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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everyone who still checks in to see my terrifyingly slow writing progress. We are once again at the tide of Yule, so I thought I would show a little more of what's actually been going on as a little bit of a present. What we have here is a snippet of just one possible path to freeing Aklon from Lehtinan's "employ", this one for people who'd like to buy him for themselves. I've removed the various qualifiers and other options the player has in this conversation, and there's potentially quite a bit more to be done here, such that the price is not fixed as stated if you only intend to pay in gold. With that said, enjoy a little bit of what's to come, and I'll wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020! PC: I met one of your pitfighters. Fellow in chains in the back. He seems keen to not be one of your pitfighters any more. I don’t suppose you’d consider selling his... contract? Lehtinan: Yes, I know the one. (hrrrrrm) ‘Tis not his choice to leave or stay, I have his... contract and I’ve invested a lot in his utility to me. I’ll not throw all hat away. PC: Which is why I offered to pay. Lehtinan: Well, perhaps I could let him go. Yet, I’ve put a lot of gold down on that one already, and barely made anything back, so your gold must pay for that imbalance. Twelve thousand coins I will take in exchange for the bare-handed fighter. PC: For just one man? Lehtinan: You gain more than just the man. With him comes a means of wringing compliance. To remove it would need his death, so you must pay for that too. PC: Surely there must be some way to lower the price. Lehtinan: Why should I (hrrrrmm)... lower my price? PC: There’s value in more than gold. I can accomplish things your normal employees can’t, for instance. Lehtnan: That is true enough. (hrrrmm...) It just so happens there is something you could do for me, something more suited to someone not known to be in my employ, and which has significant enough value to exchange the fighter’s contract for. Are you interested? PC: Absolutely, speak on….
  2. Hello all you people who still stick their noses in here from time to time, despite my shameless lack of speed and general progress. It's that time of year again, so I thought I'd bust out a little bit of a banter to let you all know how it's going. Though I'm currently working on the last banter for Yoshimo, I thought this snippet of a Viconia banter might be fun. It's shorn of other NPC interjections and story element based variable lines, but it'll give you an idea of some of the truly riveting conversation these two will have... well, some idle chit-chat anyway. Have a great Christmas/New Year's everyone! Aklon: Viconia, you have been on the surface some time, I gather. Viconia: Long enough. The sun no longer blinds me, as once it did. Aklon: So despite the millennia your race has spent in the deep earth, you can find some comfort in the sun? Viconia: Comfort? Ha! I wouldn’t say that. I will say it is handy for keeping time. It would be more so if it were more constant. Aklon: The changing time and position of its heavenly transit marks the seasons. Viconia: Oh, those. Damned uncomfortable, some of them. Inconvenient, with it. Aklon: People of the surface have found a way to work around them. Even enjoy them. Viconia: It beggars all belief that someone would celebrate the coming of snow. Aklon: Have you been involved in many surface celebrations? Viconia: It would be foolish for me to try. The last surfacer celebration I was involved in was a drow bonfire. Why do you think I keep to the graveyard in Athkatla? No festival atmosphere there. Aklon: I can understand that. Aklon: But surely you’ve come to know more of surface life than murderous mobs? Something else worthwhile? Viconia: In this light-blasted land? Viconia: I will admit, the food has excellent variety. Aklon: New foods are one of the little joys of traveling. A new city, a new inn, can make for a completely different experience. Viconia: There’s one inn in Baldur’s Gate where I had a fish dish that would have had the cook kidnapped to serve a matron mother. Aklon: At the Blushing Mermaid? Viconia: That’s the one. Aklon: Ah, Tressyl Kries is the cook there. I think I have eaten the same dish, it is an old family recipe, I understand.
  3. Hi all! It's that time of year again, and it be Christmas Eve in my neck of the woods, so for those of you patiently waiting for my glacial writing speed, it's present time. This year, I figured I'd give you all a little sense of the kind of thing going on between the scholarly monk and the troubled ranger. So, as is traditional, please enjoy a little bit of banter for the holidays: Valygar: Here friend Aklon, you should be wary. That mushroom you pick so idly is not for eating. 'tis more like to purge you of your last ten meals and maybe your life beside. Aklon: This I know. One this size could kill a child easily, perhaps a man grown. Many would mistake it for an eating mushroom and suffer for it. You know your herbcraft, friend Valygar. Valygar: Something important for a man who lives off the land to know. But why pick it if you know it's poison? Do you intend to make use of it? Aklon: Yes, but not as you might think. Valygar: A lot of poisonous mushrooms can give you visions, but I don't think it's one of those either. When I was learning my woods-craft, I picked the wrong mushroom and I swear I spent a week chasing a winged unicorn through a wood festooned in hanging swords. Aklon: Your instructor did not warn you of the consequences of your choice? Valygar: When I awoke, she was sitting there grinning at me. She said engaging in a vision-quest would prove a valuable experience. Aklon: Ah, I had a teacher like that. A mistake made may teach more than one avoided. But I do not want the mushroom for visions either. Aklon: If this is steeped in strong spirit, rather than cooked in water, the mushroom gives up another of its properties. From it, one can obtain a tincture that aids the body in fighting off fevers and putrefaction of the flesh. Valygar: I know enough of healing to know that the strong spirit alone will do that.
  4. Hello all. Well, it's Christmas Eve again, and though yet again I still haven't actually finished Aklon off, I have been making progress. So, as my usual custom is for Yule, I have for you a little preview. This time, it's a snippet of the last banter I finished for Nalia, the third so far of a planned seven. While I'm unlikely to have Nalia finished before the New Year, I'm hoping she'll be done before January is out. So, as you celebrate your holiday of choice, please enjoy, disparage, marvel, recoil, or otherwise experience to this bit of what's to come. A Merry Kweeznuz to all! Aklon: For someone whose education was in magecraft, you display better than a passing skill at the challenges of moving unnoticed in the wilds, Lady Nalia. Nalia: Just Nalia, please. I've had a little experience and getting into, and out of, places without being noticed. A castle yard is not so different from the wilds. Aklon: On the contrary, a castle yard lacks leaf litter, branch and root. Stone flags may channel noise, but they are regular and relatively easy to negotiate. I take it you have had a chance to hone your skills in more natural settings during your excursions from your home? Nalia: That's right. There's more than enough thickets, gullies, hillocks and tussocks outside deArnise hold for a novice to sharpen her skills with. At least enough to escape a tiresome garden party. Aklon: I suppose such occasions put you in closer proximity to those you wished to help. Nalia: They did. As a result, it was more doors and locks that were barriers to my plans than needing a quiet escape. Speaking of which, you're a warrior, but you're more than adept at making a quiet exit, or entrance, of you own. Aklon: I was tutored, where you are an autodidact, which would account for the differences. Some monk schools teach stealth as a deliberate skill, for others, it comes as a side-effect of training in careful, deliberate and at times gentle placement of the limbs. Nalia: And your own school? Aklon: My training was not so orthodox as that. As it happened, both of the battlemasters I trained under considered misdirection and confusion of an opponent to be useful martial skills, so they included tutelage in remaining unnoticed until it is too late. A skill you yourself have developed. Nalia: Well, I, ah- sometimes there might be a guard or two who I needed to get past. A little knock in the right place can do wonders for that, and give them a little harmless sleep, if you know how. Aklon: A very useful skill in all kinds of situations where explanation is not feasible and bloodshed undesirable. Nalia: Up until the time I joined this party, it was so rare for me to come across a time when it wasn't.
  5. As it that time of the year again, I have a little something to show people I've actually been doing things. Again, I prefer not to let too much slip, especially at this late stage, so here is a small chunk of a larger dialogue, featuring Aklon and Jan, discussing intricate technical details... Hopefully an interesting teaser and I hope all have had a good week, whatever you may be celebrating! Aklon: I have often admired the talent gnomes have for machines and the uses to which they are put. Jan: Thinking of asking Jan for some lessons? Aklon: With the time we have available on our journey, I fear- Jan: Time, precisely. No time like the present, I always say. Or would you rather learn more about turnips? Now there's a study for you. A rich and varied history, a profusion of types, uses and techniques for growing! Aklon: Ah, well, as I said, the time- Jan: Nonsense, there's always time for turnips. The Ruddy Tethyrian, for example, is a fine breed. Hardy, keeps well, makes a fine soup and almost never grows into a shape to make a matron blush. Hence the name.
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