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  1. I believe I posted in the wrong thread, my apologizes... I'm looking for feedback regarding this OA 1st ed inspired kensai kit mod I've been experimenting with the query "fallen" status KENSAI: A kensai is a warrior who has been specially trained to become one with his weapon. They are deadly, fast and have been trained to go into battle without wearing armor. A kensai must maintain his honor. If his honor (reputation) falls below 6, he loses his kensai status, becoming a bushi (fighter) of the same level. He loses all kensai abilities gained to that point, and thereafter advances as a fighter. Advantages: - Starts with an Armor Class of 9 at 1st level and gains an additional +1 bonus every 3 levels (to a maximum of +4). - Gains a -1 bonus to Speed Factor every 4 levels. - Gains a +1 bonus to all Saving Throws. - Immune to fear and morale failure. - May use Kai ability one time per level each day (starts at 1st level with one use). KAI: All successful attacks within the next 10 seconds deal maximum damage - 2nd level: Gains a +1 to hit and damage rolls every 3 levels. - 4th level: May meditate once per day. MEDITATE: This ability removes fatigue as if user has had a full night's sleep. - 7th level: Gains a +2 bonus to off hand THAC0, and may use the Fear ability once per day. FEAR: The mere appearance of the kensai can cause fear in all creatures within a 30-ft radius (saving throw vs. paralyzation is allowed). - 11th level: Gains the Whirlwind Attack ability once per day. WHIRLWIND ATTACK: This ability allows the kensai to unleash a flurry of super-fast blows. The ability sets one's number of attacks per round to 10 but's one's THAC0 and damage suffer a 4 point penalty. The whirlwind attack lasts for one round and may not be used in conjunction with Kai. Disadvantages: - Alignment restricted to lawful. - May not dual-class - May not wear any armor. - May not use missile weapons. - May not wear gauntlets or bracers.
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