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Found 3 results

  1. I was asked to turn my custom inventory/dialog screen intoa mod compatible with EET here https://forums.beamdog.com/discussion/50357/mod-dragonspear-ui-v2-42-now-compatible-with-bg2-ee/p25 (I cannot post images here...) Not wishing to pollute the OP, I made this thread. 1 / My Inventory Screen and Dialog Screen works only for 2560 x 1440 resolution 2 / My Inventory Screen works better with an AutoHoyKey script (a simple plain text script that auto select the toon just before you click on inventory) otherwise you have to select toon with your own hotkeys -- usually 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 Some people still interested?
  2. - - How to make a green blood in SoD and BG2EE, to replace the default - red one? - - How to make a configurable component installation of the mod? For an example, for my mod I have something like that for now: BACKUP ~ContagionGUImod/backup~ AUTHOR ~frostysh~ VERSION ~v0.2beta~ BEGIN ~Contagion GUI mod component zero.~ COPY ~ContagionGUImod/CGUIMOD~ ~override~ But I need something different, like "Do you want to install modification to the dialogue box? Yes - No.", if the Yes - one set of files intalled into ovveride, if no - another (basically UI.MENU and BOX5.MOS (V2)), "Do you want to install no blood modification? Yes - No.", if yes - install some *.BAM file, if no - not install. How I can do all of that, thanx.
  3. Contagion GUI (GUI mod for Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition) This is a cosmetic GUI mod for BG2:EE which modifying a font colors, backgrounds for fonts, a side panels. Main purpose was to change white-on-dark to dark-on-light in-game texts. Previews: Side Panels, and Dialogue Box Inventory Character Record Installation: 0. Download links: Thanx to all machine gods *lay on hands*, now the mod is aviable on GitHub, the all releases with descriptions you can find there: Contagion GUI mod releases NOTE: Push on "Source code", download the archive, and then unpack anything that in folder like "CGUIM_v02beta_BG2EE" to your folder where Chitin.key, basically there must be ContagionGUIMod or ContagionGUIModmini folder +setu.exe file and *.tp2 file, or something like that - a standard stuff for WeiDU-based mods. And the 4shared is now only a mirror. CGUIM_v02beta_BG2EE.7z (~2,5 Mbyte) CGUIM_v02beta_mini_BG2EE.7z (~2,5 Mbyte) NOTE: Mini versions is means the version without modifications to the dialogue box. To install this stuff extract the archive into folder with Chitin.key (i.e. D:\Program Files\Baldur's Gate 2: Enhanced Edition) , and then start to execute ContagionGuiMod_setup.exe. Uninstallation 0. Just run again ContagionGuiMod_setup.exe, and follow instructions. Compability This mod can be installed on the any stage of the game, and no need to restart the game from beginning. This mod touching only cosmetic changes of GUI, not gameplay. Compability with other GUI modes - well, nope. In this case you need to make modifications manually, - look at Readme. NOTE: Dialogbox content is only in the test stage, if we do not want to install that, we must extract archive, and then delete ~/ContagionGuiMod/CGUIMOD/BOX5.PVRZ , and then replace modified fields from ~/ContagionGuiMod/CGUIMOD/UI.MENU, by default one - look at Readme. Any help with moddinf of those crazy Dialogue Box appreciated. . CGUIM for Siege of Dragonspear 0. Download links: Contagion GUI mod releases - on GitHub, look for a note in a section about BG2EE. 4shared mirrors. CGUIM_v02beta_SoD.7z (~1,8 Mbyte) CGUIM_v02beta_mini_SoD.7z (~1,8 Mbyte) NOTE: Mini version is the version without modification of dialogue box! 0.a Previews: Dialogue box Inventory https://s25.postimg.org/3ndecdbij/So_D_Inventor_modified.jpg Character record https://s25.postimg.org/f0zxnkm17/So_D_Charec.jpg https://s25.postimg.org/5uhn0agsr/So_D_Charec_modified.jpg 1. Installation : just extract the stuff from the archive-file to the directory where Chitin.key, usually the root directory of the game. And then run ... 2. Unistallation: run ... again, and follow instruction. It is WeiDU program. Manual configuring and compability with the other mods: Of course SoD UI is impressive, much more impressive than BG2:EE, but as for myself I liked old school black on white text-styles. So I decide to modify SoD UI too. This mod can be installed any time during game progress, because this mod is only cosmetic and not changes anything that is not connected ti the graphical user interface, game parameters, save-game files, etc obviously including. But this mod in the default installation just copying to "override" folder next files: BGEE.LUA, UI.MENU, INVENTOR.MOS + MOS57000.PVRZ, invstats.MOS, GUIREC2.MOS + MOS57001.PVRZ . So this mod will delete the all other UI mods ! To prevent this. if you want to use this mod with the other UI-mods, you need to install this mod, making a manual modification. I have listed the all modification that I have done in the files. NOTE: *.MOS v2, is just a small "link" to the *.PVRZ data file, that is an image data-file that can carry an information about transparency. The game have limited numbers of *.PVRZ file-indexes. In the CGUI mod I have used the next indexes - MOS57000, and MOS57001, if the any other mod will use the same indexes for *.PVRZ data-files - will happens something horrible... Basically there is the same changes in Baldur.lua, and in BGEE.LUA, as in the case of Baldur's Gate 2: EE. Readme data file Version History: Version 0.3 for SoD - 02272017 Fixed bug, UI.MENU -- line 602: text style "normal" ---> text style "CGuiMod", there was Charrec panel, resistence, effects, etc field. Version 0.2beta - 02212017 --- Added CGUIM for BG:EE + DLC "SoD", tested on version SoD 2.3673 or something like that. --- Revised Readme file. --- Added "mini" versions for both CGUIM, (mini - without modification too dialogue box). --- Updated installer to WeiDU v2.4000 or something like that. Version 0.2alpha - 01032017 Configured for BG2EE v2+ *.LUA stuff, minor changed to background images, deleted *.BAM content for spell icons. Upgraded Readme-file. Version 0,1alpha initial release for version BG2EE 1.3.2, many *.BAM file also changed Further improvements in the future: - - The main future improvements is to create a single mod with an options of components installation and adding the indivisible/green blood component. - - I will create a dialogue boxes backgrounds with proper transparency, if I will realize how... - - Changing dialogue's subtitle colors, for now I do not know how too... - - Adding cool Blender-like effects for GUI. - - Changing the filehost server for a mod Special thanks to G3 community, and Jarno Mikkola, argent77, lynx, agb1, Fiann of the Silver Hand, without yours help I will never finish that stupid mod . Also thanx to user lefreut from forums.beamdog.com, for exposing the file of dialoguebox background image "box5.pvrz", or something like that. Further information in README_contagionguimod.txt ----UPDATE1---- Added Screenshots with high resolution for mod's previews . ----UUPDATE2---- OMG! After ~4 hours of uploading 10mb to the file host server it is DONE at last! . ----UUUPDATE3---- Deleted information about bad way to install mod, added the future improvements (in the text not in the mod ) ----UPDATE4---- I have spent money to bought SoD ~20 cahsi dollars, this money was enough to support me for a few months . And ~150 hours of downloading, that was awesome... P.S. I am not a "coder/modder" or something, and this mod is mainly - Just for myself, so probably will be a many "bugs".
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