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  1. Free a powerful warlock from his imprisonment and venture with him on a quest to find the lost Nether Scrolls. Discover a new way of unleashing arcane energies with a brand new thief kit: The Warlock. Quickly travel vast distances across the Plane of Shadow if you dare to brave its desolate environs. Relax and store your equipment in a planar safe haven. Unlock new features and forge alliances in this astral stronghold. Brew potions and craft powerful artifacts to enhance your strength and devastate your enemies. Introduction: Ayden is a mysterious warlock that's been magically imprisoned on another plane for decades. You will originally encounter him in Ulcaster Ruins, struggling to find his way back to the prime material plane. Should you help him, he will become a loyal companion and friend to you and will open up a world of new opportunities. Over time, you will get to know many things about him, his past, and the place he comes from, which will affect your actions and perhaps even the way you perceive the world around you. Where will the road ultimately lead you as you approach godhood on your quest? Who will you put your trust in? What to expect: A new thief kit: The Warlock. It comes with its own set of custom abilities and an AI script for convenience. A fully-fleshed out companion NPC that uses the new kit and will interact with you and the world around him. The ability to quickly move to any major area through the Plane of Shadow. Your very own pocket plane that will serve as a stronghold and staging area for your adventures. Several brand new areas and quests (with more on the way). More than 30 new (or familiar) enemies and a handful of new allies. A simple crafting system that will allow you to more easily acquire the gear you need. A number of new items, some for crafting purposes, others for fun. A couple of additional convenience components to make thief classes more fun. Known Issues in v2.6: Missing icon for dimensional lure (got misplaced during packaging). Fog from Refuge appears in other maps when shadow walking. Random encounter level is incorrectly adjusted for low-level parties.
  2. I just purchased and installed BG:EE on my laptop. Imagine my surprise when I started a new game and found the area too dark to play. So I installed the game on my desktop. I found the same problem. No mods are installed, and I can't find any option to brighten the screen, though the options screens appear reasonable for brightness. Have I missed something in the options screens, or is there a line in the .lua file I can change to bring the games brightness up? Edit: I don't know what happened, but now the play screen (at least on my laptop) is now normal. Have there been issues with Windows updates interfering with the game? Just wondering, since I had problems with accessing my antivirus because of one...
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