Location Spoilers


Table by Jailkeep Golem in Irenicus' dungeon

Tongue of Acid +3

Shadow Dragon (Thaxll'ssillyia), Shade Lord's Dungeon

Vexation +2

Pirate Captain in Hideout of Sea's Bounty Tavern

Crown of Lies

Firkraag, Windspear Hills Dungeon

Star-Strewn Boots

Unseeing Eye, Beholder Area in Sewers (Unseeing Eye sidequest)

"Green" Dragonscale Armor

Kyland Lind, Druid Grove Area

Stalker's Gauntlets

Shade Lord, Umar Hills Dungeon

Sundermaul +3

Therndle Daglefodd, Underdark, reward for rescuing the Svirfneblin child


Haer'Dalis' starting equipment

Uncursed Staff +1

Sorcerous Amon, Den of Seven Vales in Waukeen's Promenade

Backwhacker +2

Cohrvale, Slums

Bow of the Banshee +2

Gallchobhair, Temple Distric sewers

Nimblefinger Gloves

Renal Bloodscalp, reward for killing Mae'Var after proving his treachery

Screaming Bagpipes

Pooky, Den of Seven Vales in Waukeen's Promenade

Bullet of Darkness +3

Enge's Shop, Waukeen's Promenade

Void-Tipped Arrow +3

Enge's Shop, Waukeen's Promenade

Cloak of Minor Arcana

Mekrath, Sewers, Haer' Dalis sidequest

Element's Fury +2

Pai'Na, Lower Tombs in Graveyard District

Storm Pike +2

Anarg, Bridge District (Fallen Paladins quest)

Trollblood Ioun Stone

Nalia's starting equipment

Green Dragon Scales

Green Dragon, Watcher's Keep, Test of Bravery

Shield of Egons +2

Guardian Terpfen, Helmite Camp, Dorn's quest

Vexation +2

Ithafeer, Druid Grove Area

Astral Crossbow +2

Keldorn's starting equipment

Shadowed Spear +2

Tor'Gal, De'Arnise Keep

Dragonscale Shield +3

Forged using green scales

The Forest Queen's Benediction

Vaelasa, Windspear Hills (reward for returning dryad's acorns, or by killing her)

Jester's Bracers

Enge's Shop, Waukeen's Promenade

The Night's Embrace +3

Mae'Var, his guild hall, Docks District

Ring of Purity

Guardian, King Strohm's tomb, Windspear Hills dungeon

Dervish Crescent +2

Trademeet, reward from Djinn for Ithafeer's head

Headband of Focus

Alorgoth, Rasaad's quest (SoA)

Wizzard Hat

Lanneth, Neera's quest (SoA)

Archer's Eyes

Kuo-Toa Lair, Underdark

Robe of Red Flames

Edwin's starting equipment

Belt of the Skillful Blade

Ust Natha shop, Underdark

Biter +2

Jaye's store (at night), Waukeen's Promenade

Voidhammer +3/Voidsword +3

Blood pool near Lassal, Bodhi's Lair

Bard Hat

Aawill, Planar Prison

Helm of Dumathoin

Tarnor, Temple District sewers

Buckler of the Fist +2

Shop near temple (at night), Slums

Dragon Blade +3

Tazok, Firkraag's dungeon, Windspear Hills

Tangled Strings

Shop, Bridge District

Heart of Flame

Saladrex, Watcher's Keep (Machine of Lum the Mad level)

Eye of Ichor

Chromatic Demon, Watcher's Keep (Elemental Level)

Soul of Frost

Ka'Rashur, Watchers Keep (Maze Level)

Breath of Wind

Bookshelf, Watcher's Keep (Ritual Level)

Black Dragon Scales

Black Dragons in Suldanessellar, Hell (if you decide to fight it)

Helm of Opposition

Undead Mayor, Unseeing Eye Cult Area

Martyr's Morningstar +2

Anomen's starting equipment

Crimson Dawn +2

Dragomir the Red, Dragomir's Tomb

Severance +2

Lady Galvena, Lady Galvena's Festhall, Brynnlaw

Sealed Ancient Scroll (Trollkiller's Fireball)

Firkragg, Windspear Hills Dungeon

Sealed Ancient Scroll (Thunder Thrust)

Revanek, Twisted Rune Building,  Athkatla Bridge District

Sealed Ancient Scroll (Corrosion)

Vault, Watcher's Keep, Level 4 (Machine of Lum the Mad level)

Sealed Ancient Scroll (Hoar of Frost)

Fire pit, Yaga-Shura's Lair

Shadow Dragon Blood

Shadow Dragon (Thaxll'ssillyia), Shade Lord's Dungeon

Blood-stained Ancient Scroll (Conjure Death)

Robe of Vecna, Adventurer's Mart, Waukeen's Promenade (obtained by using the charge ability once purchased)

Bolt of Fire +1

Enge's shop, various other shops througout SoA and ToB

Bolt of Ice +1

Enge's shop, various other shops througout SoA and ToB

Bullet of Fire +1

Enge's shop, various other shops througout SoA and ToB

Bullet of Ice +1

Enge's shop, various other shops througout SoA and ToB

Bullet of Electricity +1

Enge's shop, various other shops througout SoA and ToB