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  1. Following issue noted with VerrSza: He joined, got a level up with weapon prof point and could not select the weapon profs expected. A little investigation showed, that the weapon profs available are the one from Bristlelick (installed before). After some hassle I noticed the entry in the Kitlist.2da for Proficiencies: OHTEMPUS 62 L#GNLKT 62 L1VERR 63 ESXABIL 65 Well, I changed the numbers in a way that they are following each other and everything was fine. Bri
  2. I'm working on a companion mod for Tweaks Anthology: Romance Cheats, and noticed a potential bug for Anomen with male PCs when you turn off gender restrictions: After recruiting him, his first LoveTalk should occur after a short chunk of RealTime. This happens for female PCs (tested via waiting as well as C:AdvanceRealTime(999999)), but never seems to happen for male PCs. It seems the Romance Cheats mod does correctly remove the restriction (verified with a value of 1 with C:GetGlobal("AnomenRomanceActive","GLOBAL")), but whatever trigger starts the RealTime countdown to Anomen's first Lo
  3. Hello there, I came across this issue on my first run through the Severed Hand. I'm on the 3rd floor where you get ambushed by a bunch of skeletons and so I had my druid cast Wall of Moonlight. The spell's text says, "Evil creatures passing through the wall take 2d10 magic damage; evil undead creatures take 5d10. A creature that has passed through the wall can only take damage from it once." However when these skeletons walk through the wall I get this message, "Armored Skeleton is unaffected by Wall of Moonlight." Is this correct behavior? Shouldn't the skeleto
  4. Would anyone know what I broke on my game: I installed the EE Trilogy with a few mods a few years back (2018.09.01) and so far it seemed eversything worked. I got to the last chapter, won against Bodhi, Irencius, the Solars and their ilk, and now nothing is happening. It seems that the three platforms with the pools should become accessable, but nothing. Could I ask for some help please? WeiDU.log WeiDU-BGEE.log
  5. Hi there! I have posted this issue over on the NPC Project forum and was directed here. Trying to install the NPC Project (which used to be compatible with SCS) and then the General smarter AI component of SCS crashes the weidu installer. I have included as much debugging information as I knew how to produce in my original post on the Beamdog forums. If you do not want to follow that link, I can also paste that information here. Jastey has made me aware that I was using version 32.7 of SCS, while the newest version is 32.8. I have since downloaded 32.8 from github and reprodu
  6. Greetings, I have encountered a bug installing the "send NPCs to inn" part of the Tweaks Analogy. Whenever I boot out the NPCs they just stand there (like in original unmodded game) and dont go to any inn. There are also no portraits added to NPCs . I play the steam version with Siege of Dragonspear installed. I ran the modmerge before installing anything and used the cd-tweaks version 9 (downloaded it from Gibberlings three). The other mods are unfinished business and the BG 1 Npc project. I would appreciate any feedback. Kind regards P.S. I cant attach the WEID
  7. Hello, I recently got BG II:EE and imported my old original save files. Now I wasn't really aware of what I was doing, but I had to reinstall all my old mods and as I didn't know which files do what, I only exchanged the KILOVE file I found with my old one, as I assumed this one tracks how far you are with the romance (my save game is from Chapter Six). Now Kivan does have romantic dialogue triggering and has his old inventory items and all, but I couldn't hear his voice. And then he suddenly started saying weird uncharacteristic stuff...And then started talking in this primitive creepy G
  8. Hey, so I have been doing a play through with Calin and have come across a rather interesting (but annoying) issue. As soon as Chapter 4 in BG 2 EE starts, the glitch kicks and Calin is constantly trying to enter dialogue mode. Sometimes it fires and you get the dialogue options like you started talking to him, but mostly it just freezes Calin in place. You can't initiate a save because you cannot save while in dialogue mode. I have currently installed parts of NPC Flirts, Romantic Encounters, as well as Skip Chateau Irenicus. I used a modmerger, if that matters. I attempted a re-install
  9. Hello I am writing in the name of my friend who have problems with this mod on installation level. At some point it doesn't successfully install components which ends up with characters gibberish in numbers, and even ruining sound drivers. Without the mod, game itself runs fine. I suspect the problems lies in pc itself since i used same mod version 23.3 with bg and it runs without any problems. But I am not sure as i don't have knowledge in IT, and I want to get what could be the problem, how to fix it, or at least wheres should I look to find whats wrong. More detailed: t
  10. The installation program gives me a load of error message related to the unsuccessful parsing of some files in stratagems_external/workspace\ssl_out\. Examples include: [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/stratagems_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw2ms3ba.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 2044 column 1-41 Near Text: ) [CheckStatGT] argument [ENCHANTMENT_IMMUNITY] not found in [stats.IDS] [tb#_compile_eval_buffer/stratagems_external/workspace\ssl_out\dw#1tmg5.baf] PARSE ERROR at line 16999 column 1-96 Near Text: ) [CheckStatGT] argument [DW_ITEM_MM] not found in [stats.IDS] which all point to some
  11. As the title states, the four weapon slots component installs without error but doesn't work. This is the Steam release of IWD:EE, v2.5.17.0. edit: The component installs without error, but none of my non-fighter characters have additional weapon slots in their inventory page. My mage has 2, etc. Not in the action bar, but in the inventory page. WeiDU.log attached, and the relevant section of the debug file is: Install Component [Give Every Class/Kit Four Weapon Slots]? nstall, or [N]ot Install or [Q]uit? Installing [Give Every Class/Kit Four Weapon Slots] [v5] Copying and patching 1 f
  12. I've installed the Anthology and after a while, I realized that some items as well as most of the proficiency does not display correct "text", instead, I am seeing quotes from various NPC. For exemple, the Mace proficiency is instead displayed as : " Heya it's me, Imoen!" in character pages. I've also tried using a save editor and again, the proficiency and items still have the strange quotes names in there. Has this happened to anyone? Can I chance that somehow? Thanks.
  13. I've got Sword Coast Stratagems installed with the "Treat mages' and priests' High-Level Abilities as innate abilities rather than memorisable spells" tweak. However, when a caster in my party reaches a level that a HLA can be selected, the HLA selection screen works as normal on the level-up screen, but in-game the abilities don't show up under the abilities tab. For Anomen, only the berserker ability is shown but not the Planetar chosen. For my Charname mage, the sequencers and Slayer ability show up, but not the Fallen Planetar I've chosen. Resting doesn't solve the problem. Is ther
  14. By weird, I mean the talks that are supposed to happen in the wilderness (like Sarah talking how she loves forests, and looking at the sky) happening inside a building in the city. While I don't know much about how BG2 mods work, I suspect the "Rest anywhere" mod might be responsible, if it changed all inside areas to be considered wildnerness (so the game would let me rest there). If that's why it happens, it's sort of not really your responsibility, but if you'd like to work on it anyway, I think I have an idea, how to do it: All areas in the game have their respective codes, lik
  15. Hello First i must thank, you are keeping occupied with these ancient games and related tools I used 7,4b and it was doing good, then i found new version 7,7 it has improved, can search more things, i want use it now, but it also has a deterioration. Can't widen the window, it somehow locked.
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