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  1. Version v5


    This WeiDU mod alters the portraits of BG NPCs to be more like the portraits in BG2. View the Readme - English - French Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  2. Version v4


    This collection of portraits for the player (not NPCs) is a collection of Plasmocat's favorites, many of which were commissioned for various mods and others which are just portraits she wanted to make from the photos of models she thought were interesting. View the Readme - English - French Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  3. Version v8


    This mod offers alternative portraits for each of the Baldur's Gate NPCs, Baldur's Gate II NPCs, and a selection of mod NPCs. These portraits can also be used by the PC. View the Readme - English - French Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  4. Guest

    White Label Disks

    I am looking to buy original disk versions of the Infinity Engine games to play them on my PS Vita through GemRB. I was hoping if anyone could tell me if the "White Label" disk copies some people are selling also do the job. I'm quite ignorant on what "White Label" is or means. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I'm trying to run GemRB with the GOG version of BG1 for the first time. I'm on Windows 7, and so far I've installed Visual Studio and GemRB, and I tried to make sure all the paths in the config file are correct. I get this log when I run GemRB, after which it terminates itself: [Core]: GemRB Core Initialization... [Core]: Initializing Video Driver... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating display [SDL 1.2 Driver]: SDL_SetVideoMode... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Checking for HardWare Acceleration... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Main Surface... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Back Buffer... [SDL 1.2 Driver]: Creating Extra Buffer... [Core]: Initializing Search Path... [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\ (Data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\Data (Data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD1\data\ (CD1/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD1\data\ (CD1/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD2\data\ (CD2/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD2\data\ (CD2/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD3\data\ (CD3/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD3\data\ (CD3/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD4\data\ (CD4/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD4\data\ (CD4/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD5\data\ (CD5/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD5\data\ (CD5/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\CD6\data\ (CD6/data) [ResourceManager/WARNING]: Invalid path given: C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\data\CD6\data\ (CD6/data) [Core]: Initializing KEY Importer... [KEYImporter]: Opening C:/Games/Baldurs Gate\chitin.key... [KEYImporter]: Checking file type... [KEYImporter]: Reading Resources... [KEYImporter]: BIF Files Count: 159 (Starting at 24 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: RES Count: 16694 (Starting at 4780 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: Resources Loaded... [Core]: Initializing GUI Script Engine... 4780 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: Resources Loaded... [Core]: Initializing GUI Script Engine... iles Count: 159 (Starting at 24 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: RES Count: 16694 (Starting at 4780 Bytes) [KEYImporter]: Resources Loaded... [Core]: Initializing GUI Script Engine... ImportError: No module named site There are several warnings that show invalid path issues, though as far as I can tell the first data path it shows is actually correct, and since I'm using the GOG version I don't have separate CD data directories. I've tried changing the slashes in my paths to backslashes and back, that didn't seem to make a difference. Please help me figure out what the issue is. (Sorry if I'm missing something obvious!) GemRB.cfg
  6. I've been trying to make GemRB work on Windows 10 (Baldur's Gate 1 Classic + Baldur's Gate EE Installed) for several hours now, and after following several guides, this is what happens when I run the .exe file: black screen (Full screen) waits about a second crashes and drops out to desktop, without error sounds or the like I'm not really sure now to make it work, I've made a save game in the classic version of Baldur's Gate, and I'm not really sure what to do next. I've gone from 0.2 seconds before the crash to approximately 1.2 seconds before the crash, if that means anything. I've uploaded the GemRB.cfg file in case I'm doing any syntax errors which are causing my problems. Any help will be appreciated. As well as that, I have followed the guide linked below: GemRB.cfg
  7. Version v3


    This mod provides alternate portraits for the Baldur's Gate NPCs. It supports the two conversion projects, Tutu and Baldur's Gate Trilogy, as well. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  8. Version v5


    This mod offers alternative portraits for each of the Baldur's Gate NPCs. These portraits can also be used by the PC. View the Readme Visit the Forum Visit the Gallery
  9. Version 1.0


    Ace's Enchanters Portrait Pack is a collection of 8 portraits from the character art of the Enchanters book series. They have been resized and packaged to work with most Infinity Engine games. All artwork is used with permission of the artist and author. View the Readme Visit the Forum View the Gallery
  10. I've been away from the Baldur's Gate series for years, way before the EEs came out, but I'm amazed and pleased to see that SCS is going as strong as ever. SCS has always been one of my favorite mods, but at the same time, I'm very nostalgic for vintage BG1. So my ideal version would also support bringing the gameplay back as closely to BG1 as possible. For the player characters, most of that can be achieved simply by self-restraint; don't dual wield, ignore the kits, don't use thief traps, etc. It's a bit of a hassle to distinguish between BG1 and BG2 spells, but it's still possible. However, I've noticed that restricting SCS casters to BG1 spells only seems to be an option for BGTutu installs. Would it be possible to implement that option for the EE too? And possibly even remove non-BG1 divine spells from PC spellbooks on top of that? From the readme, I've noticed kits have been added to some enemies, but this can be changed with an ini entry, which seems good enough. How well does SCS function with other legacy BG1 elements that can be modded back into the game, like the simpler weapon proficiencies? Has anyone done some comprehensive legacy BG1 game mechanics mod, and if so, would that be compatible with SCS?
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