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  1. Playing unmodded BG2 is all very well but Gem won't have arrived until it can play all the mods, BG2 players are fond of their mods. Mod starts with five PCs assigned by LH0602.bcs, one of them is a Halfling Fighter/Thief named Maztica. She has thief skill points spread all over the place, she is all things to all people and nothing to anyone, it is like an Aesop fable. Hence her Open Lock and Find Traps skills are not maxed out, she fumbles all too many traps. She wiped out half the party when she did not detect an Ice Storm trap. I altered the script to create my own party: Abdel Adrian - Human Paladin (Undead Hunter) Reynold - Human Cleric Jorgenheim - Dwarf Fighter (Barbarian) Jaheira - Human Fighter-Druid Imoen - Human Thief-Mage Bryn - Elf Thief-Sorceror Cleric, was going to be a Cleric of Helm. But the mod has no CLAB file for this kit. T -> M concentrates on traps and locks. "T -> Sor" will concentrate on stealth. The T-Sor won't be able to use Thief-only items, don't know if there are any in the EE mod. SPCL915, "Use Any Item", should be helpful here. The Thief class is purely notional. Only Reynold and Jorgenheim were in the original mod. Last three PCs are dual class, this is true for Bryn too, I play by no rules except my own. So far there have been only two problems. EE Mission Scrolls, "LHMIS#A": Don't rest with scrolls in your possession, ditto don't rest with the scroll anywhere in the same town/dungeon, otherwise they become unusable. You get this message in the console: "[GUIScript]: QuickItem has no charges." Then nothing happens! If all else fails, use the Console: CreateItem(1,"LHMIS#A") Here # is the mission number. Maybe it is an item not recharging on resting issue? Mission 2, LH1005A.bcs: Extraction Point script was going into a loop and continually giving everyone 5,000XP! This is the original code: I altered the code as follows: This worked. Maybe "Deactivate([ALLY.0.HUMAN.FIGHTER])" is not working properly for the four NPC Knights of the Order?
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