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Found 3 results

  1. The BGII Enhanced Edition Tweaks Anthology used to work for me no problem but now the instant it gets to the part where you press 0 for English and 1 for Czech and I'm forced to closed it because it freezes. Anyone know why this might be happening? The installer I was using was cdtweaks-v9.exe if it matters and my OS is Windows 10 Home 64bit.
  2. Link to Article: https://medium.com/covering-baldurs-gate/the-truth-behind-edwin-and-valygars-conflict-one-of-baldur-s-gate-ii-s-greatest-mysteries-8441400f8d22 Summary of what is entailed: A bit of background which includes a direct quote from Baldur’s Gate II’s original Game Manual. Brief sections within my piece: It is no surprise they dislike each other. For instance, in one particular exchange between the pair, Edwin sneers, “I’ve been told the gods love a fool. They must think fondly of you then, ranger.” However, whether the ranger or mage spill into a violent conflict is complicated. Credible Sources and a handful of players attest to a bloody altercation, while others disagree. Guides are also referenced…. A conclusion is then reached! Read the article for more!
  3. Hi there, Long story short, I'm having this problem: in my installation right now, all classes receive the extra 1/2 attack per round at level 7 and 13, which is not right. At the moment, every class will have 2 APR from level 13 and beyond if they have one star in the weapon they're wielding. I know the vanilla game doesn't have this issue, and I have no idea which mod causes it. It's strange because I can't imagine any mod among the ones I use would have a reason to alter this behavior. Could it be from a newly added kit? So my main question is: how do I revert this back to vanilla behavior, i.e. only warriors receiving the extra APR at level 7 and 13? BG2:EE handles this by introducing a new .2DA called CLSWPBON.2DA, which decides which class receives the extra APR. So my secondary question is: what do I have to do to introduce this .2DA into BG2 like EE does - if that's possible? Or generally, how do you insert a new .2DA into the game and make the game recognize it - if that's possible? Knowing which mod caused this in the first place would be a bonus, but what I really care about is how this particular change is made, and how to undo it. I'm listing the mods I'm using just in case: - 1pp - Ascension - aTweaks - BG2 Tweaks - BG2 Fix Pack - Celestials PnP - Divine Remix - just the core component and the Feralan and Justifier kits - Expanded Thief Stronghold - IE Animations - Item Revisions - Level 1 NPCs - Oversight - Monk HLAs only - Refinements - revised HLAs and Sword Angel kit only - Revised Battles - new kits only - Rogue Rebalancing - Spell Revisions - Strategem - Tactics - only a bunch of encounters Any pointer regarding this issue would be greatly appreciated. I really really want to get it fixed.
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