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Found 1 result

  1. So my party have found the first Balor (not a summoned one like I saw before, but a true and dangerous one) while I managing to resolve the dungarees-village problem. My party is something near 15th-16th levels. And I have only one weapon that can do damage to a'cursed demon - "Daystar" - Long Sword which is +4 against evil creatures. This blade holds my Sun Soul Monk, with no proficiencies with it. The spells that left from clearing the area from an evil crazy elves and some kind of bandit lizard-like creature includes powerful anti-magic such as "Pierce Shield" x2, "Pierce Magic" x1, the lot of "Breach", "Spell Thrust" and so on... So what is the problem say you will? I am saying that the problem there are big. The problem because a'cursed Balor have a LOT of annoying abilities which including: Anti-magic (lot of "Remove Magic"), Self-protection magic ("Stoneskin"), Teleport (always focusing with it my low hp characters - tp, then hit = reloading...), Flame Circle that surrounds demon (10 dmg to Balor = ~20 dmg to damage dealer... in close combat), The Hell not bad Magic Resistance All of my party range weapons is useless, almost all of my magic is useless (I tried "Pierce Shield" + "Contagion" which was successful but how to do damage after it, I do not know...). In close combat this moron can easily hit my ~ -15 AC Shapeshifter, to addition this a demon have a LARGE attack range, that making almost impossible the "hit-and-run" without getting the counter-strike tactics by Monk. So is there anybody knows a weaknesses of this creature? I do not want to change my spell arsenal and rest two times special for defeating of this moronic overpowered bat-wingy NPC... . thanx for the answers. P.S. SCS (hardest setting), Tactics for EE, Insane difficulty. P.S.S Is There anybody know how is the size (MB) of patch from 1.3.64 to 2.1 BG2:EE. I want this "Legacy of Bhaal" difficulty!
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