BG2 Fixpack Docs: Item Fixes

This documentation is complete as of Version 12 and will contain game spoilers. Fixes included in the BETA Core Fixes are listed in red.

Item Fixes

Item Name and Descriptions

  • Flame Tongue's description acked its THAC0 bonuses, and that its bonuses were vs. cold-using creatures, not cold/fire. (strref #6526)
  • Kondar's description did not mention its THAC0 bonuses vs. Shapeshifters. (strref #7345)
  • The Defender of Easthaven's name was incorrect. (strrefs #32186 and #32187)
  • The string being used by Chain Mail +1 for its identified description was incorrect. The description being used was actually from Chain Mail +2. (chan02.itm)
  • When fully assembled, the Flail of Ages is named Flail of Ages +3. When it only has one head, it is the Flail of Ages +1. However, with two heads it is called the Flail of Ages. The versions with two heads are now named the Flail of Ages +2. (blun14d.itm, blun14e.itm, blun14f.itm)
  • The Aegis Fang was showing its identified name while unidentified. (aegis.itm, aegis2.itm)
  • The arcane Detect Evil scroll was using the divine spell description (scrl86.itm)
  • The short name of Yoshimo's katana was simply Katana +1, making it difficult to distinguish from the generic Katana +1. The name has been altered to Yoshimo's Katana +1. (npsw02.itm)
  • The three weapons that can be created from the Rod of Lordly Might had generic or incorrect names. (rodmace.itm, rodspear.itm, rodsword.itm)
  • Weapons created by the spell Enchanted Weapon are named as regular items instead of by their enchantment levels. (enmace.itm, enmorn.itm, ensw1h01.itm, ensw1h02.itm, ensw2h.itm)
  • The arcane Dispel Magic scroll was using the description from the divine version of the spell. (scrl1e.itm)
  • Melf's Minute Meteors had the name 'scroll' set in one of its name fields. (scrla5.itm)
  • The Protection from Electricity used 'scroll' as its unidentified name; all other protection scrolls use 'protection scroll'. (scrl05.itm)
  • Borok's Fist has its own unique name string instead of the generic War Hammer +2. (hamm05.itm)
  • The (old) Sword of Balduran was updated but its descript was not. It's fixed, though the item is not available in game. (strref #20882)
  • The descriptions for Jarrod's Mace and Arundel's Staff refer to Belhifet as a demon, but he's a devil. (strref #32128, #32145)
  • Delver's Plate description did not mention its save bonus. (strref #39536)
  • Handwear were being very inconsistent with their unidentified names. Bracers and gauntlets are now consistently named as such when unidentified, and use the appropriate ground icon. (brac11.itm, brac16.itm, brac17.itm, brac18.itm, brac19.itm, brac20.itm, brac22.itm, brac23.itm, brac26.itm, npmisc2.itm)

Common Item Fix Roundup

  • Weight - Several items had discrepancies between their actual weight and the weight listed in the description. Items affected are Bracers of Defense AC 3 (brac15.itm), Chain Mail +1 (chan02.itm), Cursed Berserking Sword +3 (sw2h03.itm), Dragonslayer (sw1h32.itm), Drow Adamantine Chain +5 (dwchan02.itm), Drow Shield +3 (dwshld01.itm), Flail +1 (strref #19359), Flame of the North (sw2h12.itm), Fortress Shield +3 (shld23.itm), Full Plate +2 (strref #1768), Handmaiden's Mace (strref #54340), kuo-toa bolts (strref #57897), mace (strref #6709), Martial Staff +3 (staf08.itm), Paralytic Bolt (strref #57919, sahbolt.itm), potion cases (strref #71131), quarterstaff (staf04.itm), Saving Grace (strref #39579), Scimitar +2 Rashad's Talon (sw1h23.itm), Scimitar +3 Frostbrand (sw1h15.itm), Scimitar +5 Defender (sw1h16.itm), Shield of Balduran (strref #61580), Short Bow +1 (bow06.itm), Silver Sword (sw2h15.itm), Spear +3 (sper06.itm), Staff of Curing (staf10.itm), Staff of the High Forest (strref #8505), Staff of the Magi (staf11.itm), Staff of Rynn +4 (staf20.itm), Staff of Thunder and Lightning (staf13.itm), throwing daggers (dagg05.itm), Traveller's Robe (clck13.itm)
  • To-Hit Bonuses: Corrections to THAC0 bonuses are fixed. Primarily these are for bows--several bows were missing their extra +1 to-hit from being a longbow/composite longbow. Touch items from spells were also providing spurious bonuses. Items affected are Ripper +2 (bow09.itm), Mana Bow +4 (bow13.itm), long bow +2 (bow17.itm), Taralash +4 (bow22.itm), Taralash +5 (bow23.itm), long bow +3 (bow25.itm), Werebane (lycnhit3.eff), Chill Touch (chillt.itm), Ghoul Touch (ghoult.itm), and Shocking Grasp (sgrasp01.itm, sgrasp02.itm, sgrasp03.itm, sgrasp04.itm, sgrasp05.itm, sgrasp06.itm, sgrasp07.itm, sgrasp08.itm, sgrasp09.itm, sgrasp10.itm, sgrasp11.itm, sgrasp12.itm, sgrasp13.itm, sgrasp14.itm, sgrasp15.itm, sgrasp16.itm, sgrasp17.itm, sgrasp18.itm, sgrasp19.itm, sgrasp20.itm)
  • Weapon Speed - Several weapons had discrepancies between their actual speed and the speed listed in the description. Items affected are Aegis Fang (aegis.itm, aegis2.itm), Angurvadal +4 (strref #66203),Bala's Axe (ax1h07.itm), Bone Club +2, +3 vs. Undead (strref #39493, blun23.itm), Boomerang Dagger +2 (strref #39527, dagg11.itm), Bow of Arvoreen (strref #50827, npbow.itm), Chaos (strref #51949), Club +2, Gnasher (strref #39495, blun24.itm), Club +3, Blackblood (strref #39490, blun22.itm), Club of Detonation +3 (strref #66375, blun26.itm), Crom Faeyr (strref #60863, hamm09.itm), Crossbow of Affliction (strref #39506, xbow13.itm), Cursed Berserking Sword +3 (sw2h03.itm), Cutthroat +4 (strref #39451, sw1h28.itm), darts (dart01.itm), Defender of Easthaven (strref #32187, waflail.itm), Dragon's Bane (strref #39531), Drow Crossbow of Speed (strref #36706, dwxbow01.itm), Embarl's Dagger (strref #34732, misc4u.itm), Entropy (strref #51947), Erinne Sling +4 (strref #66393, slng08.itm), Erinne Sling +4 (strref #66394, slng09.itm), Fire Tooth +3 (strref #39528, dagg12.itm), Flail of Ages +2 (all variants) (strrefs #41389, #41620, #41621), Flail of Ages +2 (strref #41389, strref #41620, strref #41621), Flame Tongue (strref #6526, sw1h24.itm), Harmonium Halberd (strref #61593), Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy (strref #7352, xbow03.itm), Ice Star +4 (strref #73912), Ilbratha +1 (sw1h26.itm), Ixil's Nail +4 (strref #66372), Ixil's Spike +6 (strref #66474, sper12.itm), Light Crossbow of Speed (strref #7353, xbow06.itm), Lilarcor (strref #34090, sw2h14.itm), Long Bow +2 (strref #176), Long Bow +3 (strref #71058, bow25.itm), Long Sword +3 (strref #70758), Mace of Disruption +2 (strref #60877, blun25.itm), Quarterstaff (staf04.itm), Quarterstaff +2 (strref #39634), scimitar (misc9q.itm), Serpent Shaft (strref #66369), Shaman's Staff (strref #47131), Short Bow +2 (strref #199), Silver Sword (strref #48658), Spear +3 Backbiter (sper03.itm), Spear of Withering (strref #2494), Spectral Brand +5 strref #66275), Staff of Air (strref #39631), Staff of Arundel (strref #32128, wastaff.itm), Staff of Command (strref #39625, staf09.itm), Staff of Curing (strref #39626), Staff of Earth (strref #39632), Staff of Fire (strref #39633), Staff of the Magi (strref #39627), Staff of Power (strref #39628, staf12.itm), Staff of Striking (staf05.itm), Staff of Thunder and Lightning (strref #39629, staf13.itm), Strong Arm (strref #39511), Sword of Flame +1 (strref #4421), War Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkin (strref #22263, hamm04.itm), Water's Edge (strref #51884)
  • Damage - Several weapons had discrepancies between their actual damage and the damage listed in the description. Touch items now also receive normal fist damage in addition to their spell effects. In some cases, this is only affecting specialty damage, such as Dragonslayer's bonus damage vs. dragons. Items affected are Blade of Roses (strref #39461), Flail +2 (strref #36460), Catti Brie's special bow (cattibow.itm), Flame of the North +2 (flamenor.eff), Carsomyr +5 (sw2h10.itm), Wand of the Heavens (ttwand.itm, wand11.itm), Club of Detonation (blun26.itm), Bruenor's Axe (bruenaxe.itm), Daystar (sw1h31.itm, daystar1.eff, daystar2.eff ), Dragonslayer (sw1h32.itm), Oil of Fiery Burning (potn13.itm), Staff of the Ram +6 (staf22.itm), Shazzelim +1 (sw1h50.itm), Dwarven Thrower (hamm06.itm), Asp's Nest Darts (dart05.itm), Seeking Sword (sw1hseek.itm), Poison from the Serpent Shaft (strref #66369), Heavy Crossbow of Searing (xbow14.itm), the Handmaiden's Mace (hlolth.itm), Chill Touch (chillt.itm), Ghoul Touch (ghoult.itm), and Shocking Grasp (sgrasp01.itm, sgrasp02.itm, sgrasp03.itm, sgrasp04.itm, sgrasp05.itm, sgrasp06.itm, sgrasp07.itm, sgrasp08.itm, sgrasp09.itm, sgrasp10.itm, sgrasp11.itm, sgrasp12.itm, sgrasp13.itm, sgrasp14.itm, sgrasp15.itm, sgrasp16.itm, sgrasp17.itm, sgrasp18.itm, sgrasp19.itm, sgrasp20.itm)
  • Portrait Icons - Items are supposed to set and remove portrait icons as feedback for active effects on party members. In many cases they were failing to set or remove these properly or were using the wrong icon. Items affected are Cloak of Reflection (clck24.itm), Bala's Axe (ax1h07.itm), Cursed Scroll of Stupidity (scrl11.itm), Mage Robe of Fire Resistance (clck10.itm), Robes of the Good/Neutral/Evil Archmagi (clck15.itm, clck16.itm, clck17.itm), Cloak of Mirroring (clck26.itm), Shuruppak's Plate +3 (plat22.itm), Ring of Gaxx (ring39.itm), Blackrazor (miscbc.itm), Wong Fei's Ioun Stone (helm34.itm), Dragonslayer +2 (sw1h32.itm), Cursed Scroll of Stupidity (scrl18.itm),Belt of Inertial Barrier Icon (belt10.itm), Staff of Curing (staf10.itm), Dagger of Venom (misc75.itm), Scimitar +3 Frostbrand (sw1h15.itm)
  • Magic Resistance - Effects from some items were bypassing/not bypassing magic resistance, as appropriate, and are corrected. Items affected are Soul Reaver (sw2h08.itm), Protection from Acid (scrl03.itm), Protection from Cold (scrl04.itm), Protection from Electricity (scrl05.itm), Protection from Fire (scrl06.itm), Protection from Poison (scrl08.itm), Protection from Undead (scrl09.itm), Protection from Petrification (scrl15.itm), Staff of Curing (staf10.itm), Adjatha the Drinker (sw1h35.itm), Book of Infinite Spells (fireball) (misc3a.itm)
  • Combat Feedback - Item abilities are generally accompanied by messages such as 'held' or 'blind', and this was lacking or incorrect in several cases. Items affected are Stiletto of Demarchess +2 (dagg17.itm) the Silver Sword (including the planetar copy) (planetar.itm, sw2h15.itm), Life Stealer (dagg20.itm), attack of vampiric wraiths (mistva2.itm), level drain attack of demon wraith (telwrai.itm)
  • Item Type - Several items had their type defined incorrectly. This could prevent the equipping of a weapon, or allow reading books to be placed in the quickslot. (blun27.itm, book05.itm, book07.itm, book08.itm, book32.itm, book94.itm, book95.itm, book96.itm, dagg10.itm, misc73.itm, miscan.itm, miscb1.itm, scrla9.itm, scrlaa.itm, scrlab.itm, scrlac.itm, scrlad.itm, scrlaf.itm, scrlag.itm, scrlhp.itm, scrlick.itm, scrlmz.itm, sw1h54c.itm)
  • Lore - Several items throughout the game lack a lore value, negating the need to identify them. For items that were also in BG, the BG lore value was used; otherwise an estimate was made based on similar items. Some items (such as those forged by Cromwell and Cespenar) are intentionally without lore and are not altered. (ax1h06.itm, ax1h07.itm, boot12.itm, bull06.itm, chan03.itm, chan21.itm, dagg04.itm, dwchan01.itm, dwchan02.itm, dwplat01.itm, halb03.itm, leat03.itm, leat06.itm, misc3a.itm, misc3a1.itm, misc3a2.itm, misc3a3.itm, misc3a4.itm, misc3a5.itm, misc3a6.itm, misc3a7.itm, misc3a8.itm, misc3a9.itm, misc3aa.itm, misc3e.itm, misc3f.itm, misc3j.itm, misc3k.itm, plat02.itm, plat09.itm, plat23.itm, potn40.itm, quiver02.itm, regisamu.itm, ring43.itm, rodmace.itm, rods02.itm, rods02a.itm, rods06.itm, rodspear.itm, rodsword.itm, tooltip.2da, shld17.itm, slng03.itm, staf06.itm, staf07.itm, sw1h06.itm, sw1h24.itm, wand11.itm)
  • Cosmetic Effects - Items use a number of animations and sound effects, and in some cases these weren't showing up or being played properly. Items fixed are Wand of the Heavens (before-and-after comparison) (ttwand.itm, wand11.itm), Flaming Sword from Rod of Lordly Might (rodsword.itm), Rod of Resurrection (rods03.itm)
  • Expiring Items - Items on some creatures have expiry tags set, meaning they can disappear from creatures after a certain time. These items are regular items and should not be disappearing from inventories, so the expiry tags are removed. (abydem01.cre, bdturm02.cre, csiren.cre, deaddem2.cre, demosum2.cre, demosum3.cre, dglab01.cre, dquas01.cre, duegau01.cre, duegau02.cre, duemag01.cre, duemag02.cre, duergar1.cre, duergar3.cre, gorbat1.cre, gorchr.cre, gortan1.cre, gortan2.cre, gortan3.cre, gortan4.cre, gortan5.cre, lavok01.cre, lavok02.cre, melsum01.cre, melsum04.cre, obsdem01.cre, pmaster.cre, ppdemon.cre, shth01.cre, shth011.cre, shth03.cre, sumtan01.cre, sumtan02.cre, tanari01.cre, teltan1.cre, teltan2.cre, teltief3.cre, tolger.cre, tolger2.cre, uddwarf.cre, uhman02.cre, uhogre04.cre, vakg02.cre)

Item Ability Fixes

Various items have special abilities that could be activated that were not working correctly:

  • The Heartseeker +3 has the ability to increase the wielder's THAC0 by seven for nine seconds for the bow. However, the bow was granting a generic THAC0 bonus, so the player could potentially swap to melee weapons and get the benefits of the bow's ability. The bonus is now applied strictly to missile THAC0. (Note that it's still possible to use this exploit with another missile weapon, but this is not possible to fix without a large hack.) (bow10.itm)
  • Miscellaneous figurines throughout the game were using an unusual method of recharging to try and simulate the figurine coming to life rather than simply being a charged item. However, the method used was causing issues--for example, if the character using the figurine was dead when the figurine was supposed to reappear, the figurine would never return. (misc3d.itm, misc3e.itm, misc3f.itm, misc7t.itm)
  • Per its description, the Ring of Djinni Summoning is supposed to disappear if the summoned djinni dies. However, the ring would only disappear if the djinni's hit points were reduced to zero and was not accounting for other ways to die (i.e. level drained to zero, disintegrated, etc.) The ring should now disappear if the djinni is killed via any means. (sumdj01.bcs)
  • Per its description, Methlid's Harp is supposed to dispel 'hold-like effects'. It was not. (misc3o.itm)
  • The Wand of Cursing is supposed to induce silence, blindness, and deafness on its target. Though it set a 'Deaf' icon on its target, the wand was not actually causing deafness. (wand19.itm)
  • On melee attacks, Blackrazor's strength bonus was supposed to happen on 15% of hits but was actually occurring on every hit. When Blackrazor successfully drains a target, it now displays haste and strength icons as well as 'Healed' and 'Four Levels Drained' strings appropriately. (miscbc.itm)
  • Neb's Dagger is supposed to have poison on it. When the poison is gone, it is supposed to revert to a normal, enchanted dagger. Neb's Dagger was not changing into a non-poisonous dagger, and also had spurious slow effects attached to it. (cdnebdag.itm, nebdag.itm)
  • Arbane's Sword confers hold immunity to the wielder, but was conferring effects closer to free action. As such, several effects were removed to bring the sword inline with its description. (sw1h27.itm)
  • The various Protection from X scrolls all had a listed range of 30 feet, but were actually limited to 20. (scrl03.itm, scrl04.itm, scrl05.itm, scrl06.itm, scrl07.itm, scrl08.itm, scrl09.itm, scrl15.itm)
  • Some of the effects of drinking the Potion of Storm Giant Strength were targeted incorrectly, in particular the strength effect. (potn07.itm)
  • Per its description, the potion of magic blocking should be effective against spells of level five and below. However, it was actually protecting against ninth level spells and below. (potn33.itm)
  • The Runehammer +4 and Runehammer +5 were allowing two saves for undead to avoid being destroyed. Similar to an issue with the Improved Mace of Disruption, a misordering of effects was preventing the 'Undead destroyed' string from ever displaying. (hamm10.itm, hamm11.itm)
  • The potion of free action was erroneously protecting against charm and was displaying its Free Action portrait icon for the wrong duration. (potn45.itm)
  • The Staff of Power was casting a Globe of Invulnerability that almost, but not quite, acted like a Globe of Invulnerability. The staff now just directly casts a Globe of Invulnerability. (staf12.itm)
  • The equipped barkskin effect of the Staff of the Woodlands was setting armor class to the wrong value and was lacking the save bonuses of barkskin. If the charm spell cast by the staff was dispelled the charm portrait icon would remain in effect. The staff was also not providing the visual effects of Barkskin. (staf14.itm)
  • The blindness ability of the Blackmist halberd is supposed to affect creatures in a 10' radius, but was only affecting one target creature. (halb06.itm)
  • The Cloak of Protection was missing several effects that were preventing it from properly reflecting electrical damage, in particular, projectiles from electrical spells. To allow it to reflect electrical attacks from beholders (without reflecting all beholder attacks), a new projectile was created just for the electrical-based beholder gaze attacks. The Shield of Balduran is updated to account for this new projectile as well. (, clck24.itm, projectl.ids, spin579.spl, spin989.spl, wa2shiel.itm)
  • The Hallowed Redeemer's ability to damage attackers would summon cowled wizards if used in Athkatla. The spell that provided this effect was copied from Fireshield, and still had a number of fields that were causing it to trip the appearance of the cowled wizards. (keldorn.spl)
  • The Shield of Harmony and Small Shield +2 were providing an erroneous +1 bonus against missiles. The Darksteel Shield lacked its extra +1 bonus vs. missiles for being a large shield. (shld25.itm, shld28.itm, shld31.itm)
  • Despite being thrown at enemies, the Oil of Fiery Burning would display 'Gulp!' on the user. (potn13.itm)
  • The equipped effects of the Claw of Kazgaroth can be removed via dispel magic and should not be. Items that provide effects when equipped normally can't be removed via a dispel magic effect. The listed save penalties were also incorrect. (strref #11848, misc72.itm)
  • The equipped effects of the Shield of Harmony could be removed via dispel magic and should not be. Items that provide effects when equipped normally can't be removed via a dispel magic effect. (shld25.itm)
  • The Cloak of Mirroring protects against all spells of type 'offensive damage'. This resulted in incomplete protection against area of effects spells--fireball would not affect the wearer, but delayed blast fireball would. This is now standardized to protect against all area of effect spells. (clck26.itm)
  • The dispel magic on hit effects of both Carsomyr +5 and Carsomyr +6 were rebuilt as they were occasionally flaky. The ability to cast Dispel Magic was also not requiring the sword to be identified first and it was also requiring a creature target, unlike the spell. (sw2h10.itm, sw2h19.itm)
  • Arrows of Fire have a spurious +2 THAC0 bonus that is incorrect per the description. (arow08.itm)
  • The Cursed Scroll of Foolishness was causing divine spell failure but not arcane. (scrl12.itm)
  • Jan's Flasher Master Bruiser Mate Fixes lacked their advertised +1 THAC0 bonus and were adding a spurious save penalty to their penalties. (bolt07.itm)
  • The Short Bow +1 had the wrong range for its ranged attack. (bow06.itm)
  • Mordenkainen's Swords are immune to a host of mind-altering effects, being a sword, but these protections could be erroneously disspelled. (ipsion.itm)
  • Several of the abilities from the Firecam Full-Plate Armor, such as the protections from grease/web/entangle, could be disspelled. (npplat.itm)
  • The Unholy Reaver, wielded by the anti-paladin in Watcher's Keep, dispels magic on every hit. Unfortunately, the dispel was targeted at the wielder instead of the target. Its visuals also weren't playing due to a typo. (reaver.itm)
  • The Rod of Lordly Might is supposed to change at will into one of its three sub-weapons and back again. However, the sub-weapons were being created without charges so they could not be turned back into the original Rod without resting. Per its description, the spear form of the Rod of Lordly Might does extra damage if the target fails a save at +6. The save bonus was not being applied. (rodmace.itm, rodspear.itm, rodsword.itm)
  • Per its description, the Ruby Pendant's charm is supposed to be a once-per-day ability. (c6regis.cre, c6regis2.cre, regisamu.itm)
  • The special abilities of several items should require identification before they can be used. (amul26.itm, boot12.itm, ensw2h.itm, hamm09.itm, regisamu.itm, misc3e.itm, misc3f.itm, ring20.itm)
  • The mustard jelly form via the Cloak of the Sewers now matches the mustard jelly form via Polymorph Self. (clck27.itm)
  • The poison ability of the Pixie Prick should be a straight save instead of at a +6 bonus. (dagg13.itm)
  • Creatures that were immune to lightning bolts would only partially block the Lightning Bolt of Paralyzation ability from the Staff of Power, since it used a lazy method to create this ability. They would stop the lightning damage but still get stunned by it. A new spell had to be created for the ability, and various items updated to block it if they block other lightning bolts. (cdstaf12.spl, gorfirg.itm, gormisti.itm, spellh01.itm, staf12.itm, stalker.itm)
  • Kuo-Toa bolts are supposed to stun for four rounds (24 seconds) but were only stunning for 20 seconds. (kuobolt.itm, kuobolt2.itm)
  • The Hard of Discord would still play an expiry sound and visual effects on creatures that made their save and were otherwise unaffected (misc3m.itm)
  • The posion ability of baby wyverns was only applying to creatures with more than 6 HD instead of everyone. (plywyvrn.itm)
  • The Potion of Power is supposed to increase Hide in Shadows but was actually improving Move Silently. (potn41.itm)
  • The paralytic bolts of the sahuagin were using the wrong save and duration for their paralyzation effects. (sahbolt.itm)
  • The shillelagh from the spell of the same name was doing 1d6+1 damage and +3 to-hit, but was supposed to do 2d4 damage at +1 to-hit per its description. (shille.itm)
  • The extra pin damage from Ixil's Spike is supposed to be occur every round for three rounds. The dmaage occurred for the rounds 1, 2, and 4 instead of rounds 1-3. (sper12.itm)
  • The visuals from the melee thunderclap ability of the Staff of Thunderclap and Lightning would always play, even if the target blocked the actual effect via a save or magic resistance. (staf13.itm)
  • The blinding ability of Celestial Fury targeted every creature in the area. (sw1h51.itm)
  • Wands of Paralyzation, Spell Striking and Cursing could be used without turning the target hostile due to a missing flag. (wand04.itm, wand18.itm, wand19.itm)
  • Wand of the Apprenti had splits of 36% - 35% - 29% for its three random abilities instead of a true split. (wand15.itm)
  • The Potion of Icedust is supposed to be protecting creatures in a set area of effect around the caster, but the AoE could be selected arbitrarily. (wand16.itm)
  • The Wand of Striking was not disappearing when it was out of charges, unlike other wands. (wand18.itm)
  • Basilisk pterification attacks were forcing saves against spell or poison (depending on the the attack item used) instead of a save vs. petrification. (basigaze.itm, basilg1.itm, basill1.itm)

Corrections to Item Usabilities

Many, many errors here. Items have sets of flags (64 in all) that determine which items can be used by what class, race, alignment, and kit.

  • Adjatha the Drinker (sw1h35.itm), Firetooth +4 (xbow15.itm), Firetooth +5 (xbow16.itm), Full Plate Mail +1 (plat05.itm), Sword of Balduran (old) (sw1h18.itm): Corrected the minimum strength requirements.
  • Adventurer's Robe (clck14.itm), Knave's Robe (clck12.itm, clck18.itm), Mage Robe of Cold Resistance (clck09.itm), Mage Robe of Electric Resistance (clck11.itm), Mage Robe of Fire Resistance (clck10.itm), Robe of the Evil Archmagi (clck17.itm), Robe of the Good Archmagi (clck15.itm, clck19.itm, hgwra02.itm), Robe of the Neutral Archmagi (clck16.itm), Robe of Vecna (wa2robe.itm), Traveller's Robe (clck13.itm): Now usable by dual-classes from wizard slayers (if allowed by new class).
  • Amulet of Power (amul21.itm): Now usable by rangers and paladins. Now unusable by monks and barbarians.
  • Ankheg Plate (plat06.itm): Now unusable by stalkers and avengers.
  • Antidote (potn20.itm), Antidote (Cursed) (potn32.itm), Dawn Ring (ring38.itm), Elixir of Health (potn17.itm), Extra Healing Potion (potn52.itm), Healing Potion (Cursed) (potn25.itm), Healing Potion (ipotn08.itm, potn08.itm), Storm Ring (ring38.itm), Superior Healing Potion (potn55.itm): Now usable by wizard slayers.
  • Ashen Scales (strref #39565, chan17.itm): Now usable by druids, except avengers.
  • Belm +2 (sw1h30.itm), Drow Flail +3 (dwblun01.itm), Drow Halberd +3 (dwhalb01.itm), Drow Lance +3 (dwsper01.itm), Drow Long Sword +3 (dwsw1h02.itm), Embarl's Dagger (misc4u.itm), Flail of Ages +1 (all variants) (blun14g.itm, blun14h.itm, blun14i.itm), Scimitar (sw1h20.itm), Scimitar (sw1h56.itm), Scimitar +1 (sw1h22.itm), Scimitar +2, Rashad's Talon (sw1h23.itm), Scimitar +3 (sw1h52.itm), Sendai's Flail (sendai.itm), Shazzellim +1 (sw1h50.itm): Now unusable by beast masters.
  • Big Metal Unit (secret01.itm, secret02.itm, secret03.itm, secret04.itm): The Big Metal Unit is supposed to be usable by all classes, races, alignments, and all kits.
  • Blue Dragon Plate (plat20.itm): Now usable by druids; now unusable by stalkers and avengers.
  • Boots of Speed (boot01.itm): Now usable by monks.
  • Bow of Arvoreen (npbow.itm): Now unusable by bards, fighter-mages, rangers, paladins, fighter-mage-thieves, mage-thieves, half-orcs, and kensais.
  • Chaos (npsw05.itm), Entropy (npsw06.itm), Yoshimo's Katana (npsw02.itm): Now unusable by half-orcs.
  • Contingency (scrl7u.itm): Now usable by dual-classes from berserkers (if allowed by new class).
  • Corthala Family Armor (npchan.itm): Now unusable by lawfuls, neutrals (good-evil axis), evils, chaotics, fighter-mage-clerics, fighter-clerics ,fighter-mages, fighter-druids, fighters, cleric-rangers, cleric-thieves, cleric-mages, figher-thieves, fighter-mage-thieves, half-orcs, beastmasters, and archers. Removed redundant restriction flags for kensais.
  • Corthala Family Blade (npsw04.itm): Now unusable by lawfuls, neutrals (good-evil axis), evils, chaotics, and half-orcs. Now usable by thieves (allows backstab). Removed redundant restriction flags for undead hunters, inquisitors, cavaliers, kensais, wizard slayers, and berserkers. Minimum stat requirements are also altered slightly to restrict this to Valygar more strictly.
  • Crimson Dart +3 (dart08.itm): Now unusable by kensais.
  • Dagger of <CHARNAME> (dagg19.itm), Poisoned Throwing Daggers (dagg16.itm): Now usable by druids.
  • Drow Adamantine Chain +5 (dwchan02.itm), Drow Elven Chain +3 (dwchan01.itm): Now unusable by beast masters, stalkers, and archers. Now usable by dual-classes from enchanters (if allowed by new class).
  • Drow Crossbow of Speed (dwxbow01.itm), Sling of Everard +5 (wasling.itm): Now unusable by cavaliers and kensais.
  • Drow Full Plate +5 (dwplat01.itm): Now unusable by barbarians, shapeshifters, beast masters, stalkers, and archers. Now usable by dual-classes from enchanters (if allowed by new class).
  • Drow Medium Shield (dwshld01.itm): Now usable by shapeshifters. Now unusable by monks.
  • Drow Piwafwi Cloak (dwclck01.itm, misc9w.itm): Now unusable by wizard slayers.
  • Drow Scimitar +3 (dwsw1h01.itm): Now usable by thieves andmage-thieves, Now unusable by beast masters.
  • Dwarven Thrower (hamm06.itm): Now unusable by bards, fighter-mage-clerics, fighter-mages, cleric-rangers, cleric-thieves, cleric-mages, rangers, paladins, fighter-mage-thieves, and half-orcs.
  • Extra Healing Potion (ttpot.itm): Now usable by inquisitors and wizard slayers.
  • Firecam Full-Plate Armor (npplat.itm): Now unusable by neutrals (lawful-chaotic axis), neutrals (good-evil axis), evils, chaotics, half-orcs, monks, and gnomes. Minimum stat requirements are also altered slightly to restrict this to Keldorn more strictly.
  • Fireshield (Blue) (scrl1w.itm), Stoneskin (scrl2b.itm): Now usable by dual-classes from Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helm, Stormlords of Talos, swashbucklers, bounty hunters, assassins, kensais, wizard slayers, and berserkers (if allowed by new class).
  • Gauntlets of Crushing (brac19.itm): Now usable by druids. Now unusable by kensais and wizard slayers.
  • Gauntlets of Extraordinary Specialization (brac21.itm): Now unusable by monks. Now usable by barbarians and dual-classes from bounty hunter and assassin kits (if allowed by new class).
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power (brac06.itm): Now usable by bards.
  • Gloves of Pickpocketing (brac17.itm): Now unusable by fighter-mages, fighters, rangers, paladins, and monks.
  • Hallowed Redeemer (npsw03.itm): Now unusable by neutrals (lawful-chaotic axis), neutrals (good-evil axis), evils, chaotics, elves, fighter-mage-thieves, half-orcs, monks, gnomes, halflings, half-elves, and dwarves.
  • Handmaiden's Mace (hlolth.itm): Now unusable by half-orcs. Now usable by dual-classes from swashbucklers, bounty hunters, assassins, stalkers, archers, transmuters, necromancers, invokers, illusionist, enchanters, diviners, conjurers, abjurers, kensais, berserkers, and wizard slayers (if allowed by new class).
  • Harp of Discord (misc3m.itm), Methild's Harp (misc3o.itm): Now unusable by paladins.
  • Harper Pin (misc5x.itm): Despite its description, the developers clearly sought to limit this pin to Jaheira only. Stat restrictions are now in place and it is now unusable by bards, half-orcs, barbarians, avengers, shapeshifters, totemic druids, kensais, wizard slayers, and berserkers.
  • Jansen Spectrscopes (npmisc1.itm): Now unusable by half-orcs and druids.
  • Mercykiller Ring (wa2ring.itm), Ring of Lock Picking (ring35.itm): Now unusable by bards, cleric-mages, and monks.
  • Metaspell Influence Amulet (amul16.itm), Potion of Master Thievery (potn36.itm), Remove Curse (scrl5g.itm), Ring of Acuity (ring40.itm), Ring of Holiness (ring22.itm), Ring of Wiwardry (ring08.itm), Rod of Reversal (rods06.itm), Rod of Terror (rods05.itm), Shaman's Staff (misc5t.itm), Staff (misc9o.itm), Stone to Flesh (scrl8c.itm), Summon Nishruu (scrl8b.itm), Vocalize (scrl3g.itm), Wand of Apprenti (wand15.itm), Wand of Cloudkill (wand13.itm), Wand of Fear (wand02.itm), Wand of Fire (wand05.itm), Wand of Frost (wand06.itm), Wand of Lightning (wand07.itm), Wand of Monster Summoning (wand10.itm), Wand of Paralyzation (wand04.itm), Wand of Polymorphing (wand09.itm), Web Sack (wand14.itm): Now unusable by monks.
  • Moon Dog Figurine (misc7t.itm): Now usable by dual-classes from Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helms, and Stormlords of Talos (if allowed by new class).
  • Note (from Firkraag) (scrladj.itm): This message scroll was copied from a mage scroll, so it is now usable by all.
  • The Ogre's Sword (misc4q.itm): Now unusable by fighter-druids and beastmasters.
  • Patrol Leader Helmet (misca6.itm): Now unusable by bards, mage-thieves, mages, and monks.
  • Pierce Shield (scrl9a.itm), Protection from Electricity (scrl5t.itm): Removed redundant restriction flags for avengers, shapeshifters, totemic druids, beast masters, stalkers, archers, undead hunters, inquisitors, and cavaliers. Now usable by dual-classes from Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helm, Stormlords of Talos, swashbucklers, bounty hunters, assassins, kensais, wizard slayers, and berserkers (if allowed by new class).
  • Protection From Evil (scrl3h.itm): Now unusable by transmuters.
  • Protection From The Elements (scrl8e.itm): Now unusable by thieves. Now usable by dual-classes from swashbucklers (if allowed by new class). Removed redundant restriction flags for beast masters.
  • Red Dragon Scale (plat18.itm): Now unusable by stalkers and avengers.
  • Robe of the Apprenti (clck29.itm): Now unusable by monks. Now usable by dual-classes from wizard slayers (if allowed by new class).
  • Rod of Absorption (rods01.itm): Now unusable by fighter-druids and monks.
  • Rod of Lordly Might - Mace (rodmace.itm), Sword of Chaos (sw1h99.itm): Now unusable by fighter-druids.
  • Rod of Smiting (rods04.itm): Now unusable by fighter-druids, fighter-thieves, and monks.
  • Rogue's Potion of Frost Giant Strength (potn56.itm): Now usable by cleric-thieves, mage-thieves and by dual-classes from Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helm, Stormlords of Talos, transmuters, necromancers, invokers, illusionists, enchanters, diviners, conjurers, abjurers, kensais, and berserkers (if allowed by new class). Now unusable by wild mages.
  • Amulet of Seladrine (amul27.itm), Amulet of the Master Harper (amul28.itm), Claw of Kazgaroth (misc72.itm), Heartwood Ring (ring44.itm), Horn of Kazgaroth (misc73.itm), and Ruby Pendant of Beguiling (regisamu.itm): Now unusable by wizard slayers.
  • Scarlet Ninja-To +3 (waninja.itm): Now unusable by neutrals (lawful-chaotic axis), chaotics, fighter-mage-thieves, and half-orcs.
  • Scimitar (misc9q.itm): Now unusable by fighter-mage-clerics, fighter-clerics, cleric-rangers, cleric-thieves, and beast masters.
  • Scrolls of Champion's Strength (scrl5e.itm) and Chaotic Commands (scrl5f.itm) required 9 wisdom instead of 9 intelligence.
  • Shadow Dragon Scale (leat19.itm): Now unusable by shapeshifters.
  • Shadow Thief Dagger (dagg18.itm): Now unusable by fighter-mage-clerics. Now usable by druids.
  • Shield of Harmony (shld25.itm): Now usable by dual-classes from enchanters (if allowed by new class).
  • Shield of the Lost (strref #39578, shld26.itm): Now usable by druids.
  • Silver Sword (sw2h15.itm): Now unusable by monks and beastmasters.
  • Staff of Woodlands (staf14.itm): Now unusable by rangers.
  • Summon Fiend (scrl9b.itm): Removed redundant restriction flags for avengers, shapeshifters, and totemic druids. Now usable by dual-classes from Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helm, and Stormlords of Talos (if allowed by new class).
  • Sword of Arvoreen (npsw01.itm): Now unusable by bards, fighter-mages, rangers, paladins, mage-thieves, fighter-mage-thieves, and half-orcs.
  • Wakizashi (sw1h46.itm), Wakizashi +1 (sw1h47.itm), Yamato +4 (sw1h66.itm): Now unusable by fighter-druids and druids.
  • White Dragon Scale (chan20.itm): Now usable by mage-thieves. Now unusable by shapeshifters.
  • Wizard Eye (scrla1.itm): Now unusable by abjurers.
  • Wong Fei's Ioun Stone (helm34.itm): Now usable by berserkers and dual-classes from avengers, totemic druids, shapeshifters, Morninglords of Lathander, Watchers of Helm, Stormlords of Talos, swashbucklers, bounty hunters, assassins, transmuters, necromancers, invokers, illusionists, enchanters, diviners, conjurers, abjurers, and kensais (if allowed by new class).

Bonuses vs. Creature Types Not Working

  • Skullcrusher was mistargeting its +2 damage vs. humanoids. (blun18.itm)
  • The THAC0 and damage bonuses of the Hammer +1, +4 vs. Giantkin were only being applied when a giant was attacking another giant. (hamm04.itm)
  • Per its description, Crom Faeyr should kill ettins in a single blow. However, the ettins in the game were classified as giants so it was impossible to enable this without also granting Crom Faeyr the ability to kill giants as well. A new entry, ettin, was added to the race table and assigned to ettins in the game. This allows Crom Faeyr to be effective against them as intended. (hamm09.itm, race.ids)
  • The Wave Halberd was failing to instantly kill salamanders (per its description) due to a combination of effects. Some salamanders were not properly flagged as such in their racial or class fields, which is fixed by the creature patches above. The other issue is that most salamanders have a protection item that prevents the death effect being used by The Wave. The Wave is altered to use a slightly different but equally effective effect. (halb09.itm)
  • Due to typos in the resource references of Jerrod's Mace, the player was not receiving their +5 THAC0 and +5 damage bonuses against demons. (wamace.itm)
  • The extra 7 points of damage that the Rod of Smiting does to golems was being applied as an equipped effect rather than a melee effect. (rods04.itm)
  • Due to some errors in the underlying opcodes, only one of the bonus damages vs. a specific monster type would get applied--i.e. a Cavalier (+3 damage vs. dragons) wielding Dragon's Bane (+3 damage vs. dragons) would only get +3 extra damage against dragons instead of the expected +6. This also closes an exploit where the extra damage bonuses of a one-handed weapon would also get applied to the other weapon if dual-wielding. Unfortunately the same issues exist with the THAC0 bonuses stacking, but there's no way to fix this. (blun18.itm, blun23.itm, carsomyr.itm, cdhalb04.eff, cdhamm06.eff, cdsw1h03.eff, chevil10.itm, dagg09.itm, damacea.eff, doppdam.eff, equal01.eff, equal02.eff, equal03.eff, equal04.eff, equal05.eff, equal06.eff, equal07.eff, equal08.eff, evildam2.eff, flamenor.eff, ft1dam.eff, ft2dam.eff, ft3dam.eff, giantdam.eff, halb04.itm, hamm04.itm, hamm06.eff, hamm06.itm, holyaven.eff, hsword.itm, lycndam3.eff, lycndam4.eff, phanblad.eff, phanblad.itm, skullcr.eff, sw1h03.itm, sw1h18.itm, sw1h24.itm, sw1h31.itm, sw1h54.itm, sw1h62.itm, sw1h62b.eff, sw1h62c.eff, sw1h62d.eff, sw1h62e.eff, sw1h62f.eff, sw1h63.itm, sw1h64.itm, sw1h64a.eff, sw1h65.itm, sw1h65a.eff, sw2h10.itm, sw2h12.itm, sw2h19.itm, sw2h19a.eff, trolld1.eff, unddam1.eff, wamace.itm)
  • The Dwarven Thrower was applying its bonus damage to a whole range of creatures instead of just giants and ogres (hamm06.itm)
  • Burning Earth's bonus to-hit and damage against trolls was mistargeted and not being applied (trolld1.eff, trollh1.eff)
  • Similar to the Mace of Disruption, a Deva's weapon was not showing the 'Undead Destroyed' message due to a misordering of effects (deva.itm)
  • Runehammer +4 and Runehammer +5 had incorrect damage vs. undead. (hamm10.eff, hamm10.itm, hamm11.eff, hamm11.itm)
  • The Root of the Problem was doing an extra three damage vs. unnatural creatures instead of just two (giandam.eff, monstdam.eff, undeddam.eff)
  • Bone Club was not receiving its extra to-hit bonus against undead due to a targeting error (undhit1.eff)
  • Additional minor errors in the effs are cleaned up. (damaceb.eff, equal09eff, equal10.eff, equal11.eff, equal12.eff, equal13.eff, equal14.eff, equal15.eff, equal16.eff, sw1h32c.eff, trollh1.eff)
  • Additional effs that appear unused are fixed anyway. (lycnhit2.eff, undhit2.eff)

More Than One Copy of Unique Items Can Be Obtained

  • In the Mazzy-Gorf encounter, the player has the opportunity to buy a potion from Festule the alchemist to weaken Gorf. Festule's Potion is also available inside a chest in the Temple of Helm--the potion should only be available from Festule in the course of the Mazzy-Gorf encounter, so the potion in the chest is changed to a healing potion. (ar0901.are)
  • Varscona, a unique +2 long sword, is available from many sources throughout the game, most notably amongst several of the Suldanessellar elves. Varscona now only exists on Ribald in the Adventurer's Mart and all other instances have been replaced with generic +2 long swords. (c6bran.cre, c6catti.cre, c6catti2.cre, c6elf1.cre, c6fake.cre, c6gener.cre, c6god.cre, c6kach2.cre, c6kalden.cre, c6levin.cre, c6nerit.cre, c6will.cre, cupris1.cre, cupris2.cre, e34.cre, suelf12.cre, suelf13.cre, suelleg1.cre, suendel1.cre, suendel2.cre, suendel3.cre, suendel4.cre, suendel5.cre, suendel6.cre)
  • Suryris's Blade, a +2 halberd, is available for sale at the Adventurer's Mart as well as on a few creatures throughout the game. It remains on sale at the Adventurer's Mart and is swapped for a generic +2 halberd in all other instances. (bazliz04.cre, gorsta02.cre, gorsta09.cre, jarevia.cre)
  • Tolgerias can be exploited to obtain multiple Rings of the Ram. If his ring is pickpocketed, it's still given to the party as a reward if the party turns over Valygar's body for a reward or if he is killed in the course of obtaining the planar sphere. If the ring is pickpocketed from Tolgerias, he will not have another one. (tolger.dlg, tolger.bcs)
  • Valygar would drop a copy of his body if imprisoned (valygar.bcs)
  • In the conflict between the King and Prince in the Sahuagin City, the party typically ended up with multiple copies of the Treasury Key, Rebel Orb, and Magical Rope. If the party was aggressively pickpocketing, they could end up with even more than two copies of these items. Various aspects of the quest are reworked so that each item is unique and consistent, and the party can obtain only one of each. Some lines needed to be changed as well. (strrefs #46589 and #46590, ar2300.bcs, sahkng01.bcs, sahkng01.dlg, sahpr2.dlg, sahpr4.cre, sahtreas.bcs)
  • Pellan's Shield, a unique +2 large shield, was available in two locations in the game and was also available as a random drop. All but one are replaced with a generic +2 large shield. (gorcamb3.cre, rndequip.2da, rndwep.2da)
  • Multiple copies of the Shakti Figurine were available by aggressively pickpocketing. (sarkis01.bcs, sarkis03.bcs)

Items With Incorrect Icons

Various items throughout the game had incorrect icons assigned. The 'inventory icon' is the graphic that's used on the screen with your paperdoll, where you move items around your inventory. The 'inventory graphic' is the nice black and white sketch that is displayed with the item description on a parchment background; only the Short Bow +1 had this wrong. The 'attack icon' or 'quick icon' is the icon used in the game screen to actually select the weapon or ability.

  • The Periapt of Life Protection (amul23.itm) and Necklace of Form Stability (amul24.itm) have their own, unique graphics but were instead using the icons from the Periapt of Proof Against Poison.
  • The Flail of Ages +2 (blun14e.itm) that had the cold and acid heads was using the graphics from the cold-fire Flail of Ages +2.
  • The Mace of Disruption +2 (blun25.itm) was using generic mace graphics.
  • All generic composite long bow (bow01.itm) and generic long bow (bow03.itm) graphics were swapped.
  • Short Bow +1 (bow06.itm) was using the generic long bow icon for its inventory and attack, and the composite long bow for its inventory graphic. Its actual graphics were only being mistakenly used by other bows.
  • Ripper +2 (bow09.itm) was using the Composite Long Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Strong Arm +2 (bow11.itm) was using the Composite Long Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Elven Court Bow +3 (bow12.itm) was using the Long Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Tuigan Bow +1 (bow14.itm) was using the Short Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Tansheron's Bow +3 (bow15.itm) was using the Short Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Composite Long Bow +2 (bow16.itm) was using the Composite Long Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Long Bow +2 (bow17.itm) was using the Long Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Short Bow +2 (bow18.itm) was using the Short Bow +1 icon for its attack icon.
  • Taralash +4 and Taralash +5 (bow22.itm, bow23.itm) were using the Mana Bow +4 icon for their attack icons.
  • The Bow of Arvoreen +2 (npbow.itm) was using the generic short bow icon for its attack icon, and used a long bow icon for its ground icon.
  • Borok's Hammer (hamm05.itm) was using the icon from the Ashideena hammer instead of its own unique icon
  • The Helm of Brilliance (helm16.itm) was using graphics from the Helm of Glory instead of its own, unique set.
  • The scroll of Conjure Lesser Fire Elemental (scrl6x.itm) was using the Conjure Lesser Earth Elemental icons.
  • The Crom Faeyr scroll (scrlag.itm) had a unique icon that was not being used
  • The Staff of Power (staf12.itm) was using the Quarterstaff +1 for its inventory and attack icons. It was also using the icon for Minor Globe of Invulnerability for its Globe of Invulnerability.
  • Katana +2 (sw1h55.itm) was using the Katana +1 inventory icon.
  • The ranged icon of the Dwarven Thrower is also adjusted to better differentiate thrown and melee abilities in the quick bar. (hamm06.itm)
  • A typo in the item file was causing the scroll of Ray of Enfeeblement's casting ability to be blank. (scrlai.itm)
  • Boo occupies a quickslot icon on Minsc's inventory, but the slot shows as empty when Minsc is selected on the game screen. A Boo icon will now appear on the game screen. (misc84.itm)
  • Several spell scroll inventory icons were cutting off their right and top edges. The edges of the scroll are no longer cut off. Before-and-after images are available for comparison. (iscrl5a.bam, iscrl5b.bam, iscrl5c.bam, iscrl5d.bam, iscrl5e.bam, iscrl5f.bam, iscrl5g.bam, iscrl5h.bam, iscrl5i.bam, iscrl5j.bam, iscrl5k.bam, iscrl5l.bam, iscrl5m.bam, iscrl5n.bam, iscrl5o.bam, iscrl5p.bam, iscrl5q.bam)
  • The Shadow Thief Cloak and Cloak of Bravery were using robe ground icons instead of cloak ground icons. (clck28.itm, clck30.itm)
  • The Corthala Family Armor now uses the correct ground icon. (npchan.itm)
  • The Ruby Pendant of Beguiling lacked an icon for its Dire Charm ability. (regisamu.itm)
  • The Rod of Terror was using the wrong icon in the quickbar. (rods05.itm)
  • The war hammer Aegis Fang was using axe icons. (aegis.itm, aegis2.itm)
  • Both versions of the Flail of Ages +4 used the quick icon of the Flail of Ages +3. (blun30c.itm, blun30d.itm)
  • Many gems were using a generic sack icon on the ground instead of the gem icon. (hgstone.itm, misc16.itm, misc17.itm, misc18.itm, misc19.itm, misc20.itm, misc21.itm, misc22.itm, misc23.itm, misc24.itm, misc25.itm, misc26.itm, misc27.itm, misc28.itm, misc29.itm, misc30.itm, misc31.itm, misc32.itm, misc33.itm, misc34.itm, misc35.itm, misc36.itm, misc37.itm, misc38.itm, misc39.itm, misc40.itm, misc41.itm, misc6n.itm, misc6o.itm, misc6t.itm, misc6z.itm, miscbh.itm, plot02c.itm, plot02d.itm, plot02e.itm, sw1h54c.itm, ttgem01.itm, ttgem02.itm, tttreas.itm)
  • The Mask of King Strohm will no longer apply a helmet overlay to characters when worn, as it would float off of monks when they went through their attack animation. (key20.itm)
  • The Harper Pin and Thrall Collars now use amulet ground icons. (misc5x.itm, misc7y.itm)
  • The planetar weapon is a copy of the Silver Sword, but it used a mace icon in the quick bar. (planetar.itm)
  • Three items unavailable to the party in the game were also fixed as part of this review: Algernon's Cloak (clck08.itm), a copy of the Elven Court Bow +3 (gorwom2.itm) used by The Huntress in Watcher's Keep, and the Potion of Squirrel Change's ground icon (misca4.itm).

Rings of Air/Earth/Fire Control Charming Everyone, Other Errors

The three rings of elemental control were able to charm any creature, not just their corresponding elementals. The spells cast by these rings also had the same errors as their underlying spells. These are fixed, along with two other minor issues: some of the rings were not recharging after rest, and the range was set incorrectly. The Ring of Air Control had an additional error in that the save bonus that comes with improved invisibility was not being applied. The Ring of Earth Control was also granting an erroneous +1 save bonus which is removed. (cdcmelem.eff, ring27.itm, ring28.itm, ring29.itm)

Item Effects Failing Due to Bad Timing Modes

Some items were failing to apply effects due to bad timing modes on their effects. Items should apply their effects continuously while equipped, but many were using instant or permanent timing modes. The former would cause the effect to disappear immediately, while the latter would force the effect to persist after the item had been removed, or even stack if they item was re-equipped. For example, Lilarcor would permanently make wielders immune to the spinning confusion animation (but not confusion itself). The infamous stacking regeneration of greater wolfweres is another effect of this bug.

For the most part, the effects are minor or cosmetic (usually colors not being set) but there a few very important ones, particularly monster immunities: many creatures (Bodhi, for example) have immunities to Nature's Beauty, Demogorgon is immune to Lower Resistance, and liches were missing many spell level protections and resistances. (aegis.itm, aegis2.itm, ax1h04.itm, ax1h05.itm, ax1h06.itm, ax1h08.itm, bazpatrg.itm, blun01.itm, blun04.itm, blun06.itm, blun10.itm, blun23.itm, blun24.itm, blun31.itm, bodhi.itm, bow02.itm, bow05.itm, bow08.itm, bow09.itm, bow10.itm, bow11.itm, bow14.itm, bow15.itm, bow16.itm, bow18.itm, bow19.itm, bow20.itm, bow21.itm, bow24.itm, bow26.itm, bow99.itm, bownon.itm, cattac1.itm, cattibow.itm, chalslay.itm, chwraith.itm, clown.itm, dagg04.itm, dagg05.itm, dagg16.itm, dagg18.itm, daggshit.itm, demogorg.itm, demsuc01.itm, dwhalb01.itm, enmace.itm, enmorn.itm, ensw2h.itm, frosty.itm, fsspir.itm, ghost.itm, ghost2.itm, giafir.itm, giafir2.itm, giafir3.itm, giants01.itm, gorchr.itm, gorfirg.itm, gorjelfu.itm, gorjelgr.itm, gormisti.itm, gorwom1.itm, halb01.itm, halbrd01.itm, hamm01.itm, hgber01.itm, hgnymph.itm, hgwra01.itm, holdring.itm, hslaywpn.itm, hspectre.itm, iax1h01.itm, iblun04.itm, ibow03.itm, ihamm01.itm, innoc2.itm, invulner.itm, irongol.itm, kuobow.itm, lich.itm, mdog1.itm, npbow.itm, objring.itm, plymstar.itm, reaver.itm, ring94.itm, ring95.itm, ring99.itm, ringwolf.itm, seltest.itm, shalt01.itm, skelclub.itm, skelwasu.itm, slayerwp.itm, slaysh01.itm, spectr.itm, stalker.itm, stonring.itm, stonskin.itm, surehp1.itm, sw1h08.itm, sw1h14.itm, sw1h57.itm, sw1h99.itm, sw2h01.itm, sw2h01b.itm, sw2h02.itm, sw2h05.itm, sw2h14.itm, telslav.itm, telslav2.itm, ttsword2.itm, vamp.itm, vamp1.itm, vamp2.itm, vamp3.itm, wight.itm, wraith1.itm, xbow01.itm, xbow02.itm, xbow03.itm, xbow07.itm, xbow08.itm, xbow17.itm)

Weapon Animations

  • All clubs only use swinging animations and no thrusting animations when attacking, save regular clubs and club +3. (blun01.itm, blun31.itm)
  • Both the Blackblood club and Improved Club of Detonation were not using the club animation. (blun22.itm, blun27.itm)
  • Several drow were also carrying whips which had no animations. (dwwhip.itm, dwwhip01.itm)

Extraneous Effects

  • A handful of full plate mails had effects to slow movement and also imposed THAC0 penalties. As this was not consistent with other armors (or even regular full plate mail) the effects were determined to be bugs and removed. (plat19.itm, plat22.itm, plat23.itm)
  • Throwing daggers all alter the user's attacks per round to allow for two attacks per round. The shadow thief dagger also had this effect applied despite being a melee weapon. (dagg18.itm)
  • Imps and quasits had a spurious poison attack attached to their melee attacks. (imp.itm, impclaw.itm, impqua.itm)
  • There is an undocumented vocalize effect attached to Drow Scimitars +3. The effect is removed. (dwsw1h01.itm)
  • The Eagle Bow had an extraneous APR bonus effect on its ranged attack. (bow08.itm)
  • The Staff of Curing was providing +1 save bonuses while equipped. (staf10.itm)

Armor Not Affecting Thieving, Casting

  • Full Plate Mail +1 was not disabling thieving skills. (plat05.itm, plat14.itm)
  • Valygar's armor is not restricting arcane spellcasting when worn. (npchan.itm)

Instant Healing Exploits

The Sensate Amulet and Spear of Kuldahar could be exploited for instantaneous healing by re-equipping them repeatedly. The problem lay in that they were increasing both current and maximum hit points instead of just increasing the maximum. (wa2amu.itm, waspear.itm)

Staff of the Magi Errors

The Staff of the Magi had several errors. The staff was displaying a protection from magic icon instead of a mind shield icon, and several of its equipped effects (such as immunity to charm) could fail since they were not bypassing magic resistance or could be dispelled. (The invisibility effect alone remains disspellable; otherwise characters who left the party with the staff equipped could never rejoin, as they would be permanently invisible.) It also lacked additional effects from its equipped protection from evil, notably the -2 attack penalty of evil creatures and protection from demons. The dispel magic on hit was revamped since it could be occasionally flaky and the staff's spell trap now works exactly as the spell of the same name. (staf11.itm, staf11.spl)

Spear Ranges

The attack ranges of the various spears in the game were set inconsistently, resulting in some spears having the range of daggers and others being able to strike from well outside of physical range. Spears now have the same range as other two-handed melee weapons. (sper02.itm, sper03.itm, sper05.itm, sper06.itm, sper07.itm, sper08.itm, sper09.itm, sper10.itm, sper11.itm, sper12.itm, spermel.itm, tasloiil.itm, waspear.itm)

Undroppable Portal Key Could Trap Party in Opening Area

The portal key that is used to escape the opening area in SoA can cause the party to be trapped. If the key is in possession of a party member that gets killed, it does not get dropped and remains on their corpse. If the party has no means to revive the dead character they can be trapped with no way to escape. (misc4g.itm)

Boots of Speed and Grandmaster Armor Applying Haste, Not Movement Rate Increases

The boots of speed and the grandmaster armor describes their effects as "increases movement rate" and "Increase movement rate as Boots of Speed", respectively. However, both were trying to apply haste effects (speed increase only, not additional APR) instead of just a movement rate increase, which lead to miscellaneous errors (such as haste failing to work) on characters with these items equipped. (boot01.itm, leat24.itm)

Stunning Items Using Held Icons, Lacking Feedback

A handful of items that stun their targets were displaying 'held' portrait icons instead of stun, and lacked textual combat feedback: Dart of Stunning (dart03.itm), Bone Dagger (dartmel.itm), Wand of Paralyzation (wand04.itm), unused attacks (paracarr.itm, paraghas.itm, paraghou.itm),

Habib's Mighty Scimitar

Habib is the thief that appears and throws a scimitar at the party in the docks and then runs away. His scimitar is supposed to be 'caught' by the party member targeted, but was being created on the target as a magical weapon. The caught scimitar is now created in inventory. (sw1h57.itm)

Illithid Control Circlet Durations

The control circlets obtainable in the Underdark illithid lair have had their durations reduced to six hours, following the existing Baldurdash solution. The circlets could cause serious issues when used on party members, specifically, not being able to rejoin if they left the party for any reason while under the influence of the circlet. (misc9x.itm)

Maces of Disruption Fixes

The Improved Mace of Disruption had additional errors that needed to be addressed: the damage being done to undead was 1d6 + 5 instead of the listed 2d6 + 4, the 'Undead destroyed' string never appeared because of a bad order of effects, and it lacked the same glowing effect of the regular Mace of Disruption. The regular Mace of Disruption should have been doing 2d6+4 to undead but was actually only doing 1d6+4 damage. Becuase Runehammer +4, Runehammer +5, and the deva attack item all use the same file to apply undead damage, they are also patched. (blun12.itm, blun25.itm, cddisr.eff, deva.itm, hamm10.itm, hamm11.itm, macedisu.eff)

Fire Giant's War Hammer Doing Slashing Damage

The war hammers wielded by fire giants was doing slashing damage instead of crushing. (giafir.itm)

Fixes for Normal Darts

Regular darts had a number of issues that needed to be addressed. Unlike all other darts, they were not setting attacks per round to 3, were doing slashing damage instead of missile, and were applying strength bonuses to their damage. (dart01.itm)

Unsellable Items

Two of the normal books in the game--the History of Shadowdale (subtitled Doust Chooses Mourngrym Amcathra to Succeed Him) and the History of the Drow (subtitled The Dark Wars)--could not be sold, despite being able to sell every other similar item of this type. The Root of the Problem has a price of zero and can't be sold. It now uses its value from BG. (blun10.itm, book27.itm, book39.itm)

Miscellaneous Fixes for Non-Spell Scrolls

Various notes, mainly from Spellhold, would display stack numbers despite the fact that they were unique. They also had an intelligence requirement, making them appear red in inventory, despite the fact that they couldn't be used. (scrl1a9.itm, scrlaa.itm, scrlab.itm, scrlac.itm, scrlad.itm, scrlaf.itm, scrlag.itm, scrlhp.itm, scrlick.itm, scrlmz.itm)

Missile Weapons Receiving Strength Bonuses Incorrectly

Slings are very consistent in not applying strength bonuses to damage when used, save two (one by design, one by bug). However, many sling users were getting strength damage anyway because several magic bullets were flagged to use strength bonuses. A handful of bows and arrows also had the flag set to enable strength bonuses. One throwing axe was not receiving its strength bonus, though the axe appears unused. (arow05.itm, arow12.itm, arow14.itm, ax1h05.itm, bow08.itm, bow99.itm, bull02.itm, bull03.itm, bull04.itm, bull05.itm, bull06.itm, quiver05.itm, quiver06.itm, wasling.itm)

Equipped Item Abilities Could be Dispelled

Some items would lose abilities if hit with a dispel magic. For the most part these were special creature items which provided them with their various abilities and immunities, but not all--for example, Keldorn's Hallowed Redeemer could lose its retribution ability. (aurstaf.itm, dragring.itm, elemchan.itm, elemyanc.itm, impinvis.itm, jonhp1.itm, kuoring.itm, lich.itm, mage05.itm, mage06.itm, npsw03.itm, slayerwp.itm, sw1hseek.itm)

Magically Created Weapons Have Zero Weight

Nearly all magically created items in BG2 have zero weight, though there are a few exceptions. Fixpack changes Melf's Minute Meteors, Jan's Flasher Master Bruiser Mates, weapons created by Enchanted Weapon, Shillegagh, and a few others to have zero weight. (bolt07.itm, brdflute.itm, enmace.itm, enmorn.itm, enstaff.itm, ensw1h01.itm, ensw1h02.itm, ensw2h.itm, melfmet.itm, plymstar.itm, plysala.itm, shille.itm, sorb.itm)

Magical Armor Can Not Be Worn With Protection Rings

The cursed Missile Attraction +2 armor and the Mithral Field Plate Armor +2 were not being properly excluded from wearing rings of protection. (itemexcl.2da)

Weapons Using Incorrect Proficiencies

Several weapons had the incorrect proficiency set in their item file. This can result in characters not receiving proficiency bonuses when trying to wield them.

  • Aegis Fang (aegis.itm, aegis2.itm) changed to war hammer proficiency.
  • Short Bow +1 (bow06.itm) changed to short bow proficiency.
  • The Long Bow of Marksmanship (bow07.itm) changed to long bow proficiency.
  • Bruenor's Axe (bruenaxe.itm) changed to axe proficiency
  • The Ogre's Sword (misc4q.itm) and (old) Sword of Balduran (sw1h18.itm) changed to bastard sword proficiency
  • Embarl's Dagger (misc4u.itm) and Dagger of Venom (misc75.itm) changed to dagger proficiency
  • Shaman's Staff (misc5t.itm) changed to staff proficiency
  • Most arrows, bolts, and bullets had no proficiency set, allowing characters to wield bows, crossbows and slings without non-proficiency penalties. (arow01.itm, arow02.itm, arow03.itm, arow04.itm, arow05.itm, arow06.itm, arow07.itm, arow08.itm, arow09.itm, arow10.itm, arow11.itm, arow14.itm, arow15.itm, arow1a.itm, bolt01.itm, bolt02.itm, bolt03.itm, bolt04.itm, bolt05.itm, bolt06.itm, bolt07.itm, bolt08.itm, bolt09.itm, bull01.itm, bull02.itm, bull03.itm, bull04.itm, bull05.itm, bull06.itm, dwbolt01.itm, dwbolt02.itm, dwbolt03.itm, flam01.itm, frag01.itm, frosty.itm, iarow01.itm, kuobolt.itm, kuobolt2.itm, kuobolt3.itm, laser.itm, light.itm, puls01.itm, puls02.itm, quiv01.itm, quiver01.itm, quiver02.itm, quiver03.itm, quiver04.itm, quiver05.itm, quiver06.itm, sahbolt.itm, secret02.itm, secret03.itm, secret04.itm)
  • The old Sword of Balduran changed to b

Captain Arat Gives Infinite Fire Arrows

Prior to clearing out the de'Arnise Keep, Captain Arat would give the party a quiver of fire arrows every time the party speaks with him. This exploit is now closed. (kpcapt01.dlg, naliaj.dlg)

Enchantment Level Errors

Every weapon in BG2 has an 'enchantment' level. The enchantment is generally straightforward: an axe +1 has one enchantment, axe +3 is three, etc. The enchantment level is what determines which weapons can bypass spells such as mantle or hit creatures that need +x weapons to hit. The enchantment level is incorrect in several cases. One very notable case is that the attack item of many demons was flagged as just one enchantment instead of four. The engine does not handle weapons such as the Bastard Sword +1/+3 vs. Shapeshifters, Hammer +1/+4 vs. Giantkin, and Daystar +2/+4 vs. Evil Creatures consistently. In all but a few cases, the weapon uses the higher of the two bonuses as its enchantment level. All weapons of this nature use the higher of the two bonuses as their enchantment; i.e. Daystar will be treated as a +4 weapon. (arow04.itm, bearspir.itm, bolt07.itm, bow06.itm, bruenaxe.itm, bull04.itm, dagg19.itm, dart05.itm, kuobolt2.itm, lionspir.itm, misc75.itm, p3-12m4.itm, skelwasu.itm, snakspir.itm, staf10.itm, sw1h03.itm, sw1h31.itm, wamace.itm, wolfspir.itm)

Several magical items were not being flagged as such, and vice versa. For weapons in particular this can result in magical weapons failing to harm a mage under the effects of Protection From Normal Weapons, or being unable to hit creatures which require +x weapons to hit. Additional items, such as familiars, were also flagged as magical so that the black dragon in Suldanessellar would not take them if the party handed over all of their gear. (aeriebab.itm, bearspir.itm, bootdriz.itm, bonefd.itm, clck18.itm, dagg19.itm, dax1h01.itm, famcat.itm, famcat25.itm, famdus25.itm, famdust.itm, famfai25.itm, famfair.itm, famfer.itm, famfer25.itm, famimp.itm, famimp25.itm, fampsd.itm, fampsd25.itm, famqua25.itm, famquas.itm, famrab.itm, famrab25.itm, helm33.itm, helmskwa.itm, kuobow.itm, kuosper.itm, lionspir.itm, misc4g.itm, misc4y.itm, misc5e.itm, misc5r.itm, misc73.itm, misc84.itm, plat98.itm, plybass.itm, plyfist.itm, plymstar.itm, plysala.itm, plyspid.itm, plywyvrn.itm, regisamu.itm, ring43.itm, scrlag.itm, snakspir.itm, sw1h47.itm, wolfspir.itm)

Pickpocket Exploits

Several items could be pickpocketed, though it made no sense to be able to do so. For example, Ti'Vael's Head could be pickpocketed from Ti'Vael or an ankheg shell from an ankheg. (ankheg01.cre, ar0901.bcs, bazdra01.cre, bazdra02.cre, cltiva01.cre, eletro01.cre, firmag01.cre, gemch02.cre, hellgen.cre, hlkang.cre, sctelwyn.dlg, trrak01.cre, udprince.cre)

Azuredge Axe Corrupted, Other Errors

The Azuredge Axe is corrupted; the effect indices were not correctly referencing an existing effect. The axe has additional issues which are also addressed, such as the item not destroying undead, doing an extra two dice of damage when thrown, and missing the strength bonus when thrown (other throwing axes get strength damage) as well as its bonus damage against undead. (ax1h10.itm, ax1h10a.eff, ax1h10b.eff)

Keep (Drow) Adamantine Items Exploit

The drow items made of adamantine are supposed to disintegrate in sunlight. This is accomplished by swapping the items for dust but these swaps are only performed in the Underdark Exit area. This opened the exploit of muling items by giving them to a character like Mazzy or Jaheira, kicking them out of the party, and then adding them back to the party at a later juncture. The checks have been moved to the main game script to prevent this exploit. (baldur.bcs)

Party No Longer Loses Item Stacks

The entrance to Shangalar's Lair could potentially eat a stack of rogue stones rather than just one. Maheer, the merchant on Waukeen's Promenade, will no longer take stacks of diamonds/beljurils for Horn of Valhalla upgrades. (tran1008.bcs, shop03.dlg)

Halberd Flagged as Stolen

In the first level of Watcher's Keep, one of the statues can drop a +2 halberd. The item is erroneously flagged as stolen. (gorsta09.cre)

Stoneskin Scrolls Don't Stack

Two separate but identical scrolls of Stoneskin were available in the game, the net effect being--from the player's standpoint--scrolls that wouldn't stack despite being the same. The game is now standardized on one scroll. (ar0510.are, garlena.sto, sahpr1.sto, suelf10.sto, type1.sto, udduer01.sto)

Disease Icon Inconsistent

The disease icon was not being used very well. Many items which caused disease used a different icon, and many effects which were not disease used it, e.g. the nausea effect from ghasts. (acidooz3.itm, ghast1.itm, magispwr.itm, paraghas.itm, sharswd.itm, spidwr1.itm)

Fire, Cold Resistance Portrait Icons

Several items which only provided resistance to fire or cold were using the Resist Fire/Cold icon instead of the Protection from Fire or Protection from Cold icon, as appropriate. (blun35.itm, boot03.itm, plot01p.itm)

Multiple Rings of Wizardry

During the events with the rogue Harpers in Athkatla, the party can obtain a Ring of Wizardry as loot. The PC can also have his apprentices in the Planar Sphere construct one during the stronghold events. Unfortunately, both of them use a description appropriate for the latter, that the ring was commissioned by the PC. The ring obtainable through the Harpers now has a new description but is otherwise identical. (jaga3.cre, ohringwi.itm, ring08.itm)

Dispel Magic Via Items Cannot Be Blocked

There was no way to block the various items that have dispel-on-hit effects such as Carsomyr or the Staff of the Magi. These are now routed through a special spell for the very rare times when all dispel magic needs to be blocked, otherwise these work exactly as they did before. (arow07.itm, carsomyr.itm, cditmdm0.spl, cditmdm1.spl, deva.itm, devaevil.itm, elemchan.itm, elemcryo.itm, elemhydr.itm, elemimix.itm, elemogre.itm, elemsunn.itm, elemyanc.itm, elemzaam.itm, finsol01.itm, misc5c.itm, planetar.itm, plot04i.itm, potn33.itm, ravag01.itm, reaver.itm, scrl07.itm, staf11.itm, sw2h10.itm, sw2h19.itm)

Bala's Axe Fixes

Bala's Axe displayed the string 'magic resistance lowered' on his, but what it actually did was cause miscast magic. It also lacked its listed once-per-day dispel magic ability. (ax1h07.itm)

Deck of Many Things Fixes

Various cards and effects of the Deck of Many Things had slight errors. (domt.dlg, gorcamb.dlg, spin606.spl, spin607.spl, spin609.spl, spin610.spl, spin611.spl, spin613.spl, spin618.spl, spin619.spl, spin621.spl, spin632.spl, spin640.spl)

  • If you gamble your experience against Aesgareth and lose, or if you draw the jester card and gain experience, both changes are applied with incorrect timing mode
  • The blind portrait icon from the Talons card was being applied with a different timing and duration than the blind effect itself
  • The Moon card would increase maximum hit points but did not increase current hit points as well
  • The Emperor card is supposed to provide immunity to charm and confusion for a week; however, the charm immunity had a duration of zero so it wasn't being applied and the sound effect that indicated the effects of the card had ended was playing after only 120 rounds.
  • Thieves or bards drawing the star card were supposed to receive a dexterity bonus, but a logic error was preventing it
  • Other beneficial effects could fail due to spell protections or magic resistance.
  • Solo players without Remove Curse now draw Strife instead of High Priestess when gambling with Aesgareth

Under- and Overcharged Items

Items with special abilities have charges to use those abilities. They can be a total number (such as wands) or they can be of the form 'x per day' uses. Each item has a number of maximum charges set in its item file. When listed in containers, at stores, in a creature's inventory, or when created via dialogue/script, the game assigns the actual number of charges. By convention items sold in stores, items with x-per-day abilities, and items created by dialogue or scripting (for example, items forged by Cespenar or Cromwell) always come fully charged. Where this is not the case, these items are adjusted to be fully charged. Some items were also found to be created with charges in excess of the listed maximum in their item file. The most egregious example is the Wand of Wonder, which came with 50 charges despite have a listed maximum of 10. This meant this 3,000 gp item was sellable for 15,000 gp. (aerbod01.cre, aerie6.cre, aerie9.cre, aerie10.cre, aerie11.cre, amarch01.cre, amarch02.cre, amcarras.cre, ammerc08.cre, amsmug01.sto, amsmug02.sto, ar0018.are, ar0065.are, ar0305.are, ar0311.are, ar0317.are, ar0329.are, ar0334.are, ar0405.are, ar0505.are, ar0527.are, ar0530.are, ar0706.are, ar0801.are, ar0903.are, ar1202.are, ar1302.are, ar1514.are, ar18dwaf.cre, ar2400.are, ar3016.are, ar3021.are, ar3022.are, ar5502.are, ar6300.are, aran.cre, aran02.cre, bag20.sto, bag21.sto, bag22.sto, bag23.sto, bag24.sto, bag25.sto, bag26.sto, bag27.sto, bag28.sto, bag29.sto, bag30.sto, bdturm02.cre, beast.cre, bhcrypt.cre, bonebld.cre, botsmith.bcs, bshop01.sto, bshop02.sto, c6catti.cre, c6kngt1.cre, c6regis.cre, chalcy02.cre, chalpc01.cre, chalpc02.cre, chalpc03.cre, chalpc04.cre, chalpc05.cre, chalpc06.cre, chalpc07.cre, chalpc08.cre, chalpc09.cre, chalpc10.cre, chalpc11.cre, chalpc12.cre, chalpc13.cre, chalpc14.cre, chalpc15.cre, chalpc16.cre, chang01.cre, chang02.cre, chevil09.cre, chgood08.cre, chsam01.cre, chsam02.cre, chtaz01.cre, deckass1.cre, deshar.cre, docsol01.cre, docsol02.cre, drshsp01.dlg, duearc01.cre, e33.cre, elemimix.cre, firkra02.cre, firmon01.cre, flyfgt03.cre, fsdragon.cre, fshorde2.cre, fshorde6.cre, garlena.sto, gorcamb.dlg, gordeck5.cre, gordeck6.cre, gordeck7.cre, gordeck8.cre, gordeck9.cre, gordecka.cre, gorkuo05.cre, gorlic01.cre, gororc02.cre, gorsta09.cre, gorwom02.cre, grvlch01.cre, habib.cre, hgnya01.cre, hgskl02.cre, hldemi.cre, hlkang.cre, hobarc02.cre, icgob01.cre, icgob02.cre, jaga4.cre, jaylos.cre, kaysmg01.cre, keldor8.cre, kobarc01.cre, kobcap01.cre, kproen03.cre, kuoarc20.cre, kuowhi01.cre, latkni01.cre, latkni02.cre, maevar.cre, marlowe.dlg, nalia13.cre, orc02.cre, pbhunt03.cre, pcapt03.cre, pcapt04.cre, pirexe01.cre, pirmur07.cre, pirsea02.cre, plshhg01.cre, pparan2.cre, ppcowled.cre, ppguard1.cre, resuna.cre, ribald.sto, ribald3.sto, rumar01.cre, saerk.cre, sahpr1.sto, sahuag01.cre, sargrd05.cre, sargrd09.cre, sarkis01.cre, sarkis02.cre, sarkis03.cre, sarkis04.cre, sarvie01.cre, senani05.cre, sendai.cre, sendai3.cre, sendro05.cre, sevpat05.cre, sewdue01.cre, sewyag01.cre, shabod01.cre, shadeld.cre, shop03.dlg, shth01.cre, shth011.cre, shth03.cre, suelf10.sto, sword01.cre, swsfoll4.cre, swsfoll5.cre, swshaman.cre, tanthf01.cre, teltief3.cre, tolger.cre, tolger2.cre, trcar04.sto, trmer02.sto, trrak01.cre, uddemon.dlg, uddrow23.sto, uddrow24.sto, udtrap02.dlg, uhman02.cre, uhogre04.cre, vakg02.cre, viekang.cre, vulfgt02.cre, wand12.itm, waukni01.cre, wish.dlg, xappren1.cre, yaga05.cre)