Spoiler Hints: Items Eligible for Upgrade

Without Heart of Winter, only four items can be upgraded:

  • Girdle of Gond
  • Stoutward
  • Winter Wolf Pelts
  • Yeti Pelts

Three new items are available as well: Boomerang Dagger +1, Elven Chain, and Returning Dart +2

With Heart of Winter, more items are available for upgrade:

  • Bren Muller's Crossbow
  • Cynicism
  • Mystery of the Dead
  • The Sword of Myrloch Vale
  • Young Rage

Two monsters drop items which can be upgraded, similar to rhino beetles and umber hulks.

Three more new items are available as well: Bag of Plenty +1, Case of Plenty +1, and Quiver of Plenty +1.