.cre, dgtrol02.cre, dorkus.cre, dpmon01.cre, drofod02.cre, drofod03.cre, escort3.cre, gith05.cre, gith06.cre, gorapr.cre, gorgua04.cre, gorgua05.cre, hlmage.cre, jondal.cre, kaysmg01.cre, kchild1.cre, kchild2.cre, kproen03.cre, kpsold10.cre, kptrol01.cre, kptrol02.cre, kptrol03.cre, kptrol04.cre, kptrol05.cre, kptrol06.cre, kruin.cre, kuoarc20.cre, lavok02.cre, ogre01.cre, ogrhal01.cre, ogrill01.cre, palern.cre, palkni02.cre, palkni03.cre, palkni04.cre, palkni05.cre, pcapt02.cre, pettin.cre, plyogre.cre, plysala.cre, rethug02.cre, riftg03.cre, sahbeh03.cre, sahoty01.cre, sarbha01.cre, sewerm.cre, shth03.cre, slvic02.cre, tobban01.cre, tobpar04.cre, tolger.cre, tolger2.cre, townc01.cre, trcut06.cre, trfued02.cre, trfued05.cre, trolde01.cre, trolde02.cre, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolgi01.cre, trolgi02.cre, trolic01.cre, trolic02.cre, trolic03.cre, trolic04.cre, troll01.cre, troll02.cre, troll03.cre, trollens.cre, trollsm2.cre, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre, troluo01.cre, winnkeep.cre, yarmy03.cre
    • Changed to Female: ammonk08.cre, ar18arch.cre, c6catti.cre, c6catti2.cre, c6cler3.cre, c6del.cre, c6guen2.cre, cefald02.cre, chickdef.cre, chicke.cre, chicker.cre, coplion.cre, cow.cre, csheck1.cre, csheck3.cre, cssupp2.cre, dadrow10.cre, dadrow23.cre, daghaun1.cre, daghaun2.cre, deadcow1.cre, deadcow2.cre, deer01.cre, devast01.cre, devmon01.cre, dpfemale.cre, dpstat05.cre, drofod04.cre, drow04.cre, dsbody01.cre, fangel01.cre, finsol01.cre, gemch01.cre, gemch02.cre, gorsta05.cre, hlshyr.cre, hspectr1.cre, jade1.cre, jahei1.cre, jameroni.cre, jarev1.cre, mgkhol01.cre, nchick.cre, ncow.cre, pirfsh02.cre, pirsal02.cre, planet01.cre, planwish.cre, ppbodhi3.cre, ppmag01.cre, ppvalen.cre, remage01.cre, sendai7.cre, sleepfh.cre, suendel2.cre, suendel4.cre, suendel6.cre, suendel8.cre, tobpar02.cre, trftow04.cre, trskin01.cre, uddoor06.cre, uddrow35.cre, vamanc01.cre, vamemi01.cre, vammat01.cre, vampaer.cre, vampat01.cre, vampjah.cre, vampvic.cre, vamver01.cre, vvbodhi.cre, vvdel.cre, vvparis.cre, vvsalia.cre, vvtanov.cre, wpwench1.cre, yarmy01.cre
    • Changed to Neither: abisred1.cre, abydem01.cre, ar18skel.cre, behhiv01.cre, bhghoul2.cre, bhghoul4.cre, dacemist.cre, deaddem1.cre, deathkni.cre, deck615.cre, delmist.cre, demabi01.cre, demcor01.cre, demgla01.cre, demilich.cre, demnab02.cre, demosum1.cre, demosum2.cre, demosum3.cre, dempit01.cre, dglab01.cre, dpdem01.cre, dpmon02.cre, elearb01.cre, elearb02.cre, elearb03.cre, elearb04.cre, elearb05.cre, elearb06.cre, elearb07.cre, elearb08.cre, elearb09.cre, elearb10.cre, elearb11.cre, elepuz01.cre, elepuz02.cre, elepuz03.cre, elepuz04.cre, firlch01.cre, firwra01.cre, fsskel.cre, ghogr01.cre, glbear.cre, gorbat1.cre, gorbat3.cre, gorcamb.cre, gorchr.cre, gormistp.cre, gortan1.cre, gortan4.cre, gorwom05.cre, grskel1.cre, grskel2.cre, hellfear.cre, hellgree.cre, hellprid.cre, hellself.cre, hgmis02.cre, hgskl01.cre, hgskl02.cre, hgskl03.cre, hgwra01.cre, hldemi.cre, hlskull.cre, icfung02.cre, icfungus.cre, icmyc01.cre, icmyc02.cre, igolfle3.cre, igolfle4.cre, kelzomb.cre, kshadow.cre, lester.cre, mistho01.cre, mistwa01.cre, nevm2.cre, obsdem01.cre, pmaster.cre, ppdemon.cre, ppnab01.cre, ppnab02.cre, ppnab03.cre, pwarden.cre, rngsha.cre, rngsha01.cre, rngsha02.cre, rngsha03.cre, rngsha04.cre, rngsha2d.cre, rskel01.cre, rskel03.cre, rumar02.cre, sdshadfi.cre, sdshadow.cre, sendark.cre, sewsha01.cre, sewsha02.cre, sewsha03.cre, shadel.cre, shadeld.cre, shadfi01.cre, shadfi02.cre, shadow01.cre, shape.cre, shawol01.cre, shawol02.cre, skelar01.cre, skelar02.cre, skele2.cre, skelet01.cre, skelhp1.cre, slifis01.cre, slifis02.cre, sword03.cre, tanari01.cre, tanomist.cre, telbal1.cre, telcam1.cre, telcor1.cre, telpit1.cre, telpit2.cre, telslav.cre, teltan1.cre, teltan2.cre, telwrai.cre, uddeath.cre, uddeath2.cre, uddoor07.cre, udnaba.cre, uhcreat.cre, valemist.cre, wish02.cre, wolfzo01.cre, wraith01.cre, wrashi01.cre
    • Changed to Summoned: bearblsu.cre, beargrsu.cre, ettercsu.cre, sumdjinn.cre, sword02.cre, worgsu.cre, xvartsu.cre
  • Proper Kit Detection - Due to errors in the kit table, many dialogues and scripts that check, for example, whether the player is a berserker or a Morninglord of Lathander, would fail and only recognize the character as a non-kitted character. In general, this manifests itself mainly in the form of dialogue not being specific to a player's kit or missing dialogue options for special kits. Various joinable NPCs were also updated with the corrected kit values.
    • akae.cre, anomen10.cre, anomen12.cre, anomen6.cre, anomen7.cre, anomen8.cre, anomen9.cre, bhelm.cre, chalcy02.cre, chang01.cre, chang02.cre, disrup01.cre, dpplay01.cre, dpplay02.cre, gaelan.cre, genth01.cre, genth02.cre, gorwom02.cre, haer10.cre, haer11.cre, haer13.cre, haer15.cre, haer19.cre, imoen.cre, imoen10.cre, imoen15.cre, imoen211.cre, imoen213.cre, imoen6.cre, jaga2.cre, jaga4.cre, keldor10.cre, keldor12.cre, keldor14.cre, keldor8.cre, keldor9.cre, kit.ids, korgan11.cre, korgan12.cre, korgan15.cre, korgan8.cre, korgan9.cre, mazzy11.cre, mazzy12.cre, mazzy15.cre, mazzy8.cre, mazzy9.cre, meronia.cre, pace.cre, parfig16.cre, parthf.cre, sevdru01.cre, ysgp02.cre, ysgp03.cre

Inventory Fixes

There were a lot of errors with equipment of creatures throughout the game:

  • Several creatures did not have items due to typos in the resource references. The results of the errors run the gamut from missing a minor treasure to the Trademeet genies lacking their melee attack weapon and Phaere not wearing armor. (arntra01.cre, cor.cre, cultist1.cre, cuphaer.cre, demosum4.cre, drow05.cre, excult1.cre, excult2.cre, genie01.cre, genie02.cre, genie03.cre, genie04.cre, gorcamb.cre, gorcamb6.cre, gorcamb7.cre, gorje.cre, gorsta10.cre, gorwom01.cre, hgfel01.cre, laune.cre, pirexe01.cre, pirsea01.cre, ppdjinn.cre, sahspc01.cre, senani03.cre, sendro03.cre, telimp1.cre, tirthold.cre, trgeni02.cre, trgeni03.cre, udchal.cre, udphae02.cre)
  • A handful of creatures were illegally using shields alongside two-handed weapons. (firarc01.cre, trple01.cre)
  • Various creatures have bows or slings, but are unable to use them due to a lack of ammo (or vice-versa). The Fixpack adds basic ammo or launchers to these creatures. (amarch01.cre, edwin12.cre, edwin13.cre, prisonk1.cre, refigh01.cre, yoshi11.cre)
  • The juggernaut golem summoned by the golem tome has special attack, but it's not referenced as his selected weapon so the golem attacks barehanded. The golem is supposed to be immune to +1 and normal weapons but lacked the correct item; he's only immune to normal weapons. (tomegol4.cre)
  • Two BG items can be imported and scattered in the opening dungeon; one is in a container near the dryads, and the other goes to Ilyich. Ilyich always receives armor, so it is now equipped by him as it is usually much, much better than his leather armor. (ilyich.bcs)
  • Many creature files have items listed in their creature files, but unassigned to an inventory space. In many cases, this is because the developers went with a special version of the item instead and left the old resource reference, i.e. Drizzt has a special pair of Boots of Speed equipped and an unused reference to normal Boots of Speed. The old references are removed. (amwyvern.cre, bazdra03.cre, bearbr01.cre, bearca01.cre, bearpo01.cre, bhelm.cre, bodhi.cre, bodhi2.cre, bodhiamb.cre, braiwa2.cre, c6bodhi.cre, c6drizz.cre, c6drizz2.cre, c6drizz3.cre, c6guen.cre, c6guen2.cre, catjag01.cre, catjagsu.cre, catjagwp.cre, catlio01.cre, catliosu.cre, catliowp.cre, catlis01.cre, catpan01.cre, cefald02.cre, chevil02.cre, cubodhi.cre, deck622.cre, dopgre01.cre, dopple01.cre, dragyell.cre, drizzt.cre, e32.cre, famcat.cre, famcat25.cre, famimp.cre, famqua25.cre, famquas.cre, famrab.cre, firkra02.cre, fsridd.cre, genie1.cre, golsan01.cre, hellho01.cre, hellil01.cre, idjinni.cre, kgenie1.cre, kgenie2.cre, korgan8.cre, korgan9.cre, korgan11.cre, korgan12.cre, lacedo01.cre, lacedo02.cre, mumgre01.cre, nwyvbab.cre, obsdem04.cre, plywyvrn.cre, ppbhaal.cre, pries12c.cre, resuna.cre, rielev.cre, riftcr03.cre, rngsta01.cre, rskel01.cre, sahlace.cre, sahoty01.cre, sendai2.cre, shape.cre, skele2.cre, skelet01.cre, skelhp1.cre, tranim03.cre, trevil05.cre, trgeni01.cre, uddeath2.cre, udlesa.cre, vbearca.cre, vvamn1.cre, weregrdr.cre, wolfdi01.cre, wraithsu.cre, wyvbab01.cre, ysfire02.cre)
  • Many creatures also have items that are in inventory slots but not equipped. (aegnoll.cre, aerie9.cre, ammerc07.cre, bhaal01.cre, c6coran.cre, c6elven2.cre, c6elvenw.cre, c6god.cre, c6lanf.cre, chgood09.cre, cowled.cre, d1ghost.cre, dacemist.cre, dagnoll.cre, delmist.cre, dragblac.cre, duearc01.cre, e32.cre, elekob01.cre, firmon02.cre, garkid02.cre, garock.cre, ghogr01.cre, gibbersu.cre, gibmut01.cre, gith04.cre, gnleli01.cre, gnlwar01.cre, gnoll01.cre, gnollhp1.cre, gorgith2.cre, gorkuo05.cre, hamasu.cre, hobcap01.cre, icliz01.cre, icliz02.cre, imoen.cre, imp01.cre, impqua01.cre, jaerto1.cre, jaerto2.cre, jondal.cre, kchild1.cre, kobcom01.cre, kobsla01.cre, kuowhi01.cre, lester.cre, pirmur02.cre, plfarm03.cre, plfarm06.cre, plmetg02.cre, plmetr01.cre, pries18c.cre, riftcr01.cre, rock.cre, rumar01.cre, rumar03.cre, sahbeh04.cre, sahcpt02.cre, sahextra.cre, sahimp01.cre, sahimp02.cre, sahimp03.cre, sahimp04.cre, sahimp05.cre, sahimp06.cre, sahimp07.cre, sahpri02.cre, sahramb1.cre, sahrnt01.cre, sarevok.cre, sarjai01.cre, suziyaad.cre, swsfoll1.cre, swsfoll6.cre, swshaman.cre, tanomist.cre, tasloisu.cre, teltief3.cre, tethto.cre, tethto2.cre, udduer01.cre, udimp.cre, uhogre03.cre, valemist.cre, vvshad1.cre, vvshad4.cre, warsage.cre, xvartsu.cre)
  • Some creatures have the wrong item types in slots; a very common error was mage robes being equipped in the cloak slot instead of armor. This batch of fixes also addresses creatures who have duplicate copies of the same item in their inventory due to malformed inventory lists. This will fix, for example, Aerie coming equipped with leather armor in one of her quickslots. (aerie10.cre, amlich01.cre, anomen6.cre, anomen7.cre, anomen8.cre, anomen9.cre, anomen10.cre, aran02.cre, bshop01.cre, corneil.cre, dario.cre, drush.cre, dshop01.cre, edwin12.cre, edwin13.cre, elders.cre, elearb01.cre, elearb02.cre, elearb03.cre, elearb04.cre, elearb05.cre, elearb06.cre, elearb07.cre, elearb08.cre, elearb09.cre, elearb10.cre, elearb11.cre, elekob01.cre, ffactor2.cre, flyfgt04.cre, garrick.cre, gerhardt.cre, gmage14.cre, gorfirg.cre, gorsta11.cre, gorwom03.cre, gromg05.cre, gromg08.cre, gromg13.cre, hlsion.cre, icgob02.cre, impqua01.cre, jaga4.cre, jamage1.cre, jamage2.cre, jameroni.cre, jan15.cre, jangit02.cre, kobcom01.cre, kpsold06.cre, kuocle20.cre, loveone5.cre, nalia8.cre, nalia10.cre, nalia11.cre, nalia13.cre, nalia15.cre, ogrema01.cre, ogrmag01.cre, plshom01.cre, ppsail03.cre, pwarden.cre, rigen02.cre, rskel03.cre, rumar01.cre, sarmag01.cre, scyarryl.cre, sewyag03.cre, shugmg01.cre, shupol01.cre, stein.cre, surly.cre, swsfoll1.cre, swsfoll6.cre, temsup.cre, thief5.cre, trfued05.cre, valyg9.cre, valyg11.cre, valyg12.cre, vara.cre, yaga01.cre)
  • Some creatures have weapons (even in weapon slots) but still attack barehanded because they have no weapon selected in their creature file. Others lacked a weapon outright. (aemess.cre, alex.cre, ammajira.cre, amtcle01.cre, amtcler0.cre, antenos.cre, arled.cre, bazeye01.cre, bguard1.cre, boo.cre, bounha02.cre, bounha03.cre, c6kach2.cre, ch3mag01.cre, chgood09.cre, chsam01.cre, chsam02.cre, copamb01.cre, copamb03.cre, copamb04.cre, dadrow11.cre, dadrow17.cre, dadrow20.cre, dadrow4.cre, daqilue.cre, dawnmas.cre, democler.cre, derrick.cre, drow04.cre, eyeegl01.cre, firorc02.cre, firorc03.cre, glad2.cre, gorcamb2.cre, gorcamb3.cre, gorpri1.cre, gromg05.cre, gromg08.cre, gromg13.cre, hgber01.cre, hgnya01.cre, hgskl01.cre, hgskl03.cre, hlassa.cre, hlketta.cre, hlketta2.cre, hlmage.cre, hprelate.cre, jolus.cre, kendak.cre, kuocle20.cre, magetest.cre, mvpries.cre, pace.cre, pcapt04.cre, pettin.cre, pirmur09.cre, ppaltk1.cre, ppaltk2.cre, ppguard3.cre, ppsail03.cre, ppsuna.cre, reband05.cre, recler01.cre, recler02.cre, rethie01.cre, rethug03.cre, rigen02.cre, ribald.cre, ryan.cre, sahamb03.cre, sahamb06.cre, salvanas.cre, sarcult.cre, sarcult2.cre, sarculto.cre, sarhal.cre, sarmag01.cre, sartem01.cre, sendai.cre, sendai2.cre, sendai8.cre, senorc01.cre, senorc03.cre, senpri01.cre, shape.cre, shugmg01.cre, shugpr01.cre, snake01.cre, snakeg01.cre, suna.cre, teltief3.cre, temsup.cre, thief5.cre, tobpar05.cre, trevil01.cre, trthf02.cre, turn.cre, uddear02.cre, uddrow14.cre, uddrow15.cre, uddrow31.cre, uddrow35.cre, udduer01.cre, udelf05.cre, udgirl.cre, udtrap05.cre, uhmer02.cre, vorsquir.cre, wauksna.cre, yaga02.cre, yaga04.cre, yssold14.cre, yssold16.cre, zilmag01.cre)
  • To avoid being pickpocketed, some items were placed in the head inventory slot. This ends protecting the creature illegitimately as anything in the helmet slot protects against critical hits, i.e. the Neb's Head item protects Neb from critical hits. These items are shifted to other slots to remove critical hit protection and to continue keeping these items from being pickpocketed. (jarlich.cre, neb.cre, ppjoye2.cre, pptroll1.cre, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre)
  • The mimic in the Umar Hills cave lacked a standard mimic item. (jugmim01.cre)
  • The Priest of Cyric was dual-wielding with a superior weapon in his offhand; it's now moved to his main hand. Instead of dual-wielding he uses a shield instead, as any scripted weapon change to his sling would cause crashes. (ar18prie.cre)
  • Monks get their special fists assigned by the engine, so existing unarmed monks in the game have their existing fists removed so that the new engine-generated fist can be slotted in and assigned automatically. (ammgrd01.cre, ammgrd02.cre, ammgrd03.cre, ammgrd04.cre, ammgrd05.cre, ammlegs.cre, ammonk01.cre, ammonk02.cre, ammonk03.cre, ammonk04.cre, ammonk05.cre, ammonk06.cre, balelite.cre, balth.cre, bazmonk.cre, cutamgrd.cre, killmonk.cre, parmonk.cre, senmonk.cre, thief7.cre, tobpar03.cre)

Joinable NPC Error Roundup

Many of the joinable NPCs have errors in their creature files, which are outlined below:

  • Aerie - Aerie had an extra star in clubs at level 7 mage/7 cleric. Aerie's spellbook lacked Flame Blade. Aerie is lacking two memorized priest spells at levels one and two. One version of Aerie had already-cast spells in her spellbook. (aerie6.cre, aerie7.cre, aerie9.cre, aerie10.cre, aerie11.cre, aerie12.cre)
  • Anomen - Anomen was shorted four proficiency stars at every level; Fixpack bumps up his sword and shield from one to two stars. Two stars are moved into spears even though Anomen can no longer use them since dualing to cleric (he mentions his prowess with spears in banter). At low levels the last point missing goes to staves; at higher levels where he already has staff proficiency he receives a second star in war hammers. Anomen has a non-zero value in his 'specifics' field, unlike all other joinable NPCs which can cause him to erroneously respond (or fail to respond) to group scripting actions. At his lowest level incarnation, Anomen's save vs. breath is wrong. Anomen retains access to Unholy Blight and Unholy Word if his alignment changes to good as part of his quest; these spells are now removed from his spellbook when his alignment changes. If Sir Anomen was killed, upon resurrection he would lose his title and become Anomen again due to a bad timing mode in the effect that changes his name. And finally, Anmoen had the druid-only Fire Seeds spell in his spellbook but was lacking Flame Blade, Unholy Blight, and Cause Serious Wounds. In SoA, one of his creature files was using the wrong portrait. Anomen was missing several memorized spells in all versions. One version of Anomen had already-cast spells in his spellbook. (anom25.bcs, anomen.bcs, anomen6.cre, anomen7.cre, anomen8.cre, anomen9.cre, anomen10.cre, anomen12.cre, cdlv3na.spl, cdlv7na.spl, cdrm313.eff, cdrm314.eff, cdrm710.eff, cdrm715.eff, spin678.spl)
  • Cernd - Cernd is missing a star in single weapon style at level 12. His level 13 versions also had some leftover BG-style proficiencies, which are removed. Cernd also had the cleric-only spells of Mental Domination, Champion's Strength, and Zone of Sweet Air in his spellbook but was missing Cure Disease. At high levels in SoA and ToB, Cernd's script was not assigned; among other things it prevented Cernd's SoA quests from starting if he was picked up at level 13 or above. All versions of Cernd are lacking two memorized priest spells at level one and two, and one spell at levels three and four. Multiple versions of Cernd had already-cast spells in his spellbook. (cernd10.cre, cernd12.cre, cernd13.cre, cernd13b.cre, cernd14.cre)
  • Edwin - All versions of Edwin have more memorized spell slots than he should. Edwin's soundset was not completely switching over when he becomes female. His animation cycles as a female can cause him to appear to glide, especially when under the effects of a spell that changes his movement rate. (edwin7.cre, edwin9.cre, edwin11.cre, edwin12.cre, edwin13.cre, edwin15.cre, edwin.bcs, edwinj.dlg, spin661.spl, spin662.spl, spin916.spl)
  • Haer'Dalis - Haer'Dalis has no pickpocketing ability at all and his resistances weren't properly set. One of his high-level versions had no spells in his spellbook. (haer10.cre, haer11.cre, haer13.cre, haer15.cre, haer19.cre)
  • Imoen - Post-Spellhold, Imoen's biography refers to her containment in the opening dungeon as if it was still current and she lost her battlecry sound as well. In her low-level versions her THAC0 is off by a point. In one of the post-Spellhold versions, she is not assigned her script. Imoen was shortchanged thieving points and gets boosts to her pickpocketing, open locks, and detect/disarm traps abilities. Imoen is short one proficiency star at all levels, and short two in her level 13 mage/7 thief versions. Imoen receives a star in short swords at all levels and one in single weapon style at higher levels. Two versions of Imoen were missing one memorized spell for levels one through three. (imoen10.cre, imoen15.cre, imoen211.cre, imoen213.cre)
  • Jaheira - If Jaheira joins at level 9 fighter/12 druid, her dexterity is 14. In all other versions of Jaheira her dexterity is 17. Jaheira is missing a proficiency star at level 9 fighter/12 druid and 10 fighter/12 druid. The missing point is allocated to scimitars, increasing her proficiency from one to two stars. Jaheira has an incorrect THAC0 score when joining the party that would correct itself at her next level-up. Jaheira had access to the cleric-only spells Remove Fear, Mental Domination, and Champion's Strength. She also has the cleric-only Zone of Sweet Air, but it's been confirmed with the devs as intended. All versions of Jaheira had missing memorized spells. Multiple versions of Jaheira had already-cast spells in her spellbook. (jahei12b.cre, jahei14.cre, jaheir7.cre, jaheir8.cre, jaheir11.cre, jaheir12.cre)
  • Jan - Jan was shorted thieving points and receives boosts in set trap, open locks, detect illusion, and detect/disarm traps. Jan was also not receiving his bonus spell for being a specialist mage. Jan's highest incarnation was short one proficiency point, which is placed into darts. (jan8.cre, jan10.cre, jan11.cre, jan12.cre, jan15.cre)
  • Keldorn - Keldorn is missing two proficiency stars at level 9 in long sword. At every level, Keldorn's saves are two points better than they should be. Due to a typo in his dialogue that sets a variable, Keldorn may be unable to rejoin if he leaves after complaining to go visit his family. Keldorn, under unusual circumstances, can spawn multiple zombies to fight when you meet him. Keldorn could also complain about meeting his family, but never actually left. (keldor8.cre, keldor9.cre, keldor10.cre, keldor12.cre, keldor14.cre, keldorj.dlg, keldorn.bcs)
  • Mazzy - Mazzy's soundset was lacking a few entries. Mazzy has an extra proficiency star at levels 9 and 12; the star is removed from her short sword proficiency. Mazzy's special Lay on Hands ability now uses a Lay on Hands icon instead of Cure Light Wounds. (mazzy8.cre, mazzy9.cre, mazzy11.cre, mazzy12.cre, mazzy15.cre, spin827.spl)
  • Minsc - Minsc had no spells in his spellbook. (minsc8.cre, minsc9.cre, minsc10.cre, minsc12.cre)
  • Nalia - Nalia is shorted one proficiency star at all levels. At levels below 4 thief/11 mage she gets a star in dart; at levels above this she gets a star in slings as she already has a dart proficiency. In versions of Nalia from level 12 mage/4 thief and up, Nalia's save vs. death is too high. The level 12 mage/4 thief version has an additional error: the quantity in her stack of arrows is set to 0. Some versions of Nalia have more memorized spell slots than she should. (nalia8.cre, nalia10.cre, nalia11.cre, nalia13.cre, nali15.cre, nali18.cre)
  • Sarevok - Sarevok's soundset is not completely switching over if he changes alignment. Sarevok's save vs. breath was also too low. (sarev25.bcs, sarevok.cre)
  • Valygar - In one of Valygar's incarnations, he's a level 11 ranger with 800,000 experience points. With that much XP, he should only be level 10 and his level is changed to correctly match his XP total. Valygar had no spells in his spellbook. (valyg8.cre, valyg9.cre, valyg11.cre, valyg12.cre, valyg14.cre)
  • Viconia - Viconia is short one proficiency star at all levels, and two stars short at levels greater than 12. She gets a star in sword and shield at all levels, and a second star in flails at levels greater than 12. Viconia no longer knows Fire Seeds (druids only), but should know Flame Blade. Viconia also knows Holy Smite, but this was confirmed as intended. At low levels, Viconia has an incorrect secondary script assigned. All versions of Viconia were missing several memorized spells. (viconi6.cre, viconi8.cre, viconi9.cre, viconi11.cre, viconi13.cre, viconi16.cre)
  • Yoshimo - Yoshimo has too many thieving points for his level and kit, and his stealth scores are bumped down to compensate. If Yoshimo dies from a petrification attack, he can drop an extra heart. Yoshimo could also be kept post-Spellhold (the geas should kill him) and this exploit is now closed. (yoshi7.cre, yoshi8.cre, yoshi10.cre, yoshi11.cre, yoshi12.cre, yoshimo.bcs, yoshimox.bcs)

In addition to the above, an additional bug with joinable NPCs is fixed. When one of the BioWare NPCs joins the party, the engine looks up which specific version of the creature to join the party in a table based on the PC's level. However, the table ended at level 25, so NPCs joining in SoA when the PC's level was higher than 25 would use their lowest-level version instead of their highest. The table is now extended so that they use their highest-level incarnation in these circumstances. (npclevel.2da)

Creature Alignment Corrections

The Fixpack changes the alignments of creature files with alignments that seem at odds with their BG2 behavior. For example, some instances of Jon Irenicus are chaotic good and there are other similar egregious errors, such as paladins that are not lawful good. These changes are important because they effect the operation of spells such as Detect Evil or items such as the Equalizer. We change the creature files to the alignments we believe make most sense for them; as there are inevitably judgment calls involved, please feel free to discuss any of these changes in the forums. These changes are based upon the changes originally made by Kish for the Oversight mod. Some of these have been moved into an optional component after listening to player feedback; see the Optional But Cool Documentation or check out the alignment discussion threads.

  • Changed to no alignment: Statue (shaava01.cre)
  • Changed to Lawful Good: Balthazar (balth.cre, cutbalth.cre), Branet Al-Thon (c6bran.cre), Dragon (pride test) (hdragsil.cre), Ellesime (suelle.cre, suelle2.cre, suelleap.cre), Eric Vanstraaten (c6eric.cre, c6eric3.cre), Errard (sarmag01.cre), Garren Windspear (garren.cre), Haletlatess Jillian (pwauk2.cre), Madulf (uhogre01.cre), Nerit (c6nerit.cre), Sleeping Dwarf (sleepdw.cre), William Reirrac (c6will.cre)
  • Changed to Lawful Neutral: Amnish Guard (bamng01.cre, bamng02.cre), Amnish Soldier (civamng1.cre), Cowled Enforcer (cowenf02.cre, cowenf1.cre, cowenf2.cre, cowenf3.cre, cowenf4.cre, cucow1.cre, cucow2.cre, cucow3.cre, cuwiz1.cre, cuwiz2.cre, cuwiz3.cre, cuwiz4.cre, cuwiz5.cre, cuwiz6.cre, cuwizc.cre, cuwizsu.cre), Cowled Wizard (cowld.cre, cowled.cre, cowled01.cre, cscowl1.cre, cscowl2.cre, cscowl3.cre, cscowl4.cre, cscowl5.cre, cscowl6.cre, cscowl7.cre, cscowl8.cre, cscowl9.cre, mage16c.cre, mage18a.cre), Finderlig (uddear03.cre), Goshan (shth02.cre), Guardian Vottnar (bhelm.cre), Higgold (bdhigg01.cre), Jariel (shthlt01.cre), Jermien (jugjer01.cre), Lord Milsire Donderbeg (fulord.cre), Lord Ophal (noblem3.cre), Major Domo (kpdomo01.cre), Mercenary of Riatvin (loutm02.cre), Metrich Footman (plmetg01.cre), Metrich Yeoman (plmetg02.cre), Monk (killmonk.cre), Nobleman (noblem1.cre, noblem2.cre), Perth the Adept (ppcowled.cre), Quint Roenal (quint.cre), Rattell (shthstor.cre), Sailor (pirsal01.cre, pirsal02.cre), Shvanana (bdprst01.cre), Teos (mgteos01.cre), Trax (trax.cre), Zallanora (mage18z.cre), Zaren (bdact05.cre)
  • Changed to Lawful Evil: Aboleth (daabol.cre), Adsaan (suadsaan.cre), Anishai (thief7.cre), Announcer (anno1.cre), Aran Linvail (aran.cre, aran02.cre), Archer (mgketg02.cre), Assassin (mvguard1.cre), Bandit (reband03.cre), Bessen (jaga1.cre), Bhaal (bhaal01.cre, ppbhaal.cre), Black Reaver (zilarc01.cre, zilfgt01.cre, zilfgt02.cre, zilmag01.cre), Booter (booter.cre, booter02.cre), Bounty Hunter (bounha02.cre, bounha03.cre), Copper Coronet Guard (copamb02.cre, copamb05.cre, guard2.cre, guard3.cre), Corneil (corneil.cre), Cultist Guard (cguard1.cre, cguard2.cre), Degardan (degard.cre), Deril (cederil.cre), Duergar (duearc01.cre, duegau01.cre, duegau02.cre, duergar.cre, duergar1.cre, duergar2.cre, duergar3.cre), Dunbar (ppright.cre), Frankie (copgreet.cre), Goblin Commando (elehob01.cre), Front (pirmur03.cre), Goon (korgoo01.cre, korgoo02.cre), Guard (pirmur04.cre, pirmur08.cre, pirmur11.cre, pirmur12.cre), Guard Capt (pirmur05.cre, pirmur06.cre, pirmur13.cre), Guard Captain (docsol03.cre), Hobgoblin Slayer (plshhg01.cre), Hobgoblin Wizard ( plshhg02.cre), Ilyich (duecla01.cre), Imp (mekimp01.cre), Isaea Roenall (isaea.cre), Jalaal (trrak03.cre), Jalin Tix (parfig16.cre), Joster (shth05.cre), Khollynnus Paac (mgkhol01.cre), Kobold Shaman (ppaltk1.cre), Lehtinan (lehtin.cre), Lieutenant Cleric (yaga04.cre), Lieutenant Mage (yaga02.cre), Llynis (llynis.cre), Lord Igen Tombelthen (rigen01.cre), Lord Ketlaar Argrim (argrim.cre, mgket01.cre), Madam Nin (madam.cre), Maferan (hlmafer.cre), Mage (duemag01.cre, duemag02.cre, rethug02.cre, sargrd06.cre, tolmag01.cre, tolmag02.cre), Mahar (parmonk.cre), Maharajah (mdrak.cre, rakmah01.cre, surakmah.cre), Man-at-Arms (mgketg01.cre), The Master Brain (udmaster.cre), Mekrath (hamek.cre), Observer Beholder (behobs01.cre), Officer Dirth (naldirt.cre), Olaf Rassmusen (hlolaf.cre), Orc (army01.cre), Orc Archer (sewarc01.cre, sewarc02.cre, sewyag02.cre), Philosopher (gphil02.cre), Pit Fiend (dempit.cre, dempit01.cre, dempitsu.cre, telpit2.cre), Pooky (sevpat03.cre), Rajah (rakraj01.cre, surakraj.cre), Rakshasa (sewrak01.cre, suraksha.cre, raksha01.cre, surakw1.cre, surakw2.cre, surakw3.cre, surakw4.cre), Rayic Gethras (ralej.cre), Revanek (hlrevan.cre), Ruhk (rakruh01.cre, surakruh.cre), Saadat (trrak02.cre), Sahuagin Priestess (obssah02.cre), Sailor (pirpir06.cre), Scrooloose (korscroo.cre), Sergeant Natula (mgass01.cre), Shadow Thief (stolethf.cre), Shady Character (mugger1.cre, mugger2.cre, mugger3.cre), Shagbag (korshag.cre), Skeleton Assassin (hgskl02.cre), Skeleton Cleric (hgskl01.cre), Skeleton Mage (hgskl03.cre), Slave Woman (hgslv01.cre), Slaver (rethie02.cre, rethie03.cre), Slayer (chalslay.cre, drslayer.cre, slayer.cre), Sorcerous Amon (sevpat02.cre), Suna Seni (resuna.cre), Surly (surly.cre), Thief (sargrd05.cre, sargrd09.cre), Thug (rethug01.cre, rethug03.cre, rethug04.cre, tantug01.cre, tantug02.cre, tantug03.cre), Tiana (tiana.cre), Traveler (rerak01.cre, rerak02.cre, rerak03.cre, rerak04.cre, rerak05.cre, rerak06.cre), Tyrian (mgass02.cre), Umar (rumar01.cre), Vaelag (vaelag.cre), Vilhelm (mgass03.cre), Yaga-Shura Mage (ysguar03.cre, ysmage01.cre, yssold14.cre), Yaga-Shura Officer (ysguar06.cre, yssold03.cre, yssold15.cre), Yaga-Shura Soldier (ysgrunt.cre, ysguar02.cre, ysguar04.cre, ysguar05.cre, yssold01.cre, yssold02.cre, yssold13.cre), Ziyaad (suziyaad.cre), Zyntris (mage8a.cre, mage8b.cre)
  • Changed to Neutral Good: Acolyte Lara (latlara.cre), Chan (elemchan.cre), Dawnbringer Alvanna (acolyte2.cre), Dawnbringer Sain (scsain.cre), Dawnmaster Kreel (cscleric.cre), High Mornmaster Arval (bharval.cre), Malchor Harpell (c6harp.cre), Morning Knight (proplat.cre), Mourner (mourner5.cre), Priest of Waukeen (amcler01.cre), Radeel (radeel.cre), Raissa (trskin01.cre), Renfeld (renfeld.cre)
  • Changed to True Neutral: Alatelo De Bonito (sevdru01.cre), Alenina (trtavp05.cre), Arnolinus (shop02.cre), Bel Dalemark (merchant.cre), Biff The Understudy (ffbiff01.cre), Black Market Thief (slshop01.cre), Brain Golem (udgolem.cre), Caravan Merchant (trcar04.cre), Carlig (udduer01.cre), Chyil (amcler02.cre), Clay Golem (golem01.cre, ppiron.cre), Commoner (bfishw1.cre, ffcrowd5.cre, sbutler.cre), Customer (trple04.cre), Druid (dgdru01.cre, gdruid.cre), Drush (drush.cre), Enge (shop04.cre), Galoomp the Bookkeeper (shop8.cre), Groundhog (grhog01.cre), Guardian Golem (obsgol01.cre), Guardian of the Source (trevil02.cre), Hes (shop06.cre, shop6.cre), Jaguar (jaguarsu.cre), Jahaboam (jahaboam.cre), Jailkeep Golem (igolem02.cre), Jerlia the Ore Merchant (scjerlia.cre), Joluv (wmart1.cre), Jospil (ttser1.cre), Kyland Lind (tdr10a.cre), Loren (drshlo01.cre, drshlo02.cre), Master Verthan (trevil03.cre), Merchant (trmer02.cre, yscara01.cre, yscara02.cre), Minotaur (uhogre03.cre), Mira (shop01.cre), Moose (moose.cre), Nobleman (ffcrowd1.cre, postul6.cre, trcut02.cre), Otyugh (iotyugh.cre, otyugh.cre, otyugh01.cre), Party's Dog (cpchick1.cre), Peddler (trmer01.cre), Perter (shop05.cre, shop5.cre), Pheasant (pheas01.cre), Qar Jysstev (scqar.cre), Raafee (trcar01.cre), Rabbit (rabbit.cre), Rabid Dog (dogwisu.cre), Raevilin Strathi (udtrap02.cre), Servant (ttser2.cre), Shadow Druid (cefgt02.cre, cefgt04.cre, tdr10b.cre, tdr6a.cre, tdr8a.cre, tdr8b.cre), Sir Parick (trnobm01.cre), Skeleton (ttskel.cre, uddoor07.cre), Sleeping Man (sleepmh.cre), Sleeping Woman (amfsleep.cre, sleepfh.cre), Spirit of the Grove (drshsp01.cre), Squirrel (squirl.cre, squirr.cre, wauksqu.cre), Storekeep (figpit.cre, shop07.cre, shop1.cre, shop2.cre, shop3.cre, shop4.cre, shop7.cre), Surly's Dog (cpchick2.cre), Tiris (trskin02.cre), Uda the Cook (ffcook.cre), Uder Mordin (uddear02.cre), Welther (welther.cre), Yarin (yarin.cre), Zombie (kelzomb.cre),
  • Changed to Neutral Evil: Antenos (antenos.cre), Bandit (reband04.cre, reband05.cre), Beastmaster (beast.cre), Bounty Hunter (pbhunt04.cre), Cleric (recler02.cre), Coordinator (ppireni1.cre), Crazyface (korcrazy.cre), Derg the Orc (firorc02.cre), Dermin Courtierdale (jadermin.cre), Dilav (redilav.cre), Dockhand Ogre (bdock1.cre, bdock2.cre), Duergar Sapper (sewdue01.cre, sewdue02.cre, sewyag01.cre), Dust Mephit (elemep08.cre), Earth Mephit (elemep06.cre), Eldarin (reeldar.cre), Elite Orog (seworo01.cre, sewyag03.cre), Fighter (sargrd07.cre, sargrd08.cre, sargrd10.cre, sargrd11.cre), Fire Mephit (elemep04.cre, obsfir02.cre), Gerg (firamb02.cre), Gorch (gorch.cre), Gracien (jamage1.cre), Hell Hound (hellho01.cre, obsfir05.cre), Ice Mephit (obsice02.cre), Jarlaxle (jarlaxle.cre), Jon Irenicus (cujon.cre, cujon2.cre, cujon3.cre, cujon4.cre, dpjon01.cre, dpjon02.cre, dream2.cre, driren.cre, drjon.cre, jon1.cre, ppireni2.cre, sujon.cre, sujon2.cre), Lady Lilith Lurraxol (trcut05.cre, trfued01.cre), Legdoril (legdor.cre), Lieutenant Fighter (yaga03.cre), Lin (lin.cre), Lord Roenall (kproen01.cre), Lord Skarmaen Alibakkar (trcut06.cre, trfued05.cre), Mage (hlmage.cre), Magma Mephit (elemep05.cre, obsfir03.cre), Malacazar (jamage2.cre), Mineral Mephit (elemep07.cre), Mugger (bmugg1.cre), Nadinal (jaga3.cre), Nobleman (copcust3.cre), Olhydra (elemhydr.cre), Ooze Mephit (elemep01.cre), Orc (firban04.cre, firban05.cre), Pitch (gpfam1.cre), Prison Captain (pcapt02.cre, pcapt03.cre, pcapt04.cre, pcapt05.cre, pcapt06.cre), Rengaard (rengaa.cre), Salt Mephit (elemep03.cre), Sethle (sethle.cre), Shadow Thief (arntra06.cre), Shagbag (shagbag.cre), Slaver Wizard (remage02.cre), Slayer (hellslay.cre), Smoke Mephit (obsfir04.cre), Smuggler (amsmug01.cre, dedsmug.cre), Sorsha (pardru.cre), Steam Mephit (elemep02.cre), Tamoko (chtaz02.cre), Tazok (chtaz01.cre, tazok.cre), Terrece (terrece.cre), Tiefling (teltief1.cre), Trainee (arntra02.cre)
  • Changed to Chaotic Good: Avatar of Rillifane (suavatar.cre), Captain Aduo'on (suelf12.cre), Elf (sarelf05.cre, sarelf06.cre, suelf1.cre, suelf2.cre, suendel5.cre, suendel6.cre), Elf Female (dreself2.cre, dreself4.cre, dreself6.cre, suendel4.cre), Elf Male (dreself1.cre, dreself3.cre, dreself5.cre, dreself7.cre, suendel3.cre), Elhan (c6elhan.cre, suelhan.cre), Elven Archer (suelfw13.cre, suelfw14.cre, suelfw15.cre), Elven Battle Mage (suelfw10.cre, suelfw11.cre, suelfw12.cre, suelfw9.cre), Elven Mage (daelf.cre, daelf2.cre), Elven Man (sarelf01.cre, sarelf02.cre), Elven Spirit (m05spir1.cre, m05spir2.cre), Elven War Guard (c6elven2.cre, c6elvenw.cre), Elven War Sage (warsage.cre), Elven Warrior (c6elf1.cre, chgood04.cre, chgood05.cre, cupris1.cre, cupris2.cre, m05elf1.cre, m05elf2.cre, sudead01.cre, sudead02.cre, sudead03.cre, suelf13.cre, suelf3.cre, suelf6.cre, suelf7.cre, suelf8.cre, suelfw1.cre, suelfw2.cre, suelfw3.cre, suelfw4.cre, suelfw5.cre, suelfw6.cre, suelfw7.cre, suelfw8.cre, suelleg1.cre, suendel1.cre, suendel2.cre, suendel7.cre, suendel8.cre, sumoon.cre), Elven Woman (sarelf03.cre, sarelf04.cre), Enslaved Genie (hellgen.cre), Golin (pirmur09.cre), Harper (jarev4.cre), Priestess Demin (sudemin.cre), Reirra (suelf10.cre), War Elf (udelf01.cre, udelf02.cre, udelf03.cre, udelf04.cre, udelf05.cre)
  • Changed to Chaotic Neutral: Aesgareth (gorcamb.cre), Amnish Centurion (slcent.cre), Anath (rngwlf01.cre, rngwlf02.cre, rngwlf03.cre, rngwlf04.cre, rngwlf05.cre), Aulava (crothf02.cre), Brannel (shthdr01.cre), Gereth (gereth.cre), Gromnir Il-Khan (gromnir.cre), Hanz (shth01.cre), Hectan (sarthf01.cre), Kretor (shth03.cre), Lanfear (c6lanf.cre), Lathan (shthlt02.cre), Morsa (shth04.cre), Rania (clrani01.cre), Saladrex (gorsal.cre), Squip (sarthf02.cre), Tiiro (crothf01.cre), Varia (shth06.cre), Vittorio (lout.cre)
  • Changed to Chaotic Evil: Acolyte Vilon (talvilon.cre), Alu-Fiend (telsuc1.cre), Amalas (ruffian.cre), Anarg (kaypal01.cre), Andante (ppduel1.cre), Andar the Pirate (pirpir02.cre), Assassin (pirmur02.cre, plass02.cre, plass03.cre, plass04.cre), Caehan (caehan.cre), Chandrilla (gppri1.cre), Chremy (pirpir05.cre), Cleric Of Talos (yssold16.cre), Darsidian Moor (trskin06.cre, trskin6b.cre, trskind2.cre), Desharik (ppdesh.cre, ppdesh2.cre), Dirbish the Black (ppduel2.cre), Drow (c6drow1.cre, uddoor01.cre, uddoor02.cre, uddoor03.cre, uddrow12.cre, uddrow14.cre, uddrow15.cre, uddrow18.cre, uddrow23.cre, uddrow24.cre, uddrow25.cre, uddrow26.cre, uddrow27.cre, uddrow28.cre, uddrow29.cre, uddrow31.cre, uddrow37.cre, udrunner.cre), Duel Coordinator (ppduelc.cre), Egg Guard (uddrow20.cre, uddrow21.cre), Entu (obshal01.cre), Ertof Dand (jaertof.cre), Fanatic (vicg2.cre), Galvena (pirmur01.cre), Gnoll (gnlwar01.cre, gnoll01.cre), Gnoll Captain (gnlcap01.cre), Gnoll Elite (gnollsu.cre, gnleli01.cre), Gnoll Slasher (gnlsla01.cre), Gnoll Veteran (gnlvet01.cre), Golden Skull (hlskull.cre), Handmaiden of Lolth (uddrow36.cre), Hobgoblin Archer (hobarc01.cre, hobarc02.cre), Hobgoblin Captain (hobcap01.cre), Hobgoblin Elite (hobeli01.cre), Hobgoblin Warrior (hobwar01.cre), Hobgoblin Wizard (hobwiz01.cre), Iko (jaga4.cre), Il-Khan Soldier (sarbul04.cre, sarbul05.cre, sarbul06.cre, sarbul07.cre), Ilmryn (uddrow06.cre), Iycanth the Mad (bazeye01.cre, bazeye02.cre), Jarden (jaerto1.cre), Kail (jaga2.cre), Kalah (kalah.cre, kalah2.cre), Kaol (kaol.cre), Ketta (hlketta.cre, hlketta2.cre), King Ixilthetocal (sahkng01.cre, sahkng02.cre), Lord Khellon Menold (trevil01.cre), Mencar Pebblecrusher (sevpat01.cre), Mistress Ada (talmiss.cre, talmiss2.cre), N'ashtar (gpmage1.cre), Necre (obshal03.cre), Ogre (ogre01.cre), Olben the Pirate (pirpir03.cre), Orog (rorcs01.cre), Pirate (pirpir01.cre, pirsea02.cre, pirsea03.cre, ppguard.cre, ppguarda.cre, pplackey.cre, pppirate.cre, ppsail01.cre, ppsail02.cre, ppsail03.cre, ppthf01.cre, ppthf02.cre), Pirate Bill (pirpir07.cre), Pirate Captain (pirsea01.cre), Pirate Dan (pirpir08.cre), Pirate Door Guard (ppdoor.cre), Pirate Jimmy (pirpir09.cre), Pirate Leader (ppldr01.cre), Pirate Mage (ppmag01.cre), Pirate Paul (pirpir11.cre), Pirate Newf (pirpir12.cre), Pirate Scotty (pirpir10.cre), Priest of Cyric (ar18prie.cre, slapri.cre), Priestess of Umberlee (ppumb01.cre), Qilue (daqilue.cre), Rejiek Hidesman (trskin03.cre, trskin3b.cre), Rune Assassin (tanthf01.cre), Samia (samia.cre), Shade Lord (shadel.cre), Simbja (gpsimb.cre), Smaeluv Orcslicer (sevpat04.cre), Storm Knight (clstkn01.cre, talkni01.cre, talkni02.cre), Stormherald Nallabir (nalla.cre), Taibela (obshal06.cre), Talon Nirkhas (cldad.cre), Talon Yarryl (scyarryl.cre), Talon Zogas (acolyte1.cre), Tamile (jaerto3.cre), Tiax (pptiax.cre, pptiax2.cre), Tiefling (teltief3.cre), Troll (eletro02.cre), Turg (jaerto2.cre), Vampire (dvampfl.cre, vampbat.cre), Weather Master (cltalp01.cre), Wurn (jaerto4.cre), Yaga-Shura Elite (yssold04.cre)

Animation Errors

  • Several fire giants use two-handed swords. However, the fire giant avatar lacks an animation for wielding and attacking with two-handed swords, so the giants appeared to attack unarmed. The animation is changed to an axe to allow the giants to not appear empty-handed while attacking. (giants01.itm)
  • A skeleton warrior in the North Forest was using the regular skeleton avatar. (ar18skel.cre)
  • Ellisime clones were using generic elf animations (clone1.cre)
  • Dradeel, trapped in the Asylum, is an elf but was using a human avatar. (ppdra2.cre, ppdradee.cre, redrad01.cre)
  • Shyressa, a female vampire, was using a male vampire avatar. (hlshyr.cre)
  • One of the peasants in the mob for Gaal's cutscene had female voiced lines but was using the male peasant animation. (cssupp2.cre)
  • Throughout SoA, it seems that BioWare were unable to decide what animations they should use for various demons. All glabrezu in SoA now use the new animation that shipped with ToB. All pit fiends now use the "raver" or ravager animation (for lack of one fitting the description more closely), and all baalor now use the winged demon animation. Although the changes only affects SoA (the animation choices in ToB were better), the glabrezu animation changes will only occur if you have ToB installed. (abisred1.cre, demgla01.cre, demglab.cre, demglab2.cre, demglasu.cre, dempit01.cre, enddem01.cre, enddem02.cre, gordem.cre, jondem01.cre, jondem02.cre, jondem03.cre, jondem04.cre, jondem05.cre)
  • Some Amnish guards and one zombie come equipped with bows and arrows. However, they lack an arrow shooting animation so the arrows appear to shoot out of their chest. The guards are changed to use their equipped melee weapons and the zombie to a normal zombie attack. (bamng01.cre, bamng02.cre, bhghoul5.cre, circg1.cre)
  • The wyvern and Tanar'ri animations had some bad offsets and frames that could cause occassional issues. (mtang21.bam, mtang21e.bam, mtang22.bam, mtang22e.bam, mtang23.bam, mtang23e.bam, mwyvg21.bam, mwyvg22.bam, mwyvg23.bam, mwyvg24.bam)
  • Lizardmen did not have their full suite of animations, which would sometimes result in them attacking as if they were using a weapon but without the weapon itself; see the Fixpack gallery for an example. The missing animation frames are imported from IWD. (mlizca1.bam, mlizca1e.bam, mlizca2.bam, mlizca2e.bam, mlizcca.bam, mlizccae.bam, mlizcgh.bam, mlizcghe.bam, mlizcgu.bam, mlizcgue.bam, mlizcsc.bam, mlizcsce.bam, mlizcsd.bam, mlizcsde.bam, mlizcsl.bam, mlizcsle.bam, mlizcsp.bam, mlizcspe.bam, mlizcwk.bam, mlizcwke.bam, mlizha1.bam, mlizha1e.bam, mlizha2.bam, mlizha2e.bam, mlizhca.bam, mlizhcae.bam, mlizhgh.bam, mlizhghe.bam, mlizhgu.bam, mlizhgue.bam, mlizhsc.bam, mlizhsce.bam, mlizhsd.bam, mlizhsde.bam, mlizhsl.bam, mlizhsle.bam, mlizhsp.bam, mlizhspe.bam, mlizhwk.bam, mlizhwke.bam, mlizqa1.bam, mlizqa1e.bam, mlizqa2.bam, mlizqa2e.bam, mlizqca.bam, mlizqcae.bam, mlizqgh.bam, mlizqghe.bam, mlizqgu.bam, mlizqgue.bam, mlizqsc.bam, mlizqsce.bam, mlizqsd.bam, mlizqsde.bam, mlizqsl.bam, mlizqsle.bam, mlizqsp.bam, mlizqspe.bam, mlizqwk.bam, mlizqwke.bam)
  • Colors assigned to various offhand weapons were being colored in the wrong locations on a character's paperdoll, the small image on their inventory screen. The Fixpack gallery has a before-and-after image for comparison. (wphaxinv.bam, wphaxoin.bam, wphflinv.bam, wphmcinv.bam, wplaxinv.bam, wplaxoin.bam, wplflinv.bam, wplmcinv.bam, wpmaxinv.bam, wpmaxoin.bam, wpmflinv.bam, wpmmcinv.bam, wpnaxinv.bam, wpnaxoin.bam, wpnflinv.bam, wpnmcinv.bam, wpsaxinv.bam, wpsaxoin.bam, wpsflinv.bam, wpsmcinv.bam)
  • Celvan and Cyrando are gnomes, but were using halfling avatars. (celvan.cre, cyrando.cre)
  • The elven mage fleeing in Ust Natha was using a human avatar. (daelf.cre, daelf2.cre)
  • Tazok is a half-ogre, but was using an orog animation. (chtaz01.cre, tazok.cre)

Several Errors With Familiars

In Throne of Bhaal, you have the option of feeding your familiar. The food is supposed to heal your familiar, but was not due to a bad spell reference. Familiars also had several discrepancies between their descriptions and their actual abilities where applicable:

  • Every familiar had an incorrect armor class and (where applicable) thieving skills, as dexterity bonuses were not being taken into account
  • Cat, ferret, rabbit familiars were unable to cast their spells as they had no casting button and/or their spellbooks were encoded in their files incorrectly. They also had already-cast spells in their spellbooks.
  • SoA pseudo dragons did not have their proper magic resistance or weapon
  • ToB pseudo dragons did not have their proper magic resistance and inexplicably lost 8 strength from SoA
  • SoA rabbit had incorrect magic and elemental resistances as well as the wrong weapon
  • ToB rabbit had incorrect elemental resistances
  • SoA fairy dragons had incorrect elemental resistances and the wrong weapon
  • SoA fairy dragons had incorrect hit points and the wrong weapon
  • SoA cat received the full soundset that its ToB counterpart has and had zero attacks per round
  • ToB cat had zero attacks per round
  • SoA quasit was using the wrong weapon
  • ToB quasit changed coloring from SoA to ToB
  • ToB dust mephit lost spells from SoA to ToB
  • Fairy dragons and pseudodragons used the imp icon when stored in inventory
  • In ToB, feeding the familiar was supposed to help heal it
  • Imp and quasit attacks lacked attack icons in the quick bar and were poisoning enemies
  • Familiars will give the PC their inventory when returning to the pack, eliminating any mule exploits
  • Descriptions of the familiars and the Find Familiar spell itself was updated to reflect actual abilities

(strrefs #4432-4438, #41385, #45889, #72757 , #72760, #72762-72767, cdfampsd.itm, famcat01.wav, famcat.cre, famcat25.cre, famdust.cre, famdus25.cre, famfai25.cre, famfai25.itm, famfair.cre, famfair.itm, famfer.cre, famfer25.cre, famil125.dlg, famil225.dlg, famil325.dlg, famimp.cre, famimp25.cre, fampsd.cre, fampsd.itm, fampsd25.cre, fampsd25.itm, famqua25.cre, famquas.cre, famrab.cre, famrab25.cre, imp.itm, impclaw.itm, impqua.itm, quasclaw.itm, hastring.itm)

Name Fixes

  • All of Gromnir's troops were named 'Il-Khan Soldier' except the two which were inexplicably named 'Gromnir Soldier'. (sarbul04.cre, sarbul05.cre)
  • Creatures in the game get two names, one used in dialogue and the feedback window, and a second name that appears on a scroll when a mouse hovers over them (also known as a tooltip). In several cases these should match but do not. (alphonse.cre, behobs01.cre, behspe01.cre, elesah02.cre, gendjn01.cre, genefn01.cre, kptrol06.cre, kuotoa01.cre, lasmist.cre, obsfir01.cre, obssah03.cre, pirpir06.cre, ppbodbat.cre, ppdjinn2.cre, ppmind01.cre, rngbeh01.cre, sahbar01.cre, sahextra.cre, sahgrd01.cre, sahgrd02.cre, sahgrd03.cre, tanomist.cre, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, udelder.cre, valemist.cre, vampbat.cre)
  • Several creatures have names but were not using them in-game and were instead using generic monikers. For example, the ranger guarding Valygar's cabin is named Derrick but was using 'ranger' as his name. The strings were only added if they existed in game; no new strings were added. In a few cases, the given name and apparent name did not match. (arnboy01.cre, korcrazy.cre, korpimg1.cre, shop03.cre, valran01.cre)

Inconsistent Creatures

  • Of the four mephit-spawning portals in the opening dungeon, one had a different dexterity than the other three. In all other ways they are the same. (mephsp1.cre)
  • The two different versions of the wish genie vary wildly from one another. One is now cloned from the other. (wish01.cre)
  • The six djinnis who possess the pieces of King Strohm III's mask were inconsistent from one another and had miscellaneous errors. (ddguard2.cre, ddguard3.cre, ddguard4.cre, ddguard5.cre, ddguard6.cre)
  • High Merchant Logan Coprith has two different copies of his creature file, one for the cut scene and his regular one. There were significant differences between the two, such as equipment, class, level, etc. As one is only used for a cut scene, his regular creature file was cloned and adjusted for the cut scene. (trcut07.cre)
  • The version of Dawnmaster Kreel that is in the Morninglord Temple has different clothing, coloring, and equipment than the version of him that appears outside to denounce the Unseeing Eye cultists. (dawnmas.cre)
  • If the player polymorphs into an ogre via Polymorph Self, the ogre's coloring will change on reloads due to random color assignments. (plyogre.cre)

Anath and Other Lycanthropes Well-Nigh Invincible

Anath and a few other lycanthropes were using an old BG item (ringloup.itm) that protected them from all but 'cold iron' weapons. Cold iron is an old BG flag that was used to determine which items could hurt lycanthropes, as BG had no enchantment levels to determine who could hit what. In BG2, this flag is all but unused (weapon enchantment is used instead) which is why only a very few (and very random) weapons would hurt Anath or other creatures with this item equipped. The item is replaced with a standard item that provides lycanthrope abilities.

... and the standard item that provides lycanthrope abilities had its own bug. The regeneration effect was set not to be in effect while equipped, but permanently. Every time the game was reloaded in an area with someone wearing this item, the regeneration effect would get applied again. This could lead to wolfweres regenerating at fantastic rates, much too high to be killed via anything other than a spell or effect that killed instantly. (firwlf01.cre, firwlf02.cre, ringwolf.itm, rngwlf01.cre, rngwlf02.cre, rngwlf03.cre, rngwlf04.cre, rngwlf05.cre, weregr01.cre, weregrdr.cre)

Lilarcor's Glowing Pool Is A Man, Baby

The glowing pool used in Lilarcor's quest is handled by an invisible creature that provides the dialogue to begin the quest. However, the invisibility is susceptible to a Dispel Magic revealing a creature with the name 'Glowing Pool'. The invisibility can no longer be dispelled. (sewsw.cre)

Creatures Worth Wrong XP

The glabrezus in the ranger stronghold quest and at the Sulanessalar temple were providing zero experience when defeated. Habib, the scimitar-throwing idiot, also yielded zero experience as did Renfeld's attackers. The infinite fire giants attacking Saradush no longer yield XP since they do't fight back. (demgla01.cre, demglab2.cre, habib.cre, habib2.cre, rethug02.cre, rethug03.cre, sarfaki2.cre, sarfakie.cre)

'Invincible' Creatures Could Still Be Killed

Creatures that must stay alive for plot- or dialogue-related reasons (i.e. Irenicus at Spellhold) have a special item equipped that prevents any and all forms of death. However, the item was not quite protecting against everything. Shapechanging into a mind flayer and killing such creatures via intelligence drain is a common way around this item, for example. The invincibility item has been beefed up to protect against additional fatal attacks. The item was also allowing many subsidiary effects of attacks go through, potentially confusing the player--i.e. it would prevent level drains but not the 'X levels drained' messages. (minhp1.itm, ppireni1.cre, ppireni2.cre)

Celestial Fixes

  • Evil and good planetars had significant differences in their regeneration rates.
  • Evil planetars did not have Dispel Magic available and were using Holy Word instead of Unholy Word
  • Planetars and fallen devas are all set as 25th level characters. Devas, however, are level 30, which affects their spellcasting abilities. Devas are reduced to level 25 to be inline with the other celestials.
  • If you summon a hostile planetar via a wish spell, it used the same script as a summoned planetar which would cause it to cast beneficial spells on the party despite being hostile. This has been changed to use its intended, hostile script.
  • When celestials such as devas or planetars attack, their glowing weapons turn into plain looking weapons. This fix corrects this bug so that their weapon looks consistent all the way through their attacks. A before-and-after screenshot is available in the Fixpack screenshot gallery.
  • Fallen devas have their own script but were instead using the script of normal devas. This causes the devas to behave slightly differently in their combat scripting and properly display different effects when they perish. A discrepancy between the number of spells memorized between devas and fallen devas is also fixed.

(devaevil.cre, devagood.cre, maslg2bw.bam, maslg2s1.bam, msolg2bw.bam, msolg2s1.bam, planet01.cre, plangood.cre, planwish.cre)

Creature Innate Immunity Fixes

Golems used a mishmash of items to provide their normal immunities, and often these immunities were incomplete or the golem did not have its immunity item equipped. Liches are supposed to be protected from summoned demons and dragons are supposed to be immune to many projectiles such as arrows and axes. A common item used to give undead a bevy of special abilities had a typo, making undead immune to Lightning instead of Hold Person.Mordenkainen's Swords were missing immunities to many effects. Vampires were not immune to disease. Undead can be held but the sparkly animation that runs with it re-uses the same animation as charm, so it typically got blocked. (arngol01.cre, cdunhvis.eff, cdunhvis.vvc, cdvis.eff, csgolem.cre, dragring.itm, golbra.itm, golcla.itm, golfle.itm, golem01.cre, golice01.cre, golmag01.itm, golstone.itm, icbone01.cre, igolem01.cre, igolem02.cre, igolfle1.cre, igolfle2.cre, igolfle3.cre, igolfle4.cre, ipsion.itm, irongol.itm, jonhp1.itm, lich.itm, ring95.itm, spcl742.spl, spwi324.spl, sword01.cre, vampreg.itm, vampreg1.itm, vampreg2.itm, xgolem.cre)

Troll Fixes

A quick background on how trolls work in the engine before an explanation of the fixes is in order. Trolls are equipped with an item that keeps their hit points from going below one to prevent them from being killed via traditional means. When they reach one hit point, they're replaced with a 'dead' troll--the dead version only has one hit point, but is immune to any damage save fire or acid. (Incidentally, this transformation is also why trolls sometimes seem invincible if the party is doing too much damage too quickly: the troll never gets a chance to swap creature files.) The dead troll has a scripted timer that if it isn't killed fast enough it replaces itself with the live version again. The whole affair is a bit flaky in the engine, and several bugs regarding trolls have been fixed:

  • Many trolls were not flagged as trolls in their race or class, preventing troll-specific effects (like the instant kill ability of Crom Faeyr) from working
  • The 'dead' trolls were killable by poison, despite the game explicitly requiring acid or fire to destroy them
  • Some trolls had the wrong item equipped, meaning they were not only unable to drop below one hit point but were also immune to many other fatal and non-fatal effects
  • As a consequence of the above, some scripts had to be updated to point to the new item
  • Scripts that transform the trolls were not strict enough in their triggers; for example a troll killed via Finger of Death would still spawn the dead version that could only be killed via fire or acid, allowing XP to be gained twice
  • Several trolls lacked their item that prevented them from reaching zero hit points or were not scripted to have a dead version, thus removing the requirement of using acid or fire to kill them
  • Some trolls had differences between their original, 'dead', and revived versions, such as mismatched XP, coloring, level, and species (freshwater trolls revived as giant trolls)
  • The 'dead' versions of several trolls had more than one hit point and have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Restored Nilthir's combat script; she now has a few spells to cast
  • Fire trolls had a special animation that played when they died, but it did not play if they were killed with an instant-death effect
  • TorGal's level was set way too low, making her susceptible to insta-kill effects like Cloudkill. Torgal also lacked the item that provided normal troll immunities.

(ar1300.bcs, cdtroll1.bcs, cdtroll1.cre, cdtroll1.spl, cdtroll2.bcs, cdtroll2.cre, chaltrol.bcs, dgtrol01.bcs, dgtrol02.bcs, drshnl01.bcs, drshnl01.cre, drshnl11.bcs, drshnl11.cre, drshnl21.bcs, drshnl21.cre, drshnl21.spl, eletro01.bcs, eletro01.cre, eletro01.spl, eletro03.bcs, eletro03.cre, firamb03.bcs, firamb05.bcs, firamb05.cre, firtrl01.bcs, firtrl01.cre, firtrl01.spl, firtrl02.bcs, firtrl02.cre, hgtrl01.bcs, hgtrl01.cre, kptrol01.cre, kptrol02.cre, kptrol03.cre, kptrol04.cre, kptrol05.cre, kptrol06.cre, kptrol13.bcs, kptrol13.cre, kptrol13.spl, kptrol23.bcs, kptrol23.cre, obsice01.bcs, obsice01.cre, obsice01.spl, obsice11.bcs, obsice11.cre, pptroll1.bcs, pptroll1.cre, pptroll1.spl, pptroll2.bcs, pptroll2.cre, rogtro01.bcs, rogtro01.cre, sutroll.bcs, sutroll.cre, sutroll.spl, sutroll2.bcs, sutroll2.cre, torgal.cre, torgal2.bcs, torgal2.cre, torgal3.bcs, torgal3.cre, torgal3.spl, trolde01.bcs, trolde01.cre, trolde02.cre, trolfr01.bcs, trolfr01.cre, trolfr02.cre, trolgi01.bcs, trolgi01.cre, trolgi02.cre, trolic01.bcs, trolic01.cre, trolic02.cre, trolic03.bcs, trolic03.cre, trolic04.cre, troll01.bcs, troll01.cre, troll02.cre, troll03.bcs, troll03.cre, trolldie.itm, trollens.cre, trolsi01.bcs, trolsi01.cre, trolsi02.cre, trollsm2.bcs, trollsm2.cre, trolsn01.bcs, trolsn01.cre, trolsn02.cre, trolsp01.bcs, trolsp01.cre, trolsp02.cre, troluo01.cre)

Djinni/Efreet Fixes

Similar to trolls, djinnis and efreeti turn to gas at low HP to regenerate for a while and then return fully healed through a couple of creature substitutions. As part of this allied djinn/efreet would return as hostile versions, or noble versions would return as normal. Djinnis would display a 'Contingency-Stoneskin' string in combat, but it was actually Protection From Magical Weapons being applied. They are also altered to use their abilities when summoned by the players. The efreeti summoned by the special Efreeti Bottle had no scripting, so it didn't use any of its special abilities. (cdgasnd.bcs, cdgasnd.cre, cdgasnd.spl, cdgasnd2.spl, cdgasne.bcs, cdgasne.cre, cdgasne.spl, cdgasne2.spl, djinni01.bcs, djinni04.bcs, efreet01.bcs, efreet04.bcs, sumefree.cre)

Critters Should Love Elves, Druids, and Rangers

Some creatures, such as pheasants and deer, run away from the party. However, they're not supposed to run away from elves, druids, or rangers. Unfortunately, the script was only having them stay if all three conditions are true, i.e. if the character was an elf, druid, and ranger--which is impossible. The script now checks for one of those three conditions to be true. (genshy.bcs)

Lesser Clay Golems in Opening Dungeon Could be Killed Twice

In the opening SoA dungeon, the player can encounter two inert lesser clay golems. These golems become active and are summoned to the alarm in the bedroom. The change from the inert to active forms is scripted--but the check was never bothering to see if the golems were already dead. This eliminates the ability to kill them twice and earn XP both times. (igolfle1.bcs, igolfle2.bcs)

'Devour Brain' Message From Mind Flayer Attack Not Appearing

On a successful intelligence draining attack by a mind flayer, the string 'devour brain' is supposed to appear in the message window. The string was being erroneously delayed for 300 seconds after the attack, preventing it from appearing. (mindflay.itm)

Juggernaut Golem Dies Immediately When Summoned By Clone

The juggernaut golem dies instantly if summoned via a simulacrum, unlike every other golem. (tomegol4.bcs)

Weakening Bodhi Does Not Stop Her Regeneration

Elhan gives the party elven holy water prior to sending the party off to confront Bodhi. The party can use the holy water in the blood pool to weaken the vampires; one of the consequences of this is that Bodhi's item that makes her regenerate is removed. This was not occurring due to a typo in the script. Other effects of her weakness were also being prevented from another item, which is temporarily removed to allow the effects to occur. (c6bweak.bcs)

Hendak's Cellmate Lethargic

Hendak's fellow gladiator never leaves the area to go enjoy his freedom. Once the cell is opened, he will also make a break for it. (glad2782.bcs)

Illusionary Werewolves Doing Actual Damage

The illusionary werewolves in Kalah's tent are supposed to do no damage (unless attacked). However, the engine was granting them the standard +4 to attack and +4 damage against unarmed characters and characters equipped with ranged weapons, resulting in damage. (illusion.itm)

Bad Moon Dog Avatar

The avatar for the Moon Dog had serious issues (very pixelated) and is replaced as a bugfix. The Fixpack Screenshot Gallery has before-and-after shots of this graphical glitch--the original is in the left column and the replacement is on the right. Because the moon dog has a cyclical glowing effect the brightness varies from frame to frame. (mdog_mo.bmp)

Errors With Summoned Creatures

Most player-accessible summoned creatures were summoned with zero experience value, but some were not. The same issue exists for items on the creatures--a handful could drop their weapons or gold. Summoned creatures could also experience morale failure. The weapons of summoned creatures were either blank or 'skull'. These are changed to the very generic 'attack'. If a summoned creature was imprisoned, it forever counted against the party's summoning cap of five. Summoned ettercaps and wyverns never used their poison abilities. Animal summons would often not do anything because they were too busy using shouts. (b1-6.itm, b1-8.itm, b1-8m1.itm, b1-10m2.itm, b1-12.itm, b1-12m3.itm, b1-20m3.itm, b1-20m4.itm, b2-16.itm, b3-24.itm, b4-32.itm, b4-32m3.itm, b4-32m4.itm, basilg1.itm, basilg2.itm, basilg3.itm, basill1.itm, basill2.itm, bearblsu.cre, bearbrsu.cre, bearcasu.cre, bearposu.cre, c6guen.cre, carrio1.itm, catjag.itm, catlio.itm, catliosu.cre, catliowp.cre, cdwi910.eff, cdwi917a.spl, cdwi917a.eff, dagnoll.cre, demglasu.cre, djinnisu.cre, dogwasu.cre, dogwawp.itm, dogwisu.cre, efreetsu.cre, elairl.itm, etterc1.itm, etterc2.itm, ettercap.bcs, ettercsu.cre, figspid.itm, fireelel.itm, fireelem.itm, gender.ids, genscim.itm, ghast1.itm, ghastsu.cre, gibbersu.cre, golfle.itm, golcla.itm, golsto.itm, gnollsu.cre, haksu.cre, hamasu.cre, hobgobsu.cre, jellmu1.itm, koboldsu.cre, lacedo.itm, mistpo.itm, nishrusu.cre, nishruu.itm, nymphsu.cre, ogre1.itm, ogregrsu.cre, ogremasu.cre, p1-4.itm, p1-8.itm, p1-8m1.itm, p3-12m4.itm, rabbitsu.cre, s1-8.itm, s1-10m4.itm, sahangu.cre, sahlace.cre, sahskel.cre, sahzomb.cre, senstalk.cre, servsu.cre, skelwasu.cre, smoundsu.cre, spidgisu.cre, spidgi1.itm, spidph1.itm, spidphsu.cre, spidsw1.itm, spidswsu.cre, spin580.spl, spin626.spl, spin788.spl, spwi910.spl, spwi917.spl, stalke.cre, stalkesu.itm, sumdjinn.cre, sumefree.cre, sumelair.cre, sumelear.cre, sumelfir.cre, sumsht01.bcs, sumsht02.bcs, tasloisu.cre, telelfir.cre, telicesa.cre, tomegol1.cre, tomegol2.cre, tomegol3.cre, tomegol4.cre, wish01.cre, wish02.cre, wolfdisu.cre, wolfwi1.itm, wolfwi2.itm, wolfwisu.cre, wolfwwsu.cre, worgsu.cre, wraith1.itm, wyvern1.itm, wyvern.bcs, wyvern2.itm, wyvernsu.cre, xvartsu.cre)

Creatures Have Illegal Attribute Scores

A number of creatures had attributes exceeding the maximum score of 25, including Anath of the Umar Hills. The scores are adjusted to the maximum value of 25. (bonebld.cre, deadb01.cre, deadb02.cre, deadb03.cre, firwlf01.cre, firwlf02.cre, rngwlf01.cre, rngwlf02.cre, rngwlf03.cre, rngwlf04.cre, rngwlf05.cre, sword01.cre)

Ice Mephit Errors

Two ice mephits were copied from radiant mephits, but a number of things were not updated to be inline with ice mephit stats. They had incorrect color, AC, dexterity, resistances and melee weapon. These two and another ice mephit had magma ball memorized instead of ice shard. (mepice01.cre, mepice02.cre, obsice02.cre)

Waukeen's Promenade Bystanders Can use BG Dialogue

Under unlikely circumstances, one of the gawking bystanders in Waukeen's Promenade could switch over to a leftover BG dialogue due to using a leftover BG script. (bystand2.cre)

Guardian in Firkraag's Lair Not Always Appearing

The final guardian in Semia's sidequest in Firkraag's dungeon could be a little flaky, specifically when detecting if the player was wearing the Mask of King Strohm. (ddguard7.bcs)

Creatures Disappearing Prematurely

There is a madman in the temple district that was rarely, if ever, encountered. During the day time, his script would force him to leave permanently so the party only had a chance to meet him if they never entered the temple district during the day. The area file is altered so that the madman is still only available at night, but will not leave permanently if the party enters during the day. A Priest of Talos had the exact same issue in the Promenade. A boy in the Temple district was re-using Burch's script--Burch is the son of Hannah, the women trapped in Kalah's circus--so they would leave after Hannah's quest is done. A 'helpful man' offers advice to the party when they first arrive in Athkatla, but he was leaving prematurely. (ar0700.are, ar0900.are, burch1.cre, vvhelp.cre, vvhelp.dlg, vvpriest.cre)

Errors with Dace at Spellhold

If you kill Dace before he speaks then you cannot stake his body, preventing escape from Spellhold. His body is supposed to disappear, but could fail due to a flaky trigger. He also has a custom Flame Strike that he wasn't using. (ppjoye.cre, ppjoye2.bcs, ppjoye2.dlg)

Water Elementals Shouldn't Move

Water elementals weren't blocking 'wing buffet'-style effects (like Staff of the Ram), so they could be pushed off their water pools. . (elemhydr.itm, waterele.itm)

Spider Polymorphs Should be Immune to Web

The spider form from polymorph self and druid shapeshifting should be immune to web. (plyspid.itm)

Air Form of the Chromatic Demon Should be Subject to Poison

Per all of the hints in the level, the PC should be able to poison the Chromatc Demon's air form. However, the demon was using a standard demon immunity item that, among other things, blocks poison. The air form now uses a copy of the normal demon ring sans the poison protection. (cdrngchr.itm, spin602.spl, spin603.spl, spin604.spl, spin605.spl)