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  1. Dialogues Triggered From Existing Convos & Need Back-up Area Script and Placement (WIP, Domi's going through all the triggers) 10_brelaina Starts nr_lt0007 global nr_lt0007 set to 1 10_moire Starts nr_lt0007 global nr_lt0007 set to 1 So, you like running errands for Captain Brelaina? OR So, you like running errands for Moire? 10_duncan Starts nr_lt0004 global nr_lt0004 set to 1 A tiefling, an elf and a dwarf walk into an inn... that drunkard in Highcliff was right, we sound like a joke. So, an aasimar, a tiefling, an elf and a dwarf walk into an inn-- What?! So, two tieflings walk into an inn with an elf and a dwarf-- What?! 10_informant_cw2 Starts nr_0010 global nr_lt0010 set to 1 -informant that betrayed Moire? Fihelis 10_informant_st Starts nr_0010 global nr_lt0010 set to 1 Fihelis Nice bargaining, with this Fihelis man, <FirstName>! 12_cs_glade_center Starts nr_lt0000 global nr_lt0000 set to 1 Look, I am very grateful that you saved my tail from being tied in a sailor's knot, but don't watch my back all the time. 16_co_construct Starts nr_lt0014 global nr_lt0014 set to 1 Oh, my! Two succubus, and that's on top of githyanki swarming <i>everywhere</i>. Hmm, I don't know if I like killing them all that much, the gith-folk. 16_sh_house Sets P#nr_lt0015 to 1 - It might be a PID after that, definetly would love this to trigger in the Shandra's Famous Barn area By Tymora, this farmer girl is a real piece of work! What did she have in that barn, gold-plated manure?! ... to be continued Dialogues that Already Have Area Trigger nr_lt0025 Triggers when leaving Five Flagons in Chapter 2 Hmm, this is starting to look a great deal like the last year. People running away, searching for heroes... Dialogues that Are Not Coded Yet (Domi to code the texts. Please, suggest placements) //#12 priests & glimpse of the past - reaction to Zhjaeve joining in// N: Know this, know that... the scaly one needs a dictionary. //22 nekkid driad Whoa! Doesn't she get cold? //26 khelgar king N: Khelgar is now a... what?! //LT# 28 gem mine -where are the gems? //add a question for all ghosts once convo occurred: I am wondering, my good man/woman, if anything of the bounty of old is left in this mine? That you won't mind giving away? reply: All that we had was spent, all to defeat the cruel foes. You have my permission to reopen the mines once the world is delivered yet again from the menace we've created. It will make you rich, mercenary, I promise you. //Neeshka: Well, I appreciate the effort even if we pulled out a dud. N: All right, I see dust, ghosts and fancy lights. But where are the <i>gems</i>?! //LT# 29 dragon hoard N: Windfall! We are rich! Rich as dragons! //30 light of heavens// All right, that's not ye olde way to <i>hit</i> on a man. //31 About lord Nasher and Neville and the palace, pc returns from his solo escapade. Hello, stranger! See what happens when you leave me behind? //32 lord of the castle tease, once killed shadow reaver and nevalle summoned you to ready your forces in A3 Lo and behold! Here passes Lord <FirstName> to gather his retainers and defend his keep! //33 demons who know me - spooky. encourage or discourage to embrace blood I know a demon when I see one, but I really don't <i>know</i> any demons. But they know me. Spooky, isn’t it? //34 I knew you came from a dismal place, swamp and all, but this is too much! A2, after neeshka's default comment about LP's. I assume we are back in the PC’s starting village I knew you came from a dismal place, swamp and all… But this is too much! //35 oh, shiny! pc's sword (put it away now, they are worth more in mint condition. will you steal it? only if things go sour. Moonblade like. No, dummy, it's a gythyanki silver sword.) Neeshka: Oh, shiny! //36 do you think katriona has hots for casavir - can't get love off my mind, want the whole world to be happy! (pc initiated, after sleeping together). PC: Neeshka, my love, what's on your mind? //37 betrayal, bishop's and lover's, pc initiated PC1: Bishop's betrayal still stings. etc N37.17 //38 having fun in the dark places - pc initiated, that could be changed into N-initiated in the final dungeon PC: The darker the place, the more I appreciate your brightness. //#40 instead of default neeshka’s resist dialogue during the final battle. But voicing? PC: Resist n, blah, blah, blah... Neeshka: Resist what? //turns to the baddies// Surprise, dirt bags! <FirstName>, there's not a bit of my body and heart that ain't loyal to you. Their cryptic whispers ricocheted off of me like dry beans off a wall.
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