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  1. (LATEST BUILD AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS POST) Hello! As usual, I find myself with an idea in mind (have had it for quite some time actually) but I am short of any coding skill so here I am again looking for a kind soul who volunteers to help me realize what is going to be my last modding project. The idea is basically an overhaul of the Find Familiar spell. The goal is to take it closer to its PnP interpretation, adding some personal flavour in the process. Practically, everything is ready, I just need a coder that turns ideas into working code (of course, suggestions would be welcome). Going into details, here are the baselines for the modification: Familiars start at Level 1 - EasyTuTu and BGT players can finally use this spell without unbalancing the game When casting Find Familiar, the caster will select one familiar close to his alignment [see Table under] The Spider has been added as ninth familiar making it so that each alignment is represented by a different familiar Casting time for the spell is 12 in-game hours and the spell can only be cast outdoors Familiars acquire the summoner's level when the spell is cast and level up subsequently together with the caster (only the mage class advances the Familiar's level) Familiars Pseudodragon and Imp grant the summoner a minimal base magic resistance (2%) if within a 10 feet range The caster receives half of the familiar's HPs (rounded down). This number changes dynamically when the caster levels up Familiars will have soundsets and portraits associated to them New/recolored bams Familiars will nag when they feel enough time has been spent in the backpack At the death of the Familiar the summoner loses the extra HPs. If the summoner is still alive and he must save against system shock or fall unconscious for a brief period (see table under). Regardless, he loses 1 permanent point of Constitution until a new Familiar can be summoned for 3 in-game days. A new Familiar can be summoned only after 7 3 in-game days have passed (mourning period) CON System Shock ------------------------ 1 25% 2 30% 3 35% 4 40% 5 45% 6 50% 7 55% 8 60% 9 65% 10 70% 11 75% 12 80% 13 85% 14 88% 15 90% 16 95% 17 97% 18+ 99% Familiar HPs progression Table --------------------------------------- Lvl 1-9 10-18 19+ HPs 4 +2 +1 Familiar Summoning Table: Selection by alignment ----------------------------------------------------------------------- LG: LG, NG, LN NG: NG, TN, LG, CG CG: CG, NG, CN LN: LN. LG, LE TN: TN CN: CN, CG, CE LE: LE, NE, LN NE: NE, TN, LE, CE CE: CE, NE, CN Familiars by alignment: Familiar Alignment Change Rabbit Lawful Good - was TN Pseudo_Dragon Neutral Good - no change Fairy_Dragon Chaotic Good - no change Ferret Lawful Neutral - no change Spider True Neutral - new addition Cat Chaotic Neutral - no change Imp Lawful Evil - no change Dust_Mephit Neutral Evil - no change Quasit Chaotic Evil - no change Okay, that is all. If somebody is interested in helping me with this, please contact me via PM or by posting here. Thanks! LINK TO TOPIC AND LATEST BUILD: http://forums.blackwyrmlair.net/index.php?showtopic=5278
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