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  1. Meleryn and the PC occasionally spend time stargazing at night. I know there are some coding errors, but I'm not sure what corrections are needed, so I'd appreciate some help, please. Conditions for those blocks that need them are in EP#MelD.baf. Thanks in advance for looking and guidance! ////////// // Stargazing ////////// // Legendary constellations - Corellon's Tears CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelCorTears","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelCorTears ~Do you see that string of five stars?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelCorTears",2)~ END ++ ~What of it? ++ ~I've read that it's named Belnimbra's Belt, for the legend of the first human female to have been turned into a swanmay, and how Lathander chased after her.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelBelnBelt + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Yes, Corellon's Tears, one of the oldest named constellations. CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelBelnBelt ~Hehe, it's funny to imagine Lathander doing that!~ = IF ~!Race(PLAYER1,ELF)~ ~We elves believe the Tears are the tears of grief Corellon cried when Lloth corrupted the drow, and elf first fought elf. Our legends also say the Tears glowed blood-red during the Fall of Myth Drannor.~ = IF ~!Race(PLAYER1,HALFLING)~ ~Halflings call it The Pipe.~ END + ~!Race(PLAYER1,HALFLING)~ + ~Why doesn't that surprise me? They do love their pipes, don't they?~ EXIT ++ ~I prefer the Lathander story. It's more upbeat.~ EXIT // Sacred Stars - Karpri CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelKarpri","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelKarpri ~There... that blue-green star...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelKarpri",2)~ END + ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Yes, that's Karpri, associated with Ishtishia, goddess of elemental water.~ + EP#MelKarpriOchael + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~It's Ochael, sacred to Rillifane Rallathil, The Leaflord.~ + EP#MelOchael IF ~~ EP#MelKarpriOchael SAY ~We elves call Karpri Ochael, and hold it sacred to Rillifane Rallathil.~ IF ~~ EXIT END IF ~~ EP#MelOchael ~Our special patron watches over us day and night alike.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - Adarivael; Sacred Stars - Anadia CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia ~Adarivael is another elven constellation. See how it's formed by three lines of stars that come together, each with a star cluster at its outer end? Where those lines come together is due east.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelAdarivaelAnadia",2)~ END + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~My people call those stars the Arrows of the Gods, or the Sun's Signpost.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarAnadSacredSol CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelAdarAnadSacredSol ~To elves, Adarivael is sacred to Solonor Thelandira, along with another, separate star. Let's see... where is it?~ = ~Yes, look up there. See that reddish star?~ END + ~!Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~That's Anadia. It's associated with the element of fire, and is sacred to Kossuth. My people often associate it with Garagos the Reaver.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~That's Anadia. It's associated with the element of fire, and is sacred to Kossuth. My people often associate it with Garagos the Reaver.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelUlu ~That's right! Orcs call the star Gruumsh's Eye. Their legends claim that, at the end of the world, the Eye will purify Faerun in a rain of fire, leaving only orcs to rule. I find that idea highly unlikely!~ END ++ ~Heh, yes, orcs come out on top in their legends... but not so much in real life, eh?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGoodOrc IF ~~ EP#MelGoodOrc SAY ~Not if *we* have anything to do with it. The only good orc is a dead orc!~ IF ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ ~My people call it Uluemyn. We hold it sacred to Solonor Thelandira, god of archery.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - Cassima CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelCassima","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelCassima ~&--#60;CHARNAME&--#62;, do you know that constellation up there? See the group of stars?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelCassima",2)~ END + ~!Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~I know this one. Cassima... the Bird of Paradise, or the Phoenix. Humans adopted the elven legend of a young maiden named Cassima, who was accused of being an evil witch, and burned at the stake.~ + EP#MelCasPhoenix + ~Race(Player1,HUMAN)~ + ~I know this one. Cassima... the Bird of Paradise, or the Phoenix. My people adopted the elven legend of a young maiden named Cassima, who was accused of being an evil witch, and burned at the stake.~ + EP#MelCasPhoenix IF ~~ EP#MelCasPhoenix SAY ~Yes. Before she died, Hanali Celanil transformed her into a Phoenix, and Cassima rose up to join the goddess.~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Legendary constellations - The Swordsman CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelSwordsman","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsman ~There's another legendary constellation, The Swordsman. There it is!~ DO ~("EP#MelSwordsman",2)~ END + ~Race(Player1,ELF) + ~I've learned many myths about the Swordsman. The most popular one is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Auranamn died in the battle, so Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the stars, to keep eternal watch over our people.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanStory + ~!Race(Player1,ELF) + ~Your people have many myths about the Swordsman, don't you?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanElfMyth CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MelSwordsmanElfMyth SAY ~We sure do. The most popular one is that the Swordsman was Auranamn, the first elf, who fought at Corellon's side during the great battle with Gruumsh. Auranamn died in the battle, so Corellon lifted his soul up and placed it among the stars, to keep eternal watch over our people.~ IF ~~ EXIT END CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSwordsmanStory ~I remember hearing about the Swordsman while I was growing up.~ END ++ ~An interesting story. I know of some others, too, but they can wait for another time. Let's move.~ EXIT // Color Spray Nebula CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelColSprNeb",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelColSprNeb ~Over there... what looks like a vast color spray spell in the sky...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelColSprNeb",2)~ END ++ ~That's the Color Spray Nebula, slowly streaking across the sky as it follows the Galleon Nebula. Mystra's followers take it as a sign that their use of the Art pleases her.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelBane IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelBane ~That's one way of looking at it. The cult of Bane believed that the nebula was their god's wrath, spreading across the heavens. They believed that everything in its destructive path is utterly annihilated.~ END ++ ~Let's hope not, Meleryn! It would be a shame to lose any of the night sky's wonders.~ EXIT // Galleon Nebula CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelGalNeb",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelGalNeb ~I see a great, colorful ship, sailing across the night sky...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelGalNeb",2)~ END ++ ~Ah, yes... the Galleon Nebula, her sails billowing on celestial wind. A mighty vessel indeed!~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage ++ ~That's the Galleon Nebula, the greatest ship never to sail the Realms' seas.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelGalleonVoyage ~Beautiful colors, even in this dim starlight. Always on the trail of the Color Spray Nebula, but never catching up to it. A very long, very slow chase.~ END ++ ~Either that, or the Color Spray is trying to reach the Galleon. Only the gods know for sure, if anyone does.~ EXIT // The Lion/The Wolf/The Dog/The Leopard CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelConstOfManyNames","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstOfManyNames ~Take a look at that group of stars, &--#60;CHARNAME&--#62;. Can you see the animal shape?~ DO ~SG("EP#MelConstOfManyNames",1)~ END ++ ~Yes, I learned about it at Candlekeep. It's known by a different name to almost every culture in Faerun. Some people named it for great feline creatures, others for legendary canines.~ In the Gulthmere, it's known as Nobanion, the Great Lion; in the Shaar, they call it the Leopard.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstFelineNames CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstCanineNames ~Right. In the North, it's usually called Asglyn the Wolf, the loyal companion of Gwaeron Windstrom. To the Rashemi and Aglarondans, it's the vigilant Narnos the Dog. Further south, in the Old Empires, they call it Ghastis, the savage Jackal.~ = ~Most demi-humans don't really acknowledge the constellation, so they have no names for it.~ END + ~Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~Ah, but we're the exception, aren't we?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael + ~!Race(Player1,ELF)~ + ~What about your people, Meleryn?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelConstElael ~Elves are an exception in many things, hehe! To us, part of the Lion is used for Elael, the Songsmith. Do you know the ancient fable about it?~ END ++ ~A bard who crafts a song so pure and sweet that even the gods are humbled.~ EXIT ++ ~If I've heard it before, I don't recall. What's the story?~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelElaelLegend IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelElaelLegend ~There once lived a bard who crafted a song so pure and sweet that even the gods were humbled.~ END ++ ~Elael was truly a legendary bard, then!~ EXIT ++ ~Hard to imagine the gods being so moved by one of us. I find that an encouraging thought!~ EXIT // Ieriyn (The Sailor's Star); Y'landrothiel (The Traveler's Star) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelSailorStar","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelSailorStar ~Up over there, far above Faerun's northern pole... the brightest star in the heavens. Elves call it Y'landrothiel, The Traveler's Star, while others call it Ieriyn, the Sailor's Star. It outshines even its sister, Mystra's Star.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelSailorStar",1)~ END ++ ~Right, Meleryn. It's called the Sailor's Star because sailors throughout the ages have used it to help them navigate.~ = ~This star is a real oddity! As the night progresses, Ieriyn doesn't rise or set like other stars, but always hangs at a single point in the sky. At any time of night, you can find Ieriyn, as it's always in the North. If a ship gets lost, sailors can determine their direction by finding Ieriyn.~ = ~The Sailor's Star is sacred to Selunites, and praised by sailors across Faerun.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelTravelerNav IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelTravelerNav ~You know a lot more about the sea than I do. On land, travelers, prospectors, and Shaundakul's worshipers all use The Traveler's Star to navigate as they travel. Humans first learned of the star's navigational uses from the elves of the North.~ END ++ ~And what you might lack in maritime lore, you sure make up for with your knowledge of overland travel. Looks like we balance each other well, Meleryn.~ + EP#MelComp IF ~~ EP#MelComp SAY ~I like the sound of that. I'll take it as a compliment!~ IF ~~ EXIT END // Chandos (Grumbar) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelChandos","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelChandos ~There's an "earthy" star over there. If you look carefully, you can see its brownish color.~ DO ~SG("EP#MelChandos",1)~ END ++ ~It's faint, but I see it. That's Chandos, a star sacred to Grumbar, the Boss of Earth.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelIaras CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelIaras ~We elves call Chandos Iaras, and consider it sacred to Labelas Enoreth.~ END ++ ~An eye in the sky, observing the passage of time.~ EXIT // Coliar (Akadi) CHAIN IF ~Global("EP#MelColiar","GLOBAL",1)~ EP#MELJ EP#MelColiar ~That bluish-white star over there...~ DO ~SG("EP#MelColiar",1)~ END ++ ~Coliar. It's sacred to Akadi, goddess of elemental air.~ EXTERN EP#MELJ EP#MelLuridel CHAIN IF ~~ EP#MELJ EP#MelLuridel ~Really? We elves call it Luridel, and hold it sacred to Erevan Ilesere, god of mischief.~ END ++ ~Ah, the patron of rogues. I can't help but wonder what he's up to.~ EXIT
  2. My NPC Erysseril won't join a party that includes Invokers, Necromancers, or Wild Mages. EP#Mel.baf is currently set up to check party memebers 2 through 6: // Invokers IF OR(5) Kit(Player2,MAGESCHOOL_INVOKER) Kit(Player3,MAGESCHOOL_INVOKER) Kit(Player4,MAGESCHOOL_INVOKER) Kit(Player5,MAGESCHOOL_INVOKER) Kit(Player6,MAGESCHOOL_INVOKER) Global("EP#EryInvokHostile","GLOBAL",0) THEN RESPONSE #100 SG("EP#EryInvokHostile",1) END The same structure is in place for the other objectionable (to Erysseril) kits. When an appropriate character is detected, Erysseril voices her objection, and the player can respond by either moving along with the party, or dropping the offending character so Erysseril can join. So, I need to know how to code a block to kick the offending party member out. the more efficient the code, the better. This is handled in ".baf/.d" fashion, but I'd be overjoyed if I can recode it all using CHAINs, so I'm interested in knowing if and how to rewrite it.
  3. Here are the four main goals I have in mind for my current mod project: * introduce a new character, with defined personality and depth, into the game as a supporting/companion character for the PC * familiarize the player with the distinguishing characteristics of a Sylvan elf, as opposed to other subraces, consistent with the game setting * define and demonstrate the NPC's role as an agent who works on behalf of her patron deity * allow for the possibility of a romance to form and develop between NPC and PC, under the right conditions, and hang the relationship's progress on the results of interaction between these two characters Much of this should simply show through in the dialogues. The character has her own mission to pursue, which I'm arranging so that everything related to it happens along the PC's main story path, rather than requiring the party to move off track to take care of her business. Oh, that reminds me that I need to write in the reward for successfully completing the quest How does this look as a guide? As always, nothing is set in stone. I felt that stating the objectives would be helpful, even if they're obvious. Feedback of any kind is very welcome! Happy modding, Eric
  4. Hello again Here's a little fashion show, in which Meleryn displays her at ease, ranged combat, and melee combat looks: These were cropped with screen set to 800x600 resolution, but I always play the game in 1024x768. It's just easier to see details at the lower res. How do these look? Thanks, Eric
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