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  1. I want to modify Cone of Cold (spwi503) to affect enemies only. I editted the projectile's AOE flag for Affect enemies only, I also later tried changing Spell Form from Normal to Projectile and removing the effect files, cast spwi503 and Casting Features. It still affects the party no matter what I do. Are there hardcoded features? Do any other cone projectiles affect enemies only? Thanks
  2. So I am getting an error on starting one of my installations, denouncing something in those files as the offenders. the game starts then without problems and so far no further errors or crashes have occurred ingame, but these will probably pop up at the most inopportune times if I continue. Apparently the try to index "SequencerMenu" wich is a nil value. I found the lua files in the override folder and they do indeed contain code that pertains to spell sequencers, yet sequencers seem to work fine.
  3. Hi all. First of all, I would like to inform you that nullset, creator of Jini and Rjali Roamance mod has given permission to edit his mod to make it works with EET. While I myself lack in BG modding ability and experience, maybe there are people out there with BG modding knowledge who are interested in integrating the mods with EET. I am currently also in progress of asking nullset to setup his mod in GitHub for easier access. Link to Rjali forum - with the consent post of the creator: You can also get the mod links in the first page of above forum.
  4. Today at a supermarket I saw a posted paper about giving first aid. I don't know why they had it there, it wasn't even about the coronavirus but about treating wounds - that first aid is only effective within 10 minutes of the trauma, about resuscitation and so on. So here is a little mod. It only works for the EEs, involving some advanced opcodes. Characters (and all humanoids and giants) can now administer first aid to someone who has taken damage within 3 rounds. This will cure 2d4 points, succeed in rousing characters from unconsciousness that comes in combination with damage, like getting slammed with a wing buffet, most of the time and slow the majority of poisons considerably. It relieves Constitution loss from vampire draining, too. Medics can bungle it, however, and instead do that much damage, deepen the swoon and accelerate the poison, if any. First aid can only be used once for a wound, and it works on anybody who isn't dead or made of clay or metal. Creatures can't use first aid on themselves, somebody else must tend to them. This should help team spirit... but you can use many minions for this, too. There is no need to start a new game. Creatures will be patched, including the party. NPC in areas you have already visited won't have this ability, but you can teach them by inviting them back into the group and having someone else use it. Download
  5. Greetings, all! I have a question I wish to pose to all of you modders out here, since I haven't seen it asked before, and that is is it possible to change a BGII original mod to be compatible with BGII:EE? (If so, how?) As someone who has never made their own mods before, I haven't the slightest idea of where to begin so any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Hey, So I'm totally new to modding and completely technologically illiterate. I do, however, like role-playing games. I've been trying to install Tweaks Anthology for Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition on Mac OS X. I followed the given instructions, but when I try to open "setup-cdtweaks.command," I receive the following message: ** ERROR ** [sETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2] not found. Make sure that you have unpacked the archive correctly and that you are not trying to run this file from inside an archive. Press ENTER to exit. I imagine there has to be a simple solution out there.
  7. Hi, I'm using Big World to install some mods for Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition and I'm getting this error when I try to install the component "Loosen Item Restrictions for Multi- and Dual-class Clerics" Installing [Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric Multi-Classes] [v4] Copying and patching 2059 files ... Copying and patching 1 file ... ERROR: Cannot find 8 rows with at least 10 columns.ERROR: [clasweap.2da] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("Cannot Read 2DA Entry")) Stopping installation because of error. ERROR Installing [Loosen Equipment Restrictions for Cleric Multi-Classes], rolling back to previous state Will uninstall 397 files for [CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2] component 2420. Uninstalled 397 files for [CDTWEAKS/SETUP-CDTWEAKS.TP2] component 2420. ERROR: Failure("Cannot Read 2DA Entry") PLEASE email the file SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG to http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showforum=34 Using Language [English] Could this be a conflict with another mod? I can't find any info on it. Thanks!
  8. Eldritch Knight: Text Stats Copper Dragon Disciple: Text Stats Now that I’m done with my 3.5 edition/Pathfinder Rules tweaks mod I thought I’d try my hand at creating some Kit mods based upon some Prestige classes from those iterations of D&D. For those who don’t have experience with 3rd Edition, Prestige classes were alternate classes you could add to your Character upon level up if you met certain requirements, given in the 3rd edition class system you were never locked into your class and could theoretically pick a new one out of the base classess upon level up. Most of Beamdog’s new kits are actually based upon these 3e Prestige Classes, like the Dwarven Defender and Shadowdancer. I wish to do something similar, but I actually want to simulate the experience of adding a prestige class to a character through BG’s dual classing system. Based upon previous modders work, like @deratiseur , I can create a script that will apply a Kit to (true-class) character so that when they dual-class they access a kit rather than a trueclass version of whatever they are dualing to. At this point these “Kits” are still in the conceptual phase, nothing has been programed yet, but I want some outside opinions on balance and class features. The first of these is the Eldritch Knight, 3rd Edition’s answer to the Fighter/Mage, a 10 level prestige class that allowed a character that could wield both Martial Weapons and Arcane spells to upgrade both their Attack bonus and Spellcasting level by 1 for each level they took (excluding the first for Spellcasting) in exchange for the extra Combat or Arcane Feats granted by the Solo Fighter or Wizard levels. Over the years there actually have been several Custom Kits called “Eldritch Knight” for BG2, but none actually simulate the experience or abilities of the 3.5 class. The Standard setup for a Eldritch knight was at least one Warrior level (usually a fighter) followed by enough Arcane Levels to allow for 3rd level spells to be cast (5 Wizard levels), at which point you met the requirements to be an Eldritch Knight, from them on you would be at least 2 caster levels(1 missed for the Fighter level and 1 missed for the first EK level) behind a pure Wizard, but you would have a BAB (15+) equal or greater to a Priest or a Rogue, depending on what levels did with your remaining four levels after maxing out your EK levels. To simulate this my Eldritch Knight will require a level 2 Fighter (and only a pure class Fighter) to dual class to a Mage at level 2, at which point they become an Eldritch Knight Kit. However, other than the fact that they can put a point into any weapon proficiency, the class does not begin to function differently until level 3, the same moment they regain their Fighter class: at this level, and level four, the “Kit” does not receive new spells per day nor another caster level (applied via a Caster Malus) effectively meaning for the rest of the game they are two levels behind an equivalent Pure-Wizard, as in 3.5. The Benefits for this sacrifice are a d6 hit die (the 3.5 EK Hit Die) up to level 10, and an effective base thac0 (applied via attack bonuses) that improves (at a similar rate to the standard EK build) until it caps at 5 thac0 at the 18th level (the 3 million mark that is 2e edition equivalent of later editions level 20), with any further improvements to the thac0 reducing the attack bonus so the PC’s effective base thac0 remains 5. (If this sounds confusing then look at the excel sheet where all the bonuses and maluses are charted.) The other changes are disallowing effective dual wielding (applying a permanent 8 thac0 malus to the offhand) and shield use, as in 3e a caster needed to be able to have 1 hand always free for casting; as well as applying several maluses and bonuses to certain saving throws so they all cap at 5. I know some people may see this Kit as pointless, as the Fighter 9 or 13 / Mage Dual or a Fighter/Mage multi provides the same role already, but my aim is to simulate the experience of leveling a Fighter/Wizard in 3.5; to provide a “Gish” class that both does not require you to play a Pure fighter for all of BG1, then a Pure Wizard for a good chunk of BG2 (as happens with the standard Dual) until you can finally have a Gish, as well as not massively fall behind the Human Dual-Classes in BG2 (as Demi-Human Multi-classes tend to because of plateauing experience ranks.) Also I wanted an option a little less cheesy than the broken Kensai-Mage run, where you spend half of the BG Saga playing an underpowered weakling, until you suddenly become an unstoppable killing machine a third of the way through BG2. The Eldritch Knight is meant be a more gradual build up in power, where for your entire Game run you are playing a Gish, albeit one that is neither as good as a Pure Fighter in Fighting, or as good as pure Mage in Casting. Some other things to note: because the EK abandons his Fighter class early he is “softer” HP wise than the standard Fighter/Mage, and after the first level he gains proficiency points very slowly (at the rate of a Mage), and thus can only achieve Grandmastery in one Weapon by level 18 at the earliest (if he spends his points single-mindedly), and completely abandons any extra attacks he would get for Fighter level (7 and/or 1) and an offhand weapon, as well as benefits of a shield. The only thing I am still conflicted about is how to simulate the “battle casting” aspect of Eldritch Knights, which varies from edition to edition, but usually means EKs get some ability to avoid spellcasting interruptions: getting bonuses to Concentration, getting abilities that prevent spellcasting attacks of opportunities, or allowing them to significantly speed up spellcasting, if not some combination of these abilities. Because I am unsure if there is a way to make Spellcasting for one class uninterruptable in the Infinity Engine (though if there is could someone tell me), I think at the moment the only way to simulate the EK “battle casting” is to give them a spellcasting speed bonus a la the amulet of power, though I don’t want them to start with a massive edge over the Single class mage, so I believe I want to make something they only gain with level: at the moment I’m leaning towards every 6 or 8 levels. However, to balance this out, and prevent them from cheesing in Throne of Bhaal, I would probably forbid the Improved Alacrity HLA, to prevent their bonuses from stacking. Although I am looking for input. Here is the class description thus far (text mostly borrowed from official sources): <blockquote\>ELDRITCH KNIGHT: Fearsome warriors and spellcasters, Eldritch Knights are rare among magic-users in their ability to wade into battle alongside fighters, barbarians, and other martial classes. Those who must face Eldritch Knights in combat fear them greatly, for their versatility on the battlefield is tremendous; against heavily armed and armored opponents they may level crippling spells, while opposing spellcasters meet their ends on an eldritch knight's blade. Because the road to becoming an Eldritch Knight requires both martial prowess and arcane power, eldritch knights almost always begin their paths as a martial class. They may be found wherever studies of the arcane are as prevalent as martial training. (Note: must dual class from a pure class fighter at level 2, any higher is forbidden.) Class Features: - To-hit progression between Fighter and Mage, capping at 5 thac0 at level 18. - May achieve Grandmastery (five slots) in any weapon and achieve Specialization (two slots) in Two-Handed and Single Weapon Styles. - May wear robes. - May wear helmets at level 3. - May wear any armor at level 3, though they still cannot cast in it. - May use any weapon at level 3. - Saving Throws all cap at 5 at level 21. - Hit Die: d6 - Gains Mage High Level Abilities. Advantages: - Bonuses to Death and Breath Saving Throws. - Every ? levels receive a bonus to spellcasting speed. Disadvantages: - Caster level and spells progression is two levels lower than a normal mage, and does not receive level 9 spells until level 20. - Penalties to Wand and Spell Saving Throws. - Gains Proficiencies slowly (every six levels), and can only attain Grandmastery at level 18 at the earliest. - Cannot equip shields - Cannot wield two weapon effectively, gaining an additional 8 thac0 penalty to the offhand in addition to any Weapon Style penalties. - Does not receive extra attacks per round at level 7 and 13. - Cannot gain Improved Alacrity High Level Ability. </blockquote> For reference and comparison, here are some official EK (as well as similar Gish classes offered in later editions) splats: http://www.d20srd.org/srd/prestigeClasses/eldritchKnight.htm http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/core-rulebook/eldritch-knight/ http://nwn2.wikia.com/wiki/Eldritch_Knight https://www.dandwiki.com/wiki/Arcane_Warrior_(5e_Class) https://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/base-classes/magus/ The second Kit is a little simpler, another Dragon Disciple, although this one is based upon a Bard build, and for the sake of variety, lore, and flavor this one is the more roguish Copper Dragon Disciple (as the current Dragon Disciple is clearly a Red Dragon). I’ve adjusted the bonuses to occur at the same approximate experience level as the DD Sorcerer, the main difference being some different stat gains (which are closer to the source material), and Acid element affinity (from the Copper Dragon) rather than fire, as well at the gaining a natural claw attack when unarmed that becomes magical and gains an Acid bonus at level 8 (and can be paired with an offhand weapon or shield). Overall the bonuses are probably greater than the Sorcerer DD, but it is paired with a greater weakness. Like the 3.5 DD, the Copper Dragon Disciple does not gain a caster level or new spells every 4 levels (that is to say for every four level they only gain 3 spell levels), meaning the already limited spellcasting ability of the bard is lessened and delayed even further (as opposed to the Sorcerer DD, which only loses one spell per spell level per day, and no caster malus) in exchange for being a bulkier fighter. You can check the full bonuses in the Excel sheet or the work-in-progress description: <blockquote\>COPPER DRAGON DISCIPLE: Charismatic, sly, and witty, copper dragons are by far the cleverest and most interesting of dragons–or so they say. Schemers and thieves, they tend to be charming scoundrels. Quick-witted, clever creatures, copper dragons cultivate their lively senses of humor. They delight in outfoxing and deceiving enemies, and they love a good jest– as long as it isn't directed at them. As such, their descendants among the mortal races often show an inborn proclivity to roguery and performance as well as their natural arcane talents. It is thus common for the few Copper Dragon Disciples that come into their powers to be Bards rather than Sorcerers of other Dragon-touched progeny. Advantages: - 1st level: +1 bonus to AC. - 2nd level: Gains a claw attack, so their unarmed attack does 1d6 Slashing. (note: the Dragon Disciple can still use his natural attack with another weapon or shield in the offhand.) - 3rd level: +1 bonus to Strength. - 4th level: May use Breath Weapon once per day. BREATH WEAPON: The Dragon Disciple breathes a gout of acid up to 30 ft. long, inflicting 3d8 points of acid damage on all creatures caught within the 140 degree cone. - 5th level: Gains 25% innate Acid Resistance. - 6th level: +1 bonus to Constitution. - 7th level: Breath Weapon damage increases to 4d8. - 8th level: Unarmed attack does an additional 1d6 Acid and is considered magical for the purposes of bypassing resistances. - 9th level: Innate Acid Resistance rises to 50%. - 10th level: Breath Weapon damage increases to 5d8. - 11th level: +1 bonus to AC. - 14th level: Breath Weapon damage increases to 6d8. - 14th level: Innate Acid Resistance rises to 75 - 18th level: +1 bonus to AC and Strength. - 19th level: Breath Weapon damage increases to 7d8. - 20th level: Innate Acid Resistance rises to 100%. - 24th level: Breath Weapon damage increases to 8d8. - Hit Die: d10 Disadvantages: - Starting at level 2, and every 4 afterwards (6, 10, 14, etc.) the Dragon Disciple does not gain a caster level nor new spells per level.</blockquote> Again here are the Official DD Splats: http://www.d20pfsrd.com/classes/prestige-classes/core-rulebook/dragon-disciple/ http://www.d20srd.org/srd/prestigeClasses/dragonDisciple.htm Before closing I just want to thank anyone ahead of time for their feedback. I want to make sure the “Kits” are well-balanced before I start coding them. When I’m done I may work on Adapting other later prestige classes, like the Arcane Trickster.
  9. I've been going through the steps at CamDawg's tutorial, and I think I've pretty much finished the TP2 file, but I'm not sure how to go about actually installing the mod to make it selectable in game. I have WeiDU installed, but when I load it up, I just get this: http://imgur.com/1E9Z0AR Here's the TP2 I'm using, in case there's anything wrong with it: BACKUP ~WarriorMonk/backup~ // so WeiDU can uninstall AUTHOR ~removed@gmail.com~ // contact address displayed if installation fails BEGIN ~Warrior Monk Kit~ ADD_KIT_EE ~WarMonk~ ~WarMonk 1 1 1 1 1 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 3 3 0 0 3 3 3 0 3 0 0 0 0 3 3 0 0 0 3 3 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 0 9 0 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 0 0 0 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 0 15 0 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 0 13 0 0 0 0~ ~WarMonk 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1~ ~WarMonk 0 0 0 0 0 0~ ~WarriorMonk/CLABFI01.2DA~ ~K_F_E K_F_H K_F_HE~ ~0x00100000~ ~FT0~ SAY ~Warrior-Monk~ SAY ~Warrior-Monk~ SAY ~WARRIOR-MONK: Warrior-Monks are guided by the principals of order and protection. Typically a Warrior-Monk fights in defense of an ideal or individual, though some will join a larger group of adventurers on behalf of a region or race of people.~ How does the TP2 know which stronghold, etc. to draw from? Does that come from the kit line: ~K_F_E K_F_H K_F_HE~? Thanks for any help!
  10. Hello. I cannot get this to open on OS X. I'm using a 2012 Macbook pro with the latest updates and using BGT Weidu. I follow the instructions, but when I click on the command file, it tells me I do not have access to the file, even though I should. The message reads: "The file setup-bg1npc.command could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the file in the Finder and chose File>Get Info." I do so, changing "read only" to "read & write" wherever I can and making the computer completely accessible, but I still get the same error. Any and all help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  11. It doesn't happen every time, but occasionally when I try to install a mod (particularly a NPC mod or a banter mod), I get an error command saying I don't have appropriate access privileges. I try to change them but nothing seems to work. I'm using a 2012 MacBook Pro with Yosemite 10.10.1 and all other mods seem to work. Furthermore, this problem occurs mainly with mods for BG2. For example, "Romantic Encounters" for BG1 works but does not for BG2. There error message for the command file reads, specifically: "The file [whatever the command file is] could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the file in the Finder and chose File > Get Info." I do so, changing "read only" to "read & write" wherever I can and making the computer as accessible as I know how, but I still get the same error. I have tried some tips seen here and there about entering command lines into the Terminal screen, but that doesn't seem to work either. It's not a hanging matter, of course, as most of these mods are just for curiosity's sake, but any and all help would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  12. I was looking through items with Near infinity and I noticed that there were a few weapon appearances applied to items that aren't available in the generic list of what's available as such GS - a Wizard staff F2 - Short fire sword ZW - Wings -.^ I was wondering where i could find a complete list of each of these Weapon appearances available ? or just the files location ? Thanks a tonne for anyone who can help me
  13. I am trying to get Tweaks to work on a Macbook. I have gotten as far as downloading it and opening it with UnrarX. I then brought "setup-bf_tweaks", "setup-bg2_tweaks.command" and the "bg2_tweaks" folder into the "data" folder. When I click "setup-bg2_tweaks.command", It give me this message. The file “setup-bg2_tweaks.command” could not be executed because you do not have appropriate access privileges. To view or change access privileges, select the file in the Finder and choose File > Get Info. I went to get info and I set the privileges to read and write so i don't see what the problem is. that is the highest evadible privilege. If someone can help me I would be extremely greatful! All I want to do it tweak the game so my half elf can dual class!
  14. Hello all, I hope that someone here can help me with this as people in the BGEE forum were stumped. Basically some boxes which pop up such as items, spells etc do not (and don't give me the option to) expand far enough to the right, osbcuring some of the information. It has been suggested it is because my laptop is missing a necessary font and is using a replacemnt which is too big. I am inclined to agree as a side by side comparison of mine (on the right with red "X") and normal DLTCEP shows differences in writing. I don't know how to change this though...........please help me! Please read this thread to get a better understanding of the situation. http://forum.baldurs...-problem#latest Thank you very much for any help you can give me.
  15. Hi, I have got baldurs gate 1 and 2 from GOG and have applied various mods as per the below link: http://www.destructoid.com/the-weekend-modder-s-guide-baldur-s-gate-1-2-222096.phtml Baldurs Gate and Throne of Baahl work fine but when I start a new game in Shadows of Amn, when it first starts after Irenicus has left, Imoen never comes through the door. My character is just standing in the cage and nothing happens, no menus come up or anything. Has anyone seen this before or have any idea what to do? It of course works fine with none of these installed and just using the basic version off GOG.
  16. Lot's of changes have happened since the last release and it's about time we make another one. Some of those changes were deep in the core, so a good test is needed first. The basic stuff is covered, but I usually do a full game runthrough to check the critical cutscenes are still working. As the most complex, bg2 is the ideal game to test with. Tests with iwd or bg1 are welcome too though. So we're looking for someone or somethree that can do a speed run through bg2 (soa is enough) in the next two weeks. It takes about a day or two, depending on how much you're dragged into normal gameplay. The test is to be done with the latest builds from our build bot (or your own build). Jumping (ctrl+j) and cheating (lvl 30/30 monk/sorcerer; ctrl-y) is not frowned upon, after all, it's about finding holes in the fabric of the multiverse, not petty Faerun matters. It is easier for us to debug gemrb if the game is lightly modded (fixpack only), but we don't expect problems, so you can try any combination you like. Any help will be appreciated!
  17. Hello everyone. I'm having trouble with BG1 on GemRB on Android using htc desire hd running Android 2.3.3. When I try to leave Candlekeep right at the beginning of the the game it crashes and sends me back to the home screen. The crash is repeatable and crashes at the same point (when the game would load from disc on PC) whether from a new game or save. I've attached the alogcat read-out. I hope someone can help. alogcat.2012-03-12-19-59-30+0000.txt
  18. First, we can't do much if you're not able to provide the GemRB log and an accurate version number! The rest of this guide was moved to the wiki, so please follow this link!
  19. lynx

    Send us screenshots!

    Our gallery is almost empty! A few days ago Edheldil fixed it to not be slow like an ooze, making it usable again. If you have any cool screenshots already or can make some, please upload or link them to the wiki. Let's make it a more appealing place!
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