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Found 2 results

  1. I need to increase the XP on Minsc in a game of Baldur's Gate on Android (vanilla under GemRB). He is at half the XP of the rest of the party. Have tried the CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("XXXXX") approach (official cheat code) but it fails silently (after Ctrl-Space). Have looked at the function list on the GemRB wiki and SetPlayerStat will probably do it, but it looks too complex for me without delving into the guts of GemRB. Does anyone have a simple recipe for a fairly clueless player? Thanks!
  2. Greetings. I have two questions to ask. a) Can anyone with a BG2 installation check if gemrb immediately levels up the character to TOB starting XP on the tutorial ? Steps: Shadows of Amn -> Single Player -> Tutorial -> Generate a character or import one of the pre-generated ones (except those starting with tob e.g tobthief) The character starts with 89000 XP but immediately levels up to the 2.5M TOB starting XP. I noticed it with BGT because SoA takes the place of the tutorial and my SoA character immediately leveled and i reproduced it with the tutorial in my clean SoA+ToB installation but maybe something is messed up in my installation. The extra XP are given in the FixProtagonist function in bg2/MessageWindow.py. I followed it to this code in the GameExpansion function if version < 5 and not GemRB.GetVar("PlayMode") and GemRB.GetVar("oldgame"): #upgrade SoA to ToB/SoA if GemRB.GameSetExpansion(4): GemRB.AddNewArea("xnewarea") return The tutorial uses PlayMode=1 so the the body doesn't run and the function doesn't return at that point so it goes further and gives the XP. if version < 5 and and GemRB.GetVar("oldgame"): If i remove the check for Playmode as the above code shows then it works fine but my change will obviously break something. I am not familiar with the GemRB code so i do not know what is the purpose of the PlayMode check. I would appreciate if someone checks how gemrb and vanilla engine behave on the tutorial character. b) This is not very important. A minor issue i noticed when trying to debug the XP issue. LUSpellSelection.py contains the following code: # chargen character seem to get more spells per level (this is kinda dirty hack) # except sorcerers if chargen and Class != 19 and not IWD2: SpellsSelectPointsLeft[i] += 1 So when you generate a new Mage character, the code checks the mxsplwiz table and then adds 1 more spell, right ? When i test it, i get 5 4 3 2 spells respectively which seems right (89K XP is L7 for a mage and my mxsplwiz shows 4 3 2 1 for Level 7). However, i have the impression that the vanilla engine works a bit differently. The amount of spells you can memorize after you start the game is the same for both gemrb and the vanilla engine and is exactly what the mxsplwiz file says. The number of "known spells" you get to choose during character generation is different though. GemRB gives you mxsplwiz+1 spells while i believe the vanilla engine gives a fixed amount of spells regardless of what mxsplwiz says. Can anyone check how many spells he gets for a generalist mage in the vanilla engine ? I changed mxsplwiz to give only 1 spell for every level and to give 8 spells. In both cases, during character generation, i got to choose "7 6 5 5 4 4 3 2 2" for "known spells". Thank you for your time.
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