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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there, i just bought BG1 the original Saga from GOG for my mac and tried to install the widescreen mod to it. the installation over wineskin into the game directory worked fine and i typed in my xy coordinates which are 1440x900. the game starts but it appears only as a small window in my left upper corner of the screen, while the rest of the screen is black. any idea what could be the problem ? thanks for any help
  2. Currently the Icewind Gate 2 Delta program enables you to play Baldurs Gate 2 on the (Third Edition) Icewind Dale 2 engine. Someone at Sorceror's Place wondered if the program could be used to enable BG1 to be played on Icewind Dale 2. I did none of the work in the IWG2 converters so I can't say. Nor have I played BG1, so I don't know much about it. What I can say is that a lot of the side quest stuff in BG2 was very hard to implement in IWG2 because Icewind Dale 2 had none of the functions that I needed. Examples include Crom Faeyr, Tiris quest in Trademeet, Pocket Plane Ability. BG1 conversion would be a matter of what functions BG1 needs versus what IWD2 has to offer. IWG2 Delta is designed to translate BG2 file formats. As for file formats the news is good overall, according to IESDP, BG1 and BG2 always use the same file format, with only two exceptions: CHR Character files and GAM Save game files. The CHR files are described as: "This file format describes an exported party member. The format consists of a CHR header, followed by a standard CRE file." Presumably you won't see these files in the translation process. GAM files are not used by the translation process. IESDP lists 37 file formats, you can ignore 3: CHR, SAV and GAM. SAV is a save game file. You will need to check the other 34 to make sure there are no differences between the BG1 and BG2 varieties. BG1 has far fewer kits, this will affect translation. Link for Icewind Gate 2 download page is: http://www.shsforums.net/index.php?a...tach&tid=34232 Here you want the "iwg2_delta1.rar" file. It can be opened by the freeware 7Zip program. Any adventurous souls want to give this a go? You may need to rename your BG1 install directory as: BGII - SoA. At least while the Icewind Gate 2 program is running. It might help if BGT was installed.
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