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  1. This is a purely Photoshop tutorial. The attached files: Spell_Icon_Resources_v01.zip ...are intended to serve as a help to modders who include new spells in their mods to create new BG1-style spell icons in a streamlined process, or improve spell icons in their existing mods. Basic overview: New spell icon designs must be created first. They are then inserted in bulk in the Master Template, correctly positioned in the grid and and relative to the scrolls, and exported into corresponding color BAM-derived PNGs. C, A and B are created in this same way, in that order
  2. The aim is to have 3 or more comets fall together in a swarm. I dont think this is possible with 2 extra Play 3d effect (vvc) because they wont start in the sky and fall. I think this behaviour is done hardcoded in comet.pro (extended flag 13) which controls the falling spcomtrv.bam At least three possible ways: 1. merging bam frames together to less than 256x256. The changing centre of even one comet cycle makes this difficult. 2. Ive been advised to consider Secondary Projectiles. Which existing spells use them? 3. A dummy AOE spell to "Cast Spell (Mage/Cleric/etc.)" wi
  3. Version v2


    This is a mod for Baldur's Gate or Icewind Dale created by NiGHTMARE and Andyr that Idobek repackaged with a WeiDU installer. A large number of the Baldur's Gate inventory graphics (BAMs) were improved for the sequel, so this small pack puts them back into the original. It will also work with Icewind Dale, as that re-uses many BG items. Learn more about the mod View the Readme Visit the Forum
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