BG2 Fixpack Docs: Dialogue Fixes

This documentation is complete as of Version 12 and will contain game spoilers. Fixes included in the BETA Core Fixes are listed in red.

Dialogue Fixes

'No Valid Links or Replies' Fixes

If a dialogue reaches a point where it can't find a valid branch on which to proceed, it displays 'No valid links or replies'. Fixpack addresses these errors:

  • Belmin Gergas, the elf-hater on Waukeen's Promenade, has no valid triggers (except for his one shot NPC banters) if the player has a mod NPC or a multiplayer character that is elven. There are also issues with the Jaheira/Aerie/Viconia banters--if they're in the party but not valid for dialogue, or if the random number check fails, he will also have no valid banters. His triggers are adjusted so that he will always have something to say. (belmin.dlg)
  • Under certain circumstances--buy the slaves in Ust Natha, with no equipment, and Jaheira and Nalia are either not in the party or not valid for dialogue--the Slave Leader dialogue will end prematurely with a 'No Valid Links' error. (daslave1.dlg)
  • In the Trademeet tavern, representatives of the two dueling families can have a fight. After one (or both) are dead, a militia wizard appears. If one of the two duelists is still alive, they'll initiate dialogue. In the process of the dialogue, they increment a variable that leaves the wizard with no valid dialogue. The wizard now checks his own unique variable so he'll properly comment on the duel and the families. (ar2010.bcs, trfued11.dlg)
  • The player can use an 'evil' method of removing Faldorn and her shadow druid cabal by poisoning the grove. If the party does this while Cernd is not in the party, he is left with no valid dialogue. Cernd now turns hostile under these circumstances. (cernd.bcs)
  • One of the commoner dialogues has an interjection by Valygar, but the trigger is checking for the presence of Viconia. If Valygar is not in the party, this can end the dialogue prematurely. (gmtown02.dlg)
  • If you respond "No, you don't. You can leave our group, if that is what you wish." in Viconia's love talk that begins "Do not stand so close to me. It is bad enough that I have to smell your stench on the occasional breeze... must I also bask in your rancid aura?" the dialogue will have no valid replies or links due to a broken branch. (bviconi.dlg)
  • If the player retrieved Mekrath's mirror and then killed Mekrath, Haer'Dalis would be free but would have no valid dialogue, preventing completion of the quest. (haerda.dlg)
  • When the party first meets Cernd, he tries to explain the problems at the grove. At one point he appeals to Jaheira, Minsc, or to the PC (if the PC is a druid or ranger). Under rare circumstances, this transition could exit prematurely. (cernd.dlg)
  • In certain situations, the Majordomo could have no valid links after the flood event at the Keep due to some bad logic in his dialogue. (kpdomo01.dlg)
  • One of the prisoners in Aran Linvail's dungeon could have no valid links due to some bad random triggers. (arnman01.dlg)
  • The two nobles mourning their lost butler Jeeves only had something to say in their first dialogue with the player, otherwise it was NVLOR. They now have something to say always, and will eventually leave. (ar0800.bcs, mourner3.cre, mourner3.dlg, mourner4.dlg)
  • Dace the Spellhold apparition, could end up with NVLOR under certain cirumstances. (ppjoye2.dlg)

Minor Dialogue Errors

  • Gracie at the Sea's Bounty has a banter with Edwin where she flirts heavily and reminds him of their past affair, but there's no check to make sure Edwin is not currently under his nether scroll transformation. Being as she mentions his (current) beard, a check is added. (sbwench.dlg)
  • If you use the wardstone to enter Spellhold and encounter Irenicus in his role as 'Director', he is supposed to unlock and open a door via his dialogue. One of the branches (the hostile one) will unlock but not open the door due to a malformed action. (ppireni1.dlg)
  • If you speak to either Necre or Entu, all dialogue options lead to combat. Unfortunately, only the one with whom you're speaking goes hostile instantly as the action to make the other is malformed. (obshal01.dlg, obshal03.dlg)
  • Zaren, as part of the play put on during the bard stronghold, has the following line: "Now go, my pupil... leave me with my bride. I shall touch her cold and unrelenting cheek once more... tonight a part of me has died inside." After this line, Marcus, playing the part of the pupil, is supposed to move away but does not due to a malformed move action. (bdact05.dlg)
  • Marcus' dialogue is supposed to trip a cut scene but has a malformed initiation action. (bdact06.dlg)
  • Biff the Understudy's flubbed line in the opening play prompts Raelis to come out and address the crowd, but the dialogue initiation has a malformed target. (ffbiff01.dlg)
  • If the party is mean to the lost child in the Docks, she is supposed to run away. If Keldorn or Viconia interject, however, she erroneously stays put. (dlost.dlg)
  • Captain Arat has specific dialogue for the PC after the drawbridge is lowered. Due to a loose trigger, this dialogue could occur while the drawbridge was still up. (kpcapt01.dlg)
  • If speaking to Aran in Chapter 7, Aran would behave as if the party had not gone to Spellhold already. There were also some flaky reputation checks when asking for help that are fixed. (aran.dlg)
  • Aerie's banter file had malformed move command when she gets upset and leaves the party. (baerie.dlg)
  • Aerie initiates a banter with the nearest party member when you first enter the Underdark. Given that she mentions the PC's missing soul, she will now initiate the banter with the PC. (ar2100.bcs)
  • Jiscanan is the younger son, not the oldest (strref #8848)
  • In the Spellhold dream, the option to sacrifice your skill to enter Candlekeep is not actually an option. (strref #44795)
  • At the conclusion of Keldorn's family quest, you cand have him reconcile with his wife and spend a day with his family. The associaed journal entry indiciated a wekk, however. (strref #48015)
  • Neb is a gnome, not a dwarf, but various dialogues refer to him as a dwarf. (strref #48184, #48202, and #50121)
  • Jenna, one of the actors in the Playhouse, doesn't have a comment at some levels of play quality. (bdact03.dlg)
  • You can ask Oisig or Nallabir about the events in chapter two (rescuing Imoen or the guild war) after they've been resolved. (bhnalla.dlg, bhoisig.dlg)
  • You can also report your progress in the Unseeing Eye quest. (bhnalla.dlg, bhoisig.dlg, gaal.dlg, prophet1.dlg, prophet2.dlg, prophet3.dlg, prophet4.dlg)
  • Edwin and Jaheira have a banter that should only occur in a forest, but was missing this as a trigger condition. (bjaheir.dlg)
  • Minsc and Keldorn have a series of banters about Minsc's berserking, but the third and final one is not ending the series correctly. (bminsc.dlg)
  • One of Valygar's banters talks about Lavok as if he's dead, but can fire if Lavok is still alive. (bvalyga.dlg)
  • Imoen's interjection in Bodhi's Spellhold maze dialogue was needlessly complicated and missed some conditions. (c6bodhi.dlg, jaheiraj.dlg, anomenj.dlg, haerdaj.dlg, korganj.dlg, minscj.dlg)
  • Jaheira could sometimes miss her "I'm cured" dialogue after Ployer's curse if she was not present when you got her hair. (jaheira.bcs, jaheiraj.dlg)
  • After the flood at the de'Arnise Keep, there was a branch that should be used for the best outcome of the Keep events that was being routed to the good branch. (kpfarm01.dlg)
  • The merchants that arrive at the Keep are supposed to use a niver reply if the PC helps them. (kpmerc01.dlg)
  • If you never spoke to Teos about Imoen, he would nonetheless behave as if you have. (mgteos01.dlg)
  • You can offer Rampah the beggar a few coins for his story, but the dialogue doesn't check that you actually had them. Similarly, you could offer Lonk the Sane at Spellhold gold you didn't have as well. (murdbegg.dlg, ppworker.dlg)
  • In a dialogue between Pelanna and Tassa, Tassa would interject from across the map instead of spawning nearby and speaking as intended. (pelanna.dlg)
  • The prophets of the Unseeing Eye should actually answer your questions first before demanding worship. (prophet1.dlg)
  • Haer'Dalis can have the wrong kick-out dialogue due to Raelis not setting the correct variable. (raelis.dlg)
  • On of the Sahuagin King's dialogues is meant for the main character, but the trigger didn't check for this. (sahkng01.dlg)
  • You shouldn't be able to ask Jerlia about ore if you've already provided real or fake ore to Sarles. (scjerlia.dlg)
  • The skin dancer in Trademeet always drops the skin at a fixed point, instead of where they currently stand. (trskin03.bcs, trskin03.dlg)
  • You should be able to peacefully return the Silver Blade to Simyaz, but he had an impossible trigger for it. (udsimyaz.dlg)
  • If you escape the opening dungeon without Minsc, Jaheira, or Yoshimo and later revisit the area later with them, they can fire their just-escaped dialogues. (ar0700.bcs)
  • Jaheira had a couple of banters that weren't checking if she was in the party first, so she would try and start party banter as you walked past her in the Docks. (jaheira.bcs)
  • CD_STATE_NOTVALID, a state used to check for banter availability, has been added to state.ids. (state.ids)

Missing Banters, Interjections, and Replies

A lot of content is missed due to bad triggers or branches in dialogue.

  • Two of Aerie's love talks were not being triggered correctly, either due to bad weighting (order) or checking the wrong values of variables. (baerie.dlg)
  • Once Anomen is summoned home on the death of his sister, his second complaint about the matter (if you dawdle too long) does not fire because the proper variable is not set in his first complaint. (anomenj.dlg)
  • Anomen also has a comment on the dead NORH paladins in the Windspear Hills that often gets preempted by Garren Windspear's appearance. A slight delay is introduced to Garren in this circumstance to allow Anomen's banter, as it will not fire after Garren has his say. (garren.bcs)
  • Adratha, the rakshasa being sought by the Trademeet dao, is supposed to have an additional line of dialogue if attacked. (trrak01.bcs)
  • Brannel stands guard outside of the thief stronghold once the player takes control of it. Brannel has two quest-specific dialogues regarding Ama that were not occurring due to his script a) not being assigned and b) referencing the wrong quest variables. Brannel's script was also initiating dialogue with himself (rather than the PC), which can cause issues with dialogue tokens. (brannel.bcs, shthdr01.cre)
  • Lady Delcia and her guard are trapped in one of the upstairs rooms of the de'Arnise Keep. When the player enters the room and speaks with the guard, Lady Delcia walks over and interrupts with her own dialogue. This is fixed by allowing the guard's dialogue to pause the game. Lady Delcia will still approach the party and initiate dialogue as intended, but will no longer interrupt. (kpsold01.dlg)
  • When you speak with Lilarcor, there should be an option to tell him "Never mind. Let's just continue on, for now." However, the option is only available if the PC is of a lawful alignment and doesn't have a full inventory as it's a leftover from the familiar dialogues, from which Lilarcor's file was copied. Both of these triggers are irrelevant to Lilarcor and are removed, making this option always available. (sw2h14.dlg)
  • Cernd is supposed to have an interjection when speaking with Wellyn's parents, but it was always being blocked if Mazzy was in the party. (mourner5.dlg)
  • When pulled into hell after defeating Irenicus at the Tree of Life, every party member is supposed to have dialogue. However, Imoen's comment tries to pass the dialogue to Edwin without bothering to check if he's in the party, prematurely terminating the dialogue. (imoen2j.dlg)
  • After Edwin's Tree of Life gut check, he's supposed to pass it to the PC's female love interest--but the Viconia check is malformed. (edwinj.dlg)
  • When you return to the Graveyard in Chapter Six to confront Bodhi, she will kidnap the romantic partner of the PC. Bodhi first taunts the PC, followed by an interjection from the love interest, and then the dialogue continues. In Anomen's case, the dialogue link was pointing to the wrong place, preventing this exchange. (bodhiamb.dlg)
  • If both the Aerie and Viconia romances are active, Aerie and Viconia will eventually force the PC to choose one for a romance partner. In one of Aerie's love talks, Viconia's jealous interjection, under certain dialogue branches, could prematurely end the dialogue. (bviconi.dlg)
  • Due to broken checks, both Aataqah (from the opening dungeon) and the fortune-telling gypsy at Trademeet do not deliver their Imoen-specific dialogue. (aataqah.dlg, trgyp03.dlg)
  • Captain Cernick and Chanelle the Maid were not recognizing Nalia and delivering their Nalia-specific dialogue due to broken triggers. (kpcapt02.dlg, kpmaid01.dlg)
  • Dialogue options when speaking to the dryads in the opening dungeon were not available due to typos in the variable scope of their dialogue triggers. (idryad1.dlg, idryad2.dlg, idryad3.dlg)
  • Visaj has several stat checks for the party to allow different dialogue options, i.e. high charisma characters should be able to bargain down his asking price for the rope. This was not available due to a typo in the trigger. (breg01.dlg)
  • In ToB, Imoen initiates a banter with Anomen. If Anomen did not pass his trial in SoA he would make a comment about the NORH. At this point Keldorn, Jaheira, Mazzy, or Korgan could interject--however, the dialogue was failing to actually check if these NPCs were actually present, causing the dialogue to exit early. There was one other error with the dialogue, in that Anomen would have one last retort to Keldorn to finish the dialogue. (banome25.dlg, bkeldo25.dlg)
  • In very unlikely circumstances, the Troll Cook can be set free from Firkraag's lair. If the party kills the orc chieftain without making the cook go hostile, you can speak to her and let her go. The trigger for this option (checking to see if DigDag is dead) was broken. (firtrl01.dlg)
  • The minister at the funeral for Nalia's father has a broken check to see if he's speaking to Nalia. (fumin.dlg)
  • Marcus at the Sea's Bounty is the person from whom you acquire documents for Edwin in the Mae'Var quests. In one of the dialogue branches a female human, elf, or half-elf with high charisma should be able to sweet talk him into handing over the documents. The half-elf check is broken. (marcus.dlg)
  • Yoshimo should be able to convince Desharik, the pirate lord of Brynnlaw, to let the party into Spellhold. The checks for Yoshimo in Desharik's dialogue, however, are malformed. (ppdesh.dlg)
  • An additional dialogue with the Solamnic Knights for non-mage PCs had a malformed trigger on the class check. (obssol01.dlg)
  • Kich is the black market thief in Trademeet. Non-thief characters should be able to threaten to call the guards on him via dialogue and force him to leave. (trthf02.dlg)
  • Kirinaldo, one of Raelis' actors, has different lines depending on whether Haer'Dalis was alive, but the check was broken. (ffactor1.dlg)
  • If the party seeks out Mekrath about Haer'Dalis, he should have a slightly different dialogue if the party retrieves his mirror for him. This is not happening because of a typo when trying to set a variable to track this. (hamek.dlg, mekrath.dlg)
  • During the quest to help Raelis, speaking with Quayle would get a normal banter between Aerie and Quayle instead of quest-specific Raelis dialogue. (aeriej.dlg)
  • Several ToB dialogues link to a Mazzy dialogue file that doesn't exist instead of Mazzy's actual dialogue file. (edwin25j.dlg, jahei25j.dlg, mazzy25j.dlg, sarcnt01.dlg, valyg25j.dlg)
  • When Keldorn discovers that Aerie is pregnant in ToB, the player can be presented with two identical "Don't even go there, Keldorn!" replies if Jan is available to interject. If the player chooses the wrong one, they'll miss Jan's interjection. The dialogue now branches properly based on Jan's presence instead of presenting duplicate replies. (bkeldo25j.dlg)
  • Quayle is supposed to set a one-day timer until the circus ends. The timer is used by various creatures to offer more relevant dialogue to the circus. In certain dialogue branches, Quayle does not set the timer due to a malformed action. (quayle.dlg)
  • If the party attempts to get Cernd to rejoin the party, he may not recognize that the player now leads the druid grove. (cerndp.dlg)
  • Three banters--one between Aerie and a female protagonist, one between Haer'Dalis and Edwin, and one between the PC and Anomen--never occur due to double rested party triggers. Essentially, the banter would be prompted to start, but the rested trigger would expire by the time the dialogue started, resulting in no banter or a different banter. (anomen.bcs, baerie.dlg, banomen.dlg, bhaerda.dlg)
  • If you had 20,000 gp when you meet Gaelan the first time, the replies to pay him immediately could be missing since they were checking for the wrong amount of gold. (gaelan.dlg)
  • If you kick out Jaheira instead of helping her with Ployer's curse, she's supposed to react based upon how you initially treated her in the opening dungeon. (jaheiraj.dlg)
  • The keep Majordomo has specific lines for Nalia but was instead giving her a generic party member reply. (kpdomo01.dlg)
  • Vincenzo and Willet have a few lines in their banter restored. (uhinn01.dlg, uhinn02.dlg)
  • One of the Lathander acolytes would use the wrong reply when you told them you were leaving. (acolyte2.dlg)
  • Aran Linvail has one more line about Bodhi that was being missed. (aran.dlg)
  • Missy, the coat-check girl at Aran Linvail's hideout, has an additional line restored. (arngrl01.dlg)
  • In Aerie's love talk about the Avariel, at one point she's supposed to have slightly different lines depending on whether Quayle survived at the circus. (ar0607.bcs, baerie.dlg)
  • In Anomen's love talk about how he became a priest, it ends prematurely due to a bad trigger order. He has questions for the PC that never get presented. (banomen.dlg)
  • Iltheia's complaints about Zaren's play rewrites are supposed to go through a different path in her dialogue. (bdact04.dlg)
  • During the playhouse rehearsal, a cutscene was being skipped in some paths. (bdact08.dlg)
  • In an Edwin-Jan banter, one of Jan's replies went to the wrong path. (bedwin.dlg)
  • A couple of banters for Edwina linked to a nonexistant dialogue, prematurely ending the banters. (bedwin.dlg, bjaheir.dlg, bminsc.dlg)
  • One of Bernard's replies when asked about Baron Ployer was linking to the wrong reply. (bernard.dlg)
  • If you just kill Lehtinan and never meet Hendak, you can reply "Hendak promised a discount" to Bernard. (bernard.dlg)
  • If you agree to help Cernd but not take him into the party, Jaheira interjects. Cernd has a line that gets bypassed when this happens. (bjaheir.dlg)
  • Aerie has one more line in a banter with Jan. (bjan.dlg)
  • Haer'Dalis has one more line in a banter with Mazzy. (bmazzy.dlg)
  • In Nalia's rant with Mazzy about nobles, one of her lines gets skipped. (bnalia.dlg)
  • Bodhi has a couple of lines that are getting skipped. (bodhi.dlg)
  • Several banters do not fire since they lack a trigger. Banters between Aerie and Jan, Aerie and Minsc, Haer'Dalis and Mazzy, Minsc and Mazzy, Valygar and Korgan, Viconia and Mazzy, Viconia and Yoshimo, Viconia and Jan, Yoshimo and Aerie, and Yoshimo-Minsc are restored. (baerie.dlg, bhaerda.dlg, bminsc.dlg, bvalyga.dlg, bviconi.dlg, byoshim.dlg, minsc.bcs, yoshimo.bcs)
  • Viconia's love talk about her former husbands skipped some lines and is put into a slightly more sensible order. (bviconi.dlg)
  • Viconia's has an extra line about Lolth after the drider attack. (bviconi.dlg)
  • The Githyanki in Ust Natha have one more line available. (dagith1.dlg)
  • Daleson skips a line about Nalia. (daleson.dlg)
  • Threatening the beggar in the slums goes to the wrong reply. (dbeggar.dlg)
  • Nalia's aunt Delcia was skipping an additional line of invective for the party. (delcia.dlg)
  • Edwin should have one more line when rejoining the party. (edwinp.dlg)
  • The Spellhold apparition had some additional dialogue. (elearb06.dlg)
  • If you steal the deed from Garren Windspear and give it to Firkraag, Garren has the wrong dialogue responses. (firkra02.dlg, garren.dlg)
  • Gereth, a fellow shopper at the Adventurer's Mart, goes to his rude response when you're being polite due to a bad branch. (gereth.dlg)
  • Haer'Dalis has a lot more dialogue explaining about the play, conduit, and other events leading up to the Planar Prison sequence. (haerdaj.dlg)
  • Hurgis (real or fake) was skipping a few lines. (hurgisf.dlg, hurgisr.dlg)
  • Jaheira would offer advice on finding Ployer after she was cursed. In some paths, she would fail to mention tracking down the mages. (jaheiraj.dlg)
  • Viconia's interjection about hunting Embarl was being skipped if Jaheira was present. (jaheiraj.dlg)
  • Jan has a 'pissed-off' dialogue for rejoining that was not being used due to a missing trigger. (janj.dlg, janp.dlg)
  • Keldorn was skipping one line when rejoining the party. (keldorp.dlg)
  • Olma, the cook at the de'Arnise Keep, had specific dialogues for the new lord of the Keep and for other party members that were not being used. (kpcook01.dlg)
  • In Lavok's final dialogue, he has some Valygar-specific dialogue that gets missed since a variable does not get set properly. (lavok.dlg)
  • Mazzy is skipping a line when you first meet her and ask how she got there. (mazzy.dlg)
  • If Morul was the sole survivor of the Planar Sphere apprentices, the graduation dialogue was supposed to be slightly different. (mgbill01.dlg)
  • Minsc has a series of banters with the PC if he gets wounded a lot, but the triggers were a bit sloppy and could lead to repeats. (minsc.bcs, minscj.dlg)
  • Nalia has one more line when rejoining the party. (naliap.dlg)
  • A non-hostile reply to Nevaziah the lich was prompting him to go hostile due to some bad routing. (nevaziah.dlg)
  • All of Lord Ophal's dialogues should check for his wife, but one does not. (noblem3.dlg)
  • Pelanna and Tassa have some back-and-forth that were being skipped. (pelanna.dlg, tassa.dlg)
  • The PC's internal monologues in the Spellhold Maze were linked to the wrong replies for Haer'Dalis and Minsc. (player1.dlg)
  • After Bodhi's final dialogue with you at Spellhold, her two vampire friends try to run away. They often get tangled and caught on each other, so now they change to mist first and then disappear. (ppbodhi4.dlg)
  • If you initially refuse Saemon's help at Spellhold, then return, his dialogue skips a line. (ppsaem3.dlg)
  • If you tell Anath she's on her own, she replies as if you've agreed to help her. (rngwlf01.dlg)
  • A reply to Sarles about a commission mistakenly takes the player to Sarles talking about nobles instead of gold. (scsarles.dlg)
  • Asking Quallo about the location of the blade goes to the wrong reply, as does telling him that you're leaving. (sewerm1.dlg)
  • TorGal's Nalia-specific dialogue can get missed due to mismatches in range checks between the script and dialogue. (torgal.dlg)
  • The trainer outside the circus tent was skipping a line of exposition. (trainer1.dlg)
  • The Militia Captain in Trademeet should have an additional line if the PC is a ranger or druid. (trgrd03.dlg)
  • When Minister Lloyd strips you of your ranger-protector status, his dialogue was ending prematurely. (uhmay01.dlg)
  • If you meet Valygar in Imnesvale and send him home to Athkatla, when you later recruit him you don't get the normal XP bonuses or party member interjections. (valygarp.dlg)
  • Count Claylan and Debutante Alicia were skpping one line. (wcust02.dlg)
  • Yoshimo should have one more line when rejoining the party. (yoshp.dlg)
  • Rampah's dialogue can be interrupted by a vampire encounter, preventing his information dump and giving hides to the player. (murdbegg.dlg)
  • The yochlol tracking Viconia doesn't pause the game with her dialogue, allowing the party to be attacked during it. (yochlol.dlg)
  • If Aerie is in the last party slot, she appears too far away for Quayle to use his Aerie-specific dialogue after Kalah is defeated. (cut86a.bcs)
  • One of the soldiers at the de'Arnise Keep was sharing a dialogue file with another soldier instead of using her own, unique one. (kpsold03.cre)
  • One of the fanatics around Viconia at the stake had a unique dialogue file that was not assigned. (vicg3.cre)
  • Aegisfield was checking for the wrong item in a dialogue. It had no impact on the game since it was dialogue for a cut quest, but is fixed anyway. (inspect.dlg)

Dialogue Loops and Repeating Banters

  • Due to not setting a variable, one of Jaheira's banters with the PC could repeat endlessly if the PC was not a romantic match for her. (bjaheir.dlg)
  • Anomen's script can cause an issue (due to action misordering) when he tries to complain about rescuing Garren Windspear's child. Worse, if you choose to cut a deal with Firkraag, Anomen will whine endlessly that you should rescue Garren's child, even though the child was killed when you made the deal. (anomen.bcs)
  • When he spots the PC in the Trademeet tavern, Viekang initiates dialogue, takes some lightning damage, and then tries to teleport away. However, Viekang's script is structured such that, if he takes any damage he'll initiate dialogue (essentially along the lines of 'why are you hurting me?') and teleport away. Presumably this is so he would teleport away if the party attacks him, but it also trips when he self-inflicts his lightning, resulting in two dialogues instead of one. Viekang will no longer initiate the second dialogue if he takes damage from his own lightning. (viekang.bcs, viekang.dlg)
  • Murtlen's specific dialogue with Aerie does not properly check a variable to track if it's occurred (it's checking the Murtlen-Edwin variable), meaning it can be repeated instead of properly only occurring once. (murtlen.dlg)
  • After Nalia is kidnapped by Isaea, the lines where she thanks the PC are weighted above her normal kicked-out dialogue and can happen any number of times, meaning that once she's been kidnapped the only reaction she'll ever show to being removed from the party is to thank the PC again. This ensures she thanks the PC only once and otherwise behaves normally. (naliap.dlg)
  • One of Viconia's non-romance banters with the PC was lacking a tracking variable, meaning it could occur multiple times. (bviconi.dlg)
  • When the player acquires the bard stronghold, the area is actually changed from ar0509 to ar0522. Because of this, some of the creature files are also changed. However, many of the Five Flagon patrons track which dialogues they've had already with 'local' variables, so when their creature file is changed, they lose these variables and can repeat dialogues. (ffbart.dlg, ffcust03.dlg, ffcust04.dlg, ffcust05.dlg, ffcust06.dlg, ffcust08.dlg, ffcust09.dlg, ffwench.dlg)
  • The Korgan banter about his old comrades that starts with "Ye know, though ye all be gutless, clumsy and nay too bright, this party is a sight better than me former crew of delvers and ne'er-do-wells." could repeat. (bkorgan.dlg)
  • In Brynnlaw, if you save Claire and send her to Golin, they have advice on how to get into Spellhold. However, since Desharik was failing to set a variable if the party gets in that way, Claire and Golin would continue to give their advice even after you got back. (pirmur09.dlg, pirmur10.dg, ppdesh.dlg)
  • Reedle, a fishmonger in the bridge district, has dialogue about the skinner murders in the area. However, Reedle is still willing to discuss the murders as if they are ongoing even after the case is solved due to some missing variable checks in his dialogue triggers. (reedle.dlg)
  • The Aerie-Anomen banter that begins with "Anomen... I... I've been watching you since you failed your Test, and... you... you're starting to scare me a little, I think..." could repeat since Aerie's banter file was not setting a variable. (baerie.dlg)
  • When speaking with Frankie, the manager of the Copper Coronet slave fighting pits, Viconia and Korgan's interjections prevent Frankie from setting a variable. In this case, Frankie never realizes he's already spoken to the party and will repeat his opening spiel. (copgreet.dlg)
  • The banter between Jan and Nalia that begins with "Nalia, my dear, you've been positively morose as of late. Probably from studying all those scrolls. You remind me of Golodon... prior to his addiction to poppy seed muffins, of course." could potentially repeat due to the tracking variable not being set. (bjan25j.dlg)
  • Edwin has a banter with Aerie when he's at low HP. Unfortunately, the triggers mismatched so it could fire the wrong dialogue. (bedwin.dlg, edwin.bcs)
  • The banter where Haer'Dalis and Aerie break up could repeat. (bhaerda.dlg)
  • Jaheira's low HP banter could repeat due to a variable typo. Another banter with Mazzy was missing a check if she was nearby. (bjaheir.dlg)
  • Jaheira's morning banters about Ployer's curse getting worse were often setting the wrong variables, allowing them to regress. (jaheiraj.dlg)
  • You can ask Demin the same question in consecutive states. (sudemin.dlg)
  • If the player initiates dialogue with Terrece at their first meeting, Terrece will repeat his initial dialogue when he's met later. (terrece.dlg)
  • One of Jan's interjections when speaking to Tolgerias only makes sense if Valygar is dead, but wasn't checking for this. (tolger.dlg, edwinj.dlg, naliaj.dlg)
  • One of Viconia's ToB love talks could repeat since it wasn't properly setting a variable. (bvicon25.dlg)
  • Mazzy's fatigued banter with Valygar had a bad time-of-day check, which would cause her to try and initiate the banter and instead initiate everything else she could find in her script. (mazzy.bcs)

Sound Fixes

Various lines of dialogue had sound files missing or the text didn't match the audio. Dialogues affected are Imoen (strref #4330), Valygar (strref #17890), Ellisime (strref #58250), Haer'Dalis (strref #35168), and Jan (strref #37155).

NPCs Do Not Comment on Watcher's Keep Events in the Shadows of Amn Portion of the Game

The BioWare NPCs have several comments and interjections on Watcher's Keep--if the player is in the Throne of Bhaal portion of the game. These comments are now available if Watcher's Keep is tackled in the Shadows of Amn portion of the game. This also fixes the issue of Yakman having no valid links in SoA if spoken to with Aerie, Keldorn, or Jaheira in the group as well as Brother Odren having no valid links or replies in SoA if Keldorn, Mazzy, Imoen, or Anomen were in the group. (aeriej.dlg, anomenj.dlg, cerndj.dlg, edwinj.dlg, fsspir2.dlg, gorapp1.dlg, gorapr.dlg, gorcamb.dlg, gordemo.dlg, gorgit.dlg, gorimp01.dlg, gormad1.dlg, gorodr1.dlg, gorpol1.dlg, haerdaj.dlg, imoen2j.dlg, jaheiraj.dlg, janj.dlg, keldorj.dlg, korganj.dlg, mazzyj.dlg, minscj.dlg, naliaj.dlg, valygarj.dlg, viconij.dlg)

Anomen's Knighthood Being Checked Incorrectly

Anomen is also supposed to join the mass exodus of the good party members if you decide to kill Countess Mirienne Santele, but he only left if no one else was in the party--he'll now leave as he should. One of Anomen's interjections in Kiser Jhaeri's dialogues was meant for a good Anomen, but the trigger was checking the opposite. In one of Imoen's banters in ToB, Anomen makes a snotty interjection about the NORH, but it's not checking to see if he's a member first. (bimoen25.dlg, jahei25j.dlg, keldo25j.dlg, mazzy25j.dlg, minsc25j.dlg, sarcnt01.dlg, valyg25j.dlg)

Aerie Not Transforming Into an Elf

Aerie's transformation from an ogre back to her normal elvish form could be interrupted, leaving her stuck as an ogre. (aerie.dlg)

Imoen Should Not Start Banters with Departing Characters

If the PC is a jerk to Jaheira when she finds Khalid's body, she leaves the party. Imoen could sometimes try and start her own banter with Jaheira as she tried to leave. (imoen.bcs, imoenj.dlg)

Incorrect Lines in Dialogues

Various dialogues are correct in their branches and progression, but they reference incorrect lines of dialogue. Dialogues affected are Viconia (strrefs #8857 and #8863), Joster's opening dialogue (shth05.dlg), the PC's dialogue (player1.dlg).

Imoen Has No Banter Dialogue File Assigned in Shadows of Amn

Imoen was originally planned to be killed at Spellhold, and was added back very late in the design process. As such, she has no banters and very little dialogue after you pick her back up. In fact, she has no banter dialogue file assigned at all. This component assigns her banter file, though it remains empty. (interdia.2da)

Bugs with Outdoor Banters

NPCs have several banters that were supposed to occur outdoors. If the script lacked the outdoor trigger, then it caused (at best) the wrong banter or (at worst) a stuttering NPC. If the dialogue lacked the trigger, these banters could occur indoors and not make a lot of sense. (aerie.bcs, aeriej.dlg, anomen.bcs, banomen.dlg, minsc.bcs, minscj.dlg, nalia.bcs, yoshimo.bcs, yoshj.dlg)

Yoshimo Would Insist on Meeting Renal, Even if Already Contacted

If the party entered the Docks and met with Renal without Yoshimo, and then later returned to the Docks with Yoshimo, he would insist on going to meet Renal. This would set spurious journal entries, and Renal would not have his special dialogue with Yoshimo anyway. Yoshimo will no longer insist on meeting Renal if the party already has. (yoshimo.bcs, yoshj.dlg)

Malformed/Broken Triggers and Actions

Many triggers and actions are broken, but don't have an effect in game. These are fixed anyway.

  • Fovem has a dialogue trigger which is always supposed to be true, i.e. he'll always have at least something to say. The trigger was malformed. (dmark1.dlg)
  • In one of his banters, Anomen checks his reaction to the PC. The trigger for doing this is malformed. (banomen.dlg)
  • Lord Ophal's dialogue with the player should be driven mainly by his reaction check, but it's malformed. (noblem3.dlg)
  • Vincenzo the Innkeeper in the Umar Hills has a malformed dialogue trigger to check if Willet is alive. (uhinn01.dlg)
  • Aerie, in her dialogue file prior to joining the party, and Kalah both have missing targets for initiating dialogue. This appears to have no effect in game, though it is modified to target a party member to eliminate the error. (aerie.dlg, kalah2.dlg)
  • A malformed escape action of the svirfneblin patrol leader is fixed. (udsvir08.dlg)

Planar Sphere Apprentice Dialogue Errors

When selecting the first task for the apprentices in the planar sphere, Morul should check that the party has 2,000 gold before the party can select the Ring of Protection option. If the player assigns the task of the mages creating the Ring of Wizardry, there's supposed to be a 50% chance of success if all three apprentices are still alive. However, the player had 0% chance of receiving the ring due to a bad variable set in Morul's dialogue. When Nara gives the player the Dagger of <CHARNAME>, the action is missing parameters, though it has no effect in game. Due to some bad variable tracking, Larz would fail to have any 'intermediate' dialogue while the apprentices were working on a task. There was also a rare chance (1%) that Morul would have no valid relies or links after the PC instructs the apprentices to make the Staff of Power. (mgappr01.dlg, mgappr02.dlg, mgappr03.dlg)

Errors in Setting Quest Timers for Keldorn and Vithal

If you decline to visit Keldorn's estate when you visit the Government District, the engine sets a timer. If you don't visit before the timer expires, he'll remind you a few more times. Vithal, the mage that you can free in the Underdark, also sets timers for you to arrive and advance his quest at each portal. In both cases, the action to set the follow-up timers is malformed. (keldorj.dlg, udvith.dlg)

Planar Sphere Demon Spawning Minions in Wrong Location

Two of the demons in the planar sphere's demon plane were using the same dialogue. At its conclusion, the dialogue would spawn a number of mephits to assist the demon in combat, but they were spawned with absolute coordinates, meaning both demons would summon mephits to only one demon. (abydem01.dlg)

NPC Talks Prior to Resting Prevent Actual Resting

Both Viconia and Anomen have some dialogues in their romance tracks which occur prior to resting. However, under some dialogue branches, they were not actually sending a command to the party to actually rest. (banomen.dlg, bvicon25.dlg)

People Leave Through Random Exits After Audiences with the Steward of de'Arnise Keep

After obtaining the de'Arnise Keep as a stronghold, the PC is summoned back for occasional audiences with various characters as the ongoing subplot. After several of these dialogues, multiple characters are supposed to leave by moving towards the front door together and then disappearing. However, the action for them to move away is malformed in several dialogues, resulting in characters that are supposed to leave together (or in a direction that makes sense) leaving via random routes. The best example would be the finale--Captain Cernick is supposed to leave out the front door with two other soldiers, but the two soldiers wander off in their own direction. (kpcapt02.dlg, kpmaid01.dlg, kprang02.dlg)

Miscellaneous Mazzy Dialogue Errors

There are a number of miscellaneous malformed actions in Mazzy's joined and departed dialogues: her move back to her home in Trademeet under certain dialogue branches, initiating dialogue with the PC at the Shade Lord altar, and she may not set the proper variable that tracks that she's been kicked out. (mazzyj.dlg, mazzyp.dlg)

Dialogues Not Setting or Checking Variables

The game uses variables to track what the party's done, with whom they've spoken, how much progress has been made in a quest, etc. There are several typos in dialogues that are improperly checking or setting them due to malformed triggers, typos in the variable name, or specifying an incorrect variable scope. (aeriej.dlg, banome25.dlg, bhgaal01.dlg, bhoisig.dlg, bounha.dlg, burch2.dlg, cederil.dlg, cerndp.dlg, cor.dlg, dadrow16.dlg, docsol03.dlg, drshsp01.dlg, edwinj.dlg, firban02.dlg, garren.dlg, gorf1.dlg, haerdaj.dlg, hellsare.dlg, ilyich.dlg, keldo25p.dlg, keldorp.dlg, naliaj.dlg, ppguy.dlg, rufpal2.dlg, rumora.dlg, sarboy01.dlg, sarbul04.dlg, sargrl01.dlg, sarvolo.dlg, teven.dlg, trfued11.dlg, uhmay01.dlg, viconij.dlg)

Many Dialogues Not Properly Checking for Active Romances

A common check in many dialogues is to see if romances are active between the PC and the four romanceable NPCs. In many cases, though, the check is erroneously being made against the romance timer (i.e. the time to the next love talk) instead of the variable that tracks how far the romance has progressed. (baerie.dlg, bviconi.dlg, c6drizz1.dlg, cefald04.dlg, dadrow21.dlg, dadrow23.dlg, jaheirap.dlg, madam.dlg, trevil02.dlg)

Player Could Gain Control in Slayer Dream

In the dream where the player gains the Slayer ability, the player could force an auto-pause with certain settings and gain control of the player. Ths could break the scripted sequence and get the game stuck in the dream. (dream4.dlg, drim02.cre)

Exploit of Invincible Imoen in the Opening Dungeon

For plot continuity, Imoen's belt has secret powers which make her unkillable in the opening dungeon. If she ever drops to one hit point, she leaves the party and flees to the surface. However, under certain circumstances she can be quickly healed and forced to rejoin the party. With her invincibility item, this allows the party to trot her into every room and soak up damage without ever dying. This exploit is closed. (imoenp.dlg)

Jaheira Does Not Recognize She's Been Freed

In the opening dungeon, Jaheira starts a dialogue after her cell door has been opened to discuss plans now that she's free. However, if the player initiates this dialogue instead, she may not realize she's free and will instead tell the PC to hurry up and find the key despite the open cell door. Her dialogue now properly recognizes her freedom regardless of who initiates the conversation. (jaheira.dlg)

Nalia Reacting Oddly in Keep

Due to errors in Nalia's dialog file, she behaved oddly when thrown out of the party in the de'Arnise keep. This is corrected. (naliap.dlg)

Errors with Viconia Being Burned at the Stake

The fanatics that try to burn Viconia at the stake can still kill her even after she's freed. Under moderately rare circumstances, initiating dialogue with the fanatics after you've freed Viconia can cause them to proceed as if she's still tied up, killing her instantly. If you turn Viconia hostile while she's tied at the stake, it breaks the normal scripting that leads to the fanatics killing her. (vicg1.dlg, victown1.dlg, viconi.dlg, viconia.bcs)

Valygar's Ranger Friend Derrick No Longer Erroneously Attacks

Derrick, the ranger standing guard near Valygar's cabin, challenges the party when they approach the cabin. If the party has not heard of Valygar (i.e. is not working for the Cowled Wizards) then Derrick would always turn hostile. Derrick now turns hostile depending on whether the party is lying or not. (valran01.dlg)

Dialogues Not Recognizing That You've Already Found Valygar

Even if you've already met Valygar, you can present the Corthala tax notice to Llarsh in the Council Building to learn where to find Valygar. This is fixed. (llarsh.dlg, valygar.dlg)

Fixed Rumors at Taverns

The rumors you can overhear at taverns had big issues. Many had broken triggers or were mis-weighted, often causing no rumor to be displayed when one should appear, or causing an incorrect rumor to appear. (rumora.dlg, rumori.dlg, rumorp.dlg, rumort.dlg, rumoru.dlg)

Mayor Never Goes to See Madulf

If you suggest that Lloyd go speak with Madulf, certain dialogue branches would not set a variable. This would prevent Madulf from rewarding the player appropriately for sending the mayor. (uhmay01.dlg)

Party Always Recognizes Spectator Beholder in Sendai's Lair

The spectator beholder in Sendai's lair is the same spectator beholder that the party can encounter in the City of Caverns. When you encounter him in Sendai's lair, the dialogue assumes you encountered him previously. However, the party can bypass the spectator beholder entirely--in fact, the entire area can be bypassed. The dialogue options are now adjusted if the party has never interacted with the spectator beholder prior to meeting him in Sendai's lair. (sahbeh01.dlg, senbeh01.dlg)

Miscellaneous Fixes to Leftover Dialogues

Several patches written for BG2 issues could also be applied to the leftover BG or unused BG2 resources. Miscellaneous errors were fixed even though they'll have no effect on the base game. (abela.dlg, albert.dlg, alora.dlg, amnise.dlg, arghai.dlg, bandic.dlg, baruk.dlg, beldin.dlg, benjy.dlg, brathl.dlg, brevli.dlg, brilla.dlg, carsa.dlg, cattac.dlg, charle.dlg, cult1.dlg, cult3.dlg, cythan.dlg, degrod.dlg, delorn.dlg, deltan.dlg, deltan2.dlg, delthy.dlg, doomsay.dlg, dopdur3.dlg, dratan.dlg, dream4.dlg, drstatu1.dlg, drstatu2.dlg, drstatu3.dlg, drunk.dlg, eldotp.dlg, elkart.dlg, emerso.dlg, feloni.dlg, fergus.dlg, flam7.dlg, flamgg.dlg, friend.dlg, ftobe5.dlg, galken.dlg, galtok.dlg, gantol.dlg, garan.dlg, gazib.dlg, gervis.dlg, glanma.dlg, gorpel.dlg, hajanos.dlg, husam2.dlg, imoemj.dlg, iron10.dlg, iron12.dlg, ironm4.dlg, islsir.dlg, ithmee.dlg, ithtyl.dlg, jacil.dlg, jared.dlg, jondal.dlg, kaish.dlg, karoug.dlg, kielpc.dlg, kieres.dlg, kryla.dlg, laerta.dlg, lahl.dlg, lakada.dlg, laurel.dlg, lothan.dlg, marl.dlg, mazzy4.dlg, melica.dlg, messed.dlg, minern.dlg, mtbe9.dlg, mtob6.dlg, mulahe.dlg, narcil.dlg, narlen.dlg, nestor.dlg, nevill.dlg, nexlit.dlg, nobl10.dlg, nobw8.dlg, obe.dlg, oberan.dlg, osmadi.dlg, palin.dlg, pheirk.dlg, pheirkas.dlg, prism.dlg, pumberl.dlg, quinn.dlg, raiken.dlg, ramazi.dlg, rashad.dlg, ratchi.dlg, read4.dlg, samant.dlg, sarbul04.dlg, sarevo.dlg, sharte.dlg, shoal.dlg, silenc.dlg, silke.dlg, skie.dlg, slvic01.dlg, sonner.dlg, sunin.dlg, taerom.dlg, tamoko.dlg, tersus.dlg, test2.dlg, thalan.dlg, tracea.dlg, tremai.dlg, ulcast.dlg, ulf.dlg, wiven.dlg)