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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, few questions. Do these mods exist for BG1(EE)? Specifically, not for an EET install. A ding0 Experience Fixer-like mod that reduces quest and monster XP? A Max-HP for Bosses only mod? A more specialized version of the Tweaks Anthology component that only gives max HP to Sarevok + crew, Tranzig, Mulahey, etc. Curious if this exists for BG2 as well. A mod that adds vanilla+EE kits to bosses? Such as Deathbringer to Sarevok, berserker for Tazok, etc. This feels like it should be a SCS component, but I don't believe it is. A mod that reduces the effect of reputation on prices, such that items will cost more at 20 rep than they currently do and/or items sell for less. I'm not looking for something dramatic, more in the 25 - 50% range. [edit2: Tweaks has this component] Any help would be appreciated, thank you! edit: I just realized that ding0's XP fixer does work on BG1:EE, apologies. I just tested it and it installed without any warnings.
  2. Greetings! After a clean installation of GOG BGEE + Sod(modmerged) i manually installed the latest 1) Unfinished business for bg1, 2) Spell revisions, 3) Iwdification, 4)More style for mages and 5) Tweaks Anthology, in that order. After testing with a new SOD toon , i noticed that my mage was missing some vaniilla spells like Bindness, deafness and more. Same thing with BG2EE,(same mods with bg2's UB) i was missing spells like Wyvern Call, Summon Djinni/Efreet and others that i don't remember. I guess they were overwritten by the spell mods due to incorrect installation order? I can live with dupicate dispel magic/expeditious retreats and the occasinal wrong text ( vampiric touch innate is named "Moving Crates" -lol- ) but being a spell junkie i would appreciate any suggestions on that matter. Thanks!
  3. Folks who have made the full crossover to BG2:EE modding of areas - I have a question that I hope is just me being boneheaded... I have the following code (tested, works perfectly on BG2): PRINT @30038 /* steal Abandon06 info point and turn it into a travel region, add entrance point for c-ar01 to use to send party to AR0700 */ COPY_EXISTING ar0700.are override LPF ALTER_AREA_REGION INT_VAR type = ~2~ cursor = ~30~ STR_VAR region_name = ~Abandon06~ destination_area = ~c-ar01~ entrance_name = ~Trancar01~ END LPF fj_are_structure INT_VAR fj_loc_x = 2391 fj_loc_y = 1484 fj_orientation = 4 // w STR_VAR fj_structure_type = entrance fj_name = Exitc-ar01 END ADD_MAP_NOTE #2254 #1342 ~blue~ @13144 On BG2:EE using this code works as well, except that the original tooltip still plays when the "hijacked" area is clicked on for transition. I tried to load up the BG2:EE area in DLTCEP using WeiDU v38, but that just crashed DLTCEP. Is there a different set of structures in place in BG2:EE that I need to work with differently? Even more importantly, what tool are modern modders using to investigate and recheck BG2:EE areas?
  4. This topic may properly belong in the DLTCEP forum, but if I can solve my problem through another method, I'm willing to change methods. I'm having a bug appear in my custom tomes. I've been working on developing a custom tome. Everything is going well, except for one glitch. I want the tome to remain in the player's quickslot after having been used, so I used DLTCEP to flag the item to not vanish after use. The problem is that somehow, when a player takes them out of the quick slot and puts them back in the quick slot, the game treats the expended item as a stack of tomes, making it possible to reuse. I see two options: (a) how do I disable the tome after use and prevent the stacking problem or (b) morph the tome after use into another, unusable book. I can make unusable books that look the same as the tomes. (How, for example, when shields shatter, do they morph into the shattered shield object). EDIT: Sometimes I'm so focused on complicated solutions that I forget the simple ones... When you click the tome, it generates a letter, an unusable book that looks the same, and destroys itself... Duh!!
  5. I am trying to make it so that when combat commences, you are unable to unequip or equip a shield, similar to the way you cannot equip or unequip armor during combat. The reasoning behind this is, because i don't like how you can just go from using a bow, to using a sword and shield whenever it's convenient. Or any two-handed weapon for that matter, because it gives you the offense of a two-handed melee weapon, or the range of a longbow, but also allows you to have the defense of a shield if you take the time to pause the game and rearrange your inventory during combat. In my opinion, that makes the game to easy.
  6. I have been tweeting with Trent Oster, one of the lead designers on BG:EE, and I asked him about usability flags. "@IchigoRXC We've had a few conversations about the usability flags. No easy fix without reprocessing all the data and breaking mods." I wondered how badly this would break existing mods, and how easily fixed it could be. I know a lot of people have had frustration with usability flags, looking through various topics on here and many other forums focused on games such as Baldurs gate Would it be worth the hassle to fix these mods if it gave use that extra freedom to add usability to more than just 32 kits/classes. How much do you think the modding community would benefit from it. If the consensus is pro changing this from the modding community, maybe it could be brought to the designers attention. It was just a thought
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