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  1. CURRENT ISSUES VOICED LINES (non-fatal flaw). - there are no current recorded voiceovers for lines; the component options are there to hold the WeiDU Component Number order, but no voicings are present BG2:EE/EET - FRIENDSHIP: (non-fatal flaw). - Revisit interjection points in both SoA and ToB. - Few BG2:EE introduced interjections are are covered. - No newly introduced areas have commentary. PID will not react to new areas. ARAN_AWARE (non-fatal flaw). - Component is coded and uses Aran's .tra, but most of the content ends up fitting regular Crossmod content. Pro = easy addition, unloads some .tra work, will probably become a regularly installed mod on EE and BiG World, etc. Con = A_A is already traified, Crossmod is not. Folks might not want to grab Crossmod when doing targeted installs. Component dissolved and all content except detecting kits moved to Crossmod Banter Pack. (non-fatal flaw). We have issues with Aran in the The Broken Sword right after picking him up. Force talking him, (before leaving The Broken Sword), and choosing the bath option - no variables set. Tried this with him and the PC doing everything and just taking a 'friendly' bath with not even a kiss being exchanged. Either way, no variables set and the PC flirting with Aran afterwards, (after bath but before leaving The Broken Sword), the flirts do not register - no variables set. The right variables do set if the PC doesn't take a bath with him though. Not able to replicate on Beta_Luridel (non-fatal flaw) But definitely unwanted behavior. Unable to replicate - procedures and tests logged here:http://gibberlings3.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=27403&p=236635 We can say "Doesn't look like us or a mod interaction on our end." we have some specific answers as to whom else thought this was a good place to interject. The only things left are glitches in evaluating SDNS(Player1) or Wait(3) or smallwait; all those things are engine things and script things that we can't control, as it is not our dialog that is processing that, it is Aerie's/Quayle's/Kalah's. And we can go back to modding. To be safe, because these things do pop up, I am marking this "Unable To Replicate) and we'll see what comes up. in the meantime, i will pop over and make sure Kivan has his code done up right. Wouldn't want the lad to accidentally leave anything dangling in the wind, y'know. FOR EXPANSION - Investigate idea of the "single playthrough encounter", where a different encounter might be available based on .bcs evaluation of party composition, class, etc. So a bard PC might get something related to FR lore about bards, a cleric might get an 'opposte alignment' encounter... remembering the biggs comments on this, because creating one-off encounters like this may be prohibitively costly in terms of development and testing time versus the amout of time players get to see the content. - Finish Teldra's first and second quest materials and retest vs. current mini-quests. - Look at how gender checks and wild surges interact, and determine feasibility of adding comedic/pathos with friend or romantic partner suddenly switching teams. - Journal entries for big decisionmaking points in the friendship/stuff talkked about/stories told. Add BG2EE materials for these. Ties in with the scribe vibe. cm - Test and integrate fix for this Repaired 7/2/2015 ALWAY ACTIVE FOR FURTHER DEVELOPMENT SoA and ToB FRIENDSHIP: Look for ways of having Aran realistically engage in a discussion that avoids all the materials other mods have covered well, and in detail , avoiding the following: - How did you get here? - What are your feelings about being (potentially) a god? - What was candlekeep like when you were a kid? - Why are you doing this? - Is Aerie sleeping with you now, or just leading you on? - So, that Noober guy... does he have a sister, becuse she might be just my cup of tea... - Gorion - daddy figure or kind uncle? - Hey, those Shadow Thief outfits for the ladies... wow. Cool tattoos, and lots of skin. I wonder how they stay warm in winter... ...looking for fun, interesting, "friends chatting" stuff, open to any PC. SoA and ToB Talks Updates - Adding more options or pathways for dialog to reflect race, class, kit, gender, alignment, and in-game actions. DIALOGUE ALL AREAS: Look for any remaining reply states that force players into 1, 2, or 3 choices and expand them into the Aran-Usual 5 to 7. Hint: If there are less than 4, the option missing is probably "shy or reticent". I seem to have assumed most female PCs will not really be that shy. Or reticent. Sample schematics for inspiration: 1 interested 2 not interested 3 vamping, or teasing 4 aggressive 5 cruel/shutdown (may need one additional, of STFU) 1 interested/aggressive 2 teasing/seductive with or without any intention of following through 3 tender/shy 4 not interested 5 cruel Berelinde's "Benett Rubric" PC reply 1 (Lydia/Kitty): narcissistic, attempt to turn the conversation toward the PC PC reply 2 (Jane): all compassion PC reply 3 (Elisabeth): practical, full of advice PC reply 4 (Mary): inappropriate, sometimes wildly so PC reply 5: exit the dialogue
  2. OK, https://github.com/cmorganbg/Aran-Whitehand/releases/tag/Beta_Luridel Latest beta with all BiG World or other mega-batch installer support, recognises EET, a custom .log file set that updates so that even if you install and then change components (thus wiping out the .DEBUG file information from the initial install), All content up to 6/30/2015 (that's also 30.6.2015) put into place. For those that don't "get git", the following sequence should help you out - 1. Click on the link. 2. look for the part that says "Downloads" 3. click on one of the "Source Code" lines, either .zip or tar.gz 4. extract that file to your desktop or some drive somewhere 5. Go into the folder you just extracted ("Aran-Whitehand-Beta_Luridel") 6. Copy the folder "aranw" and the file "setup-aranw.exe" into your mod installation directory (leave the .gitattributes and the undefined file "README" alone and you are ready to go. If you are on Linux or Mac, you don't want that "setup-aranw.exe", you want to use the latest WeiDU for your system. WARNING: untested on Linux or Mac. Secondary warning - Female PCs can get themselves into some (a good deal of) adult content similar to Romantic Encounters, Baldur's Gate Romantic Encounters, and several of the more explicit NPCs. Luckily, there are tons of ways of diverting him from "going there", but consider everyone warned
  3. "Go on, wi' ye, then. I can write fine, but my speakin' is not so good, unless I really try. Here - let me give her a shot. Hrmmpf. 'Fair Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you good morning. Please pay no attention to the minor inconveniences of last evening's disturbance. Our uninvited guests of yester-eve have passed on to other occupations, many of them involving plant fertilization. Our chef has prepared a special meal for your enjoyment; due to the small matter of our cookwagon being set ablaze last night while defending the camp, we have prevailed upon him to create a special morning repast of Frison Rodentia and Flatbread Carbona. This way, if you please, for your morning repast.' " *cough* "See, I can put it on, but it takes a mite o' effort, at that." Aran Whitehand is a human fighter and scribe for BG2, dual classable into either cleric or mage. Basically, a human utility player taken along for the friendship/cuddling. "Specials" include creation of minor scrolls through dialog and timer when in a party with another canon mage. Primarily a male friend who can grow into an extended courtship/romance, romanceable by female PCs, Aran has his own sense of humor and specializes in bringing others into the conversation. Functionally, Aran is a Companion mod. He has a minor optional quest with a new area, but comes with no special weapons or upgradeable items - his specialty is in interacting with the members of the party and adapting to situations. For him, the job is paramount, and his job is supporting the player. He is no stranger to having to carry out orders which bend morality, though he hates doing so. It should be noted that this mod is designed by adults for adults, and should not be installed unless you are comfortable with Faerunian swearing, occasional adult themes, and NC - 17 to R rated content in the Romance portion. Statistics immaterial these days, as folks can patch them how they want, but to start him off with some basics, a reorder based on Gavin. Berelinde did a bunch of soul searching and came up with a good 'common adventurer' set of stats, and why mess with success... power players can adjust him to build a Kensai/Mage dual class quickly enough "Warrior" configuration [player options on install, fighter] Strength 17 Dexterity 16 Constitution 15 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 13 Charisma 12 "Poet" configuration [player options on install, for Cleric dual class] Strength 16 Dexterity 13 Constitution 15 Intelligence 12 Wisdom 17 Charisma 12 "Thinker" configuration [player options on install, for Mage dual class] Strength 16 Dexterity 13 Constitution 15 Intelligence 17 Wisdom 12 Charisma 12 "Survivor" configuration [player options on install, for Thief dual class] Strength 16 Dexterity 17 Constitution 15 Intelligence 13 Wisdom 12 Charisma 12 Alignment Neutral Good. He thinks. "Bugger off, you sorry old jackass - I never said naught 'bout my alignment. Tymora's Bright Coin, you take liberties, you do. Tymora suits me fine. She even don't mind my speakin' so free, swearin' on th' gods, most times. At least, not yet." Friendship Aran will befriend any protagonist of any race or alignment,though how he reacts to situations will definitely let the player know how he feels. A rough - around - the - edges man, accustomed to mercenary service and caravan work both in front of and protecting the books, Aran hires on as a scribe or accountant as well as protection. He has learned to work with practically anyone not Drow, and chase any female within arms reach. His language is rough, his approach unrefined. And if you don't like it, he will gladly tell you exactly what your opinion is worth. Folks he would like and respect: Keldorn - Minsc - "Mad Minsc. That's not quite right, though. Make it Magnificent. I'd take him 'side me on a shield wall any day o' the week, 'giant space hampster' an' all." Ajantis - "Ajantis, laddie. There's fightin' fair, an' then there's winnin'. See, if you shine your armor like that, they knows you are an officer, an' the archers take you out first. Aint' no honor in dying before you can swing yer sword." Yoshimo - "Aye, then, deal th' cards again,. I'm down four tradebars an' three iron cresents, an' I want a chance to even the score, eh? While you are at it, tell me anouther tale o' Kara-Turan womenfolk, an' I'll buy th' next round." Angelo (Aran wasn't in BG, so he knows Angelo only by Flaming Fist contacts - "Hey, old man, lend some expertise here, eh? I'm havin' troubles wi' this parryin' position. Show me again, eh? A mug o' ale if you teach me..." Azure - "Now, she's a right fine lady, she is. Sharo's got one eye on me most o' th' time, though, so I'm not rightly sweettalkin' her any time soon." Alora - "Tymora's Smile, that halflin' lass is th' sprightliest an' happiest bein' I know! If <CHARNAME> ever drops me for good, me an' her, we should think o' teamin' up an' goin' on some adventures. She's right fun, she is!" Ninafer - "Pity she looks right through me, as if I'm not there. Bad taste in men, she has. But she's a right stalwort companion." Keto - "That lass is a right fine storyteller. She can drink me under th' table, sing like an angel, an' she's as smart as a whip. What's not to love? If <CHARNAME>'s not available or interested, now there be a lady what I would love to spark wi'. A real equal. I wonder what kind o' thinkg she might like as a courtin' gift?" Folks he would like and understand a little: Aerie - "Hey there. Come over here, girl. I have some drills you can do what's to strengthen your lips. Called 'kissin', I believe, among th' fair folk." Imoen - "You doin' all right, Imoen? You got someone troublin' you, let me know. Never met an argument I couldn't solve, thogh I do admit some were by fist an' sword instead o' words. Aww, who am I kiddin'. Who needs swattin'?" Nalia - "I don't quite understand you, Nalia. But you are a fine lookin' young women. You like dancin'?" Jaheira - "Awww, quit motherin' me, Jaheira. Here, I got these for you. They'll do fine in that stew you like to cook. Here, let me cut 'em up for you." Gavin - "Hey, watch it.... damn. Lathander's Golden Poop, Gavin, you gotta stop that backswing. Here, let's go work on it. I'll teach you to not knock me silly when I'm on the battle line with ye, and you argue wi' me about my immortal soul. Fair trade?" Sarah - "I don't blame ye for likin' the womenfolk, lassie; I sure as hells do! Say, next inn, let's go bar hoppin', an' I'll watch your back, you watch mine. If they swing your way, I steer 'em to ye, and vice versa. Sarah? Sarah? Mask's Left Hand, where'd that lassie disappear to..." Ainshai - "Sune's Slender Wrists, that one will drive a man to drink, she will. I suppose I should be keepin' my eyes on' th' business an' not on her, but the lass is right pretty. An' she can whup my arse on hand-to-hand. What's not to like?" Haldamir - "Helkaer Haldamir. Means 'icy one' in lammen Tel Quessir, that does. Good fighter, keeps to himself. I suppose you get that way if most o' th' folks you are fightin' alongside are younger than pre-apprentice age, an' will die out afore you blink your eyes a couple o' times. Never did understand why elves bothered wi' us mayflies." Alassa - Now why do some o' th' finest females come in evil, self-servin' packages? At least she's got spine an' gumption. But somehow, I don't rightly think she'd back me unless there was somethin' in it for her." Branwen - "That Tempus-lovin' girl is a sight for sore eyes, she is. I'd make a pass right quick, if every time I wandered by she didn't start all that serious discussion about dyin' an' goin' to fight alongside her god. I'm a mite more comfortable on this here plane o' existence, thank you very much. That whole dyin' thing, well, I tend to try to avoid it." Dynaheir - "Now there be a true lady. If we had more nobility like that, well, there'd be a sight more happy people in th' world. A little formal an' stuck on th' law, but what do you expect for a leader-type." Fade - "She be th' kind what sees what she wants, an' gets it. As long as I can keep th' goals coincidin' wi' hers, I get a great advantage. If our goals ever differ, I'd best watch my back. Wouldn't want to see nothin' sharp stickin' out o' it." Andrei - "A smart lad, just a raw recruit. A bit sheltered. But he listens to my stroies, an' takes pointers, an' all. I like him fine." Ghareth - "He tells some nice stories, he does. Good lad. Not much more to say, eh?" Hubelpot - "Corelon's Blade, he knows his food, he does. It's a right fine pleasure to watch him cook! Th' fightin, well... he's gettin' th' hang o' it. We are on a barter system, see. His recepies, my swordskills." Kelsey - "He knows merchant, he knows some fightin' ways - an' I do think he's a right fine party member. Th' boy's got some serious magic, he does. I just wish he weren't lookin' to spark wi' all th' available females. Puts us at odds, sometimes, on account o' that bein' *my* job!" Auren - "You look her direction, an' your eyes get stopped in their tracks, they do. In a good way, o' course. But she seems to like Nalia right propr, an' wears th' flower in th' other ear, so there's no use barkin' up that tree." Folks he would like alot and have absolutely no respect for at all: Bruce - "Barroom Bruce, named such on account o' I keep havin' to drag his sorry arse past, around, or out o' every single one we venture on. Good drinklin' companion until he gets drunk, an' not so much a fighter as an arrow-holder. I keep tellin' him that gettin' nekkid an' runnin' screamin' at kobolds weildin' short bows is not a valid battle tactic. O' course, he just tells me to sod off an' get us somethin' to drink." Kari - "Nice enough furrball, an' she's developin' some skills. Still scared o' her own shadow, though. She blushes about as much as I do, an' somehow I think th' gods have a nasty sense o' humor. Now where is she goin' to find someone to love her, eh? That just stinks. I spent way too long fendin' off kobold raids, an seein' them as scavenging animals. Not sure I can ever take her serious, as a party member an' all." Folks he would be neutral/unsure towards: Touchstone - "Not sure what to think, there. Nice enough on th' shield wall, an' strong. But I think either he's done taken one to many hits to th' head, or else he needs a decent tutor in common. Talks funny, he does. Hey, what are you laughin' at?" Callisto - "Nice enough to look at, good at her job. Wouldn't want to go carousin' wi' her, though. You don't rightly want to be around when she gets enraged, eh? There's no tellin' where her weapons get pointed." Nikitalleria - "Lathander's Light, what that girl can do wi' her fingers... But I am not sure she sees me th' same way. Somehow, I don't rightly think she likes me." Biddlekorak - "Not so bad for a shortaxe what's heard th' call. I get right tired o' all th' evangelical stories, but ghe don;t rightly get to talkative, so he's fine by me." Coran - "The boy's got charm, an' he's sharp, he is. But not much else goin' on, I think. I wouldn't trust him to hold my purse, or anythin' else, for that matter. Don't see what the ladies see in him." Iylos - "I suppose that insolent bastard knows his job. But th' backtalk, well, he could be a mite more respectful. <CHARNAME>'s been a force for a long time, an' here comes th' big bad investigator. If he plays fair an' backs <CHARNAME>, I might readjust my opinion. But if not, we will have to see if he really can stop a blade wi' his hand an live to tell the tale." Folks he would not like, but would respect and back up: Korgan - "Alright, ye black hearted Son o' Cyric, pass over those dice. You are cheatin' again." Valygar - "You are fine with a blade, friend, but magic is a powerful weapon. Why do you hate it when it'll save your arse nine times out o' ten?" Cernd - "Look, Cernd. Stop with all the talk, an' let's get down to brass tacks. What do we have to kill, an' how do we do it?" Saerileth - "Are you kiddin' me? A fifteen year old? I wouldn't kick her out o'... well, she's fine, I guess. But she don't know squat about livin', let alone fightin' proper. Tyr's Blasted Buttocks, don't send a child to do adult's work" Xan - "Doom an' gloom, all talk and no action. Shut up, ye pansy arsed jackass. Grab that Moonblade an' use it right proper, now - we got business to attend to. Don' understand quite a bit 'bout you, but you can kick arse when you've half a mind, for sure." Tashia - "Look, you are an eyeful, an armfull, an' just about the best sorceress I ever met. But when are you gonna get settled down an' take things serious? We aren't on a picnic, an' you already cost us pretty dear draggin' all that baggage onto th' party. Get with the program, lassie." Sarevok - "You made your play, an' lost. You backin' <CHARNAME> now? Fair enough. Just make sure you're on th' right side o' th' shield wall. I don't take kindly to triple crosses." Sebastian - "He be a slippery devil, that one. I 'm not rightly sure I have gotten a straight answer out o' him. Nine times out o' ten, I think he knows more than he lets on, eh?" Keen Kachiko. Keen mind, keen sword, keen tongue. Best to keep out o' all three's way." Folks he would dislike and not trust: Jan - "You talk too much, boyo. An' you keep blatherin' 'bout all those inventions. Ain't never seen a turnip soup worth eatin', neither. Keep out from underfoot, shorty." Amber - "You can take th' girl out o' the hells, but you can't take the hells out o' the girl. Only thing I can say for her is she aint' a drowess." Chloe - "I'm not sayin' nothin'. Anyone wi' divine blood's a damned sight scarier than findin' yourself penilless in Calimport. Well, exceptin' <CHARNAME>, o' course." Cassius - "Mask's Left Hand, the skald never shuts up, eh? Hey, don't be lookin' at me like that, Haer'Dalis! I shut up. Occasionally. When th' wind is right." Gozaloth - "That floatin' eyeball never did say what all that goo was. And I'm not rightly sure I want to know, anyways. Ten iron crescents says th' bastard gets skewered before th' second fight is over. An' whio do you think is gonna have to haul his goey stinkin' oozy bady back to a temple for to be healed? Well, it's not rightly likely to be <CHARNAME>, to be sure." Horace - "I still get th' shakes just lookin' at him reachin' for a weapon, straight through his own bony ribcage. I think I'm not likely to sleep at night wi' a skeleton for a companion. After all, what do you buy a skeleton to drink? Can't rightly buy him a round. That's just not right." Sheena - "Yeah, right. I know, you think I'm a racist son o' a bitch, but there be two bein's where you'd be right 100% o' th' time. I don't trust no dragon larger than a pseudodragon. An' wi' that... lady...well, th' language is all pretty an' correct, but I keep expectin' to wake up as th' main course for her when she goes all firedrake random-like." Folks he would hate: Tsjuatha - "Stay away from me, necromancer. Y'ain't natural. I respect the Tel'Quessirim, but anyone be dabblin' in the dark arts is not to be trusted." Viconia - "Move one step closer, Drowess, an' you are a dead woman. Sorry, a dead spider. Didn't mean no offence to women by associatin' you with 'em." Edwin - "Come on, Edwin, it ain't that bad. At least in that dress, your legs look good. In fact, that's about the only thing redeemin' about not kickin' you out in front o' the dragon, an' having you scout forrard." Anomen - "The worst of the officer class. Give me a crossbow, an' turn the other direction - I think there's gonna be an accidental 'friendly fire' incident." Faldorn - "Hey, wolf-girl. Get your smelly arse out where I can see you. An' keep your hands away from that spellpouch. Wouldn't want to have to disturb *your* balance, by loppin' off one o' your legs or arms, or such." Miriam - "Bane-blighted bloodsucker. I need to get me a new holy symbol an' some more garlic. An' a stake." SilverStar - "Keep that psychotic creature away from me, eh? Dangerous." Irenicus - "Bloody mad, an' evil. But I guess <CHARNAME> can handle him. As for me, well... when a dog goes mad, they try to cure him, an' if that don't rightly work, they put him down. This whole 'resurrect you opponent an' try an' redeem him' thing, that sounds way too complicated to me. Kill th' Bane-buggerin' bastard, disintegrate his head, toss his bones to th' wolves, then blow up th' wolves. An' blot his name out o' th' history books, just to make sure." Kindrek - "Bloody evil Cyric Buggerin' Bastard. Gotta keep both eyes open while I sleep, wi' him around, I do." Romance Aran will romance any female protagonist of any race save Drow, or any alignment. Again, how he reacts will definitely let the player understand his position. Good men fall for bad women as quickly as for good ones, and sometimes opposites really do attract. But romance on the trail is awkward, with a group of adventurers around, and the road to romance is both rocky and complicated. Exactly how does a strong man feel when his significant other turns out to be infinitely stronger than he, on so many levels? Can the two of you negotiate the attraction into something of an equal relationship, or is this destined to fail? When Aran Whitehand meets the party, he is looking for work having dropped from the rolls of a mercenary regiment.
  4. ADVERTISEMENT: ADVERTISEMENT: History: Managing a small family Trading Coster is an awkward business on the Sword Coast. Whitehand Trading was no exception. Born (literally, in a wagon trailing into Waterdeep) into the family business, Aran grew up alternating between the open road of Trade Way and the harbor of Baldur's Gate. While his father managed clients and gladhanded trade deals, and his mother organized accounts receivable and drafted contracts, Aran learned the family business from his first word, "bandits". When his younger sister was born, the family rejoiced at the prospect of a new generation of Whitehands building the family business into a worthy competitor for the major trading companies. The varied life suited Aran well, shadowing both his mother and father. The short but fierce oar pulling to load and unload ships, standing watch and training with the hired swords, hard riding, running off bandits and gibberlings, and nightly contract copying and accounting by candlelight fed both body and mind well. If things were not always profitable, Aran was not likely to complain. As he grew, Aran built a strong supportive presence in the family business. Unfortunately, life's dreams and expectations do not always match the measure of a man. Aran was dedicated, strong, and followed his family well. But while his father could charm mithril from a dwarven smith for an elven artist's use, Aran stayed in the backround, acting notary. While his mother could master the intricacies of contract law and work with ombudsmen and creative contracts, Aran copied documents and watched from the sidelines. The hired swords were not the best of teachers, and from them he learned odd lessons, like how to stay silent when you should speak, when to brag when you should be silent, and most of all that laws could be twisted and not always to benefit the greater good. When his younger sister was born, she was the light of his life, but as she grew it became painfully obvious that in comparison Aran was just not smart enough to truly master the diplomacy, leadership, and smooth talking necessary to make a family Coster competitive. Hard work could just not compensate for a lack of innate ability. Aran would have been content with the secondary support role, riding out with caravans and handling the bookkeeping, and letting his sister become the beauty and brains for the business. He idolized his younger sister. Fate plays her tricks on everyone, though. Elena was more gifted than any in the family, and showed precocious magical talent. On a standard trade run, her beauty and intellect caught the eye of a courtier mage to the Lady of Waterdeep. With Elena offered a chance to apprentice with the young woman mage at court, the family faced some harsh economic choices. Establishing Elena in court would take more, and steadier, resources than the family could provide. Reading the future, the family decided to sell the business to a larger Baldurs Gate Trading Coster and abandon their independence. The 14 year old Elena would apprentice, and the family would retain employment with the larger firm in the central offices. 20 year old Aran would finish the last year of his "apprenticeship" in a real apprenticeship with a major trading family. "Either he will learn to work the system", the senior Whitehand said, "or it will work him." Aran lasted two weeks at the larger firm before an unfortunate remark sent a Coster hireling through a window and Aran out on his own. His restraint at not following through on the beating saved the man's life and Aran from prison, but it was obvious that the Company Life was not a good fit. Disliking the harsh dicipline (and wary of being turned into a procurement officer or staff scribe), he avoided the standard Mercenary outfits, and struck out south to build his own trading company. Rowing crew with trade galleys, hiring on with small trade caravans, and selling his services as a copyist, he gradually drifted south seeking an opportunity to begin again. Several years as a hired sword and pen have provided some harsh lessons for Aran, but he arrived finally in Calimport with some experience under his belt. Business plans have been built and abandoned, temporary travel companions come and gone, and Aran now faced a rather uncertain future. He has learned to keep silent, to hit the door with shield and shoulder hard, and to not always look carefully at what he is copying. He has also learned that there are things that he is not willing to do in the name of profit, and that generally people who write things down do not actually mean everything they write. Most of all, he has learned that going it alone is lonely, food is best shared with others, and getting too drunk is not worth the trouble. He is definitely ready for a change and a chance to forge a new direction. Psychology/Interest In the past, mostly humans as adversaries and as companions. Mostly riding travel with some sea rowing in Trade galleys. Slight awe of Elves and Dwarves, sight distrust of Dwarves and Gnomes, solid distrust of halflings. Never seen any other demi-humans. No magical ability at all; not afraid, just convinced he is not smart enough. Prefers to fight cooperativelty with companions and to write alone. Would rather fight than talk, would rather write than speak publically, and would prefer to cooperative ventures to having (or being) a leader. His one (hidden) interest is puzzling out older documents. Not the contents, which he is pretty sure he wouldn't understand anyways, but the form and structure, rebuilding documents and figuring out what should go with what. His one constancy is his letters home to Elena, which he scribes in small script to save paper and keeps (two copies; you never can be too careful, you know) in a parchament case in his belongings, searching for times to send them via post or messenger when opportunity arises. DM Notes: Scrivener rather than Sage, Copyist rather than Writer. Unlikely to tolerate heavily evil actions, but definition of "evil" is slippery, as is definition of law. Letters home are the most telling of inner workings - will be provided as he wries them (Aran is smart enough to keep to himself, but may not be smart enough to avoid snooping eyes, so material will be provided for DM subterfuge in case it is warranted). Outdoor combat oriented; longsword, shield, composite longbow. Favors shield tactics and defensive fighting but is learning other ways. Rather cautious.
  5. Useful Variables to Troubleshoot Not all of them, just a select few that are good places to start if something goes hinkey. General Interaction Variables To Watch Way too many and too specialized, but here are some that are possible hiccups (show up in more than a few places). "c-aranfriendbg2","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks outside of UnderDark "c-aranfriendud","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks inside Underdark "c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks in ToB These two are set up for the many small "scenery" one-liners or short dialogs. !GlobalTimerNotExpired("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL") // Timer (game-time) has never been set or has expired Global("c-silencearan","GLOBAL",0) // a PID - set "silencer" for folks who hate unsolicited comments "c-arandrunk","GLOBAL" // in a vanilla inn or The Broken Sword, intoxication greater than 50. 3 talks. Blocking timers so that they can't go off too soon, so spread them out. Mature Content Variables "c-aranpcbedding","LOCALS" cycles from 0 through 7, advancing through 8 static sex scenes. It seems pretty hard to break. Heh. I had to tempt fate, didn't I. A small subset of replies where the PC gives up control and basically says "do what you want with me however you want to" cycles through these - there is no interactivity, only text painting. "c-arankisses","LOCALS" is designed to get a semi-random sequence to work out so that each time PC initiates a PID romantic encounter the approach is slightly different and the potential outcomes are more randomized. This one is the most likely to break down due to multiple IncrementGlobal() calls - chances are, I have pathways with multiple incrementation. "c-aranintimate","GLOBAL" is the incrementing tracking var set by activity ( updates "c-aransex" ). This means whenever a meaningful(/less) physical action occurs through dialog, it should list it out. This is set up so that if a player starts down a path but finds it is too heavy, the SetGlobal() will relect the final action. It also means that in randomized sequences, the activity is registered without resetting "reality" - otherwise, one talk could be wild sex, the next just kissing, and the game would think that PC and Aran just kissed. It should only be found in DO ~action~ "c-aransex","GLOBAL" is the regulating var to tell talks what physical status the relationship has taken. It matches the values 0-4 found in c-aranintimate: c-aransex = 0 : no intimacy c-aransex = 1 : kissing c-aransex = 2 : touching + kissing c-aransex = 3 : heavy innuendo touching ("petting") c-aransex = 4 : full physical intimacy It should never be found in DO ~action~, only in triggers, and is set via .bcs incrementation based on c-aranintimate. Like in real life, you can't take back an action, so short of console use or the specific troubleshooting "what do you think about our relationship" dialogs you can't take back that action... it does not de-increment. Flirting Variables to Watch "c-aranflirtstop","GLOBAL" should be toggled to halt unwanted flirts or re-enable them if the player changes their mind. "c-aranfight","GLOBAL" is toggled by Aran on sequences where he takes offense at something (chance is usually 20% if the encounter is messing with him badly). "c-aranearlyflirt","LOCALS" Flirt SubMenu: Lightweight, Early Flirts for Impatient Players found in PID. Using this 12 times moves you immediately forward, jump-starting regular lightweight flirts, where instead of being friendly he is a little more hands-on. Basically, if a female is showing herself very interested, what red-blooded dude would wait patiently to develop things more? If PC waits rather than throws herself in his direction, then after 3 Friend Talks, "c-aranpcflirtstart","GLOBAL" sets up flirting, as long as PC has not shut down any romance (and isn't showing either Gender=Male or Gender=Female while wearing belt05). After 24 flirts on this level by either PC- or NPC-initiation, this cycles to 2 and opens up the heavy flirts. GlobalGT("c-aranflirt","GLOBAL",40) If you pass the 40 flirt mark total, whether early, lightweight, or heavy, Aran will come calling and automatically advance to "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2. Whether or not you sleep with him, delay him, etc., you have shown serious interest. Luckily, he isn't afraid of a little running around behind other folk's back, at least at first... Romance variables To Watch "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",1 = PC is female and has not told him via PID that she doesn't want romance or flirting. PID-initiated flirting with him should turn this back on. "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",2 = PC is female and has indicated interest, currently set by one of these: PID (after some conditions are met) - Simply tell him you are interested in having a relationship that is more than friendly. Lots of flirting with him via PID or NPC-initiated. Controllable by not flirting with him and telling him you don't want to have him come up to you and flirt. A rejoining option that indicates you want to be more than friends. Several branches in SoA LT 7, SoA LT8 NPC Management: relationship check chains in most dialog files, there for testing - perhaps to be left in place. ToB Summons from Fate Spirit, and all joining-rejoining dialogs in ToB (hard to tell ToB interactions with other NPCs as less attention is paid there for most NPCs). "c-aranrom","GLOBAL",3 = PC is not in a relationship with Aran. This is set by PID, and a very very few places in dialog. "c-aranbg2rom","GLOBAL" tracks LoveTalk progress in SoA "c-arantobrom","GLOBAL" tracks LoveTalk progress in ToB (when there are some; right now, there are none.
  6. Discussion started from Aran Whitehand development - Synopsis: AreaCheck() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition AreaType() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition AreaType(CITY) was intended to cover city outdoor areas Looking for a way of getting all areas, vanilla and modded, to be able to be checked for being in a city and an inn, so that the appropriate movie can be triggered and content can be tailored and still make sense Suggestions so far: Worse: Research and create mass "MYAREA" script extensions for all such areas Better: Create and identify new AreaType()s and set them up as community resources [-cmorgan AreaType() checks fail. Keep that in mind. You will need a more robust check than AreaType(CITY) to determine where the party is sleeping and cue the appropriate cutscene. You may need to do an extensive OR() block area check for this. Just saying. I've got the code up elsewhere and can post it here if you need it.
  7. In honor of the G3 Anniversary, I asked fellow Gibberlings to let me ramble on here ad nauseum. Don't worry, I will come up with suitable bribes later. But for now, here goes - we'll announce him when we have the other Anniversary projects ready for Prime Time™. Special thanks to berelinde, jastey, Amaurea, and theaceface for poking about and offering suggestions and making sure I didn't go wandering too far off the deep end. Especially the whole characterization-through-dialog thing. A quick note about the development threads posted here. Lots of good NPC mod ideas stall at the initial stages of writing. Lots of good tutorials exist that can describe how to use WeiDU to creat great NPC mods. The best way of learning to mod, though, is always looking at other people's code, and blatantly stealing it. We call it 'quoting' in jazz, or 'music theory' in classical - but at its heart, code is just a way of delivering a set of new ideas to the end user. Heck, any good writer will tell you that the language is a toy to play with, and even plots and dialogs have probably been worked through in some way - "ain't nothin' new under the sun". The creativity lies in creating an interesting, immersive character and getting him or her to live in people's heads for a passing moment. But sometimes, looking at that code makes folk's heads hurt. So there is a gap between the tutorials and the existing mods - the place where Lortie's "apprenticeship of observation" throws itself into the mix. I had Domi, luckily, and lots of patient folks all over the forums to guide projects I help on. In that spirit, I am experimenting with Aran. He gets to be the test subject while I think out loud through developing him. Dunno why I thought this was a good idea, but heck - sometimes writing down why I make the decisions I do can help me remember what I've missed, and sometimes it might help someone else. Of course, I would like to point out that you can do just as well on your own - read other folk's mods. Read the tutorials. Play the game, and write down how your story fits in. Pretty much, I am blogging here. And to be blunt, I am writing for me, not for you - not that I don't like you or anything, 'cause I probably don't know you, but because only a crazy person would actually read someone's thoughts while they attempt to write a mod. If you have no idea at all what "create a .d file and start with your regular IF THEN code", then stop right now, and go visit some of the basic tutorials that tell you how things work. Sometimes I will break it down to absolute basics, but for the most part, you are going to want to read over stuff on the G3 tutorials, the Pocket Plane Group Tutorial page and the newly updated and expanded SpellholdStudios Tutorial links. These are all places I strongly recommend visiting. All three of these communities have folks who are good at helping new modders out with code. There are other places with good stuff, too; Black Wyrm Lair and TeamBG.eu, currently down due to moving a server, have offerings, and Chosen of Mystra has materials both old and new, some rescued from the old CoM boards (some big names out of the past, and some new names too). But now that that is out of the way, I am going to proceed as if the basics are not completely new to the reader. If you get confused, don't worry - it's likely me. But cross references eventually appear, so that you can see what's already out there. By the way, I strongly and highly recommend a brand new tutorial, K'aeloree's "How to code friendships and romances!". Several of the most respected i.e. modders have used this kind of organization and structure for years, but this is a clean, comprehensive, step by step through the basics of organizing, planning, and working out code - stuff that most modders for years have been coming to in various ways through trial and error. For examples of mods already in circulation that give good examples of organization and commenting, I personally find the following mods easiest to explore and see planning in action, whether they set out from a purely story-driven standpoint or from a more organized plot-point schematic, both regular stuff in amateur-writer-land - Kivan [and sections of BG1NPC] (Domi/Ashara at G3), Gavin (berelinde at everywhere), Xan (kulyok at ppg), and Ajantis [both in BG1NPC and in the expanded Ajantis Expansion (jastey at everywhere). Gavin in particular is commented clearly, as per this example below of berelinde's index at the top of b!gavinj.d: /* ~B!GAVINJ~ */ /* CONTENTS */ /* Reputation talks */ ///* Reputation break point */ ///* Unhappy */ ///* Happy */ ///* Delighted */ /* Interjections */ ///* Song of the Morning - Dawn Priest Blane */ ///* Song of the Morning - Dawn Priest Bram */ ///* Song of the Morning - Drunk north of temple */ ///* Beregost - Mirianne */ ///* Beregost - Galteran in Gavin's old house */ ///* Beregost - Neighbor Davis */ ///* Beregost - Borland */ ///* Beregost - Golin Vend, the tour guide */ ///* Beregost - Bartender at the Red Sheaf */ ///* Beregost - Karlat */ ///* Friendly Arm Inn - Tarnesh */ ///* Coastway - Jase, boy by Kagain's caravan */ ///* Coastway - Bandit leader setup for Silvershield fibula */ ///* Fisherman's Lake - Teyngan */ ///* Fisherman's Lake - Drizzt */ ///* Fire Leaf Forest - Albert */ ///* Gibberling Mountains - Gellana and Samuel */ ///* Nashkel - Oublek */ ///* Nashkel - Oublek, regarding Brage */ ///* Nashkel - Berrun Ghastkill */ ///* Nashkel - Joseph's wife */ ///* Nashkel - Noober */ ///* Nashkel - Neira */ ///* Nashkel - Nimbul */ ///* Nashkel - Samantha and Jamie */ ///* Dryad Falls - Caldo, Krumm and the Cloudpeak Dryad */ ///* Eldoth */ ///* Viconia */ ///* West Baldur's Gate - Varci */ ///* West Baldur's Gate - Tremain */ ///* West Baldur's Gate - Abela the Nymph ///* North Baldur's Gate - Ramazith's proposal */ ///* Flaming Fist - Neb */ ///* Flaming Fist - Duke Eltan ill */ ///* Nashkel Mines - Prism */ ///* Cloakwood 2 - Tiber */ ///* Cloakwood 2 - Centeol */ ///* Candlekeep - Theodon */ ///* Nashkel Carnival - The Great Gazib */ ///* Nashkes Mines 1 - Dink and Kylee's Dagger */ ///* Nashkel Mines 4 - Mulahey */ ///* Baldur's Gate Docks - Basilisks loose */ ///* Red Canyons - Bassilus Quest Interjections */ ///* Cloakwood Mines */ ///* Cloakwook Mines 4 - Davaeorn */ ///* Tamoko */ ///* Lighthouse - Arkushule */ ///* Mutamin's Garden - Tamah */ ///* Cloakwood 2 - Finding Chelak */ ///* Cloakwood 2 - Centeol's Lair */ ///* South Beregost Road - Roe's letter */ ///* Beregost - Visiting Gavin's old house */ ///* Beregost - Greta's house */ ///* Spider body in party inventory */ ///* spider body in Gavin's inventory */ ///* Fire Leaf Forest - Rufie */ ///* Coastway - Silvershield Fibula */ ///* Joseph's Ring */ ///* Girdle of Gender Bender */ ///* On the roof of the Iron Throne */ ///* Bhaal heritage revealed */ ///* Many bounty notices */ /* Xan's break with a half-elf */ /* Saw a spider */ /* CHARM TALKING - doesn't work, as far as I know, but just in case */ /* DRUNKEN BANTERS */ ///* Just friends */ ///* Early Relationship */ ///* Early Romance Aftermath */ ///* Later relationship */ ///* Later relationship aftermath */ ///* Committed drunk */ ///* Committed drunk aftermath */ ///* Drunk sex */ ///* Drunk sex aftermath */ ///* Picking up Dynaheir */ ///* Picking up Viconia */ /* FRIENDTALKS */ /* Friendship warnings and breaks */ ///* Offense warning 1 */ ///* Offense warning 2 */ ///* Offense break */ /* Friendtalks */ ///* Friendtalk 1 - Gavin, cleric of Lathander */ ///* Friendtalk 2 - why is pc on the road */ ///* Friendtalk 3 - Gavin on religion */ ///* Friendtalk 4 - Lathander and racial harmony */ ///* Friendtalk 5 - Gavin's brown thumb */ ///* Friendtalk 6 - What will pc do when quest is over */ ///* Baldur's Gate */ ///* Entrance to the temple of Bhaal, final peptalk */ /* CHAPTER TALKS */ ///* Chapter 2 - What to do about the iron shortage */ ///* Chapter 3 - Mines are clear, now what? */ ///* Chapter 4 - powerless in the face of human suffering */ ///* Chapter 5 - reaction to Davaeorn's death */ ///* Chapter 6 - About Lanie */ ///* Chapter 7 - catacombs */ ///* Chapter 8 - going to get Lanie */ The organization can follow along after the product if you want, but frankly, I work better knowing how the puzzle is over-all structured beforehand. Most modders have evidence of both in their distributed files - sections where there is evidence of an original sequence, and then it has grown and been fleshed out as a new idea surfaces. So the skeleton is just that - stuff to be fleshed out and expanded, not set as a confining exo-skeleton locked into place from the beginning. And I like it when I can follow a modder's contents and see what they are trying to do, even when only three or four other people in the world will probably look at it. Read Nythrun's comments in her various snippets of code sometime. Definitely way cool and funny. One final note - if you see stuff here that's useful, great - but I still advise going and taking a look at how other folks are doing similar stuff. The more you read through other folk's work, the more you learn about how you can get your story to work the way you want it to. Plus, I learned it that way. Even when I choose to ignore common sense and do something completely off the beaten track. So, happy modding. And if I'm lucky, he'll turn out ok.
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