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Found 2 results

  1. Version v4


    This WeiDU mod contains a series of new avatars and paperdolls for BG2 or IWD2. Avatars are the graphics of your characters as they walk around the game world and paperdolls are the graphics that show on the inventory screen. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
  2. Greetings and welcome back everyone. At some old post of mine, i asked about infinity animations and got the answer that the animations are unhardcoded to avatars.2da which is great. I kept postponing messing with it because it seemed tedious to try all the values for each animation trying to find the correct "type". However, i am so accustomed to the new/more beautiful animations to the point that i can't play without it anymore. All my other essential mods like Item Revisions and stuff work great in germb with only IA and 1PP not working. Of course the vanilla engine runs perfectly through wine on linux but i got spoiled from gemrb's modability and speed and i don't like running the vanilla engine. So to make a long story short, i finally tried to mess with avatars.2da and transplant the new animations from IA's anisnd file. I have made almost every animation work but of course i have some questions. 1) Does the engine mandate 4letter prefixes for some type of animations or is it coincidental that most of them use 4 letters ? I tried all "type" values for certain animations (like nabassu for example) and i could never make them work correctly. The gemrb log always showed the wrong file being tried. I ran gemrb through strace and again it didn't try to open the correct file (when for example the mtan prefix for tanarri was opened correctly). After some testing, i found what was the cause. void CharAnimations::AddFFSuffix(char* ResRef, unsigned char StanceID, { .... ResRef[6]=(char) (Part+'1'); ResRef[7]=0; } I traced the problem to the above code. The problem arose from the fact that some of the prefixes are 3 letters (for example the nabassu use zaa animation files) while the code "expects" 4letter prefix. When instead of [6]+[7], i used strlen to modify the correct characters, the animations appeared perfectly. 2) How does the palette column work ? I tried searching the git-log but couldn't find how the 2 character palette works. I also searched the forum and found this thread where Avenger documents the format but he only mentions that 2 characters mean external BMP palette. @@ -142,6 +296,9 @@ 0x7310 MFIE MFIE MFIE MFIE 4 2 1 * 0x7311 MFIS MFIS MFIS MFIS 4 2 1 * +0x7312 MFIE MFIE MFIE MFIE 4 2 MO * +0x7313 MFIS MFIS MFIS MFIS 4 2 MO * I ask because IA adds a second pair of "Fire Elemental" entries which in the vanilla engine appears purple (if i remember correctly they are used for magic golems in Watcher's Keep). I tried all the combinations i found in the original gemrb file (like GR, AQ, MO, etc) but i could never make them appear correctly. Thank you for your time.
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