Spoiler Hints: Items Eligible and Upgrade Hints

Bren Muller's Crossbow (HoW only)

Try to learn more about Bren Muller.

Cynicism (HoW only)

Try to magically change its mood.

Girdle of Gond

This is a gnomish artifact. Keep an eye out for inquisitive gnomes, and keep them happy.

Mystery of the Dead (HoW only)

Someone who specializes in magic regarding the dead should be able to help you here.


Keep an eye out for another artifact from the same dwarven clan.

The Sword of Myrloch Vale (HoW only)

Music is the key.

Winter Wolf and Yeti Pelts

Mirek should give you a hint as to what can be done with these.

Young Rage (HoW only)

Find a way to put the dwarven souls at rest.

New monster items

Two monsters will drop new items that can be made into items, similar to the umber hulk hide armor and rhino beetle shield.

New Store Items

Six items, based on Baldur's Gate II items, have been added to stores:

  • Orrick in Kuldahar now sells a Boomerang Dagger +1
  • Lehland at the Severed Hand now sells a suit of Elven Chain and a Returning Dart +2
  • HoW only: Emmerich in Lonelywood now sells a Bag of Plenty +1, Case of Plenty +1, and a Quiver of Plenty +1.