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Found 2 results

  1. Guest

    White Label Disks

    I am looking to buy original disk versions of the Infinity Engine games to play them on my PS Vita through GemRB. I was hoping if anyone could tell me if the "White Label" disk copies some people are selling also do the job. I'm quite ignorant on what "White Label" is or means. Thanks in advance!
  2. Greetings everyone! Many many years ago I rebuilt the world of Baldur's Gate within HoMM3. I took a lot of inspiration from Baldur's Gate for my scenario in HoMM3 but I also added a lot of twists and turns on my own. Especially storywise I deviated a lot. It is possible to recognize a lot from Baldur's Gate but also to discover many new things. My big goal was to recapture the atmosphere of Baldur's Gate in terms of HoMM3. These two games have accompanied me since my childhood and I hold them very dear. I published my map "Fight for the Sword Coast" under my old name here. Now, I'd like to do the same with Icewind Dale. I already started the project "Icewind Dale meets Heroes of Might and Magic 3" (aka "Heroes of Ice and Wind" as I like to call it) some years ago. Then I went on a hiatus. And now I would like to continue. I am going to use the HoMM3 mod "Horn of the Abyss" for this project, which is an outstanding mod, that feels so close to the spirit of the original HoMM3 that it could have been made by the original developers just as well. I am going to use this thread to post my progress infrequently. I am looking forward to your feedback. And if you'd like to give me feedback on my Baldur's Gate map you can do so here, too. ~ Easthaven ~ ~ Kuldahar Pass and Kuldahar village ~ ~ The Severed Hand ~
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