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  1. Turnabout is fair play. The Turnabout mod adds a new wrinkle to the final fight in Throne of Bhaal, enabling the player to recall up to three dead allies to aid in the battle. Seven possible allies are available: Dynaheir Tiax Khalid Xzar Gorion Yoshimo Alianna (the PC's mother) My update, made 14 years after the mod's release (to be clear, I have nothing to do with the original team), makes this classic mod compatible with EE, as well as fixes critical bugs present in the first version. A version is also provided for the original BG2, for users who don't want to use EE but want the fixes present in my update. Download the mod here. Turnabout requires that Ascension v2.0 be installed. It can be downloaded here.
  2. Hey folks, I am making an item for BG2 SoA/Tob (old school) that is supposed to summon a group of random creatures. But I do need assistance. I am using the program called DLTCEP. 1.) I am making the new creatures, but don't know how to determine what equippement they will have, the spells they will use, how they will look like, and what they will sound like. I also need to know how I can make it that, even if a friendly player would by misstake attack these summoned creatures, they would not attack back. 2.) I would like to be able to summon as many as possible. No summon limit. In one way or the other. Is that possible? 3.) I will also need to set the behaviour of these summoned creatures. Clerics to be healing, Sorcerers to be casting magic, Paladins to be guarding, and Fighters to be attacking. Any way to do this? Thank you everyone for your help in advance. Cheers!
  3. Hello again I have been working on a mod for quite some time now. It is called "Familiar Evolution" and will be released for original BG2. I will require a little help and andvice from you guys to complete it. I am almost done. I just need to set up the elemental spells, and it should be A-OK. Here's a little info: What it does What I need help with What I already have Like I said, the basic spells for the familiar are all done. All I need is some tweaks. The list is as follow: GOOD =============== NEUTRAL =============== EVIL ===============
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