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  1. From GemRB Wiki. Is this fully implemented? I tried it, had no effect.
  2. I've made a mod that adds a Ranger / Thief multi-class option, and there are two problems remaining: 1. I don't want any racial restrictions, so this is available for all races. The alignment is restricted to NG and CG in alignment.2da, which is enforced for all races except for gnomes. So, if I make a gnome Ranger-Thief, all alignment choices are available on character creation, all the other races can only have the right ones. Any ideas how this could be? 2. Concerning item usability: GemRB wiki says So if I use Ranger item usability in classes.2da my character still can't use certain items, e. g. the Moon Dog Figurine (MISC7T), which restricts usability for any other classes than Ranger and Ranger-Clerics. So would I have to patch item files then to make them usable for my custom class combination, or did I something wrong? All files can be found here.
  3. I've been trying to make GemRB work on Windows 10 (Baldur's Gate 1 Classic + Baldur's Gate EE Installed) for several hours now, and after following several guides, this is what happens when I run the .exe file: black screen (Full screen) waits about a second crashes and drops out to desktop, without error sounds or the like I'm not really sure now to make it work, I've made a save game in the classic version of Baldur's Gate, and I'm not really sure what to do next. I've gone from 0.2 seconds before the crash to approximately 1.2 seconds before the crash, if that means anything. I've uploaded the GemRB.cfg file in case I'm doing any syntax errors which are causing my problems. Any help will be appreciated. As well as that, I have followed the guide linked below: GemRB.cfg
  4. ////This is temporary rough version of the guide. Sorry I deleted by mistake the finished guide. But it is still applicable. This is guide for Windows users. Sorry I do not own/have Linux or any other systems. This guide will help you set up GemRB engine and install GemRB 10pp mod so you can enjoy 10 party members or decrease maximum allowable pary members. I recommend you to install Notepad ++ or similar program for easier editing paths. I. First Setting up your GemRB: 1. First go to this site and download the latest build Windows: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Windows/AppVeyor/ Linux: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Linux/ OSX: https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Buildbot Binaries/Apple/OSX/ 2. Extract your GemRB build to any folder although I recommend you to extract it to separately named folder e.g. _GemRB in Black Isles or GoG or close to where you have your Baldur's Gate 2 game directory. It makes things easier to navigate. 3. Go to where you extracted GemRB build and find the file called GemRB.cfg.sample 4. Rename GemRB.cfg.sample to GemRB.cfg. Ignore any warning if it pops up about changing file format. 5. Open GemRB.cfg 6. ONLY if you have Polish or Czech version of the Baldur's Gate 2 Find: Rename it to: Encoding=Czech or Encoding=Polish 7. Screen Resolution and Full Screen Find: Width=640 and rename it to: Find: Height=480 and rename it to: Height=768 This is maximum allowed resolution without installing Widescreen mod at least on my monitor for GemRB. For Full Screen Find: Fullscreen=0 Set it to one: Fullscreen=1 8. Find: #MaxPartySize = 6 and rename it to: MaxPartySize = 10 Or whatever number you want your party size to be restricted e.g. 3. Maximum party you can have with 10pp is TEN. Don't forget to remove the # pound sign. 9. Find #EnableCheatKeys=1 and rename it to: EnableCheatKeys=1 You may need to use the cheats if you run into a unexpected bug. Don't forget to remove the # pound sign. 10. Now comes tricky part - path editing. Your mileage will vary because nobody's paths are the same. Double and triple check your work it will work. GamePath=/mnt/windows/Programmi/Black Isle/BGII - SoA/ So this would look like that GamePath=C:\Users\Cygar\Desktop\Misc Files\Black Isles\BGII - SoA\ You need to provide your path to your Baldur's Gate 2 classic not Enhanced Edition. You should need to do. Anything else below in the spoiler tag are optional steps let lynx know if you really need to do those steps for GemRB to work. GemRB should be set up now. Go to where you extracted GemRB build and run gemrb.exe II. 10pp mod First incompatible and other problems mods: 1) Shadow Over Soubar. Don't install it because if you do you will get fatal error when installing 10pp. Problematic mods: 1) Game Over The Party Death - can only be installed after 10pp mod. a) it requires you to copy and override my edited .baf scripts BEFORE installing Game Over Only on Party Dead to extend support up to 10 NPCs in the party. Otherwise whenever 5 NPCs die your protagonist will also die even if you have 4 other party member alive. b) the mod is far from perfect on GemRB it requires you to manually set variable #gbhaalhp1=2 to #gbhaalhp1=0 whenever your Charname gets knock out (1 HP or less). Setting variable can be done using Near Infinity in the save game BALDUR.GAM c) There are lots of the issues I documented in this post written in violet color: III. Installation of 10pp: Software and mod prerequisites: 1 ) the G3 Fixpack 2 ) Download and install Active Perl or newer https://www.activestate.com/products/activeperl/downloads/ 3 ) Download 10pp mod from here https://github.com/lynxlynxlynx/gemrb-mods 4 ) Extract gemrb-mods-master.zip and copy the 10pp folder into your Baldur's Gate directory. 5 ) Copy and paste any of your weidu .exe for example setup-bg2fixpack.exe so you have setup-bg2fixpack - Copy.exe as well 6 ) Rename setup-bg2fixpack - Copy.exe to setup-10pp.exe 7 ) Run setup-10pp.exe and choose maximum size of allowed party member. I suggest you type in 10 because in GemRB.cfg you can manually edit the party size if you want to restrict the group to less than 6 members. That way you shouldn't lose the flexibility of manually editing party size in the config file GemRB.cfg. 9 ) You need to install widescreen mod with big enough resolution to fit in additional portraits. I recommend you to have at least With these resolution All 10 portraits will fit in but you will have to reload the game after having group size more than 6 in order to control 7th NPC via portrait. Likely the optimal resolution for 10 NPCs is at least 1920 x 1440. @Jarno Mikkola knows better and refer to his advises from here: 10) Don't forget to set the exact same resolution in GemRB.cfg as you chose when installing Widscreen mod. 11) Hopefully it will install successfully. IV. Few pointers for GemRB wannabes:
  5. Another FYI: Latest gemrb from git, files affected: FXOpcodes.cpp: // 0x13e ChangeWeather // sets the weather to param1, set it to: // 0 normal weather // 1 rain // 2 snow // 3 fog effects.ids: 0x13e ChangeWeather wildmag.2da: 5 SPWM105 0x13e * Latest TobEx, files affected: TobEx_ini.txt: Description #318 (0x13E) Stat: Set stat [318] Parameter #1: Statistic Modifier Parameter #2 low: Stat Opcode Parameter #2 high: Type After Sword Coast Strategems install this entry is found in console log: [Unknown]: fx_change_weather(318): P1: 1 Rain is present upon most level transitions, acompanied by either a mind-numbingly loud thunder-crack or the sound of a door slamming shut. Full Baldur's Gate Trilogy install with BG1/2 pre-patched to recommended version (Atari DnD Anthology). Manual install of mods in this order; BiG word fixpack v17, Baldur's Gate Trilogy 118, ScS v30, lolfixer github, generalized biffing, widescreen 3.07. Clearly there is a difference in the way effect opcode 318 (0x13E) is being implemented by GemRB and TobEx. ScS appears to use this in its core components.
  6. I just cloned and compiled/installed GemRB from the master branch on git about three days ago, so I believe that's 0.8.4? I have modded BG1 and BG2 together for the Baldur's Gate Trilogy. I am running Debian Linux. Everything works great through character creation, saving, and playing the beginning of the game. But it crashes as soon as I try to open the Inventory or Player Record (the Map, Mage Spellbook, and Druid Spellbook all open fine). This happens whether I click on the icon or use the hotkey ('I' or 'R', respectively). I have attached my gemrb.log (GemRB.log). You will notice that it ends abruptly in the middle of a line. When I run it from a terminal the only additional output is 'Segmentation Fault'. Any help in identifying the problem would be much appreciated. Thanks! Cheers, stevo
  7. Ther is someone with kind heart in the deapth of this forum ready to fight crime in the name of justice, and finde time to make new guide to GemRB for 0.8.4 https://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Other%20Binaries/android/ ?
  8. I am trying to do the quest given by Norochj where you must enter the Mausoleum. In the Infinity Engine, the portal automatically appears when you approach the entrance. This does not seem to happen in GemRB 0.8.4. Does anyone know why this is the case?
  9. Greetings. I gave gemrb (v0.8.1 and the git version as it is now) another try and i would like to ask some questions. 1) ToBEx has a feature "universal four weapon slots" that shows all four weapon slots in the inventory display and permits equipping all of them regardless of the class. Does gemrb support this feature ? Forgive me if this is already answered but i searched the wiki and forum and although i found the "concordance of features" and other threads, i couldn't find what ToBEx features are supported. 2) When i save a game in gemrb, i cannot open it either from bgmain.exe (with wine + linux if it matters) or from shadowkeeper (invalid cre signature). I haven't changed the SaveAsOriginal variable so shouldn't the saves be compatible with the original game ? 3) Using the stealth button on a thief results in immediate hiding in shadows in the original game while in gemrb it takes a round before the thief hides. Is this normal ? Thank you for your time.
  10. Hi all, After some issues with the widescreen mod that I never did manage to solve, I've decided to take another crack at GemRB (again, the lure of some of the GemRB specific mods is too great!) I've hit some issues trying to build GemRB 0.8.4 on Windows 7 64 bit. I'm following the guide here: http://www.gemrb.org/wiki/doku.php?id=install:windows All steps have been fine except for step 8; the build doesn't complete successfully, always producing errors when trying to link GuiScript.dll. There's a bunch of undefined errors to what look like Python variables / functions. I've included several of them here (they go on for a while before the build fails): Scanning dependencies of target GUIScript [ 74%] Building CXX object gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/CMakeFiles/GUIScript.dir/GUIScript.cpp.obj [ 74%] Linking CXX shared module ..\GUIScript.dll CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(PythonHelpers.cpp.obj): In function `ZN5GemRB20PythonObjectCallbackINS_7ControlEEclEPS1_': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/PythonHelpers.cpp:56: multiple definition of `GemRB::PythonObjectCallback<GemRB::Control>::operator()(GemRB::Control*)' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj):C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/PythonHelpers.h:166: first defined here CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(PythonHelpers.cpp.obj): In function `ZN5GemRB20PythonObjectCallbackINS_14WindowKeyPressEEclEPS1_': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/PythonHelpers.cpp:103: multiple definition of `GemRB::PythonObjectCallback<GemRB::WindowKeyPress>::operator()(GemRB::WindowKeyPress*)' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj):C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:593: first defined here CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_EnterGame': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:594: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_QuitGame': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:617: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_Log': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:15240: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_Quit': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:5687: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_UpdateMusicVolume': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:9863: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj):C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:9882: more undefined references to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' follow CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `AttributeError': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:184: undefined reference to `_imp__PyExc_AttributeError' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_SetMasterScript': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:2407: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `GemRB_SetTooltipDelay': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:13938: undefined reference to `_imp___Py_NoneStruct' CMakeFiles\GUIScript.dir/objects.a(GUIScript.cpp.obj): In function `RuntimeError': C:/Users/Nathan.Burns/gemrb_source/gemrb/gemrb/plugins/GUIScript/GUIScript.cpp:169: undefined reference to `_imp__PyExc_RuntimeError' The process seems to find the Python files OK (it gives a different error about not being able to find python.h if I do anything with my C:\Python27 folder), so I'm not sure what the problem is. Any ideas on what's causing this? I've tried with both Python 2.6 and Python 2.7, and tried the fixes suggested here around renaming Python libraries to debug files: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1236060/compiling-python-modules-whith-debug-defined-on-msvc Thanks Nathan
  11. Greetings. I have two questions to ask. a) Can anyone with a BG2 installation check if gemrb immediately levels up the character to TOB starting XP on the tutorial ? Steps: Shadows of Amn -> Single Player -> Tutorial -> Generate a character or import one of the pre-generated ones (except those starting with tob e.g tobthief) The character starts with 89000 XP but immediately levels up to the 2.5M TOB starting XP. I noticed it with BGT because SoA takes the place of the tutorial and my SoA character immediately leveled and i reproduced it with the tutorial in my clean SoA+ToB installation but maybe something is messed up in my installation. The extra XP are given in the FixProtagonist function in bg2/MessageWindow.py. I followed it to this code in the GameExpansion function if version < 5 and not GemRB.GetVar("PlayMode") and GemRB.GetVar("oldgame"): #upgrade SoA to ToB/SoA if GemRB.GameSetExpansion(4): GemRB.AddNewArea("xnewarea") return The tutorial uses PlayMode=1 so the the body doesn't run and the function doesn't return at that point so it goes further and gives the XP. if version < 5 and and GemRB.GetVar("oldgame"): If i remove the check for Playmode as the above code shows then it works fine but my change will obviously break something. I am not familiar with the GemRB code so i do not know what is the purpose of the PlayMode check. I would appreciate if someone checks how gemrb and vanilla engine behave on the tutorial character. b) This is not very important. A minor issue i noticed when trying to debug the XP issue. LUSpellSelection.py contains the following code: # chargen character seem to get more spells per level (this is kinda dirty hack) # except sorcerers if chargen and Class != 19 and not IWD2: SpellsSelectPointsLeft[i] += 1 So when you generate a new Mage character, the code checks the mxsplwiz table and then adds 1 more spell, right ? When i test it, i get 5 4 3 2 spells respectively which seems right (89K XP is L7 for a mage and my mxsplwiz shows 4 3 2 1 for Level 7). However, i have the impression that the vanilla engine works a bit differently. The amount of spells you can memorize after you start the game is the same for both gemrb and the vanilla engine and is exactly what the mxsplwiz file says. The number of "known spells" you get to choose during character generation is different though. GemRB gives you mxsplwiz+1 spells while i believe the vanilla engine gives a fixed amount of spells regardless of what mxsplwiz says. Can anyone check how many spells he gets for a generalist mage in the vanilla engine ? I changed mxsplwiz to give only 1 spell for every level and to give 8 spells. In both cases, during character generation, i got to choose "7 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 2" for "known spells". Thank you for your time.
  12. I've been trying to get GemRB 0.8.3 working on a Debian 8 system, it seems to "mostly work", but character customization is weirdly broken. I'm using BG2+TOB with a small number of mods. AFAICT the only mods that should affect the GUI are the widescreen mod and 10pp. After getting my custom portraits re-named properly I'm able to get them to show up in the lists, but clicking on a portrait in either list does not update the portrait display or enable the "Done" button. It does update the color of the displayed filename that I clicked on, so I'm fairly sure that it is recognizing mouse input on some level. I think I've tracked the problem down to the IE_GUI_TEXTAREA_ON_CHANGE event handler set in GUIRECCommon.py (lines 239 and 249 in the current GIT version). I added a few "print" statements to GUIRECCommon.py to see what was happening. It appears that the PortraitList1.SetEvent() call is being made in OpenCustomPortraitWindow(), but the LargeCustomPortrait() function is never called. I've tried various combinations of mouse & keyboard input on the portrait list widget. I'm having a similar problem with custom scripts (none of my custom .bs scripts show up on the list), but it may be unrelated. I've tried with both the 0.8.3 source tarball and the latest code from github (as of a few hours ago) with identical results. I'm assuming that this would be in the FAQ/FAP or TODO pages if custom scripts & portraits were broken for everybody, so I'm guessing something is wrong with my build and/or environment. Does anybody have any suggestions as to what may be going wrong? I have't included the output logs since gemrb didn't log any errors and AFAICT the only output related to the problem is from the "print" statments that I added. I can post the full output if you think that would help. Technical info: OS: Debian 8.1 Compiler: gcc/g++ 4.9 Python version: 2.7.9 Game: Baldur's Gate 2 + TOB (not EE) installed from original CDs Mods: widescreen, 10pp, G3 tweak pack, G3 fix pack, ascension, hidden kits, spell50, tactics, underrepresented items, banterpack, item upgrades
  13. Welcome, I'm trying to gemrb some time on the Alcatel One Touch pixi 7. gemrb versions: with this link http://sourceforge.net/projects/gemrb/files/Other%20Binaries/android/0.8.0/ - did not work (black screen and crash to the desktop). Version gemrb_11bfc23_20120711.apk 2012-07-11 worked. I put in it: Download gemrb override and scripts Date instalation location - default gemRB.cfg.sample renamed the file on gemRB.cfg I set in cfg: Gametype = bg2 Screen width 960 Scren height 540 GamePath =. / CD1 =. / Bg2 / data / CD2 =. / Bg2 / data / CD3 =. / Bg2 / data / CD4 =. / Bg2 / data / CD5 =. / Bg2 / data / (bg2 is the name of the folder with the game) I tried to insert a folder bg2 to: sdcard / app-data / here and sdcard / gemrb / here I wanted to play in: BGT, where bg2 is clean and bg1 has mods All the modes are of the type WeiDU and instal them in the order: Baldur's Gate II Fixpack Baldur's Gate Trilogy BG1 Unfinished Business BG1 NPC Project Widescreen Mod Bigger Fonts after turning gemRB - does not work crash to the desktop GemRB version 0.8.3-alpha1-debug.apk-2015-07-12 - I have not tried
  14. Welcome, The Widescreen Mod doesnt supports resolutions X - below 640, (i'm trying gemrb). My tablet has a native resolution of 540 x 960 - Alcatel OneTouch Easy pixi 7. Is there any way to set the native resolution or can I set higher resolution than the native? (I have no xperience with tablets) Thanks!
  15. ◀ Android port of GemRB on Google Play store seeks a new loving owner, preferably this one ▶ The app has an awesome rating of 4.25 ★★★★✮ stars, 65000 installs, and 6000 active users, but was rather neglected lately - it's currently unpublished, still on version 0.7.0, and fails to start on Android KitKat and Lollipop, which can be fixed simply by recompiling it with the latest version of SDL for Android. New owner must be caring, have good reputation in this community, and have a Google Play developer account. If you wish to adopt this app, please send me your Google Play dev account email, and your Google Wallet transaction ID, from $25 you've paid to register an account. Adopting this app bears certain risk of the app being suspended from Google Play, because of similarity to the official app, and repeated app suspension might lead to termination of your developer account. Google can suspend it even for the app screenshots being similar to the official app, so you might have to replace them with fanart. This happened to one of my apps recently, which was an Amiga emulator, and it happened because of one screenshot of one ancient Amiga game, which got re-released on Android.
  16. I started playing IWD2 under GemRB, and the game was difficult even at the default (midway) setting. I failed to load the savegames after reloading IWD2, so I replayed the Prologue on Easy under PlayOnLinux to get it over with. That was using a default party (Winter Rose), tweaked a bit to be more powerful. Now I've started again with a 4-person party, on the hardest setting, and it's a breeze in the first part of the Prologue. I have two questions: 1. Does GemRB implement a more difficult setting (Heart of Fury?) by default? Under GemRB, the goblin caves in the Prologue took multiple days of resting to complete, as I needed all the Sleep spells I could get. Even so I also needed to use plenty of burning oil pots to do enough damage. 2. How would I implement Heart of Fury mode under Play On Linux? This link says it is possible: https://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=4644&iTestingId=32363 EDIT: 2 can be solved by running PlayOnLinux, Configure (for IWD2), then on the General tab select Run Configuration Wizard under IWD2 Specific Configuration panel.
  17. GemRB is a portable open-source implementation of Bioware's Infinity Engine. It was written to support pseudo-3D role playing games based on the Dungeons & Dragons ruleset (Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale series, Planescape: Torment). It has been a while since the last release, but plenty of polishing and some new features have been added since (particularly for iwd2). For the details try GemRB yourself or check the linked changelog for some highlights and download links.
  18. Hi! I did some searching, but still couldn't find a soluton to the problem. I'm playing iwd:how on Bodhi Linux (pretty much like the latest Ubuntu, I think) with all the patches (iwd-1,06-how-1,41-ToL) and I believe I'm using the newest gemrb. I also use the Widescreen Patch, tried installing it both ways - for the original IE and for GemRB, to no difference in the following. The game crahses randomly in mid-combat, sometimes I get to kill one goblin, sometimes I don't get even this far. Trying to cast a spell (Magic Missile, in this case) seems to crash the game every time. gemrb.log shows this: I thought it was my ancient ATi videocard or the drivers. But then I tried to run the same iwd on the same machine with no gemrb from virtualbox. And it doesn't crash that way. I tried to reinstall iwd to a directory with no spaces in the address, to no result. What am I doing wrong?
  19. I'm almost up and running with a BGT install on gemrb for android (0.8). I've applied the BG2 fixpack and the widescreen mod and it's all working fine. My only problem is that I can't set gameplay options - or rather I can set them in the sense that I can toggle options on and off but the settings have no effect. Specifically, I would like to set autopause on for whenever an enemy is spotted (and some other cases) and I would like to see hit rolls in the text box as I'm still fairly new to IE and could learn from seeing some 'innards' of the engine. Going on this post the idea seems to be to insert your preferences manually into the file gem-baldur.ini (which seems to be created the first time you enter the gameplay options screen) and then make the file read-only. In order to identify the setting responsible for e.g. seeing hit rolls, I made a copy of the file baldur.ini (on the Windows install) and then fired up the game, turned hit rolls off and then compared the two versions. Turns out that the setting 'Effect Text Level' had changed from 63 to 62, so I figured that was the one I wanted. So I added the line 'Effect Text Level=63' to my gem-baldur.ini file on the android install in the proper [game options] section. No dice. There were still no hit rolls. On quitting the game, the line will be gone but only if I have entered the gameplay options screen. The game seemingly does not alter my autopause settings (at least the line 'Auto Pause State = xxxx') but it does not seem to respect the setting either. I have tried changing file permissions and ownership on the file using chmod and Root Browser but root browser (with superuser privileges) reports failure, indicating that the file system for the internal /sdcard is not one that supports file permissions. Can anybody tell me - if what I'm trying to achieve is possible with gemrb for android, and - if so what I might be doing wrong / how to achieve it.
  20. The following pack is on sale at GOG right now for less than $22 (you've got about 15 hours from this post): Baldur's Gate: The Original Saga Baldur's Gate 2 Complete Planescape: Torment Icewind Dale Complete Icewind Dale 2 Complete Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition Neverwinter Nights 2: Complete The Temple of Elemental Evil Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone If like me, you were waiting to buy these, now is the time. They also credit you for the games you already bought from them (I already purchased BG2, so I only paid $19 for the rest). This is the cheapest I've seen the Infinity Games. Now more than ever, I want to see GemRB up and running in its full intended glory!
  21. Hello I've been trying to get GemRB working on my windows 7 machine. I followed all the instructions on GemRB wiki and I run into a problem when I run GemRB-Buildenv.cmd. When I run it, it pops up the cmd prompt in my c:\GemRB folder. From there I try to do "make" but it just says make is not recognized as a command. I'm not sure what I'm missing as I followed the instructions pretty much to the letter. The batch files I copied straight from the wiki. All folder locations are as suggested in the wiki as well. Any idea what I'm missing?
  22. Hello, I've installed Planescape torment on my pc, then moved it into my Samsung Galaxy Note N8000 and tried to run it by GemRB. I can launch it, I had problems with starting new game (cause it automatically shutted itself down), so I created as adviced first save after intro on pc. When I launch it on my tab I get bluescreen in the center and only frames of the game are active and that's all. Does anyone knows, what I can do to run it? Paul
  23. so, fortunately, setting up gemrb with bg1 was pretty easy for me on the nexus 7. i used the google play version here: https://play.google....urceforge.gemrb so far, this seems to be the only version ( that works for me. i tried more updated versions, but they all just seemed to crash back to the home screen. also, the instructions here: http://forums.gibber...ndpost&p=195056 were immensely helpful for getting widescreen working, in resolutions larger than 640x480. i followed steps 1-5 in the above link, and admitted the ones after that (5,6) and i haven't gotten to the hardware mapping yet. if you're trying to get this working on your nexus 7, make sure everything works with a resolution of 640x480 set in your gemrb.cfg first. then follow the instructions in the above link. fyi: the nexus 7 has a screen resolution of 1280 x 800. it's important to note that gemrb will close back to the home screen unless you specify in your gemrb.cfg a resolution that is LESS than 800 pixels tall. the reason for this (as far as i can figure) is that the navigation bar on the nexus 7 is 64px tall, so you have to account for this (subtracting it from the total resolution), otherwise gemrb thinks the resolution is set too high and won't start. sooooo... instead of setting your resolution in the gemrb.cfg to 1280x800, you have to set it to 1280x736 in order for it to work. it seems that setting a resolution any less will break the layout and any more will make the game not start. that being said, it seems that everything is working perfectly at the moment, with the exception of one small issue: it seems that the dialog is taking up less than half the dialog area, instead of taking up the whole area. this is workable for now, but id surely appreciate it if anyone had any ideas as to how i could fix this. thanks!
  24. Hi I have a few quwstions: 1) how is with downscaling in gemrb? 2) will gem work on sony xperia E? 3) if its posible how to do it 4) Did somebode try it on devise with downscaling? was everything visable? Thanks for help Arek.psassa
  25. Most information regarding Download and installation can be found on the wiki. For your convenience here are helpful some direct links to helpful information: Source Forge Buildbot downloads (these are bleeding edge and automatically built any time a change is made to the source) Touch Input Guide Known Issues my TODO page Please check the wiki known issues and bugs before posting a problem. If you prefer you may submit a bug ticket on source forge. Try to only post iOS specific bugs and issues here. If you aren't sure please test (if you can) with GemRB on another platform (try to use the same Buildbot version) There is currently no stable release for iOS; only Buildbot incremental builds are available until next GemRB release. For reference the old thread is here.
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