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Found 3 results

  1. Was there any need for this?—No, not really. Why did I do it then?—For my amusement, for my curiosity, and for my man-crush on the Butcher—all of this spurred me on. So this contains the Butcher animation from Heroes of the Storm, some of his sound files and a general installer to put them into the game. There is no playable content in this mod, it is just a modding resource. (A mod using the animation is in the works though..) *edit* I should note that this works only for the EE versions. I do not plan to release a version for the classic game using Infinity Animations since I no longer play/mod with it. If anyone feels like doing that though, they are more than welcome to. Support for the classic engine (with InfinityAnimations) has been provided by Gwendolyne. Some notes on the animation: - Current version uses a copy of the “stand idle” animation for its “combat ready” animation. The reaon for this is that oddly enough the attack animations line up a lot better with the “stand idle” animation. (The combat ready animation is fully functional though so if there is any need/interest I can upload that as well.) - He does not attack with his cleaver. His attack animations are huge anyway, with his cleaver animations more than doubling the animation's size. In addition to that, the 3d nature of the animation, shape of the cleaver and view angle made the cleaver “change size” dramatically whenever it was moved into the “camera” (south facing attacks). At times the cleaver appeared bigger than the Butcher himself. So for now he just hacks and slashes with his hook. - There were no death/dead animations for him so I had to improvise a bit. His death animation is him dissolving into smoke instead of falling down and he has no corpse. - He has also an unusual sleep animation as a result of the missing dead animation. I used his "stunned" animation which means instead of falling down he just drops his head/arms and shambles a bit form one side to the other. Usually the game just loops the last frame of the sleep animation for as long as it needs to. With the continuous "stunned" animation I got around that by simply prolonging the sequences. Bottom line: If a sleep effect doesn't run for longer than one minute everything is fine. Anything longer than that and his animation will "freeze" until he wakes up. That's it. I mostly just wanted to see how easy/hard it is to port an animation from a 3d model and also, I just really like the Butcher. Credits: Original Art - Blizzard Entertainment Porting to Source Filmmaker/HLMV - Yaron (https://sfmlab.com/profile/3762/) Porting to BGEE/SOD/2EE - Ulb Porting to classic BG engine - Gwendolyne Argent77 for the automated animation slot code I stole from him. Programs used: Audacity Gimp HLMV (Source Filmmaker version) NearInfinity SimpleScreenshot Download (v1.3) V1.1 Changes: Modified the north facing sequence of attack animation 1. The cleaver appears slightly smaller now. Changed his death sound to reflect him dissolving into smoke. V1.2 Changes: Modified the animation's contrast and saturation. Looks a lot more crisp/detailed now. V1.3 Changes: Added support for classic BG by Gwendolyne Changed GetHit animation sequence to look less "choppy".
  2. Do you remember the Moomin books by Tove Jansson? Perhaps you had the stuffed toys, or some of the other merchandise? Well, it seems there's a new Moomin animated TV series on the way, and they have an Indiegogo campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/moomin-animation--3/x/16337145#/ Do check it out - the world definitely needs more cute animated characters!
  3. About a week I started a thread asking about changing the equipment appearance on a character Avatar, and after a few rounds of questions and answers and engine experiments, I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m actually going to have mod the individual animation set, not anything major, just moving some already created animations around. So now I need to ask, does anyone have any experience with how the animation sets (that in the ones you’re assigned in the beginning of the game, and can apply to your avatar in EEkeeper) in BGEE work, or know anyone? I know specifically most classes-gender-race combos have a specific set applied to them, like a male human cleric uses the animation slot “0x6000 CLERIC_MALE_HUMAN” and that determines not only what the character looks like in on the field and in the inventory screen, but also what the character looks like when an item with a certain equipment script is applied (leather, chainmail, plate, mage robe 1, 2, 3, etc.) The thing is that certain Animation slots do not change appearance when certain item scripts are applied, like a mage avatar’s appearance doesn’t change when equipping armor, and the cleric, fighter, and thief slots don’t change when equipping robes. What would I have to mod/add/edit in the animation files so that, “mage robe 1, 2, or 3” does apply a change to the huma male cleric slot, like say changes it to the “chainmail” appearance? For clearness sake, I will mention that I don’t want to simply change the robe itm files so that they apply the chainmail appearance, as several people already bright this; I don’t want to change the qualities of the robe items themselves, which would make it so the Mage avatars lose their fancy appearances. I want to edit the actual animation slots, improve them if you will, so that they react to the mage robe scripts just as they react to armor scripts. If anyone could offer any advice or point to people who do? As there currently does not seem to be any tutorials on editing animation files that I can find similar to the ones provided on Infinity Engine coding.
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