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  1. Rechecking on this... As I understand it, We currently (2018-2019) ship mods with new areas for BG2 using .tis files. EE games accept the old .tis format, so older mods do not *need* to update, and current folks don't *have* to update anything - mod added areas can be created in DLTCEP and edited in either NI or DLTCEP, and will work. There is one "bug", reported to the EE folks but with no action as of this post - in an EE game referencing a mod area with the old .tis format, the area shows black lines between each of the tiles in the mod added area. In addition, old tilesets are noticeably slower on the EE platform. On BGEE, SoD, and BG2EE the new .tis format separates out and uses additional files in. pvrz format - to avoid the black lines around each tile and improve performance on EE games, converting the .tis to a new format utilizing separate graphic files with extension .pvrz and installing both the converted .tis and the related .pvrz takes care of the problem. THE CURRENT BEST WAY (my opinion) of making sure your area is updated to the new .tis format and its accompanying .pvrz files is to build the old area (or use the existing old area) as usual, and then use tile2ee and Argent77's work to convert the old area directly on install. His tool added to your mod's folder in the way specified by the documentation, and the related Weidu library, can modify the appropriate files based on the install. If you are more adventurous and want to be really efficient, follow Argent77's advice - build and convert any new areas to EE format for distribution, and then modify his example found in ..\tile2ee-0.3b\weidu\example_tile2ee.txt to run it only if it is on a BG2 based install and ship his tile2ee tool with your mod. Basically, new modders probably expect a BGEE, BG2EE, or EET install, so only manipulate stuff if it is not in that format. THE HACKY WAY for single area additions on limited cross platform options, and ancient old wheezing retired modders slowly moving into the light of day, can be adjusted for in old code with the following: As of January 1, 2019: The easiest way to generate PVRZ-based TIS from the old tileset variant is with Near Infinity. Using NI v2.1-20180615+ place all area files (are, tis, wed) in the override folder. Select Export... => as PVRZ-based TIS.  Direct the output to a new folder, as the old .tis will be overwritten. The converted .tis will have additional files like marea00.prvz, marea01.prvz, marea02.prvz <<not typos PVRZ filename scheme is made up from the TIS filename minus second letter, followed by a two-digits pvrz index (e.g. AR1234.TIS -> A123400.PVRZ, A123401.PVRZ, ...), so you have to rename all your PVRZ files accordingly if you rename your TIS. For example, in my C-AR01.tis conversion, I ended up with C-AR01.tis, CAR0100.pvrz, CAR0101.pvrz, CAR0102.pvrz. In folder ../mymod/areas myarea.are myarea.mos myarea_old.tis (renamed original myarea.tis so that you can have 2 same-name .tis in same directory) myarea.wed myareaht.bmp myaream.bmp myareasr.bmp myarea_ee.tis (renamed converted myarea.tis so that you can have 2 same-name .tis in same directory) marea00.PVRZ (added with conversion to ee format .tis) marea01.PVRZ (added with conversion to ee format .tis) marea02.PVRZ (added with conversion to ee format .tis) In .tp2 (or as is more fashionable now in a .tph file called from the .tp2) /* resources : area creation */ PRINT ~Installing New Area~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myarea.are~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myarea.mos~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myarea.wed~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myareaht.bmp~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myaream.bmp~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myareasr.bmp~ ~override~ ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~soa tob bgt~ THEN BEGIN PRINT ~Installing BG2 Area resources~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myarea_old.tis~ ~override/myarea.tis~ END ACTION_IF GAME_IS ~bgee bg2ee eet~ THEN BEGIN PRINT ~Installing BG2EE Area resources~ COPY ~mymod/areas/myarea_ee.tis~ ~override/myarea.tis~ COPY ~mymod/areas/marea00.pvrz~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/marea01.pvrz~ ~override~ COPY ~mymod/areas/marea02.pvrz~ ~override~ /* add area to cheat console in BG2EE/EET for testing/jumping about */ /* lua table operation: table.insert (table, [pos,] value) with default being n+1 at end */ APPEND ~BGEE.LUA~ ~table.insert(cheatAreas, {"myarea", "my_area_name_in_game"} )~ END APPEND ~mastarea.2da~ ~myarea value~ UNLESS ~myarea~ The line APPEND ~BGEE.LUA~ ~table.insert(cheatAreas, {"myarea", "my_area_name_in_game"} )~ is not needed - but if you want to leverage the new cheatbox on EE games to provide quick movement to your area for testing, it saves having to build some test scripts or dealing with MoveToArea() typing. Am I missing anything on this? Are there other concerns?
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