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  1. CURRENT ISSUES VOICED LINES (non-fatal flaw). - there are no current recorded voiceovers for lines; the component options are there to hold the WeiDU Component Number order, but no voicings are present BG2:EE/EET - FRIENDSHIP: (non-fatal flaw). - Revisit interjection points in both SoA and ToB. - Few BG2:EE introduced interjections are are covered. - No newly introduced areas have commentary. PID will not react to new areas. ARAN_AWARE (non-fatal flaw). - Component is coded and uses Aran's .tra, but most of the content ends up fitting regular Crossmod content. Pro = easy ad
  2. OK, https://github.com/cmorganbg/Aran-Whitehand/releases/tag/Beta_Luridel Latest beta with all BiG World or other mega-batch installer support, recognises EET, a custom .log file set that updates so that even if you install and then change components (thus wiping out the .DEBUG file information from the initial install), All content up to 6/30/2015 (that's also 30.6.2015) put into place. For those that don't "get git", the following sequence should help you out - 1. Click on the link. 2. look for the part that says "Downloads" 3. click on one of the "Source Code" lines, e
  3. "Go on, wi' ye, then. I can write fine, but my speakin' is not so good, unless I really try. Here - let me give her a shot. Hrmmpf. 'Fair Ladies and Gentlemen, I bid you good morning. Please pay no attention to the minor inconveniences of last evening's disturbance. Our uninvited guests of yester-eve have passed on to other occupations, many of them involving plant fertilization. Our chef has prepared a special meal for your enjoyment; due to the small matter of our cookwagon being set ablaze last night while defending the camp, we have prevailed upon him to create a special morning repast of
  4. ADVERTISEMENT: ADVERTISEMENT: History: Managing a small family Trading Coster is an awkward business on the Sword Coast. Whitehand Trading was no exception. Born (literally, in a wagon trailing into Waterdeep) into the family business, Aran grew up alternating between the open road of Trade Way and the harbor of Baldur's Gate. While his father managed clients and gladhanded trade deals, and his mother organized accounts receivable and drafted contracts, Aran learned the family business from his first word, "bandits". When his younger sister was born, the family rejoiced at the pro
  5. Useful Variables to Troubleshoot Not all of them, just a select few that are good places to start if something goes hinkey. General Interaction Variables To Watch Way too many and too specialized, but here are some that are possible hiccups (show up in more than a few places). "c-aranfriendbg2","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks outside of UnderDark "c-aranfriendud","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks inside Underdark "c-aranfriendtob","GLOBAL" tracks Friend Talks in ToB These two are set up for the many small "scenery" one-liners or short dialogs. !GlobalTimerNotExpired("c-aransmalltalk","GLOBAL") /
  6. Discussion started from Aran Whitehand development - Synopsis: AreaCheck() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition AreaType() does not cover mod added areas without specific addition AreaType(CITY) was intended to cover city outdoor areas Looking for a way of getting all areas, vanilla and modded, to be able to be checked for being in a city and an inn, so that the appropriate movie can be triggered and content can be tailored and still make sense Suggestions so far: Worse: Research and create mass "MYAREA" script extensions for all such areas Better: Create an
  7. In honor of the G3 Anniversary, I asked fellow Gibberlings to let me ramble on here ad nauseum. Don't worry, I will come up with suitable bribes later. But for now, here goes - we'll announce him when we have the other Anniversary projects ready for Prime Time™. Special thanks to berelinde, jastey, Amaurea, and theaceface for poking about and offering suggestions and making sure I didn't go wandering too far off the deep end. Especially the whole characterization-through-dialog thing. A quick note about the development threads posted here. Lots of good NPC mod ideas stall at the
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