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  1. Please post any bugs, typos, and other problems you find with the mod here so it can all sit in one place! Also, consider posting your weidu logs when replying so that I can identify potential compatibility issues better. You can also directly report bugs or post issues on the mod's github's page
  2. Hi, First of all thanks for this mod :) This morning I tried to remove all classes restrictions for a new BGEE/BGEE2 play-through , and I detected some bugs/unwanted behaviours (I think) : 1. [Remove Racial Restrictions for Single Classes] Prevents the Gnome from using the Illusionist mage kit, and as a consequence Illusionist multi-classes are replaced by Mage multi-classes. Maybe we could have 2 options : - Allow the Gnome to be a pure Mage, but keep the Illusionist kit as a single-class option : Illusionist multi-classes will be replaced by Mage multi-classes
  3. I'll get the ball rolling with this one. This in on Steam BG:EE 2.5.17 w/ SoD extracted via modmerge. I get an error with the "Send NPCs to an Inn" component. I've attached my .DEBUG file. The BG1NPC version of this component worked correctly on top of this WeiDU.log. SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG
  4. Hi, I've installed v4 yesterday, through Steam and using modmerger as well, and upon character creation, I noticed that none of the changes made by the anthology appeared. It was just BG:EE without modification. I've haven't checked for the other changes so far. I believe I've seen a similar problem in a thread from 2016 and Camdawg asked to see the debug file. I don't know if it has resolved anything, but I'll attach my debug file here, nonetheless. Thanks in advance! SETUP-CDTWEAKS.DEBUG
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